On the Beach Ch. 03


Got to admit I was pissed. Some of it was at myself for not paying attention, letting my dick distract me.

What began as a showoff in a bar turned into an neat sex session with the brunette, Crissy. It ended with the hubby snagging $800.00 out of my wallet.

Then I was pissed at myself for not even realizing it until the next morning.

But that Car. Pretty blue Impala, brand new. I was willing to bet it was about the only one on the whole damn island of Hawaii.

I started by searching the airport parking lot, it wasn’t there. Then I hit all the rental agencies, none of them rented anything like that.

After scouring Kailua-kona with no luck, and asking questions at the gas stations, I then went and drove up and down all of the streets. That didn’t take long, so I head off towards South point.

There were a few side streets, I checked them all, drove all over Captain Cook Village. There was a little store just before South Point, and a fuel stop. I asked the attendant about the car, he knew instantly!

He told me they stopped for gas once in awhile, and drove on down the coast. I was starting to smell tracks, I was actually happy when I hit the road again.

Except for my sore foot, it was starting to swell. Whatever I had stepped on while swimming was messing me up, it felt hot.

I stopped in South Point to mersin escort get something to eat, a local guy came in wearing a Napa hat. I thought that looked funny, but we got to chatting.

I happened to mention my foot, he laughed and started energetically trying to get me to go outside. Seems he wanted to piss on my foot!

I was in the process of calling him a crazy fucker when the bartender told me he was right, I had stepped on a Sea Urchin and they were toxic.

They actually talked me into it, it seems there is something in urine that kills the poison. I felt about half stupid standing out in the parking lot pissing on my sore foot, but I did it.

I swear, it worked in minutes.

I went back in, finished my sandwich, asked around about the Impala with no luck, and hit the road. I drove down through Black Sands, then on to Hilo. I was just rounding a corner when the Impala went by going the other way!

I turned around and followed at a distance, they didn’t notice me, no reason to.

Just before the little store I had stopped at earlier, they turned and went up the hill into a series of what looked like future development lots. If you try to go to that area today, let’s just say it is a bit warm.

About a mile up the hill, they pulled into what was a little cabin and muğla escort stopped.

I pulled in right behind, Harry was just climbing out of the car, looked up at me with shock on his face just as I grabbed him.

I picked him up, bounced him off the car a couple of times. There was no fight in him.

“Give me my money!”

“OK, OK!” He reached for his wallet, handed over some cash. I counted it, $60.00 was missing.

I looked at him, he said, “I spent some.”

I was going to pop him but thought better of it, the last time I hit some guy I got a 10 year Vacation in the Washington State Pen.

I started to leave, then I got an idea.

I looked at Crissy.




Her shoulders sagged, she reached up and untied a knot at her shoulder. The wrap fell away, she was nude.

“Hop in.” I pointed at the Toyota.

She looked at me, saw the expression on my face. She walked over and got in.

I pulled the keys out of the Impala. Looking up, it was obvious there were no phone or power lines yet. I popped the hood, jerked the coil wire, just in case, I jerked all the plug wires loose.

“I will bring her back later, be here.”

Harry nodded.

I started the Toyota, drove off down the road. I drove south at the highway to a turnoff muş escort to the cliffs at South point. A one lane paved road led across some fields to the cliffs there.

I pulled in and parked, Crissy hadn’t said a word.

“Sixty bucks worth.”

She looked at me oddly.

I unsnapped my shorts, she got the idea, leaned over and took me in her mouth. She was working me as hard as she could, it hit me she was starting to enjoy it.

Hell, fine with me. I opened both doors, turned her on her back, head sticking out one door and feet the other, I climbed on and started fucking her. I wasn’t being careful, I was just fucking.

She started squealing like a stuck pig, hell, she liked it this way. In short order we were bucking away so hard the springs on the ratty little Toyota were starting to squeak.

That had to be one hell of a sight if anybody had come by, but I didn’t see anyone. Finally I got done, sat up.

I started the car, headed back. Crissy actually moved over and curled up by my side, letting her fingers tease me.

Damned if she wasn’t getting my cock hard again.

We pulled into the yard behind the Impala. She wasn’t in any hurry to get out.

“Why not?” I thought.

I pulled her out, pushed her up against the hood of the Toyota and shoved myself in her again. That one took a long time.

Finally I let her go. I dropped the keys and the wiring on the hood of the blue Impala, climbed in the Toyota.

I rolled down the window and looked at her. Harry was standing in the doorway, still looking a little frightened.

“I owe you thirty bucks!”

I laughed and drove off down the hill.

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