One Lucky White Boi—Chapter 1

Big Tits

One Lucky White Boi—Chapter 1Ok, so the last few chapters it seems I got some flack–IE bad reviews, so I decided to edit them some and re-post. Hope they are better now, but I do appreciate the feedback. BAMM Crack POP sizzle sizzleLil bro jumped from the bed like a cobra striking it’s prey. Pacing back and forth, breaking out in a cold sweat, at least now it only took him a few minutes to calm down, much unlike years ago when he was still a little shit where it would sometimes take hours. He never grew out of the fear of storms. Mostly the thunder—it just rattled him to the core.I rolled over in the bed, and barely opened my right eye—damm that fucker is hot. I supposed he was one of the hottest dudes around Tyler—corse he got all his shit from his big bro 🙂 It was just a few weeks now till 4th of July, and his 21st b’day.“Come on back to bed Dustin—it’s still early”. It was about 6:00 AM, and if it was storming, then there wouldn’t be any mowing yards today, and therefore no reason to get up. Dustin made a quick hop to the bathroom, took a piss and a drink of water, and returned to bed. I couldn’t help but watch, as he approached with that same swagger as his big bro, his low hanging dick, swinging between his muscular hairy thighs. Crawling in, I turned over towards him, and wrapped my arm around his waist, letting my hand rest on his stomach. We lay there for a while—gawd I hopped I could go back to sleep. But nooooo—lil bro wasn’t having that—he was awake now. “Matthew” “Yes lil bro” “Can I have a pony”?I couldn’t help but break out in a modest laughter. “What—are you 10 again”?“Please Matthew—please let me have some pony”“Some” ? I think. What the fuck is he talking about—’some’ pony.“Lots of fuckin money lil bro—and besides we don’t have any place for a horse”“nooooo—not a horse, Matthew, some of YOUR pony”!I couldn’t help but smile—he had always been the horniest in the mornings.“Ahhh, just go back to sleep Dustin—we’ll do it later”“Ahh come on Matthew, you know it’s best in the morning, when I’m still all tite n shit” Laying next to him spoon fashion, with my chest at his back, which was already sweating, and my leg wrapped around his waist, you know where that left dick to hang—yep, right in his hairy crack. All he had to do was nudge back a few times, and he’s got me half boned up already, and the fuck juices are already flowing, moistening the hairs in his crack. Dustin gave a couple more pushes, with his hard muscular ass teasing the head of my enormous mushroom dick, until finally getting me to the point of ‘can’t hold back’. Sitting up, I push him into his pillow by his shoulder to make him flat on his belly. Easing down to between his thick, hairy, muscular thighs, I grab each mound in hand, and slightly spreading his cheeks, dive my face into his hairy funky ass. I had been izmir escort there plenty of times now—so I guessed this was about a weeks worth of ripe unwashed ass. But—damm he smelled like a man 🙂 and his funk always boned me up. I begin munching him out, full mouth. Savoring his stink, almost at once he begin a low throaty groan. The noises he could make while getting eat out were enough in themselves to make ur dick hard 🙂 Like me, he could lay there all day while someone ate his ass out.I lowered my face down a bit, rubbing my nose through the hairs in his crack, and finally sticking out my tongue, begin lapping at the back side of his balls. Huge they were, hanging about 3” from his ass hole, I lapped them up now making him bone up as well, to a full blow 9” of thick healthy jock meat. Back to his crack now, I pushed my tongue into his tite hairy hole, slightly opening him up. I exhaled a slight cough as I probed his hole, to which he responded with a slight chuckle—ya, he knew why—it was cause he was dirty as fuck. Rubbing my hands now up and down the backs of his hairy thighs, I begin a slow methodical fucking of his stinkin hole with my tongue. Even though he was pretty dirty, I kept at it, thinking how lucky I was to even be there—there were plenty that would give their left nut to have their face planted where mine now was. After a few minutes of my worship of his treasure, his thighs begin to tremble slightly, and running my hands again across his hard hairy mounds, I notice that he’s already broken out in a heavy sweat, as it was running down his muscular back to his ass crack. Letting out a super long, low throaty groan, he softly lets out “do me Matthew—give me your big pony cock” Dustin reaches for the nite stand drawer and fishes out the lube, then tosses the bottle back to me. Popping the cap, I squirt a long stream into his now waiting crack, and then an ample puddle into my palm. Fisting my now raging 11” of thick pony meat, I aim it for his hole. I place the heels of my big sz 13 feet to just inside his knees, then pulling them back towards myself put him into a leg lock. Pulling him back from the waist slightly, and elevating him just a bit, to make his hole level with my pulsating mushroom head, I then lean into his back. Wrapping my arms up under his pits, also dripping in sweat, and damm those pits are loud, I bring them back around his neck, and lock my hands on the back side of his head. Pushing my head now into his hole, ever so slowly, I invade his still super tite greasy hole, one inch at a time. Dustin begins groaning louder, and starts squirming around, as he tries to push back, to hurry the entrance of my monster. But I had him held fast in the lock down to where he could hardly move, and continued the slow entry, driving kahramanmaraş escort him nuts. Finally Dustin lets out a cry, and proclaims “Oh Jesus Matthew—fuck me” Now having him right where I wanted him, I pull back, to where my thick flaring head is just still inside his hungry hole, and slam him. “Ahhhhhhh fuck Matthew” !!!!“Is that what you wanted, lil bro” ? As I pull back and deliver yet another hard slam, burying my thick jock meat into his guts. “Oh ya Matthew—just like that—oh fuck me Matthew” Pulling back again, I deliver the third relentless slam into the tite recesses of my lil bros ass. Now fully ‘in heat’ myself, I begin a ruthless fuck down of my lil bro, delivering pound after pound of his sweet yung ass, and my own sweat begins dripping now from my forehead and chest. I catch a whiff of my own pits, also dripping down to his pillow, and just grin to myself—we know where he gets his funk :)I continued to plow his guts—just the way he liked it—with my ever swelling fuck stick, for about 20 minutes. Finally, as the moment arrives, and the all too intense convulsing of my own thighs and abs, I deliver one last v I o l e n t slam of lil bros guts, reaching up now to the upper hole, and unload. Blast after blast of my thick heavy goo go flying into Dustins guts as I open up his intestines in the process. Damm—the boi is loaded, lol. Blowing about 9 shots into him with such an intensity, that he blew his own nut into the sheets, still on his belly, totally soaking them. With a coating of sweat now causing us to stick together, I just lay there on Dustin’s back, and with an evil grin, begin the awesome ‘after piss’, and blast an awesome strong stream up into his cave, now mixing with my enormous load, and the contents of his ass. Dustin just lays there, relishing in the feeling as the hot steamy piss fill his guts. I clench my eyes shut, as I ponder the filth that I had just created in my lil bros ass, and dick begins to go down, and the inevitable moment of pulling out rapidly approaches. Dustin is already giggling under his breath—it seems to have become a thing now for my lil bro to do anything that would be shocking, disgusting, or at least jaw dropping to others, even if it was just me and him. I grab him by the back of his mohawk (yup—he still has it) and pull his head back towards me. Putting my lips right to his ear, I grunt into it “when I pull out of your nasty disgusting ass, if you get one drop of your filth on my sheets, I’m gonna beat ur ass all afternoon” Dustin simply responds, “yes sir” in that little boi voice of his.Deciding there’s no avoiding it, I began to withdraw, and as I observe my dick, inch by slow inch, covered in the filth of Dustin’s ass, I’m already assuming it ain’t gonna end well. As I release karabük escort my grip on his hair, and with final removal from his hole, I just ease back on my haunches, and pause a few seconds. Seeming that all is well, I give Dustin a smack on the ass, and he instantly goes into an uncontrollable laughter, and he unloads his filth—all over my crisp white sheets. He continues to laugh as he rolls over on his side, gripping his stomach, and unloads yet again of the nasty filthy contents of his freshly fucked guts. “Ahhhh Dustin—you fuckin a n I m a l” I screech out as I aim my fist for his face. Corse, he knew I wouldn’t actually hit him, I could never bring myself to do that, but I sure did want to. Still laughing, Dustin finally bolts from the bed, and heads for the bathroom for the toilet. Planting his ass on the seat, he blows out another expulsion from deep in his guts, still laughing his ass off. Squimishing up my face, I grab the can of Indian Blessings, and begin hosing down the entire basement. The stench was unrelenting. I head for the bathroom myself, and passing Dustin for the shower, simply mumble “I’m gonna puke” Unloading my own guts now into the drain of the shower, Dustin continues his hysterical laughter, with his face now buried in his hands, resting on his knees. I turn the shower on, and as it appears that Dustin has finally finished his disgusting ‘show’, I reach out and smack him across the face—bringing a shocked look upon it. He finally stops laughing, and just sits there on the toilet staring at me. I guess it hurt his feelings, cause now I had actually hit my lil bro. I mean—it wasn’t like a fist or anything, just a bitch slap—but he hated that shit as much as his big bro, and had it been anyone else, there would have been an instant spillage of b l o o d. “Sorry bro” he mumbles, barely audible, looking down at his feet. Yep, I done hurt the little fucks feelings. But at the moment, I really didn’t care, cause he truly pissed me off. “I guess you can figure out ur gonna be on clean up detail today—ALL fuckin day”? “Yes sir—Im sorry Matthew—I was just funnin”.“Get ur ass in this shower”Im still pissed, but we both went ahead with our regular shower ritual, sudsing up each others backs, and ass cracks. ‘Cept this time there was no talking, just the shower. I suds up his bushy pits, cause damm, he stunk like a pig—and If I thinks it smells worse than me, then—it’s fuckin bad, lol. “Matthew—honey” !It was mom—it’s about 7:30 in the morning now, so she’s home from the diner. “Ya mom” ! I shout back towards the upstairs. “Are you b o y s rough-housing again”? I kinda giggle a bit, and at least Dustin gets a slight smirk on his face. “Ya mom”, I shout back, as I reach for the shampoo to do Dustin’s hair. There was a few moments pause, and I just got Dustin’s hair rinsed of the shampoo before mom hollered down again. “Honey—are you b o y s using condoms”? Dustin and me froze, staring at each other as the hot water continued to drip over our heads. I could feel my b l o o d pressure rise, as I went flush from my chest, up to my face, with Dustin obviously doing the same. We both began to tremble.“Whut”?

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