On The Phone


I love to shower with her. If we’re keeping different hours, we’ll still get up to shower together, even if it means one of us going right back to bed afterwards. It’s not that we fool around in the shower (at least, not always 🙂 It’s just that a chance to hold your lover as warm water envelops you both is not to be missed. Some mornings it’s the only good reason to get out of bed.

This morning she left the bathroom before me, leaving me the mirror and some elbow room for shaving. As I was rinsing my face, I thought I heard the phone ring. My curiosity aroused, I returned to the bedroom.

At first I forgot the phone entirely. I’ve obviously seen her naked, and in every state of dress and undress, but somehow…

She wore only a towel wrapped in her hair like a turban. One arm was raised over her head, twirling a corner of the towel in her fingers. Her raised arm lifted one breast slightly. My eyes ran down the long smooth unbroken line of skin: The back of her arm, the curve of her breast, the side of her belly, hip, thigh, and calf…

Yes, I’d seen her naked before, but she still took my breath away.

I don’t know how long I stared before the words “Hi Dad” brought me back to reality. Of course. Only her parents would call this early on a Saturday morning. Well, afternoon really. Still, I couldn’t help but smile at the humor of it. My lover, naked before me, talking to her parents about classes, siblings, and how the teams were doing back home.

She neither saw nor heard me approach, so lost was she in the story she was telling. I slipped an arm around her neck and she reached up to hold it lightly, lovingly. I kissed her ear, her neck, a small droplet of water on Sincan Escort her still damp shoulder. She showed no sign that she noticed.

I traced the tip of one finger down her breast to the nipple, freeing a drop of water that clung there. No reaction. I cupped her breast and squeezed gently. Nothing. One more gentle caress around her nipple, another, then my fingers trailed slowly down her belly, circling her navel. Still nothing. She chatted with her parents as if they were all around the kitchen table. My fingers continued lower, tangling in her pubic hair, lower to….

That got a reaction. She slapped my wrist like a youngster reaching for a cookie. I let go of her and pulled away, our drying skin sticking together briefly. Again she was so involved in her conversation she didn’t notice my departure any more than my arrival. A wry grin spread on my lips. As you know, this means war 🙂

I walked around to face her. God she was beautiful. For a moment, all the evil thoughts left my mind, pushed out by the curve of her shoulder, her perfect breasts, the slight swell of her pubic mound, her laugh. Oh god, her laugh… At last I was reminded of the phone, her parents, and my childish need to distract her.

Her eyes fixed on some speck on the carpet as she smiled and nodded at some tale from home. I lowered to my knees and moved a hand to the soft skin behind either knee with a tickling caress. Her lack of awareness didn’t surprise me this time; I counted on it.

In one swift motion, I pulled her legs from under her, causing her to fall abruptly onto the bed behind her with a surprised gasp.

“What? Oh, sorry, I tripped on the carpet.” A warning flick to the top of my head Ankara Olgun Escort as she sat up, then a laugh. “No, those dance lessons were NOT wasted.”

Looking up at her, I leaned in to kiss one knee, then the other. She had launched into a story about one of her professors. I kissed just inside her knee, then a bit higher. Then higher still. I dragged first my lips, then the tip of my tongue along her thigh, towards her center. Her hand moved to my head as if to push me away.

She didn’t seem to be trying very hard.

I persisted, finally reaching my destination and placing a light kiss on her sex. Her discouragement soon forgotten, she began to run her fingers absently through my hair. A small victory, but not the one I hoped to achieve.

Nestled between her legs, I covered her with kisses, her belly, her thighs, the sweet lips between. All the while I listened to her breathing, her speech, waiting for just the right moment.

Now! In the middle of a sentence, just before her next breath, I pressed my tongue to her lips and firmly licked their length, a strong, quick motion that dragged the flat of my tongue along her clit. She inhaled sharply, nearly a gasp.

“Sorry dad, just got a chill.” She looked down at me, eyes narrowed. Then pointedly: “Yeah, maybe I should put on a sweater or something.” She now knew what I was up to. Still, she didn’t stop me. Perhaps romance isn’t dead after all…

No more preliminaries. I licked at her with a steady relentless rhythm where I knew it would do the most good. I wanted to make her come. Quickly. And hard.

She straightened her back some, as if to concentrate all the harder on the conversation. Ankara Ucuz Escort But she also spread her legs further. A message that she could take whatever I could give? Perhaps. But we were both clearly enjoying the game now afoot.

I would usually tease her a bit, savor her flavor, the feel of her slick hot skin against mine There was none of that now. I focused entirely on keeping the right pressure and pace, fighting to break her concentration. To make her lose control.

She was good, I had to give her that. The muscles of her thighs twitched, her ankles pressed into my back, but her voice didn’t waver. Her breathing was deep but steady. She laughed and joked with her parents while I knelt before her, making love to her with my tongue.

I was enjoying myself far too much to admit defeat. A bit more pressure, perhaps a touch slower. I cocked my head to the side a bit to vary the angle. There.

Her legs tensed. Suddenly she was talking less, listening more. She lay back on the bed, raising her hips slightly. “Uh huh. Uh huh. Mmmmm.” I had her. Any second now. “Uh huh. Who? No, I…”

Her legs clenched against me. In a voice high and thin: “Hold on a sec.” The phone slammed to the mattress. Her back arched. Her mouth opened in a soundless scream. She tensed a few more times, then slowly relaxed.

She took a deep breath, then another before remembering the phone. “Okay, I’m back.” Her voice sounded drained, a bit out of breath. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just low blood sugar I guess. Yeah, I’ll go get something to eat. I love you. I love you too mom.”

Still on her back, her arm reached blindly to hang up the phone and kept missing. Finally she gave up.

“So,” I asked, the triumphant grin clear in my voice, “How’s everything at home?”

For a long moment I wondered if she’d heard. Then she sat up, pushing the phone at me. “Okay, smart ass. You think you’re such hot stuff? I bet your folks would love to hear from you.”

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