One Night Stand?


I had recently moved to a new state with my boyfriend. I had just finished school, and needed to take some time off for a while. He had already taken some time off (read: unemployed) and was back in school for an MBA. We moved from California to Seattle, and I did not know a soul in this new town.

At first I was kept busy trying to settle into our new apartment, trying to settle into my new life. I had gotten a temporary job teaching English to Japanese students via the internet.

The only set back was it afforded no real contact with people. The move had been difficult for me, I had always been very close to my family. Now I felt that I had been ripped from their life and that I did not even matter any more.

My boyfriend, John, was no help in this matter. He was so busy with school now that I hardly ever saw him anymore. I know that he had his hands full with studying and group meetings, but he left in the morning before I woke up and came home only to tell me to be quiet so he could study. I think that if I had more friends by this point then everything would have been fine. But that is not the way things turned out.

I met Jolie, a Dutch exchange student, through John and his studies. Their group had a meeting at our house, so I tried to stay out of the way and read while they had their meeting. But Jolie had other ideas. I hadn’t really paid much attention, but I had seen him around at campus events. There were always a lot of parties and fundraisers at John’s school, and his class was so small that they were a very tight knit group.

During their meeting I sat in the tiny bedroom with “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” by Hunter S. Thompson. One of my favorite books, although I wasn’t much into drugs, not THAT much into them. But Thompson’s descriptions of his behavior always made me laugh. Jolie was on his way to the even TINIER bathroom and stopped to talk to me. I heard someone in the doorway and looked up.

I was immediately struck by Jolie’s eyes. They were a piercing, striking blue. He Was tall, taller than I am, and I clock in at a healthy six feet tall. He had blondish, reddish hair that was shaved close to his scalp, as he was beginning to go bald. He was not very muscular, but he looked very strong and capable. Big hands that I could feel all over my body and…wait! What was I thinking! I had a boyfriend with whom I was very happy with, wasn’t I?

He came in to talk to me, and I nervously allowed him room to sit on the bed. I wasn’t sure if John would like me talking to one of his classmates so intimately. But Jolie was very pleasant to talk to, and I hadn’t had a good conversation in a long time. Soon we were laughing loudly. John came in and looked coldly at us, Jolie excused himself and went to the bathroom.

John just shook his head at me and I felt miserable. As if it wasn’t bad enough living in a new town where I knew absolutely nobody, but to not even be allowed to have fun or try to make a new friend! It was too much. I went back to my book angrily. As Jolie came out of the bathroom he winked at me and I smiled into my book. At least somebody cared.

This was the last time that I saw Jolie for a while. There was a big event on campus, a large formal dance. I was looking forward to it not only to have a chance to get away from my apartment for a while, but as a chance to maybe see Jolie again.

Things had not been going very well with John lately, and I hoped that the dance would be a chance for us to get out of our routine and really cut loose. What I didn’t know what that John’s idea of cutting loose was to get really drunk and hang out by the bar the whole time. I told him that I wanted to look around, and he told me to have fun. By the way he was checking out the other chicks at the bar it felt like he would rather have me out of the way.

Dejectedly I wandered the place, looking at everything. The school had really gone way out, there were several dance floors, many bars, and even a gambling corner. I headed for the dance floor, I hadn’t been on one for a really long time. I love to dance, but I really need a few drinks in me to be able to get into it.

I had looked at all the dancers when I felt hot breath on my neck. It was Jolie. I turned around to smile at him and was taken aback by how he looked. He was wearing a tuxedo that looked zonguldak escort perfectly fitted to him. It showed his broad shoulders and tapered to his narrow waist. I thought about my thighs wrapped around his…NO!

I had to stop doing this! Even though I was unhappy in my relationship I could not be unfaithful to my boyfriend. He was all that I had out here.

Jolie told me that I looked beautiful, and he was damn right! I was wearing a tiny black dress that showed off my long legs and tight ass. It dropped low in the front to show off my breasts that, although were not very large, were perfectly shaped and tight. My long red hair was swept off my face showing my large green eyes and long neck. I had really gone all out tonight, but John had hardly noticed.

I saw Jolie looking me up and down as he told me how beautiful I looked again. He grabbed my hands and pulled me in for the standard Dutch three kisses on the cheeck. But instead of quickly kissing me he slowly rested his lips on my cheeks, closer and closer to my mouth each time. This sent a shock through my body, straight out to my toes with a stop off at my nipples and deep in my pussy.

I felt butterflies in my stomach as he asked me if I wanted a drink. I told him, “god yes,” just as I looked over to see John nuzzling some stupid bitch on the neck. I glanced at Jolie and knew he had seen it too. Instead of speaking (I was too fucking mad to speak!) I ran out of the room. The next room I entered was another stage, pumping techno music. I felt a hand on my arm and Jolie whipped me around.

“Look,” he said, “forget about that asshole. No one in our class likes him, and no one that knows you thinks he’s worthy of you.”

“Who even knows me in your class!?” I wailed.

“Just me.”

He said the last bit with an intense stare that bored into me. There was a long pause as it sunk in. I didn’t know what to do. I had never wanted a drink more in my life and I told him so. A couple shots later he led me out to the dance floor and we started grooving.

The more we danced the more we got into it. I just lost myself in the music that was so loud I could hardly think. And I wanted it that way. As we danced, and as we drank we got raunchier and raunchier. I wanted to be bad tonight, and he knew it.

At some point I realized that we were grinding into each other and that I was the most turned on I had ever been. As we dry humped each other on the dance floor I grabbed the collar of his tux and pulled him close to me. Just at that moment the music turned slow and sexy.

I gave him a meaningful look and wrapped my arms around his neck. We swayed to the music as I could feel his hot breath on my neck. I angled my head so my mouth was close to his ear and barely whispered that I wanted him, almost hoping that he wouldn’t hear me, hoping that this was just a dream and that I was lying in bed next to John. Then I remembered John with that stupid chick at the bar and my resolve strengthened. I told Jolie louder that I wanted him.

He pulled away and looked at me in the eyes for a moment. Without saying a word he suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room. We went to the coat check and got our things. He still hadn’t spoken, and I almost preferred that. There was no way that I was going to make the first move, at least not while we were in the dance still.

We went out to his car, and he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place. I told him that sounded fantastic. He came around to unlock my door and I wouldn’t get out of his way. He pressed up against me to get me to move. As he looked down at me he groaned, “Jesus, just get in the car will you?” As you can imagine, I immediately complied.

I had no intention of making the drive home easy for him. At first I just lightly rested my hand on his knee. But as we got closer to his place I started grabbing his leg and moving my hand closer and closer to his dick. I began to lightly stroke the crotch of his pants and was surprised to feel his dick pressing into the cloth already. John was the only guy that I had ever been with, and it always took him quite a while to get it up, no matter what I did. I had the feeling that I was in for many surprises tonight.

We FINALLY made it to his house. He lived urfa escort in a really nice apartment in a hip part of town, and from the outside it looked really chic. He struggled with the keys as I wrapped my arms around his waist and slowly pressed my hips into him from behind. He finally got the door open and we both fell inside.

Before I knew what was happening, Jolie had me pressed up against the door. We immediately started kissing, and I could feel it in my entire body. My whole being was throbbing with the feeling of him. I pushed him back roughly and his was his turn to be thrown against the door. I was going to show no mercy tonight.

I ground my hips into him as I kissed him, my knees felt weak as we made out on his front door. I wanted to take him right there. I could feel his hands all over me, running from my ass up to my back, squeezing my breasts and grabbing my shoulders. He grabbed me lightly by the back of my head, and with one hand on my lower back gently lowered me backwards.

Suddenly he pulled me upright and had me off the ground in his arms. I didn’t realize what he was doing until I felt a rush and suddenly his face (and consequently his mouth) was a lot closer to mine. He smashed his mouth into mine and our tounges ran over each other passionately.

He walked us into the bedroom and threw me down roughly. I laughed as I bounced and pulled him down on me. I could feel his weight pressing into me, and I liked it. We continued to kiss, but it had slowed down a bit. Instead of mad pressing of tounges it had become sensual and soft.

He moved down my jawline and neck with his lips, nibbling, biting, licking and lightly kissing. I squealed and squirmed as he tortured me with his fabulous mouth. He was chuckling at my reaction when I pushed him off of me.

I started to unbutton his tuxedo pants and he leaned back and let me do my thing. He lifted his hips to let his pants and boxers down when his fat cock slipped out. It was gigantic! It was about 10 inches long and very wide around. I got a little scared and exclaimed, “there’s no WAY that is going in me!” He just laughed and told me we’d do the best we could. I laughed back at him as I lowered my mouth to his giant penis.

I gently licked the head, swirling my tongue around it before I took the giant thing into my mouth. I was always able to deep throat John, but I thought there was no way I could get all of Jolie in my throat. I could hardly take all of him at once into my mouth.

I slowly worked him into my throat until I was barely short of having all of him. I started to pump my mouth on him, swirling my tongue on each stroke. He started breathing heavily, and I started pumping faster, now with my hand as well as my mouth. He started clutching at me, and breathing erratically and I knew he was going to blow soon.

Right as that thought went through my mind he exploded, sending blasts of cum down my throat which I greedily swallowed. I milked his cock of every last bit of cum and threw myself on him.

He had a huge grin on his face and was babbling something in Dutch. I laughed and asked him what he had said. He looked at me with a devilish grin and told me it was my turn.

He pulled my dress off and before I knew it I was laying there naked. He asked me why I wasn’t wearing any underwear like it was a crime. I gave him a mean look and he laughed and bent to my naked breast. My look changed from fake-mean to rapture as he licked and sucked my nipples. I arched my back to get as much of my breast as possible into his mouth.

He slipped an arm under my lower back and pulled me even closer to him. He moved from one breast to the other with his mouth and now with one hand. This kind of attention was heaven. I had always thought my breasts were too small, but from the way Jolie was…well, ATTACKING them, I could sense he thought they were just fine.

Jolie pulled his arm from under me and began to slide down my body. He kissed under my breasts, between them, down my belly and towards my pussy. I started to squirm in anticipation, and wiggle upwards to force my pussy into his mouth. He looked up and gave me a sterm glance that dissolved into laughter. “Stop it!” he said, and gripped my hips firmly and finally planted a kiss on my clit.

I gasped, uşak escort as I was not prepared for this action, but it felt so good that I was certainly not complaining. Jolie licked and sucked at my pussy for what felt like hours. He licked at the surrounding lips, tounged my hole, sucked and nibbled on my clit, moaning into it the entire time.

He would bring me just to the edge of orgasm, and then come to a dead stop, look me right in the eye and wait for me to calm down a bit. Then he would grin and start again. Before long there was no more time between these pauses because I was so turned on. I think at that point I could have cum without being touched at all if I concentrated hard enough. I could not stand this any longer.

I thrust myself up and threw him backwards. He landed on his back with a surprised look on his face that I relished. I began to crawl onto his lap where I could finally have his cock inside me, but then I remembered how BIG it was and hesitated.

He grinned and twisted so I now lay under him. He spread my legs as he teased the hole of my pussy with the head of his cock. He slowly worked his way in, and I squealed as he hit my cervix. He slowly pumped in and out of me as I got used to his massive cock. My pussy was so wet from his eating me out that it didn’t take long.

After a few minutes of this I felt more than ready to take control of the situation. I manouvered until I was on top again, and rode his cock as hard as I could. It didn’t take long before I had worked myself into a shuddering orgasm. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. Jolie had worked me into a frenzy with his bringing me to orgasm at least ten times, but never letting me have it.

I usually had a hard time having an orgasm without touching myself (not that that’s a problem!), but I was so worked up, and Jolie’s cock was so HUGE that it was stretching me tight, exposing my clit which I ground on his shaft. Orgasm was absolutely no problem as I gyrated my hips on Jolie. I came for five minutes straight until I collapsed and couldn’t even move any more.

Jolie pulled out of me and flipped me over. I lay on my hands and knees with my ass in the air. He pushed his dick back into my pussy and grabbed onto my hips as he began to fuck me doggy style. This was my absolute favorite position, as it allowed him to pound his cock even further into my pussy, and gave me access to stroke my own clit. He thrust into me, banging against my cervix with every stroke. It hurt a little bit, but the pleasure far out weighed the pain. The pain even added to the pleasure in a way I had never felt before.

After several more minutes of this I was ready to cum again. I could feel Jolie’s balls slap against my clit and it felt fabulous. I started to rub my clit and now I felt Jolie’s balls on my hand. The soft skin there slapping against my fingers threw me over the edge and I came even harder than last time. This one was not as long, but it was much more intense. I thought my pussy was on fire, but Jolie continued to pierce me with his long cock.

After a bit Jolie stopped his relentless pounding and I moaned a little in disappointment. But not for long. I guess Jolie wanted to show me how strong he was because I found myself being held in the air by him while he stood next to the bed. He had turned me so that I now faced him and he lifted me up and down on his shaft. I wrapped my legs around his waist to give him some support and we fucked like that until he threw me against the wall and fucked me some more.

He fucked me every which way until Sunday in that room. He had me up against every wall, he had me on the desk, on the floor and even up agains the window! That was exciting, to think that anyone could see me in a complete state of disarray. Hair wild, breasts against the glass, giant Dutch stud pounding into me from behind.

After what felt like hours Jolie was about to blow. He threw me on the bed as I carressed his face and his back. I grabbed his ass and tried to pull him deeper into me. I was close to another orgasm myself, but I didn’t want to ruin his. He finally started to spasm and shoot his load into me, and I let myself go to one more mind blowing orgasm, screaming and squealing with mindless lust.

He collapsed onto me, and we just lay there panting for a few minutes. I started to laugh and he pulled himself off of me to look at my eyes.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I was just wrong,” I replied, rubbing his bald head.

He looked a little dejected and started to roll off of me when I grabbed him.

“No, no, no,” I said, “I was wrong…your cock fits perfectly!”

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