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oriental guyIm really in to Oriental guys as you can probably tell from my profile. I go on a couple of gay chatlines and see if there are any oriental guys around generally there arent. I was on one night about one in the morning and there was a nice sounding guy he wasnt english but couldnt figure out where he was from. I sent him some messages and he responded. He was a student, 5ft2ins glasses and small cock but he liked wanking especially phone wanking and said he was very inexperienced he had done some phone wanks but never met up with any one.Over the next month we had lots of wanks sometimes lasting several hours and he sent me some pictures of himself naked and he was quite cute. He said his cock was quite small when soft but grew a lot and he came a lot. He did me a wanking video and his cock grew a lot as he rubbed it and cupped his balls then he moans and a huge spurt of cum shot out followed by 8 further spurts Yeşilköy Escort each less than the last one. He said he could wank into a condom and send it to me if I wanted. Daft question of course I wanted. A few days later his spunk filled condom arrived in the post the teat of the condom was full of cum and more besides. That night I told him that the condom and his spunk was on my cock ready for a fantastic wank I shot my load pretty quick with his cum swilling around my cock and the condom was now really full I asked if I would send it back to him. He gave me his address and it was about fifty miles away which wasnt too far. He sent me a email video the next morning showing him putting the condom on his cock some spilled out of the top and he started wanking. I was wanking watch it and he shot his load after a short time. the spunk came out of the sides and he took off the condom which was almost full Escort Yeşilköy and put it in his mouth and drank it all A few days later I asked him if he wanted to meet up, He lived in an apartment by himself and there were three other tenants in the block. He said no problem. I drove up and got to his apartment. I rang him and he said he was very horny, he was naked and his cock was very stiffI knocked on the door and he opened it bollock naked his cock was really stiff and it was about 7 inches he was really horny I stepped in and just took all my clothes off in the hallway. He was rubbing his cock and put my hands under his balls and cupped them and he did the same to me. He dropped to his knees and started licking my balls and the end of my cock then he put his mouth round my cock and started sucking I knew I wasnt going to last long ande he asked me if I could fuck him. He has never been fucked Yeşilköy Escort Bayan and really wanted to feel a cock in him. He went into the bedroom and got some lubricant and put some on my cock, then I got some and fingered his bum until he bum hole was well lubricated. He got down on all fours and put his bum in the air for me. I fondled his balls and his hanging cock and slid up and down his bum crease. I then slid in right up to my balls and began pumping. I brought my hands round and played with his shaft I felt the spunk welling up in my balls and then I shot my load all the way in it was fantastic feeling my cum jetting into his wet bum hole eventually I slid out and my cum oozed out of his tight hole.He then rolled over onto his back and I started licking his balls and rubbing his shaft He moaned and a huge wad of cum shot out I put my mouth over his knob end and got 8 or 9 further wads of spunk into my mouth. I had never tasted a guys cum before the feeling of it shooting into my mouth was fantasticWe had sex every week for about 6 months until he went back home but he was fantastic and from time to time we still cam wank but I dont know if he will come back to England ever or in the future

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