Our Anniversary at Our Cabin Ch. 02


After Terry and I got home, it was late and we were both tired from our weekend activities, so we just undressed and went to bed.

The next morning we were woken up by the telephone ringing. It was Carol and she just wanted to thank us for inviting her to our anniversary party.

As we were talking, Terry asked who it was and I told her it was Carol. Terry grabbed the phone and invited her over for the day and obviously Carol accepted as Terry said she would see her later.

We got up and went to take a shower. I could see some bruise marks on Terry from the weekend’s sexual activities and smiled as I mentioned it to her.

As the water cascaded over our bodies, I took my sexy wife in my arms and pulled her to me. My hard cock pressing against her nakedness.

Terry responded by kissing me deeply and pushing her tongue into my mouth. It didn’t take me long before my cock was inside her cunt. After a few thrusts, I shot my load into my wife’s cunt as she had her own orgasm.

We finished our shower and went back into the bedroom.

As we laid on the bed, I saw my cum oozing from her cunt and running down her thigh.

I asked her about the weekend and if she really enjoyed herself. She smiled, gave me a kiss and thanked me for giving her the party of her life.

She said she will think of a way to thank me, as I deserved it. I smiled and told her it wasn’t necessary, as long as she enjoyed everything and was happy.

We finally made it out of bed to greet the day. The sunlight was filling the bedroom and we knew it was time to start the day.

We just threw on cover-ups and went downstairs and had breakfast. Terry was glowing and said she couldn’t wait to see the videos that were taken.

We finished breakfast, cleaned up and headed out to the pool.

We removed our cover-ups and laid down on our lounges naked and relaxed.

I must have nodded off because the next thing I heard was Terry talking. I looked over and she was talking to Carol.

I got up and went over to Carol and gave her a hug and a kiss. I told her to take her clothes off and join us at the pool.

In a few minutes, Carol joined us, completely naked and smiling.

We talked about the weekend and how great it was.

Terry said she had something to say and Carol and I listened.

Terry said that she wanted to thank us for the party. She also said that she decided to take us all on a trip to Jamaica where we would stay at the Hedonism II resort. She told Carol she could bring a friend, male or female and that we would all share a cottage there.

Carol and I looked at each other and quickly said yes. Carol asked if she could bring her boy friend, Tom and Terry told her she could.

Terry said she was going to make arrangements today Maltepe Escort and that we would go in three weeks.

Needless to say, the rest of the day was spent having sex with both ladies.

The next day I went to work and Terry called me and said she made all the arrangements.

When I got home she told me about the trip.

We would be flying out of JFK and straight to Jamaica. A limo will pick us up and take us to the resort. The cottage will be on the beach and it will have all the amenities. There will be two bedrooms with a king sized bed in each, a shower that fits four, a hot tub, a small kitchenette and a large family room. We were even going to have a maid and Butler.

Terry also said that the reservation person told her that this was a special cottage and there were more things available in it than in a regular cottage.

Terry called Carol and told her everything was set and in three weeks they would be off to Jamaica.

The days flew by and before we knew it, departure day arrived. Terry and I were meeting Carol and Tom at the airport, then taking Air Jamaica.

We all arrived at JFK at almost the same time. Carol introduced us to Tom, a big fellow, about 5’10”, 190, brown hair and muscular looking.

We boarded the plane and were on our way.

The flight was smooth and went by quickly. In about three hours, we arrived.

Our bags came out pretty fast and when we turned around, the limo driver was already there. He helped with the luggage and we were off to the resort.

We arrived just before dinner and checked in. We followed the bellhop to our cottage, which wasn’t too far from the main building.

Finally, we were here. We settled into our rooms, unpacked and checked out the cottage. Terry kept saying that place was paradise and couldn’t wait to start to enjoy it.

As I was checking out the place, I noticed a door off the family room. I opened it up and could not believe what I saw. The room had a wall with nothing but bondage paraphernalia, including, masks, whips, handcuffs, cock restraints, nipple clamps and more. A dresser on the side had condoms, dildos, vibrators and French ticklers. There was even a small bed in the room.

I called everyone to come see and they were surprised, to say the least.

Terry noticed closed drapes on the opposite side of the wall. She opened the drapes only to find a huge picture window facing the beach that anyone can see in.

We all said, almost at the same time, that this was going to be a hell of a week.

Carol closed the drapes and we decided to take a stroll on the beach then go to dinner.

The four of us took a walk and noticed several guests in various stages of undress and in various sexual activities, without Maltepe Escort Bayan giving us a glance as we watched them.

We made it up to dinner and had a fantastic meal and we talked and got to know each other

Tom told us he was bi and knew that Carol and Terry were intimate and that I fucked Carol. He said he hoped he would have a chance to join Terry and me this week. Terry raised her glass of wine, smiled and said she was glad he came and wouldn’t be disappointed.

It was late when we finished dinner and headed back to the cottage. Terry said she wanted to go for a swim and removed all her clothes. The rest of us followed suit.

This was the first time Terry and I saw Tom naked. He definitely worked out and his cock was big, as were his balls. He was smooth with a landing strip, like Carol. I knew Terry was going to enjoy him.

We headed to the beach and waded into the water. Terry positioned herself near Tom and, as the waves rolled in, I could see she was all over him. Carol and I stayed together and laughed, knowing Terry wanted to fuck Tom.

We enjoyed the water for quite awhile before we went back to the cottage.

When we got back to the cottage the maid and Butler were there.

Even though the four of us were naked, it did not appear to phase them at all.

They introduced themselves as Channa and Arcus and that they would be our servants for the week and if there was anything they wanted or needed, to ask them.

Channa looked exquisite in her dress and Arcus was dashing in his attire. They had towels for all of us and champagne on ice.

I told them they could go as we wouldn’t be needing them for the rest of the evening.

We all dried off and went into the family room. I opened the champagne and poured some for all of us. Terry offered a toast that we are are dedicated to enjoying this week…everyone agreed.

Tom wasted no time and moved over to Terry. He lifted her off the sofa and pulled her to him. His cock was already hard and pressed up against my wife’s stomach. He kissed her and we could see his tongues slipping into her mouth.

Carol moved closer to me and we started making out too. Carol didn’t waste any time and started sucking my cock.

I asked everyone if they wanted to go to the bedrooms and Terry said no. She wanted all of us in the same room for the first time.

Carol and I got on the floor, as did Tom and Terry. The four of us were having heated sex and I could see that Tom was already on top of my wife, ready to slide his cock into her cunt. Carol and I watched as he filled her cunt completely with his cock.

I mounted Carol and slipped my cock in her cunt. I started fucking this young beauty as Tom started pounding Terry’s cunt.

It Escort Maltepe didn’t take long before we heard Tom say that he was going to cum. Carol and I slowed the pace so we could watch Tom finish Terry off.

A few more thrusts and Tom shot his cum deep into Terry who kept fucking him even as he was cumming. Even with his cock in her, his cum was oozing out her filled hole.

I picked up the pace with Carol and started ramming my cock into her. In a few more strokes, I pulled out my cock and shot stream after stream of cum all over Carol. Cum landed on her tits, pussy, hair and face.

Tom and I fell to the side, our limp cocks sliding out of their cunts.

Terry smiled and said that was the way to kick off the week.

We rested on the floor and then we got up and headed to our bedrooms, me with Terry and Tom with Carol.

The next morning, Channa and Arcus were already in the cottage preparing our breakfast.

Channa knocked on our bedroom door and told us breakfast was being prepared. Arcus did the same to Carol and Tom.

Terry and I put on cover-ups and went to the kitchen. Tom and Carol had the same idea and came out wearing something too.

Channa was in a string bikini and was strikingly beautiful. She had full breasts, curves in all the right places and exuded sex.

Arcus was in shorts and even I could see the bulge that he had.

Breakfast was great and after the meal, they cleaned up and Terry said they did not have to return until later and asked if they would prepare a Jamaican dish for them tonight.

Channa said they would and dinner would be at 7:00 p.m.

They put out towels and other items that they thought we might need during the day and left.

After breakfast, we all had the same idea which was to take a shower, together.

Carol led the way and removed what she was wearing and we did the same.

The shower had jets all over and, for whatever reason, my hands somehow touched Tom’s cock.

Although I was never with a man, I found his big cock inviting. Terry sensed it and told Tom that I wanted to play with his cock

Carol and Terry stepped back and watched as I started fondling his rising cock and his balls.

Carol told me to jerk Tom off and I did as she told me. After a few minutes, Terry yelled out for me to suck Tom’s cock.

I looked at Carol and Terry and knelt down as the water cascaded over my shoulders. I then took Tom’s cock and started licking it’s head, then placed it in my mouth and started sucking it.

As I was sucking my first cock, I could feel four hands playing with my cock, balls and ass. The more they played, the harder I sucked.

Then Tom said he was going to cum. Just as he was ready to shoot, he pulled his cock out and shot his load all over my face. In the meantime, Carol sucked my cock and I was cumming. I shot my load on Terry’s leg.

After that, I almost couldn’t get up as my legs were wobbly.

As we finished showering, I could not imagine what the rest of the week would be like…

Look for Part 3

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