Oli Meets Rebecca – Book 1 Part 3


Part Three:  The bonding is completed.I was about to stand up when Rebecca moved forwards and pushed me back down onto the recliner.  “Lay the chair back,” she commanded.  I did so.  Rebecca undid the laces of my new sneakers and removed the shoes one by one.  Similarly with the socks.  “Undo your jeans,” another command issued.‘All that’s missing here is a whip and a leather metal studded collar,’ I thought to myself.  But I continued to do as I was told. “Good boy.  Mommy approves,” she purred seductively.  “Keep being a good boy and you will get rewards.” As Rebecca was saying this, she was also slowly rubbing her hands up her thighs, over her pussy and up towards her generous breasts.  Even though the buttons on my Levi’s were undone, the strain created by my rapidly swelling cock was undeniable.  It was rather uncomfortable, to say the least. “But if you’re a naughty boy, you will be punished,” she exclaimed, mock sternness in her voice.“Yes, Mommy.  I’ll be a good boy,” I  promised, playing along with the scene.  In a perverse sense, I wondered if this kinky Mommy and Son routine may be driven by Simone’s antics.‘No.  Don’t overthink it Oli,’ I thought to myself.  Rebecca reached out and started to remove my jeans.  I moved to help her by lifting my ass off the recliner. “Oh, good boy,” Rebecca cooed.  “Mommy likes a good little helper.  Good helpers get rewards.”My erection had now burst through the opening at the front of my boxers and was standing proud.  “Here is your reward.” Rebecca leaned forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked it gently.  At the same time, she placed one hand on the base of my manhood and started to move it up and down, slowly.  The sensations running through me were electric.  I groaned in pleasure.  Rebecca lifted her head and ceased her stroking. “Did you speak out of turn?” she asked me, sternly.  “That won’t do.  Punishment for you.”Whether she meant the phrase to rhyme or not I don’t know.  She didn’t miss a beat however and tucked my raging hard-on back into my boxers, making it strain against the remarkably uncomfortable fabric.  Possibly because one of her hands was also pushing against my ball sack, quite hard. “What do you say to Mommy?”  She demanded of me. Immediately, I replied, “I’m sorry Mommy, I won’t do it again.” She released the pressure on my balls and returned to her ministrations on my cock.‘I’m quite liking this,’  I thought to myself.  Suddenly realising that perhaps I wasn’t as vanilla as my previous girlfriend had thought.Once more Rebecca had the head of my cock in her mouth, licking the tip sensually.  A hand was stroking the shaft and I was again in paradise.  I reached up to cup one of her breasts through the fabric of the basque, but she must have felt me move under her and batted my hand away, blindly.  I was impressed by her spatial awareness.  The blow job continued for about five minutes until I was ready to explode again.  Once again, Rebecca used edging to heighten the sensation. Yesterday, it was twice before allowing me release.  Presently, the count was at four, and I had serious doubts about managing to make it to five.  I felt the familiar twitch in my balls as my climax began to build.  I think Rebecca sensed that I wasn’t going to be able to stop myself this time and moved her hand so she could take the full length of my engorged cock deep into her throat. The tension was building.  Indescribable sensations of pleasure were shooting through my body when I felt a kind of cold, shivering sensation start in my toes and roll up my body like a wave breaking on a sandy shore.  The orgasm was massive.  My hips bucked wildly Dikmen Escort as the tension was released along with my thick cum.  Presently the tingling subsided, and my senses returned.  It was then that I realised that Rebecca still had my dick in her mouth, and she was still sucking.  She looked up at me, innocently.  She smiled, then dabbed at the corner of her mouth with her little pinkie finger. “Yummy,” was all she said.As I lay there, slightly bewildered and coming down from my natural high, Rebecca repositioned herself to be perched on the edge of the other recliner.   As she sat, she spread her legs slightly and gently started to rub at her pussy. “Do you like to watch me play with myself?” She inquired.  As soon as I saw what she was doing, I felt stirrings in my cock once again.  Despite its recent workout, I felt it begin to twitch. “I adore playing with myself.  Gently teasing my little clit and making it swell.” She rolled her head back and moaned a little. “Feeling the lace of my panties on my skin makes me so wet.” It was as if she was talking to herself, not me.I was mesmerised by the vision in front of me.  Never in my wildest dreams had the thought entered my mind that I would get with someone as… I struggled to find another adjective, but there was only one that suited my current train of thought.  With someone as perfect as Rebecca. As I watched, I could see that Rebecca was starting to rub a little harder and with more urgency to the movements.  Another groan of pleasure came from her, and she locked eyes with me. “Should I take these off?”  She asked coyly. I just nodded my affirmation that I thought this was a good idea.  She hooked the thumb of her free hand under the lace of the panties and pulled them towards her knees, wriggling on the seat a little, then with one deft movement, stood and let the panties fall to the floor, kicking them to one side when they landed. Rebecca sat once more and opened her legs wide.  Showing me her sex in all its glory.  Returning her hand to her pussy, she parted her lips and allowed her fingers to become slick from her wetness, then gently slid her three middle fingers into her sex three or four times, before withdrawing them. “I love to taste my pussy; it makes me so fucking horny.”  With her now very lubricated fingers, she raised them to her mouth and seductively sucked, delighting in the flavour of her pussy juices.  It was plain to see that she was exceedingly horny, given her current state of undress.My cock was now rock hard again.  I stood up, removed my shirt, and walked the two steps to reach Rebecca.  I reached up to her voluminous cleavage, which was threatening to succumb to gravity and spill over the top of her bustier.  The lace trimming the top of the piece was putting up a valiant fight against a much superior force I thought.  I decreed that I would have to help remedy this situation.  Slowly, I reached out for the uppermost fastener of the top, only to find that it was fastened from the rear.‘How the hell did she put this on?’ I wondered, while I gently motioned for her to spin around to allow me access to the device that was holding her generous bust prisoner in a Bastille of cotton and lace.  Gracefully, she pivoted on one foot to face away from me, and I moved her long hair to one side, allowing access to my target.  Quite by accident, I was a little too close and as I reached for the fasteners, the tip of my cock pressed against Rebecca’s ass. “Oooh, hello,” she giggled, playfully.  I pulled back slightly and focussed on the fasteners.  One by one the little metal prison guards yielded to my hands and before Dikmen Escort Bayan long, Rebecca’s generous breasts were now free.  I turned her around once more, to face me.  I cupped her tits with both hands, rubbing in a circular pattern.  Rebecca placed her hands on mine and groaned loudly, pushing them even harder into the flesh.  Subliminally telling me that she liked rough play with her tits. “Do you like my tits, baby?”  She whispered to me. “Very much,”  I replied as I crouched slightly to take one of her exceedingly erect nipples into my mouth.  I suckled on the tit, teasing the nipple with my tongue and she let out a low long ‘oooh,’ sound.  Her long, luscious hair was tickling my forehead, which was not an entirely unpleasant sensation.  Presently, I came up for air and met Rebecca’s eyes. “Do you want me, Oli?  I’m so horny for you right now I could explode, baby.”  The question surprised me a little. ‘Who in their right mind wouldn’t?’ I thought.  I simply nodded and helped her lay down on the recliner.  I suddenly realised.  I had no protection with me. “I want to, so very much,” I said, apologetically, “but I don’t have any protection with me,” I admitted.  Rebecca regarded me with loving eyes. “It’s OK baby, you won’t need anything.  I take birth control to help with heavy periods, so win, win I guess.” Again, I was surprised at how open and honest she was being with me. ‘Then again, I suppose being this intimate with someone, inhibitions become a little redundant,’ I thought.  I had to bring up the elephant in the room. “It’s not just babies I’m concerned about,” I admitted to her.  Still regarding me with such affection she smiled slightly and said words that I would never have expected, given how… experienced and comfortable she seemed with her sexuality.“It’s OK baby, you don’t need to worry about STIs either.  You see, I’m a virgin, at least in the biblical sense.” Three little words and it was like a bomb had gone off in my head.  I could see sparks and my ears were ringing. “I see,” I said, tenderly. “Then I shall be exceedingly gentle.” This new information changed the entire dynamic of the situation.  I had been steeling myself for a bucking bronco-style fuck session where I would have to hang on for dear life given how forward and confident Rebecca seemed. Now I was the one with the experience and would be guiding this divine creature through her first experience of a proper fuck.  Immediately I chided myself.  I wasn’t going to be that guy.  I wasn’t going to treat Rebecca as another notch on my bedpost. I was developing some intense emotions for this woman, and I wasn’t about to make her first time unnecessarily wild or unpleasant.  If she directed that should be the case throughout our time here, I would be happy to oblige, but it would be Rebecca that would set the pace which I would happily follow.  I wasn’t going to fuck this woman!  I was going to make love to her.—I joined Rebecca on the recliner, my naked body lying next to her.  It was a squeeze, but that made it all the cosier and more sensual.  The stark contrast of warm flesh against cold leather was exhilarating.  I reached out a hand to stroke her cheek, seeing how flushed she’d become.  Her cheeks and the tops of her tits were almost glowing with a red rash. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply, our tongues once again became entwined as she wrapped her arms around my body, holding me close to her.  I pulled back slightly and with a free hand, I gently cupped and massaged each of her glorious tits.  Playing with each nipple with my thumb and index finger, tweaking and twisting, with an occasional Escort Dikmen flick for good measure. Each time, little squeaks and groans of pleasure came from her sensuous mouth.  I realised that there wasn’t enough room to move where we were, and stood, scooping up Rebecca in my arms.  I gently laid her down on the rug and lay between her legs.  We kissed again, our tongues performing the most sensual ballet.  I moved my kisses down her chest, tracing the outlines of her nipples with my tongue and then blowing gently where the skin was moist from my saliva. Instantly, Rebecca shuddered with delight, her nipples becoming even more erect.  I moved lower still, tracking my tongue down to her navel and gently circling its pretty little circumference.  How had I not noticed the piercing that was there the other night?   I looked up at her and asked… “Are you sure you’re ready?”  I didn’t want there to be any chance of regrets should things go south in the future. “Oh, fuck yes,” was the reply. ‘OK,’ I thought and moved to part Rebecca’s legs.  For her part, she was already one step ahead of me and had opened her legs and brought her heels to her ass cheeks.  I took my shaft in my hand and gave it a couple of strokes, then gently eased it forward so that the head was just touching her pussy.  Rebecca moaned at the sensation of me rubbing my throbbing cock on her soaking wet pussy, especially when my knob ran over her clit. When I was satisfied that there was sufficient lubrication, I pushed the head in a little further this time, carefully watching her face for any signs of discomfort.  Rebecca’s eyes went wide.  She gasped, then held her breath.  I started to pull out, but she stopped me. “It’s just a lot thicker than I thought it would be.  Don’t stop baby,” she breathed huskily.  Gently I pushed in further and further, just a little at a time to make certain Rebecca was comfortable to continue all the time.  Eventually, I was balls-deep in her sex and no adverse signs were coming from her face. “Oh, my God, this feels fucking sensational,” she exclaimed.  I was happy that she was happy, I began a slow rhythmic pumping in time with the beat of the music that was still playing.  My hands wandered all over her milky white skin, caressing every inch I could reach with delicate fingertips barely touching her. We kissed passionately for what seemed an eternity until I felt an urgency in her kiss and a fervent grabbing at my back indicating that she was close to cumming.  I kept the rhythm going, I feared that altering it in any way would bust the groove we were in and blow her orgasm.  Moans started to come thick and fast, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my back, holding me deep within her and halting my movement. I suddenly felt an immense clamping on my cock as her pussy muscles contracted, pulsing with the waves of her climax.  Her fingernails nails dug into my back, and I could hear a muffled grunting with each spasm of her body.  “Holy fuck,” Rebecca managed to say, barely able to speak above a whisper in the aftermath of her first orgasm by actual intercourse.  Myself, I had never been bareback before, and the sensation, which was an entirely different feeling from wearing a rubber, was electrifying.  I wanted more.  I never wanted this feeling to go away.  The feeling of being this close to another human being, so intimate and sharing the most precious of things a person can share was intoxicating and I wanted it all the time. There was no break this time.  No, ‘your turn’ swapping.  I simply continued making love to this beautiful woman and before long, between her kisses, her nails running down my back and her pussy clinging on to my cock like it was a life preserver signalled the arrival of yet another orgasm.  I was about to cum for the second time, myself.  I was about to pull out before cumming, when Rebecca locked eyes with me and breathed heavily.

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