One Hot California Night


“So how far have you two actually gotten?” Kim prodded in her usual blunt way.

“Not far. Kissing, holding hands, that sort of thing,” Rhiannon heaved a frustrated sigh, “One time we lay together stargazing on the deck of his boat, but he just held me.

Kim raised an eyebrow. It was worse than she’d thought.

Rhiannon and Nick had been dating for almost a year, and it was obvious that they were in love, but it seemed that their relationship had come to a stand still. Kim knew why, and it worried her: Rhiannon had grown up in the shadows of a prostitute mother who had overdosed on drugs when she was only twelve. In trying to avoid the bad reputation that came with such circumstances, Rhiannon had gone overboard to be the woman’s complete opposite; to the point of hiding her own sexual nature. Nick knew nothing about this, but he did seem to understand that something wasn’t quite right and was apparently waiting for Rhiannon. At this rate, it would take them forever!

Studying her best friend carefully, Kim ventured, “You don’t sound too happy about that.”

“I’m not.”

“Then do something about it.”

Rhiannon tossed her honey-colored bangs out of her eyes. “And what would you have me do? Jump up and say ‘Hey Nick, I want us to do everything that I’ve ever read about in my nasty friend Kim’s book collection?’ Forget that!”

Kim gestured wildly. “Grab his ass. Stick your tongue in his ear. Anything to give the man a sign!” She paused with a grin, “And you write things that are just as bad as what I have in my collection, girl.”

It was true. One of Rhiannon’s outlets was to write erotic fiction stories. She would never submit them to any publications, but Kim had managed to get her to let her read a couple, and they were definitely of the toe-curling variety.

Rhiannon blushed deeply but chose to ignore that last remark. “I can’t do that!” she snapped, “Nick might think I was a slut and dump me.”

“That’s bullshit, Rhiannon! Nick’s just being patient and would probably be freakin’ ecstatic if you finally did something!” Seeing the pained expression on her best friend’s face, Kim softened her tone. “You’re nothing like your mother, Rhiannon, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting sex.” She suddenly tossed her head back and yelled, “Nice girls want sex too!” as loud as she could.

The walls of the apartment weren’t very thick, and almost immediately the girls heard answering shouts, both male and female, from the nearby units: “Send them over.” “Yes we do!” “Anytime!”

Kim giggled, “See? Everybody wants it, and it’s past time for you to learn what it’s all about.”

“I can’t believe you did that!” Rhiannon snapped, “And I know all about sex; I have had it a time or two, you know.”

“Oh yeah, right. That creepy jock you were dating back when we were in high school.” Kim laughed, “Am I wrong, or do I recall you describing that as a ten minute pant-and-roll session that didn’t even get you off?”

Rhiannon frowned at the unsatisfying memory, “Shut up, Kim.”

“I’m serious! I’m sure you know all the kinky feel-good tricks from reading books, but that pitiful experience cannot be classified as really having sex. Go for it!”

“I just don’t want to lose him,” Rhiannon sighed.

“You won’t. Nick loves you AND wants you, whether he’s said the words or not.” She grabbed Rhiannon’s hand across the kitchen table. “Listen to me. You’ve got 6’2″ of hard-bodied California tan willing to do anything within his power to make you happy. You’re absolutely nuts if you don’t take it as far as it will go.”


Rhiannon pondered her best friend’s advice as she drove herself home. Hers and Nick’s relationship was so comfortable that she could picture them being together forever. But she realized that if they didn’t move ahead eventually, their “forever” could fall into nothing more than a deep friendship. It was a depressing thought. She definitely loved him, and lately she couldn’t even hold his hand without her panties getting wet. Maybe it was time to put the past to rest. “Go for it,” Rhiannon whispered Kim’s words to herself, gaining courage the more she thought about it.


Nick woke up to the trilling sound of the telephone. A glance at the clock revealed that it was only a little after 8pm, but he’d had a rough week working on the precinct’s latest murder case and was pretty wiped out. He contemplated rolling back over and ignoring the phone, but then thought better of it; maybe his partner had made some sense of the endless sea of tangled clues and leads they’d been wading through.

He rubbed his hand across his eyes and scooped up the receiver. “Yeah.”


The sound of her voice chased away the last bit of drowsiness. “Rhiannon! Hi sweetie. How are you?”

“I’m good. Do you want to go for a drive or something?”

“Sure. I’ll be right there.” He smiled as he hung up the phone and reached for his shoes. It amazed him that no matter how tired or depressed he was feeling, samsun escort just being near Rhiannon always knocked it right out of him. She made him happy, and lately he’d been giving some serious thought to asking her for a more permanent commitment, but he hadn’t figured out how to bring up the subject yet. She’d always been easy for him to talk to, but in many ways she remained a mystery to him, and he had noticed that occasionally when they talked she seemed skittish. He damned sure didn’t want to say or do anything to scare her off.


When he arrived at Rhiannon’s house, Nick’s senses went on instant alert. Though she answered the door with her usual beautiful smile, there was something in her manner that made her appear nervous. “Is everything all right?” he asked as they walked to his car.

“Everything’s fine. I just wanted to be with you tonight.”

The tone of her voice seemed to lend a double entendre to the words, but he decided it must not have been deliberate. Rhiannon never played the tease.

“Anytime.” He dangled his keys in front of her, “Do you want to drive?” Nick knew she loved his car, which was a classic Plymouth Barracuda that he and his brother had restored to pristine condition years ago.

“You know I do.” She gave him a smile full of secrets, and again he was taken aback by her behavior. He held the driver’s door open for her, and as she slid into the seat the side of her short skirt rose up to give him a view of her shapely tanned leg, almost all the way up to her backside. She smiled at him again but made no move to correct it.

Nick closed the door and expelled the breath that had caught in his throat at the sight. Their relationship so far had been fairly chaste, but only because he had sensed that this woman needed to go slowly. Holding back was hell on him every time he saw her though. Now, unless he was missing something, she was hinting that she was ready for more, and he knew he would have to play this one *very* carefully.


Rhiannon decided to drive to Rosewood Lake, which was a campground about 50 miles northwest of her house. She and Nick had only visited it once before, but they had loved the glassine lake and the crystal clear waterfalls that fed it. Both of them liked to stargaze, and Nick agreed that the night sky reflected in the lake’s surface would be a sight worth seeing.

They fell into a comfortable silence, and after some time she noticed that Nick had dozed off. The rumble of the powerful engine combined with the night breeze coming in through the windows was intoxicating to Rhiannon, and she relaxed entirely the further she drove. She glanced at Nick, and some emotion she couldn’t name tugged at her heart. She loved the way his face looked, relaxed in sleep, and was forever turned on by his muscular form. It seemed like she could feel the heat of his body beckoning to her, and she began fantasize about what it would be like to do more than kiss him, as she had done before. What would it be like, she wondered, to kiss a path down his throat, and then his chest, to run her tongue across his stomach. What a thrill it would be to feel those hard muscles under her mouth, to lick and caress every inch, only to move downward to…

Rhiannon was so involved with her erotic thoughts that she almost missed the first road they needed to take to get to the lake, and as she applied the brakes a little harder than normal in order to make the turn, her hand automatically reached out to brace Nick. With her senses awakened from the previous fantasizing, the feel of his body under her palm was entirely too much to resist. Unable to control herself, she slid her hand along his chest and reached up to toy with his hair, which he wore long enough to touch his shoulders. She gently rubbed his bicep, squeezing a bit to test its hardness. Silk and steel. Her hand wandered back to the bicep, a little way across his chest again, then back lower along his arm; Rhiannon contemplated having those arms locked around her, her naked breasts rubbing his chest…

Nick felt the tightness of his arousal beginning at the first touch of Rhiannon’s hand, and fought to stifle the low moan building in his throat. Afraid that any movement he made might cause her to stop, he willed his body to relax and his eyes to stay shut as he continued to endure her gentle explorations.

Darting quick glances at the road, she leaned forward a bit and rubbed gently across as much of his tight stomach as she could reach, a soft sigh escaping her. Some small bit of conscience told Rhiannon that she was crossing more than a few lines, and acting like a total pervert, but she was too infatuated care. She paused a minute to assure herself that he was still asleep, and then her hand dropped lower still. She caressed his thigh, which flexed lightly at her touch, and imagined how it would feel to have those powerful thighs between hers as he thrust into her. Rhiannon could feel her breasts siirt escort beginning to tingle, the nipples hardening like stones as she continued to caress him, and noticed that even though he was still sleeping a magnificent bulge had risen in his crotch. The sight of it sent new spirals of heat coursing through her body. Squirming a bit in the seat, she felt the slick wetness of her arousal, and could only hope it wasn’t soaking through the back of her skirt onto the upholstery. She shot a quick glance at the speedometer, which showed that she wasn’t paying nearly enough attention to her driving either; they were doing 80. It was time to stop and cool down a bit before he woke up.

Rhiannon eased her foot off of the accelerator, and just as quickly realized that she didn’t have the slightest clue where they were… she must have missed the second turn off miles back. She could see the ocean’s shore to her left, where she knew there should be forest, and silently cursed her stupidity.

As the car slowed, Nick peeked out from underneath his lowered eyelids and almost grinned when he realized Rhiannon’s dilemma. Her breathing was heavy; her hands trembled a bit on the steering wheel, and her skin glowed with a fine sheen of perspiration that he knew had nothing to do with the sultry heat of the night. He could smell the sweet musk of her arousal, mingled with the exotic perfume she wore, and the combination inflamed his senses even more. Curious to find out if she would continue her game, he continued to feign sleep.

Rhiannon drove a bit further until she found a road that led down to a tiny parking area at the edge of the beach. She stopped the car at the far end of the lot, and left it idling for a moment while she gathered her composure. Guilt washed over her as she thought about the reason for them being there; wherever “there” was. It was purely shameful, her fondling Nick in his sleep. She wanted this man with every fiber of her being, so why couldn’t she bring herself to be so bold when he was awake? Sighing in frustration, she shut off the motor and waited nervously for Nick to wake up.

As the minutes ticked by and nothing further happened, Nick figured it was time to end his deception. He opened his eyes and stretched his arms. “Where are we?”

“Actually I’m not sure, so I thought it would be best to pull over for awhile and see if you could tell me.”

He chuckled as he cast a casual glance around them. “Darlin’, I’d say we’re at the beach.”

“So we are.” Rhiannon tried to laugh but was alarmed when she noticed that he still had an erection. Would he know what she’d done? She quickly pushed the thought out of her mind, remembering that she’d once read that guys often got hard-ons in their sleep anyway, so he probably wouldn’t think anything of it.

“Let’s get out for awhile.” He flashed her a wicked little grin, as if he could read her thoughts, but said nothing more.

They met at the front of the car, and in one smooth movement he grasped her tiny waist and perched her on the edge of the hood. “Did you change your mind?” he challenged.

“Did I wha…” Rhiannon’s eyes widened with the realization that he knew *exactly* what she’d done! She started to offer a sincere apology, but he stopped her with a gentle fingertip on her lips and a shake of his head.

“I just wanted to give you control for awhile and see how far you’d go.”

“And I’ve gone too far?” she asked, certain that he would despise her now.

“Not even close.” Nick moved between her knees and brushed a feather-soft kiss on her mouth, lightly running his fingers up her spine as he did so. Rhiannon shivered with anticipation and parted her lips to allow him entry when she felt his tongue trace a languid path across them. Cupping the back of her head, he deepened his claim on her as he pressed his body closer, while his hands became bolder in their explorations.

Rhiannon felt like she was drowning in the sensations of his slow sweet assault, and was conscious that the height of the hood was perfect because she could feel the rock-hard bulge in his jeans rubbing against her crotch as he kissed her. Spreading her legs wider, she scooted forward to increase the tantalizing friction. His hands moved up inside of her shirt to run a seductive path along her sides, and she arched her back with a moan when she felt his thumbs tease her hardened nipples. Suddenly thrilled at the realization that Nick was as eager as she was, Rhiannon unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed her palms over the taunt muscles of his chest and stomach.

Nick gasped as he felt her soft hands trace along his abs then continue downward, and his dick throbbed its own response when her fingertips teased a path under the waistband of his pants. He pulled back a bit to unfasten her blouse. She’d worn no bra underneath, and now his eyes feasted on the sight of her beautiful firm breasts. “Yess.” she moaned as he pressed them together and ran his tongue up and down the line her cleavage. He took his sinop escort time licking and suckling each of the pert nipples in turn, and felt the silken curtain of her hair brush his cheek when she hugged his face to her tits. Loving the salty-sweet taste of her skin, he ran his tongue up to the base of her throat to place kisses along her neck. Rhiannon ground her pussy against his crotch relentlessly, and the sensation drove him even closer to the edge of sanity. He knew he was already getting close to the point of no return and, if she was going to put an end to this, it had better be soon. He rested his forehead on her shoulder, his heavy breathing catching the clean scent of her shampoo.

“Tell me when to stop, Rhiannon.” he rasped.

“Never .”

Nick leaned back to look into her eyes, trying to gage the truth of her reply. Gone was the expression of sensual innocence that she usually wore, replaced by white-hot desire. She trailed her fingernails lightly across his stomach, and his manhood gave another painful throb behind its denim prison. He couldn’t remember his dick ever being harder than it was at that moment.

“I want you. Now.”

The last shard of Nick’s self control was shattered by her soft command, and with a predatory growl he pushed her skirt up and broke the thin waist strings of her panties.

Brazen with need, Rhiannon unfastened his pants and pushed them down his hips, reaching to wrap her fingers around his dick. Her eyes widened as she registered the hardness and girth found there. She wondered fleetingly if he would even fit inside her, but he gave her no time to worry about it. She felt the heavy length press briefly against her thigh, and then his finger tips parted the outer lips of her pussy and she could feel the thick tip of his cock pushing inside her.

Nick wrapped an arm around her and flexed his hips to give her half his length with slow steady pressure, then paused to allow her to adjust to his size. The slick heat of her gripped his cock like a velveteen vice, and fighting to control his urge to thrust hard almost killed him, but she was incredibly tight and he didn’t want to hurt her. Her head was thrown back, her skin flawless in the moonlight, and Nick couldn’t resist running his tongue up and down the smooth column of her throat. He loved the taste of her. Rhiannon pressed her fingernails into his back and wiggled her ass a bit closer to him, signaling that she wanted more. As he withdrew slightly, Nick could feel her pussy create a sensation on his cock that was not unlike being sucked, and an involuntary shudder of pleasure rocked him. With another powerful flex of his hips, he sheathed himself completely inside of her.

Rhiannon was powerless to stop her moans of pleasure as he filled her entirely, stretching her to the limits. She had never imagined that anything could ever feel this good. Nick withdrew from her with maddening slowness until the head of his dick threatened to leave her grasping pussy, and then entered her fully again with a single stroke that took her breath away. His tongue teased her earlobe as he repeated the tantalizing movements again and again, driving Rhiannon wild with desire. “Please…” she nearly sobbed as she writhed against him and clung to his back in an effort to speed up his pace.

Nick grinned against her cheek as he continued the slow sweet torture. “Please what?” He withdrew again and rotated his hips to let the tip of his engorged cock tease just inside the opening of her slick sheath, “Please stop?”

“No!” Rhiannon surged forward and sank her teeth into his shoulder, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. Her throbbing pussy felt swollen and tingly as the hot sensations within her continued to build.

“Oh fuck me, Nick!” She cried with helpless abandon. She felt his hands slide under her and grab her ass as he spread her farther apart to achieve a deeper penetration, and then he began to pump in and out of her with a powerful pounding rhythm, giving his entire length with every stroke. “Yes! Oh yes!” The fiery tension of Rhiannon’s oncoming orgasm began at her pubic mound and traveled up into her stomach, building in intensity with each thrust. It seemed to go on forever. Nick spread his hand over her abdomen and used the thumb to massage her clit, sending her crashing into an orgasm. Rhiannon bit her lip to keep from screaming as the intense hot tingling waves of pleasure radiated from her pussy to her abdomen and down her thighs. She shook uncontrollably, which only caused Nick’s cock to slam deeper into her, triggering a second orgasm before she had even finished with the first. Somewhere through the haze of reality that she was teetering on, she thought she heard him whisper “I love you, Rhiannon.”

Nick smiled with relief when he felt the hard contractions of her orgasms squeezing his dick. He had held back as long as he could to ensure Rhiannon’s pleasure, but his body trembled and the tightening in his balls told him that his own orgasm was just seconds away. A few quick strokes later, his cock gave a violent surge, wringing a strangled cry from him as he pumped load after load of cum deep inside of her. She jerked a bit with each pulse of his release, and he knew that she could feel it too. They collapsed back on the car hood still joined together, both of them too weak to do anything else.

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