One Wild Summer – Chapter Four

Big Dicks

I turned eighteen the year I graduated high school. I was going to college in the fall and I’d be on my own for the first time in my life, and it scared the hell outta me. I’m still kinda quiet but back then I was almost painfully shy. You know the type, not all that good at sports, nose in a book most of the time, total nerd, 6′ tall and barely 155 pounds, not even remotely a chick magnet unless it was to repel them. Looking back it’s probably why my mom sent me to live with an old friend of hers for the summer.Fran was in her forties, Mexican, divorced and totally hot! Jet black hair with soft curls that fell in waves to the middle of her back and an hourglass figure. She was the star of a few of my fantasies and I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive the summer living with her, let alone working in her used clothing store to earn a few bucks for school. I didn’t even have a car so I had to take the train with as many clothes as I could stuff into a couple of suitcases.I was a bit nervous getting off the train because she was a hugger and she really likes to pull you close. I spotted her as I was walking into the station and she already had her arms opened wide. I set my suitcases down and gave her a tentative embrace which made her say, “You call that a hug? Come here and give me a real hug.”With that, I was enveloped in her arms and she crushed Manisa Escort me against her body and rocked me back and forth a little. “Oh my God, how you’ve grown! I hardly recognized you. What’s it been – three years since I’ve seen you?””Yeah, about that,” I muttered in her ear still engulfed in her crushing embrace.She finally let me go and we walked to her car. Asking about my mom, was I excited about college, and all kinds of small talk as we walked to her car and then drove to her place. And all the while I was trying to be as sly as I could sneaking glances at her legs and chest. But mostly I was looking out the window taking in my new surroundings.It didn’t take long to drive to her house and get myself settled into her spare bedroom. She showed me around and apologized for having to share a bathroom. I said it was no big deal until I saw her hosiery hanging to dry on the shower curtain rod and that secret urge welled up in me. The urge I spent so much time trying to ignore, and here it was staring at me in sheer glorious nylonic wonder.I was jolted from my reverie by her asking if I would be ok by myself for a while.”Sure,” I said, “I’ll be fine.”She told me she had a bunch of errands to run, I asked if she needed any help but she said it was fine and I should make myself at home and we’d have dinner when she got Manisa Escort Bayan back. With that, she was out the door and I was alone. Just me, an empty house, and a bathroom full of sheer stockings and pantyhose.I decided to distract myself in any way I could. Looked around for things to read, turned on the TV, rummaged in the fridge, but I kept going back to thinking about how glorious that hosiery would feel on my legs. My self-control was obliterated by my desires and with a tripping heart and trembling limbs I slunk into the bathroom and started to remove my pants and socks.I had no idea how much time I would have so I set about my explorations, quickly picking a pair of tan stockings and carefully sliding them up my legs as I sat on the toilet. The sensations of the nylon and the taboo nature of what I was doing had the obvious effect on me and before I had the first one on I was fully erect. I quickly slid the other stocking on and admired how sexy my legs looked, rubbing them together to feel the wondrous swishing of nylon on nylon. Drunk with nylon lust I started to look for a hamper, maybe there were panties!Not finding a hamper in the bathroom I became emboldened and nervously dashed through the house to Fran’s room. My heart was pounding even harder as I opened the door and nearly jumped out of my skin Escort Manisa when I spied myself in her full-length mirror. Forgetting about the panties for the moment I took in my reflection, turning to check out my legs and ass, stroking myself, watching my hand slide along my hard cock in the mirror.I was so totally mesmerized I didn’t hear the door open and Fran return home. I must have left the TV on a little too loud because I didn’t know she was home until I heard her clearing her throat behind me. Oh shit! I turned around and tried to cover myself, but it was totally in vain. There she was, standing there with her hands on her hips, but she didn’t look angry, or even disgusted.”So this is what you do when I leave you alone for a few minutes?”All I could do was stand there, blushing and silently dumbfounded, yet amazingly still hard as a rock.”Go take those off, finish what you were doing, and then we need to have a little talk.”With that, she turned around and walked off to somewhere else in the house. I scurried back to the bathroom, amazed that I was still hard. Locking the door I quickly finished myself off, spurting into a wad of toilet paper and flushing it down. A wave of guilt started to wash over me as I carefully took off the stockings and put my clothes back on. Leaving the bathroom I went looking for Fran feeling ashamed of myself for what I had done and dreading our upcoming ‘little talk.’I found Fran in the kitchen pouring a glass of wine. there was an open pizza box in the middle of the table.”Finished so soon?”That stopped me in my tracks. “I thought I was in trouble,” I said feeling a little perplexed.

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