On the ridge Ch. 03


I’m feeling a little jealous, a little threatened, maybe a little sad. You have had a different guy over every night this week, and last night there were two.

I was not invited in. We have had some really good times, real hot times.

Last night I was standing in your backyard watching through the windows. I guess that I am lucky that the neighbors did not see me, they would have called the police for sure. The two guys were sitting on your sofa. As far as I could tell they only had their shirts on. They were slumped down on the sofa and you were sitting on the edge of the coffee table, pulled up close to the sofa. They each had one leg between yours. You had your hands full of their hard cocks, two guys at one time, stroking them sometimes quickly sometimes slowly. The guy on your right is impressive his cock is freaking huge. Easily 9 or 10 inches and you cannot close your fingers all the way around it. Mr. Left, is more like me, 6 inches. Looks like you are also wearing just your shirt also, I can see your bare ass on the table.

Every once in a while your hand leaves one of the guys and drops between your thighs for a quick rub. There is a tube of lube on the table that you add to your fingers. Mr. Alanya Escort Right is bucking his hips up as you stroke him, Mr. Left looks like he has gone off to nirvana. Bending over more you take Mr. Left into your mouth as he is about to cum and that is all it takes for him as his cock pulses into your mouth, some spit and cum drips from your lips onto your thigh. Mr. Right reaches out to capture your breast in his hand and squeezes it roughly, Pushing his hand away you pull his cock more towards you and kiss the head, his hands are on your head pushing you down, I am amazed as you open your mouth so wide to accept more of the hard member, inch by inch more slip past your lips 2 inches, 3 inches and you back out, and back down on him again 3 inches then 4. Almost half of his dick is n your mouth. My pants and boxers have fallen to my ankles and I stand in your back yard stroking my 6 inch hard on.

Mr. Left comes back to his senses and is watching you.

You rock back and stand up, legs wide spread Mr. Left runs his hand up your leg to your pussy, there is moisture there and you hold his hand to your slit as you gyrate against it. Mr.’s Left and Right stand and you lead them off to your bedroom.

I Alanya Escort Bayan quickly kick off my pants from my feet and move over to the bedroom window and arrive just as you step into the room and pull your shirt over your head freeing your very large breast, the guys taking your lead doff their shirts also. You push Mr. Right onto your king-size bed and crawl between his legs. Flat on his back his dick is waving in the night air and you capture it in your hands, stroking it again and putting it to your mouth. On your knees your arms are resting on Right’s thighs, his hands are guiding your head. Mr. Left sees an opportunity and gets on the bed behind you. Pushing your legs, a little further apart and holding your ass cheeks open. I can see that your pussy is glistening, almost dripping, as to what is sure to follow. Your head is bobbing on Rights hard cock and Left has regained his erection and is lining up to slam into you. Which he does causing you to scream in surprise. The three of you start a rocking motion. Left goes into you, you swallow more of Right’s cock and Right pulls your head down further.

Lifting off of Right’s cock and pushing Left’s back, your move forward Escort Alanya and straddle Right’s abdomen reaching back you lift his heavy member to the wet opening of your pussy and push back against it as you open to take it in it has stretched you wide and you settle back and down against him.

I’m leaning against your window about to jerk my cock off as I furiously stroke it.

Mr. Left has the tube of lube and is putting a generous amount on his cock and dribbling it down the crack of your wide spread ass. He has two fingers in your ass, spreading it open. I realize that he is going to fuck your ass and you really do not seem to mind. Mr. Right is setting a good steady pace and Mr. Left now presses he dick into your ass and you are electrified.

I’m cumming splashing my cum against your window.

Right and Left are alternating one in and one out and you are thrashing on their poles. You are cumming also, again I think, Orgasms flowing across you, Right is about to erupt he is holding your hips and driving up into you. Left is holding on also and about to spill into your ass. A violent shake of your body and they both cum together. My goodness what a mess. There is cum dripping out of you, there is cum on your window and you look spent. Left pulls out of your ass and Right gives you a stroke or two more but he is done also.

I gather up my pants and boxers and walk back to my house, Maybe some day I’ll be Mr.Right. Of course being Mr. Left has it benefits also.

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