One Night With My Cousin


My little cousin is 13 yrs old and he plays a lot of hockey so he is nice and firm, his name is kyle.
We both live with my grandparents and he looks soo fucking hot. He is the only boy that ever gave me a hard on. He is a kid that is very shy and he likes to play video games all the time. When i get up in the morning i like to go into his room and look at his nice tight ass and sometimes i like to try and fonddle him. This one time i think that he knew what i was doing to him while he was asleep and he did nothing.

last night only me and Kyle were up watching a porno together and i asked him if he had the chance to fuck a girl if he would do it. He told me that he would. I was also teasing him that he had a hard on while we were watching that porno movie. He told me that he didn’t then I told him to show me, I thought that he will just laugh and keep watching but he got up and pulled his pants down and showed me his 2 inck dick and i was stunned. He was teasing me all that night with his sexy body and showing me a little more at a time. He knows that i have a thing for him and he just keeps on teasing me.

Well i’ve had enough Tandoğan Escort of this and im just going to ask him if i could suck his dick.

When he went in his room to go to bed i followed him and i asked him “Could i suck your dick?”
He looked at me and laughed and told me no. I said “i’m for real I wanna suck your dick!”
“Because your the only boy that gives me a hard on”.
“But we are cousins and we are both boys, don’t you think that its fucked up to fuck your own cousin?”
“Well yeah but i want you soo bad”.
“What if we get caught?”
“We won’t “
“Well what do you wanna do to me?”
“I’ve always wanted to lick your ass hole and suck your dick”
“Won’t that tast gross?”
“NO not if you like to do it?”
“If I let you do this to me you can’t tell anyone about this, Ok!”
“Do you think im stupid?, if anyone finds out im in deep shit because your only 13 and im 19”
“ok, lets go into your room and pretend to play the game!”
“ok”, as we walked in my room he made damn sure to lock the door behind him. I told him to take his clothes off and lay down Tunalı Escort on the bed. He did what i told him to do and then i got undressed and crawled into my bed with him.This was what I’ve been dreaming of since, forever. We layed there and started to play with each other and then i turned him over and told him to stick his ass up and then i started to lick his sweet ass hold it was just the way i’d hoped it would’ve been. I went a little lower and licked his soft, pink, hair less, ball sack, then i licked his dick just a bit, he let out a little moan and he tightened up and i could feel the goose bumps on his back. I told him “lets do a 69!” he got into it right away. Aww his dick was ever so soft and smooth. He was sucking away at my dick as i put my finger slowly into his ass hole and he then let out a little cry.”That hurts, take it out”.”It will only get better”, I told him as i kept my finger in there. I put it deeper and deeper till my whole finger was in and i asked him if it still hurts.”No it feels good”, he answered. I wanted to get hiw used to it because i wanted to fuck his ass soo Türbanlı Escort bad. I then put two fingers then three and then put them in all the way as he let out a little moan, oh yeah he likes it i said to myself.

Then i told him to get up and stand on the floor and bend over on to the bed. He asked why, and i just told him “because i wanna fuck you now!!” .I licked his tight ass hole and slowly put the head of my dick on his hole and i told him to tell me when, he took a deep breath and said now and i put it all in at once he tightened up and he let out a loud cry. I noticed that he was really in a lot of pain as i pumped in and out. I told him just to relax his ass mucles. whan he did that he that it felt a little better. I kept pumping in and out slowly untill he was ready. About a minute passed as he told me to fuck him harder and at the same time i was jerking him off. He was ready to cum and he told me to fuck him harder and harder.Then he came all over my bed, my and had cum all over it , but i kept it there untill i was ready to come. I quickly pulled out and told him to suck my dick. I also told him not to swallow.As i came in his mouth i licked his cum of my hand and i took his face and kissed him with both our cum in each others mouths.

I then licked his ass and balls clean and told him to go to bed so that we wont get caught. Ever since that night we are always fucking each other when ever we can.

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