One Little Moan Pt. 04


After that day in the library, Taylor’s life was never the same. Most people that saw her never noticed a change, and she was grateful. She didn’t see how they could miss what she’d become as her lover kissed her hard, pressing her against the wall of the alley. This was her life now. No matter what she did, things always came back to this: Kevin taking what he wanted somewhere dangerously public, while she desperately tried not to scream in pleasure. She was grateful that at least here, over the pounding music of the club no one would hear her moaning. The alley might have been the least private place he’d attacked her so far, but at least no one could hear how much she liked it. It was cold comfort, but it would have to do if she couldn’t make him see reason and stop.

“We can’t,” she pleaded in between kisses, “Not here–” but it was hard to make an argument when his mouth so hungrily devoured hers.

“Anywhere, anytime,” he said cockily. “You know nothing bad is going to happen.” It was the answer he always gave. He acted like he owned her and honestly that’s why she loved it, but he was getting too risky lately, and gambling with her reputation as much as his in the process.

“Please, Sara is inside.” Taylor said, her voice barely audible over the sound of the music. “If she comes looking for us sh-she’ll… ohhhh god… please don’t…” It was too late though, he had two fingers in her pussy and he wasn’t even bothering to kiss her to keep the noise down as she moaned like the whore she’d become.

“I don’t think either of us is too worried about Sara cumming right now. She can wait,” he taunted, pumping his fingers in and out of her slick little slit. “I’m far more concerned about making you cum instead…”

“Ahhhh, no, not here,” Taylor moaned, louder this time as his words hit their mark. She was deeply ambivalent about what she was becoming. She’d started wearing sexier clothes that showed off a little skin, and even sometimes a little cleavage, but none of her friends had asked her about it. Tonight though was even worse than normal. Tonight Sara had pressured her into borrowing one of Sara’s more provocative outfits; it was a tight black dress with a mesh panel over her generous cleavage, and it had a hemline that was a little farther up her thighs than she was really comfortable with. Kevin and Sara had practically dragged her out tonight to help her “find a guy,” but she was pretty sure they just wanted to watch her drown in the deep end of the social swimming pool.

Finding a guy definitely wasn’t going to be a problem. Guys had been checking her out all night, and had even danced with her, but whenever they tried to do more than that she told them she had a boyfriend and they backed off, which was a shame, because that’s exactly what she didn’t want. She’d love to find a guy as aggressive and relentless as Kevin – just one that wasn’t dating her roommate. Taylor just couldn’t get too worked up about anyone that was willing to take no for an answer though; not when all she wanted was to be the plaything of someone bold enough to play with her body the way Kevin was right now.

She still felt their eyes wandering her body like she always did, but tonight instead of running away at the way it made her nipples hard and her heart beat faster, she reveled in it… It was those feelings that made her such easy prey for Kevin tonight when he pulled her aside. “Ohhh… Ohhh… I’m getting close”, she moaned in her lover’s ear while he casually groped her left breast through her shirt while he continued his frenzied finger fucking.

He always did this to her, and that’s why for the last few weeks she’d been fucking him like a woman possessed. Today all it had taken was for Sara to use the restroom and suddenly he was dragging Taylor out of the back door by the hand to do god knows what while his girlfriend was less than fifty feet away. This was her life now. For the last few weeks they’d done it almost every day, and almost anywhere they could find the smallest amount of privacy. His needs were no longer just limited to her dorm room or the library. They fucked in the park, just off the jogging trail where the shadows were deepest and in an empty classroom she did some TAing for three days a week. They fucked in a porn booth at a store just off campus and once even in a handicap bathroom between classes. He was insatiable, at least with her. She took some small secret delight when Sara complained to her one night that Kevin just hadn’t been in the mood lately, and she might have to find someone on the side.

Taylor wished she could confide her dirty little secret with her friend, but it was impossible. How could a ‘virgin’ like her know that secret to making Kevin hard, was to tell him that she didn’t want it, or to worry out loud about how they were going to get caught this time. Nothing made him force his thick cock inside her pussy faster than those doubts. It probably didn’t hurt that her concerns were true or that in the moment she was begging, she really was worried they’d be caught. Kevin didn’t batıkent escort care though, and that’s why she loved him. When they noticed the homeless guy jerking off to them while they fucked in the bushes he just came harder than usual, and when the janitor walked in on them while she was cumming he whispered in her ear that he was going to let the old man use her next.

“Kevin… Kevin…” She panted, “I-I… I’m cumming… Please let me cum…” She was right on the edge when he suddenly stopped and pulled his fingers out of her, before wiping them on her inner thigh.

“Sorry babe – we’ve been out here too long,” he said, smiling cruelly. “Time to go back inside.”

“Wha-What?” Taylor asked, stunned. “Kevin… I need it…”

“I know you do. You need to cum because you’re a slut, but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. I’ve got something special planned for tonight.”

Each of the times they’d been caught had been horrifying in the moment, but perhaps not quite as terrible as this. Once the white shame faded in a day or two, all that was left behind was a memory that glowed red with lust. This time though, he left her burning. He’d never left her high and dry before. Not like this. The orgasms always made the terrible and shameful things they did together bearable, but as she followed meekly behind him into the club, she could feel the shame of her sin dripping off her body the same way she could feel her pussy flooding her panties.

Kevin went to the men’s room then, leaving her alone between the bar and the dance floor with nothing but the predatory gaze of strangers to keep her company. She was just a piece of meat to them, and it made her clit throb as she tried not to melt into a puddle. Every gaze was an invitation, and whether they knew it or not, the answer to all of those invitations was yes if they were delivered forcefully enough. For a moment Taylor pictured herself at the center of a swirling gangbang, right there on the dance floor. She was getting fucked by two guys at once while several more jerked off on the remains of the dress that was crumpled around her midsection. Having sex with more than one guy in her life was never something that Taylor had wanted for herself, let alone at the same time. She was aching though, and something about the idea of being publicly stretched out by more than one cock felt just so right in this terrible moment.

Her legs moved by themselves as she walked out to the dance floor towards the guy that stared at her the most shamelessly. His dark hair and deliberate stubble called to her almost as much as the bulge she could see in his skinny jeans. She walked out until it looked like she was about to start dancing with him, her eyes locked on his the whole time, and then she walked a few steps past him and started dancing in her own little bubble to the R&B song they were blasting in the moment. It was a slow grinding song she’d never heard before, but she knew all she had to do was move her hips slowly to the beat the way the sluttiest girls on the floor were doing, and she’d have his attention. Even though he was behind her, she could feel him looking at her ass as she slowly showed it off for him. When she leaned forward she might have even given him a glimpse of her panties, but that didn’t matter right now. All that mattered was tempting him to grind on her… to touch her…

It took less than thirty seconds for the stranger to take her up on her offer and start dancing with her. Within a minute he was grinding on her, and she responded by looking back at him and giving him a sultry smile before trying to draw over a second man to join the first. Right now all she wanted was to be pinned helplessly between two strong sexy men, but suddenly a familiar face caught her eye and the moment was gone. Sara was standing there, now twenty feet away, taking a picture of her being as slutty as she’d ever been in her whole life. By the time the second target of her attention joined the first, it was too late, but he didn’t know that. He came over to give her exactly what she’d wanted – just as the first stranger had – only now she didn’t want it anymore. Now it was claustrophobic and suffocating, but she was too weak and shy to put a stop to it, and Sara certainly didn’t look like she was going to interrupt any time soon.

In the end it was Kevin that saved her. He strolled up from her blindside on the right, grabbed her by the arm, and yanked her back over to their table, much to the annoyance of her suitors.

“Damn girl, you replaced me awful quick” he quipped, before letting go of her hand and pulling back as she leaned in to kiss him. “Taylor – get a hold of yourself.” She flushed red with shame as she suddenly remembered – she wasn’t saved by her boyfriend. She was saved by her roommate’s boyfriend. While her roommate was watching and laughing at her.

“Did Taylor just try to kiss you?” Sara asked as she walked up next to the two of them, acting scandalized to try to hide her suddenly suspicious beşevler escort tone.

“Her?” Kevin laughed like kissing her was the last thing he’d ever consider doing. It was a lie that was so effective that made Taylor want to curl up and die as she heard it. “I think she just wanted to hide her face in shame after a little too much to drink.”

“Well,” Sara asked, turning to her roommate. “Are you trying to make a move on my man or what?”

“I…” Taylor started, hanging her head in shame even as her blush darkened. “No, I just, I… I don’t feel well. That’s all.”

Sara looked at her skeptically, and for a long moment Taylor thought she was about to get slapped before she finally said, “Well then let’s get you back to the room and take care of you.” Kevin followed along with Sara, but flashed Taylor an evil smile as soon as her back was turned, leaving her feeling topsy turvy. She had no idea what was going on, but something told her it was more than just calling it a night by eleven.

As they stumbled back from the club to the campus Taylor was forced to embrace her tipsiness and pretend she was drunker than she was. Even though she’d only had two drinks she lied and told Sara the reason she’d danced with those strangers like that was because she wasn’t sure if she’d had 4 shots or 5. Sara seemed to accept that, and helped steady her the rest of the way, but there was something possessive about the way she held her as they walked to their room. “So if we hadn’t stopped you, do you think you would have tried dancing like that with other women next?” Sara asked her finally, making her mouth dry before she could even think about answering.

Was she asking her what she thought she was? Taylor asked herself? Was her own roommate hitting on her out of the blue because she thought Taylor was drunk enough to take advantage of? The religious part of her almost immediately rebelled at the thought. She might have done a lot of terrible things this month, but there was wrong and then there was wrong. The rest of her though, started to tingle at the new, forbidden idea. “With a girl?” she asked dumbly. “I don’t know. Maybe…” That was all it took to make Sara squeeze her arm a little harder as they walked down the hallway to their room. At the same time she exchanged a few meaningful looks with her boyfriend, but whether because of the alcohol, the lust, or the fear she just couldn’t figure out how to put those pieces together.

She didn’t need bother trying for very long though, because almost as soon as the door closed behind the three of them. Sara leaned over and forced a sloppy kiss on her. It was a strange moment for Taylor. The kiss itself was electric, it was utterly taboo, but it also felt forced and emotionless compared to the kisses Kevin forced on her so regularly.

After a dazed moment, Taylor shook off her roommate and asked, “Sara, what are you doing?”

“Shhhhh,” Sara said, smiling. “Just go with it. I promise you’ll have fun.” This time Sara stepped forward, trapping her between Sara, Kevin, and the wall. Taylor turned her head to avoid the kiss again, but she couldn’t do anything as her friends small hand reached inside her dress and started to expertly roll her sensitive nipple lightly between two fingers, forcing Taylor to moan softly at the unexpected sensation. She loved it when Kevin played with her breasts, but he was always so rough. This was an entirely new experience though, and it made it much harder to resist her roommate as she started to kiss her exposed neck instead of her lips.

“Come on Taylor,” Kevin said finally, practically whispering into her ear, “It’s my birthday, and I told Sara that I wanted something really special to celebrate this year.” It sounded like a lie to Taylor, but it was such a brazen one that she really didn’t care.

“Mmm… special?” Taylor asked after biting her tongue. She was barely able to keep up the act that she’d never been fucked him before and had almost called him baby. Whatever game he was playing at, she was far too slow to keep up with. Sara’s mouth caught hers then, and this time when she kissed, Taylor kissed her back, and their tongues started to dance.

“I told her that I’d never been in a threesome before, and she suggested that maybe we should make sure that a shy little virgin like you had a memorable first time.” She was glad that write now she couldn’t talk, because there was no way she could have lied convincingly about being a virgin to the man that had already fucked her so many times. Instead she moaned, helplessly into her lovers mouth while Kevin started to kiss her neck and shoulder. She was pinned between them, and every bit as helpless as she was on the dance floor earlier. This time though, it wasn’t just two men grinding on her. This time they were touching her, caressing her, and undressing her. Even as Kevin kissed her neck he unzipped her dress, and with Sara’s help, they slowly peeled it off her hips before it fell on its own to the floor. Sara büyükesat escort didn’t stop playing with her sensitive nipples or kissing her during that, or when she opened the clasp on her bra one handed.

It was all moving so fast that it made her head swim. Her body was a sea of sensations, and she was drowning in them. There was no fight in her as she was slowly pushed down onto the bottom bunk that was Sara’s bed, and when Sara broke away to perform a quick striptease, she could hardly look away as her roommate exposed her skin without any of the shame that gathered around Taylor like a fog. Sara’s breasts were fuller and rounder, and her nipples were larger. They stood out even more considering she was almost two inches shorter than Taylor, and though she’d seen them in passing many times, she’d never seen her roommate show off like this in a sexual manner, but now she couldn’t make herself look away. However much the idea of lesbianism made her think she was sinning, right now all she could do was wonder what it would feel like when her roommate ate her pussy while her heart pounded in her ears.

Then in two quick steps Sara attacked. They were kissing again while their bodies rubbed against each other. This time there was nothing to get in the way as skin pressed against skin, and they writhed against each other. At first Sara had seemed stiff, like she was only doing this to make her boyfriend happy, but Taylor’s desire was contagious, and now she was enthusiastic as well as aggressive. It made Taylor lose herself completely in the kiss again – at least until she caught something out of the corner of her eye. She turned, breaking the kiss just in time to see Kevin taking a picture of the two of them in such a lewd position.

“Don’t, Kevin”, Taylor pleaded, raising her hand to cover her face far too late to do any good. “I don’t want anyone to see me this way.” She couldn’t imagine what would happen if one of her friends or a member of her church saw her this way. She’d just curl up and die.

“It’s fine ba- Taylor. This is just for me.” Kevin said.”You know, to remember my birthday.”

“Well, if you want something really worth taking a picture of, just wait Kev,” Sara said, turning to give her boyfriend a smile before she started to sink down Taylor’s body in a trail of kisses. That started at her collarbone, lingered on her nipples, and eventually began to slowly descend to her belly. That’s when Taylor started to hyperventilate. Anyone could guess where her mouth was going to go next.

“Wait, Sara, I’m not sure if… I don’t know if I want to–” Taylor cried out. It was too late though. With a brief wicked smile Sara planted a kiss on Taylor’s clit before she started to lick up and down her aching slit. “I-I… ahhhhhh…” It was all she could manage before she melted. It was an entirely different sensation than she’d ever felt before, and with it came a series of noises that were more like squeeks than moans or gasps as Taylor tried to endure the feeling of being tongue fucked for the first time in her life. It wasn’t quite as intense as the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of her pussy, but it was an entirely different feeling than being fingered. It was slick and sinuous, but most of all it was forbidden. That’s what made her temperature rise as she watched Sara lick and suck her sex closer and closer to the rising orgasm she could feel growing inside her.

Taylor wanted to tell Kevin to put down his camera. She wanted to tell Sara to slow down. Both of those tasks were beyond her though. Instead moment by moment she could feel her body start to thrum with need and tingle with pleasure. Then it was too late. The orgasm came upon her with all the speed and subtlety of a sonic boom. She didn’t have a chance to wonder if that was because Kevin had gotten her so worked up earlier, or if deep down she might be homosexual. Conscious thoughts were impossible. All she could do was enjoy it, and soon enough the sensations were so intense that she could only endure them as her body spasmed beneath her roommate’s talented tongue.

For perhaps a half a minute she was lost to the world, and as her consciousness returned gradually she became aware of a strange new rhythm. At first she thought that Kevin had started fucking her, but it didn’t feel quite right. As Taylor opened her eyes and looked down she could see he’d done the next best thing and started fucking Sara instead. They were a human chain of pleasure. His pussy slid in and out of Sara’s pussy while she kissed and caressed Taylor. It was an impossible level of decadence and debauchery that she never would have dreamed of participating in, but somehow it seemed so right in the moment.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck… Right there baby, right there,” Sara moaned loudly enough for people down the hall to hear. “Fuck me right fucking there. Unnnnhhhh… Don’t you dare stop. Don’t you dare fucking stop.” Her hips rocked back in time to meet the thrusts that Kevin hammered her with, while her eyes were shut tight against the pleasure. That let Taylor watch the terrifyingly hot spectacle with less shame than she’d felt the night this all started – the night she lay there in the dark while these two fucked in the bed beneath her. All these weeks later, and the only thing that had changed was that she’d become part of their sick games instead of laying there like the pervert she knew she was, deep down.

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