Orgasm Therapy Ch. 02


Juan was working his magic on me in ways I could never have imagined. As a recent patient of hip replacement, he was my therapist, coming to my house three times a week to help me recover. And lord, was he helping me recover.

At first, nothing happened between us until that day when he found my vibrator in a drawer and offered to provide me even greater relief as part of his therapy. He did, blissfully so, until the battery died, but that didn’t slow my young therapist down, as he guided me to even more wonderful orgasms with his marvelously talented fingers.

And now, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. He was kneeling at my feet, digging those wonderful fingers into my soles, sending jolts of sexual electricity up my legs and into my soaking wet pussy.

“The feet are connected to the rest of the body in so many ways,” he said gently, working the flesh with his hands as I writhed at his delicious touch. “Are you feeling that, Mrs. Tremblay?”

“Oh, God, am I ever, Juan, don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I groaned, dipping a hand into my hairy pussy, reveling in the wetness and warmth he’d generated.

“Now, now, that’s my job!” he laughed. “Trust me, I’ll get there in short order…”

I sighed and smiled at him, pulling my hand away and watching now as he peeled off my dirty white socks and renewed his foot massage, thumbs digging into my crinkly soles, my toes wiggling before him.

“I’m sorry if they…well, my feet smell…and my toes, my nails, I haven’t had a chance for a pedicure in some time,” I offered apologetically.

“Nonsense,” he smiled. “Your feet are very beautiful, and these toes….rather delicious looking…”

“Really?” I asked, wide eyed. “I’ve never…I mean no one has ever…”

“Then, pretty lady,” he cooed, bending his face to my feet, suddenly running his long tongue up the soles of each, “it’s about time!”

“Sweet Jesus, Juan!” I cried out as his tongue felt like a laser on my long-neglected feet, lapping at them now, his lips attaching to the heels, sucking them into his mouth.

The kid’s magic continued, his tongue cleaning my feet and his nose buried in the sweaty grip of my long, gnarly toes. Slowly, he wiggled his tongue between each, savoring the funky foot flavor and scent, making my pussy burn hotter still as I watched. He sucked the big toe of each foot, slowly and wetly, his eyes on mine, bobbing his handsome face up and down, working from one toe to the next, sucking and nibbling, that tongue flashing out and working around each one until I thought I’d explode.

After a long, delicious toe-sucking session, he worked his way up my trembling Bornova Escort legs, licking the shins, around the sides to my muscular calves, up, up and up, tonguing my tensing thighs, massaging the flesh, taking playful bites and parting them as far as he could without hurting my hip, but just enough to get his face inside.

“Oh my,” I sighed, feeling his nose burrow inside the furry lips and that insanely long, educated tongue flashing inside me, his hands curling up my front, those fingers tweaking my thick brown nipples.

Of everything he’d done before this moment, nothing compared to the tongue lashing he was providing me now, his nose pressed into my clit, rubbing it, that tongue firing in and out of my gripping pussy like a small, wet probe, digging deeper and deeper until his mouth was firmly pressed to the outside, mashed tightly against it, and that tongue pistoned in and out faster and faster. I wanted so badly to open my quivering thighs wide and take his entire face into my sex, but my injury prevented me from doing so. But it didn’t matter, he had enough of his face in my pussy to get the job done, and I came long and hard and with a guttural scream of pleasure, my hands cupped over the back of his head pulling him to me, grinding him harder and flooding his face and filling his mouth with my gushing cream.

“Holy shit, Juan,” I sighed, completely relaxed, unable to move as he pulled his face from my pussy, smacking his sexy lips, tasting me and moving up to tickle my tits with his tongue. “You’re unbelievable.”

He smiled, kissing me, tongues doing battle and my pussy trembled from the taste of myself on him. I held his beautiful face in my hands and looked into his gentle eyes.

“Now, dear boy, I’ve had quite enough…for now,” I smiled. “Now, it’s your turn.”

He sat next to me on the bed and I shivered as I ran my hand down his muscular torso and cupped the biggest cock I’d ever felt in my life in my little hand. He looked at me palming his dick and then up at me.

“You don’t have to, my lady, really, it’s all about you,” he smiled.

“Yes, it is, and you have no idea what pleasure it would give me right now to suck…that huge….cock…” I groaned, stroking it through his pants.

“Then let’s get you comfortable,” he said.

He helped me sit at the edge of my bed, legs over the side, holding my hands in his, warm and comforting. He stood before me and smiled, peeling off his shirt, making me moan at the sight of that marvelously sculpted young body, dark and hard, his belly a thick ripple of steel, his chest perfectly formed. His hands reached for his belt. I stopped him with Bornova Escort Bayan mine.

“No,” I said with mock sternness. “Allow me.”

I looked up at him and slowly unzipped his pants, leaving them on, and twisting my hand inside. I gasped at his thickness and length, pulling his cock out and gazing at it, awestruck. It was perfect, double in size and girth than what I was used to in my long marriage, thick and meaty, smooth and stiff, so big it didn’t stick straight out but hung down from its heft.

“Oh my word, Juan,” I giggled, fisting it in two hands, lifting it to my anxious lips, kissing the moist cap, savoring the pre-cum already filling its eye. “How…”

“About eight inches, roughly,” he said looking down at me, groaning as I slowly stroked it in both hands, feeling its impossible size and weight.

“Oh my word,” I giggled again, opening my mouth and taking him inside.

He moaned with pleasure as my tongue washed over that magnificently thick knob as I held it in my lips, tasting his fluid, licking around the head and stroking the shaft with both hands. Inch by delicious inch, I worked him into my mouth, twisting my hands around the massive dick, opening my mouth until my jaws ached. I’d always been able to deep throat my husband, and the few men I’d had before him, but this was a task better suited to porn stars and sword swallowers. But I tried, inching it down my throat, fighting the gag reflex as that plum-sized cap made its way down and I found my face pressed to his shaven groin, my chin nestling his gorgeous, thick, hanging ball sacks.

“Well done, pretty woman, well done!” he cried in astonishment. “Not many can do that!”

I tried to smile around his cock, but couldn’t, and now let my tongue wash over it, hot and wet, as with one hand I squeezed his gigantic balls and let his cock slip slightly out of my mouth until the head was at my lips. I strapped my other hand to the shaft, and with twisting motions, jerked him in and out of my moaning mouth, that shaft glistening and wet with my saliva, squishy noises filling the air, along with his groans of pleasure, as I jerked him off into my mouth.

I wanted his cum, wanted it badly, and now rapidly bobbed my head back and forth, taking half of him in my mouth at a time, pulling back and stroking him, a sexual synchronicity of perfect timing, increasing the pace and feeling his bloated balls knot in my squeezing hand. Within a minute, he tensed up and cried out.

“My God, Mrs. Tremblay, you’re going to make me cum!”

I moaned around his cock, sucking and jerking it faster and faster until that first glorious rope of sperm Escort Bornova jetted down my throat like a fire hose, a torrent of sweet young man cum that scorched its way into my belly. I kept sucking, mewing madly around the spurting prick, letting the blasts fill my cheeks, bulging them out, and finally pulled it from my lips and let the waning jets splash hotly on my cheeks and chin and lips, a thick river of his spunk running down my neck to coat my heaving tits.

I finally stopped my sucking and jerking and swallowed, gulping his fluids down, tasting the sweetness and smacked the dripping head against my face, soaked with him. I smiled up as he looked down, my face shiny with the blanket of his cream, my tits and neck dripping.

“Would you be so kind as to get me a towel my dear?” I smiled up at him.

“No need for that, pretty lady,” he grinned, kneeling before me.

For all my sexual life, my hottest burning fantasy was to share a man’s cum with him, but never found a willing participant, all of them aghast at the mere suggestion they taste their own sperm. And now, as Juan dipped his handsome face to my chest and began lapping clean every creamy drop of his, my dream was realized and I came just from the first touch of tongue to nipple.

He encircled it with his mouth, suckling like a babe at his mother’s teat, seeking out milk and gobbling it down with moaning enthusiasm, working over the flesh of each tit, cleaning it. He lapped his way up my wrinkled cleavage to suckle at my neck meat, ingesting the cum there, swallowing it down, and tracing his tongue up through the thick clumps on my chin and cheeks, swabbing my face clean before framing it in his big, dark hands and kissing me, deep and wet, our cum-coated tongues doing battle before he pulled back, smiling, a silvery wet strand of sperm hanging between our lips. I sucked it like a spaghetti strand, drawing our faces closer to kiss and share again.

We held each other for a long, sexy moment, arms around each other, his wet cock pressed to my thighs, which I slowly opened.

He laughed and stood, that drooping cock near my face. Impulsively, I leaned forward to kiss it.

“That could be enough for today, Mrs. Tremblay,” he said as I watched him dress, pulling on his t-shirt and stuffing his magic wand back into his pants, zipping up and then guiding me back to bed, helping me dress myself. “We have many more sessions to follow, and we don’t want to get you too tired out.”

“Nor you, dear boy,” I laughed. “Now don’t you go wearing yourself out on other clients, do you hear?”

I smiled as he bent to kiss me, tracing his tongue down my cheek to my neck to gobble up a drop of sperm he’d missed.

“See you in two days, Mrs. Tremblay,” he said.

“I can’t wait, Juan,” I sighed, watching him go and forgoing the need to ask him to buy me some batteries for my vibrator. “I cannot wait…”

(To be continued)

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