On The Rebound Ch. 02


Lex woke in the morning feeling blissfully happy, and as the memories of the previous evening flooded back to her she became very aware that she was alone in the huge bed.

She stretched and rolled onto her back, listening for sounds from the bathroom but all was quiet. She began to think that Kate had left and was astounded at how sad that thought made her, but soon her other senses kicked in and she could smell fresh coffee and bacon wafting up from downstairs.

The early morning was cool so she slipped on a short silky robe and padded down the stairs seeking the source of the breakfast smells.

The vision of loveliness that greeted her as she entered the kitchen stopped her in her tracks and she stood leaning on the door frame watching, as Kate, dressed only in a loose shirt and panties flitted about the kitchen looking for mugs and plates, gently humming to herself.

Lex admired the shape of her legs and followed them up to the swell of her arse, asking herself how she got so lucky and silently thanking Kate for being so beautiful.

Soon enough Kate turned around, caught sight of Lex and screamed — dropping the mug she had in her hands and watching in horror as it smashed into shards on the tiled kitchen floor.

‘Morning gorgeous! Do I look that rough — I don’t usually make people scream, even first thing in the morning!’

‘Oh Lex I’m so sorry, you made me jump — how long have you been standing there?’

‘Since I woke up alone and missed you.’

Lex slipped her feet into a pair of flip flops, walked across the tiles and gently lifted Kate onto the work surface so she didn’t cut her bare feet. Standing between her open knees she wrapped her arms around Kate’s waist and drew her in for a morning kiss.

As soon as she felt Lex’s tongue Kate moaned in appreciation, her hands flying under the short robe to cup Lex’s bare arse, kneading and caressing and pulling her closer, revelling in the feel of skin under her hands.

Lex caressed Kate’s bare thighs from her knees upwards until she was lightly brushing her slit, making her moan louder and break the sizzling kiss.

‘Much as I would love for you to do that all day, I didn’t start making breakfast at 6am this morning for it to burn! I don’t maintain this voluptuous figure by eating muesli you know, now help me down so I can finish breakfast, my gorgeous Amazonian biker babe!’

Lex reluctantly lifted her down from the work surface, admonishing her to stay away from the broken crockery while she swept it up, then planted herself down at the kitchen table to watch Kate finish breakfast.

Soon she was presented with a plate of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast and a cup of strong freshly brewed coffee.

‘Mmmm this is delicious, but I’m surprised you found all the ingredients, I haven’t been shopping for a few days — I met this gorgeous woman and she’s been keeping me distracted!’

‘I told you I brought a few things with me’ chuckled Kate ‘What can I say — I like breakfast and wanted to make sure.’

Lex started to clear the plates away but Kate stopped her, whisked them away and loaded them into the dishwasher. As she came back and bent over the table to collect the salt and pepper Lex’s patience broke and she couldn’t resist grabbing the firm cheeks that were displayed before her.

She bent over Kate’s back, kissing her neck and caressing her arse until Kate straightened up and turned, pulling Lex into her and claiming her mouth fiercely.

‘Oh god Lex, every time you touch me you set my skin on fire’ and she hopped up onto the oak table, pulling Lex back between her knees and untying the sash on her robe.

Lex in turn unbuttoned Kate’s shirt and slipped it off her shoulders, pulling her into a tight embrace to feel their flesh pressing together once more.

Kate lifted her hips as Lex pulled her panties over her arse and down her legs, shrugging the robe from her back in the process.

‘Lay back for me honey’ and as Kate reclined on the polished oak table, Lex leant over her, taking one of her nipples into her mouth, flicking it with her tongue as she sucked and nibbled. Her left hand reached for the other nipple — the dual action lighting Kate up like a candle, and when Lex’s free hand wandered down to her pussy and she inserted 2 fingers Kate was mewling and tangling her fingers into Lex’s soft fluffy hair as she rode her hand to oblivion.

Kate came fast and hard, but Lex wasn’t done with her yet. She scooted Kate closer to the edge of the table and knelt on the floor in front of her dripping pussy, her tongue finishing what her fingers had started.

Kate was gasping for breath and clutching at the table edge as the waves of pleasure pounded over her, until eventually Lex showed her mercy and reached out a hand to help her sit up.

Kate jumped down from the table and wrapped her arms around the taller woman’s waist, licking her nipples roughly as she pushed her gently backwards out of the kitchen and into the lounge.

Lex was in no state to object and istanbul escort when she felt the arm of the sofa behind her legs she allowed herself to be pushed backwards, leaving her laying on the sofa with her legs in the air.

The sight was heaven to Kate and she dived in without hesitation, fingering Lex with hard, fast strokes while sucking and licking her clit until Lex was screaming like a banshee.

Kate wasn’t about to let Lex off lightly either, and as she was starting to come down Kate took a soaked finger and caressed her arse, seeking entry into the tight hole.

There wasn’t too much resistance and as Kate’s finger worked it’s way in and out, her mouth matched pace and tempo as she speared Lex’s pussy with her tongue, reaching it in as far as it would go and curling it around.

Lex was going insane with pleasure, screaming Kate’s name and pounding her hips up and down in time to the rhythm of that glorious tongue and finger, until she came in a torrent of sweet juice that was lapped up greedily.

Kate raised her sticky face and crawled up the sofa to lay on top of Lex, where they kissed and cuddled their way back down to earth.

Finally the 2 women gave in to reality and showered (separately to avoid distractions), dressed (quickly to avoid wandering hands) and prepared to leave for work.

Lex walked Kate to her car, holding her hand and carrying her bag for her, wishing they didn’t have to go to work.

Lex bent her head to kiss Kate, tasting the mint toothpaste on her breath, and sighed deeply as she reluctantly pulled away.

Kate looked into Lex’s amazing blue eyes and felt them touch her soul, even as they started to shimmer with unshed tears.

‘What’s the matter Babe? Why are you crying?’

‘I know it’s silly, but I don’t want to let you go!’ and she buried her face into Kate’s neck, inhaling the scent of shower gel and perfume as she hugged her tightly.

‘I can’t breathe!’ laughed Kate ‘What are you worried about Babe? I’m not going anywhere other than to work, and neither are you. After work I want you straight back into my arms — I’m far from done with you! There are parts of your body I haven’t kissed properly yet and I’d quite like to tie those talented hands of yours to that amazing bed and keep you captive while I play with you for a while — if that’s ok?’ raising an eyebrow and smirking at the look of lust that had replaced the tears in Lex’s eyes ‘I’ll take that as a “yes” then shall I?’

Kate stood on tip toes and kissed the tip of Lex’s nose, her eyes, her cheeks and finally her mouth, which opened invitingly for her.

Eventually Kate disentangled herself and climbed into her car, rolling the windows down to let the warming air escape she leant out and looked at Lex standing there and felt her chest heave.

‘So, your place or mine tonight?’

‘Up to you Honey, I’m happy to come to yours.’

‘I’d be happy to have you come to my flat but I’d be happier to come here — your bed’s bigger!’ she said with a grin.

‘In that case you better hang on a minute’ and Lex took off across the drive at a sprint, returning a moment later with a key.

‘Maybe you should have this?’ she said, almost shyly.

Kate stared at her (yes, she really thought of Lex as hers now!) gorgeous woman and took the key reverently. She knew how much Lex’s house meant to her and was immensely proud that she had been presented with a key at this early stage in their relationship.

‘Thank you Babe, I’ll take good care of it’ and she kissed Lex’s hand, started the car and bumped her way down the track.

By 2.30 that afternoon Kate had had enough. She’d had a row with her boss over who to hire from the previous days interviews, she missed lunch because a meeting ran over and to cap it all the air conditioning broke down leaving her office feeling like a sauna.

The only thing that got her through the day was thinking about Lex and their time together, but she had to be careful as that certainly didn’t help to cool her down.

She packed her briefcase and headed out of the door, driving like a maniac to her flat where she opened all of the windows and threw herself under a cool shower.

As she walked around the flat towelling her hair she felt something was wrong but couldn’t put her finger on it.

She dressed in a pair of cool cotton shorts and a vest top, grabbed her holdall and a bottle of cold water from the fridge and headed for the front door.

Remembering she’d left the windows open she turned back into the flat and then it hit her — the vase that stood on the living room windowsill was missing.

She did a full tour of the flat, closing windows as she went and looking in cupboards and drawers for any other missing items. Everything that belonged to Debs had gone — fair enough, Kate had taken her things from Debs’ flat, but why had she taken the vase? It had little monetary value but held great sentimental value for Kate having been given to her by her Mum long before she’d even met Debs, so why şişli escort did she take it?

Kate looked in the bin in case it had been broken but there was no sign of it, so she locked up securely and left the flat, vowing she’d call a locksmith and get her locks changed.

She drove to the supermarket for supplies before taking a detour to Debs flat, where she rang the bell and waited patiently. When there was no answer, she cautiously let herself in with her key and walked into the lounge.

The few bits and pieces that belonged to Debs had been dumped on the sofa, but the vase was stood in the middle of the dining table.

She searched the flat but Debs was out, so she stood there wondering what to do.

Kate was shocked from her indecision when she heard the front door open and in walked Debs, who was equally shocked to see Kate standing in the room.

‘What are you doing here?’ she faltered, looking extremely guilty ‘why aren’t you at work?’

‘I came home early to find you’d been to my flat and taken something that wasn’t yours, so I came to retrieve it and give your key back. What the hell were you thinking taking my vase?’

Kate’s anger was beginning to swell to dangerous levels and she had to mentally keep herself in check. This was the first time she had seen or spoken to Debs since she’d seen her with another woman, confirming their relationship was over, and the gamut of emotions was threatening to derail her.

‘I…I’m sorry. I didn’t steal the vase, I mean I wasn’t going to keep it, I was going to give it back!’

‘How fucking dare you! You treat me like shit, you don’t even have the decency to tell me you want to end our relationship, you lie to me and then you steal from me! What fucking planet are you on Debs?’

‘I made a mistake. I thought if I took the vase it would make you come and meet with me to get it back, I had to see you again. Obviously I didn’t know you would come home early before I had a chance to finalise my plan. I was going to call you, honestly!’

‘Why? To apologise for putting me through hell? To apologise for cheating on me? Or to rub my nose in it?’

‘No Kate, no. I shouldn’t have treated you that way and yes, I wanted to apologise. When I saw you with Alex in the pub it made me realise what I was losing; I want you back Kate!’

‘You what? Why would I ever trust you again?’

Debs looked crestfallen and Kate couldn’t help but feel some sympathy for her despite everything, after all she had been a big part of her life for 6 months, she had been in love with this woman until a few days ago — was she still in love with her?

Confusion swept across her mind like a tornado; she needed to think about this very carefully and now wasn’t the time to do it.

‘I need to go now. I’m taking the vase with me and I’m taking my key as well.’

Kate walked towards Debs holding out her hand for her key, presenting Debs’ key back to her at the same time. Their hands touched briefly as they exchanged keys and Kate couldn’t deny the spark that passed between them. Their sex life had been very fulfilling until the last couple of weeks and Kate couldn’t deny that she still found Debs attractive — she just wasn’t sure she actually liked her as a person.

Kate didn’t trust herself to say anything more, so she pocketed the key, tucked the vase under one arm and headed out to her car.

The drive to Lex’s house seemed to take forever, and Kate found it difficult to drive on the country lanes; her head so full of conflicting thoughts it made concentration difficult.

Finally she turned into the lane and parked her car behind the barn.

She had picked up enough food for 3 different meals, not knowing which Lex would prefer and just as she was stowing the food in the fridge she heard the front door open.

‘Hey Babe, saw your car — where are you?’

‘I’m in the kitchen Lex, you’re home early I wanted to surprise you!’

As Lex walked into the kitchen Kate instantly saw the concern on her face and rushed to take her into her arms.

‘Honey what’s the matter? Are you upset that I’m here?’

‘No, I’m glad you’re here, very glad.’ and she hugged Kate so tightly it was almost painful. ‘Oh Kate I thought I’d lost you already!’

‘Why on earth would you think that?’ cried Kate, alarmed ‘What have I done to make you think anything of the sort?’

‘I got a call on my mobile this morning from your home phone. I couldn’t answer it because I was taking a lesson, so I checked the message as soon as I could but it wasn’t your voice I heard, it was Debbie’s. She told me not too expect too much from you, that you’d had your fun to make her jealous, that it had worked and you were back together. I didn’t know what to do, so I quit work early and came home to call you from somewhere I feel secure.’

Kate pulled away from Lex and looked into a face full of misery. She had been stunned into silence but now she felt the anger rising again so she took Lex’s face in her hands and kissed her hard, with everything mecidiyeköy escort she had, trusting actions to say what she didn’t trust herself to say in words.

When they parted Lex fixed her with those piecing blue eyes ‘What’s going on Babe?’

Kate grabbed a couple of bottles of ice cold beer from the fridge and took Lex’s hand ‘come and sit down, I need to tell you something’ then, seeing the look of panic on her lovers face she continued ‘Lex stop it! I’m not going anywhere but Deb’s is playing us both; I’ve also had a run-in with her today and I want to tell you all about it, so come and sit down with me.’

And so they sat and Kate explained her day; of how she’d left work early, discovered the missing vase, where she’d found it and of Debs trying to win her back.

‘Lex I can’t deny that I still find her physically attractive but the woman’s a controlling bitch! I don’t think she really wants me back, I just don’t think she wants us to have each other — us finding happiness together wasn’t part of her plan, so she’s determined to split us up. She expected me to be chasing after her, but instead you found me and saved me. You’ve been nothing but wonderful to me Alexandra Turner, why would I ruin what we’ve found for someone like Debs?’

Lex hugged Kate to her and kissed her forehead tenderly ‘I’m sorry Kate, it wasn’t that I didn’t trust you, it’s just that she sounded so convincing!’

‘Yeah, well, we’ve both been on the end of her convincing lies before haven’t we. Let’s just put that conniving bitch out of our minds and forget she even exists, Deal?’

They sealed their pact with a kiss that was loaded with intent, and their hands were starting to wander when Kate’s mobile beeped.

She ignored it as she ran her tongue around Lex’s ear lobe, nibbling slightly and making her giggle — beep beep.

‘Oh you’ve got to be kidding me!’ she huffed ‘that one’s my work phone, sorry Babe I need to get that.’

Kate reached down into her handbag and dug around for her phone, scowling as she read the display. ‘Well talk of the devil’ she fumed ‘I have a text from Debs — what do you reckon, read it or delete it?’

‘You might as well read it; go on, what does it say?’

“You know you’re mine. We’re not done yet, we have unfinished business. Meet me at our favourite restaurant at 8pm, I’m buying”

‘Of all the fucking nerve!’ and with that Kate turned both her personal and work phones off, kicked off her sandals and sat astride Lex’s knees.

‘Now, put all thoughts of Debs out of your mind and let me show you just how much you mean to me’ and she lifted her vest top over her head; her nipples just in front of Lex’s mouth.

Well what’s a girl to do?

They had had sex before; driven by an overpowering passion that made control all but impossible but now they were to make love.

It was unhurried and sensuous and as Lex took the invited nipple into her mouth she felt her heart stir as much as her loins.

She ran her fingers lightly up and down Kate’s spine as she gently sucked and licked her nipples until they were hard and erect ‘Want to take this upstairs?’

Kate slipped from her lap and took Lex’s hand, allowing herself to be led upstairs to the waiting mammoth bed, where they both stripped naked.

‘God’ I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of looking at your body’ cooed Kate as she took in Lex’s tall, firm frame, stooping to run her hands from her ankles, up her legs and her sides, kissing all that she touched, on up to her neck, pulling the taller girls head down for a lingering kiss, their tongues swirling sensuously against each other.

They lay down on the bed, side by side, kissing like love struck teenagers, moaning into each other’s mouth as their gentle caresses heightened their arousal.

Nipples were teased and tweaked until as if my mutual consent their hands sought the other’s core where they fondled each other gently, slipping fingers through slick folds of puffy skin and rubbing clits, smearing sweet juice wherever they touched.

Kate made to slip down the bed but Lex stopped her ‘stay up here with me, I want to come with you and I want to watch your face.’

So they lay side by side facing each other, staring into each others eyes, their legs entwined as they pumped their fingers in and out of dripping pussies, thumbs rubbing clits, until they reached a mutual and very noisy climax.

Kate chuckled as they lay there panting ‘It’s a good job I came here — if we’d been in my flat I think the neighbours would have called the police!’

‘Hmmm you’re not exactly reserved either!’ laughed Lex as she kissed her new love tenderly.

‘I think I can make you scream louder than that though and I’d really like to taste that delicious pussy again’ purred Kate.

‘Deal, but 2 can play that game’ so Kate stayed on her back as Lex climbed on top and lowered her sopping pussy down to her waiting mouth.

Soon the room was again full of noise as they slurped and panted their way to ecstasy and when Kate took Lex’s clit into her mouth and grazed her teeth against it while 2 fingers worked her G spot she was proven right as Lex cried her name over and over again as her legs tensed and flexed in the throes of another incredible climax.

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