Oler Men Turn Me On


Why do I have these feelings of wanting to be used? Being nothing more than a piece of fuck meat gets me going every time. Especially being used by older men, and women. Now at 41, that meant finding men and women over the age of 55 or so, to use my body, and make me theirs to own. I have tried to suppress these feelings for years, since I was a single mom raising a son on my own. I always put him first, and pushed my own needs to the back. Now he’s away in college, and I find myself wanting to fulfill the fantasies I have had for years. The only problem is that I am very shy. I can talk on line with men about anything, but to meet them in person was a different story. It’s not that I didn’t want to meet some of them, I really did. I just couldn’t get up the nerve to do so.

This was really beginning to frustrate me sexually, and mentally. Here were different men looking for a whore to own, and I chickened out every time. I know I wanted it, but just couldn’t bring myself to the go to an actual meeting. I resorted to masturbating every night to the thought of being used. That actually worked for a while, until I started speaking to an older gentleman on line. His name was Stanley, and he was 67, short, overweight, and bald. He was the kind of man I fantasize about owning me. I didn’t have to get up the courage to meet him though, since he was across the country in California. Me being in New York City, and knowing we could never meet, made me feel more comfortable talking with him. We would talk for hours about our sexual needs, and desires. He was nasty and perverted, and I really enjoyed our conversations.

We talked about a lot of different sexual scenarios. He was big into role play, as was I, and that was a big topic of our conversations. We had agreed that one of our favorites was the Daddy/Daughter role play. We also discussed me being with multiple men and women. I told him a big fantasy of mine was to be shared. Having hands all over my body, pinching my nipples, fingering my ass and pussy. We would chat about these things for hours, until I was playing with my pussy while he watched me on my cam. I had never thought about doing anything like that on my cam, so when he asked me if I had one I didn’t think anything of giving him a quick yes. This went on for about a month. Me taking his orders and fulfilling them on my cam for Stanley to watch. He would have me fuck myself with various items for his enjoyment. First it started out with me just fucking my pussy with a vibrator. Then it went on to him ordering me to fuck myself with a cucumber, or hairbrush handle. He knew how much I liked to be degraded, and humiliated and fed off that, making me climax every time.

After he obviously got bored with the chatting, he typed out a phone number and demanded I call him. At first I got nervous, but then realized it was just a phone call. I picked up the phone, my hands shaking as I dialed the number I read off the screen. I almost hung up when I heard an obviously older man answer the phone.

“Hello cunt,” I heard the voice say.

“Hello Stanley.”

“You do not ever call me Stanley,” he said with an obvious anger in his voice.

“You will address me as Daddy, and only Daddy.” “Do you understand cunt?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good, now turn on your cam for me.”

I did as I was told, and he was now watching me talk to him on the phone. I was so nervous, I was shaking, but my pussy was getting very wet. I could feel my nipples hardening under my nightgown, and was ready to do anything this man told me to do. I was ready to do anything this total stranger said. Thinking about it made me realize that I must really be a true whore. Only a true whore would take orders from a total stranger, from across the country.

“Take off nightgown for Daddy.”

“Yes Daddy.”

I knew Kartal Escort he was watching me as I pulled the nightgown over my head, revealing my 38D breasts to him, like they were a prized possession. My nipples were obviously rock hard, and he ordered me to play with them. As soon as my hand touched them a moan escaped my lips.

“Do you like being Daddy’s dirty whore?”

“Oh yes Daddy!”

“Now put the phone on speaker, and use your other hand to rub your cunt for me.”

Of course I did as I was told, feeling my dripping wet pussy. I hoped he couldn’t see on cam how wet I was. But then again, he knew how much I liked this treatment, so he could have guessed it anyway.

“Touch yourself like no one is watching you slut.”

“Yes Daddy.”

My hands were all over my body. Squeezing my breasts, and playing with my pussy, until my clit was swollen and protruding through my pussy lips. I was so hot right now I would have fucked anyone. I would have done anything for a rock hard cock ramming my pussy, making my juices overflow. He must have sensed this because he began calling me nasty degrading names, while I did what I was told.

“C’mon you fat cunt, rub that pussy harder!” “I want to hear you bitch!”

I began rubbing my pussy so hard, I was ready to cum. Unfortunately though, he had other plans for me.

“You like this you dirty cunt?”

“Yes Daddy, I love it!”

“Look at your nasty pussy needing a good fucking.” “Do you want to get fucked whore?”

“Oh yes Daddy.”

“Would you like to have my old cock pounding your dirty fuck hole bitch?”

“Yes Daddy, please fuck me!” “I need it so bad Daddy!”

“I bet you would like to have my friends fuck your whore holes too, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, yes Daddy!”

“Having a bunch of old cocks to suck, and fuck would really turn you on wouldn’t it slut?”

“Oh Daddy, yes, please use my whore body anyway you want!” “I will suck and fuck anyone you want!”

“Are you sure about that, you nasty cunt?” “Does the thought of being just a fuck toy for me and my friends turn you on?”

“Oh fuck Daddy, yes it does.” “I serve one purpose and that’s to get used like a whore Daddy.”

“Oh you’re such a good fat cunt for Daddy.”

I can’t begin to explain how horny I was. I needed to get fucked, and fucked hard. I needed to be degraded, spanked, and all my holes used. I wanted to be just a place for cocks to suck and fuck, and I wanted to hear him and his friends call me names while they used me.

“Make yourself cum for Daddy.”

“Yes Daddy.” As I rubbed and moaned Daddy continued to talk dirty to me on the phone. I was cumming in seconds. He watched me as I rubbed my cunt to orgasm for him, and for me too. I was ready to explode by the time he gave me permission to cum. As I came down from my climaxing high, Daddy began to give me orders for the next day.

“You will sign on tomorrow night at 9:00 P.M., completely naked and be ready to do as you are told, no matter what it is.” “Is that understood?”

“Yes Daddy,” was all I had a chance to say, and the line went dead. He had used me and then discarded me, and it turned me on immensely. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow night to do it all over again.

My day at worked was filled with daydreaming about what was to come that night. My pussy stayed wet all day, knowing that it belonged to some old guy in California. Knowing that I was nothing more than a piece of shit to him, a cunt for use, and his use would continue later on that evening, made me dripping wet. I can’t wait to see what would happen tonight. Little did I know at the time, he had big plans for his whore.

Finally finished with work, I practically ran home to get ready for Daddy. I of course took a shower, and shaved so Kartal Escort Bayan my pussy would be smooth for him to see. He hated hair on my pussy almost as much as I. Daddy said he liked that my pussy looked like a young girls. It made it more exciting for him.

At about 8:30 P.M. I signed on my computer, and just sat waiting for him. I could feel the tingle in my pussy as I watched my friends list, waiting for him to pop up. To my dismay, 9:00 P.M. came and went. It was going on 9:30 P.M., and I was getting impatient. At about 9:40 P.M. his name popped up. I was a little angry that he was late, but like a proper whore I said nothing about it.

Just then an instant message popped up. It read: “Your doorbell will ring in five minutes, and you are to open your door and let the old man on the other side in.” “He will fuck you and use you at my direction, on the telephone, and I will watch it all on your cam, which you should already have turned on.”

He left no room or time, for any questions, because as I finished reading his words my doorbell rang. All I could think about was how the hell did he get my address? There’s no way he could have it, so I opened the door. Standing there was and older man, about 65, a bit chubby, bald, with thick glasses.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“Move cunt,” was all he said as he proceeded to my computer. He sat down and typed out, “I’m here Stanley.”

Just then the phone rang. The old man sitting at my computer gave me a look that meant I should answer it, which I did.

“You should always block your phone number when you call people, you stupid bitch!”

“Is that you Stanley?”

“Put the man on the phone.”

I did as I was told, and handed the phone to the stranger in my living room. He talked for what seemed like a second, and then raised his hand and smacked me in the face. I just stood there in shock.

“Your Daddy said you should know better than to call him by his name.” “He is only to be called Daddy.”

“Yes, I’m sorry what is your name?”

“You are to call me Sir.”

“Yes Sir.”

They spoke on the phone for a minute or two, while I stood there soaking all of this in. He then put the phone on speaker, so Daddy could talk to me.

“Get down on your knees in front of him whore!”

Here it was. One of my fantasies coming true, and I was terrified. Talking about them was easy, but actually living them out wasn’t going to be as easy. I nervously got down on my knees in front of this stranger, and watched him opening up his pants. He pulled out an average size cock, but it was soft, and the skin and balls were hanging.

“Suck his cock cunt!” I heard from the speakerphone. “And make sure you look into the camera at Daddy while you do it.”

As I took this man’s cock into my mouth, I turned towards the camera and saw Daddy stroking his cock while he watched me. I never knew he had a cam, but then again I never asked. As he stroked his cock, he was giving orders to us over the phone.

“Push her head down on your cock Mark.”

He did as Daddy instructed, and followed every order Daddy gave him. Daddy watched him follow his orders, and use me to Daddy’s specifications while he watched the whole thing on his cam. This man didn’t even speak to me. He just used me. Daddy was doing all of the talking. Calling me names through the speaker phone as his friend proved me to be the whore I am. The more Daddy talked the more I became a cock hungry slut.

“Do you like to be used like this whore?”

“Yes Daddy, I love it!”

“Bend the cunt over the chair, and let me see her ass and cunt!”

The stranger roughly pulled me up off my knees and did as Daddy said. My ass and pussy were exposed on cam for my Daddy.

“Spank the bitch!”

I felt Escort Kartal a hand come down on my big fat ass, and moaned as it stung my cheek. He continued his assault on my ass until it was bright red on both cheeks. He then proceeded to finger my pussy and ass. I was practically begging to be used by that point.

“This bitch is dripping wet Stanley!” “She must like it.”

“Sit her down in the chair and smack her tits while she sucks your cock.”

He threw me in the chair before I had a chance to do it myself. He shoved his wrinkly old cock into my face, and I took it in my mouth like the greedy whore I was. Daddy knew I liked to have my tits smacked, so when the first blow came down I was in ecstasy. He continued to smack them until they were red, and some bruising was beginning to show. I was loving every minute of it.

“Rub the whore’s clit,” came the voice over the speaker phone.

I felt this stranger’s hand move down to my freshly shaved pussy, and he began rubbing my clit. I moaned on his cock as he fucked my mouth roughly.Grabbing me by my hair and force fucking my mouth. What a turn on! It was weird. I know i was fucking this total stranger, but it felt like I was fucking my Daddy. Hearing him tell the stranger what to do to me, made it feel like it was my Daddy. I wanted more. I wanted my Daddy.

“Get up cunt, and let my friend sit down.”

I immediately did as I was told. I stood there not knowing what to do next, until I heard Daddy tell me to sit on his lap and fuck him.

“Make sure you are facing the cam cunt.” “I want to see your face when you take his cock.”

I lowered myself onto this man’s lap and felt the tip of his cock at the opening of my cunt. Before I had a chance to push down, the old man grabbed me and slammed me down onto his hard cock. It felt so good to finally have a cock filling me, i began riding up and down on him. He reached around and grabbed my already sore nipples and started pinching. I was screaming and begging for it. I fucked this stranger like no one was watching. I was being a dirty piece of meat for him. All he wanted was to fuck me. He had no use for me otherwise, and he made that quite clear. He told me how I was nothing more than some place to put his cock, and cum. I bounced up and down on him while he talked, getting closer and closer to what would be the most incredible orgasm I would ever have, when he threw me off him, and to the floor, and shot his hot creamy load all over my face.

When he was down, he pulled up his pants, typed “bye” into the instant message, and walked out the door, leaving me there on the floor with his cum dripping off my face. I almost forgot Daddy was still on the phone, when I heard “Pick up the phone cunt!”

I grabbed the receiver, and said “Yes Daddy?”

“Do you want to cum cunt?”

“oh yes Daddy, I need to cum so bad!”

“Then get in the chair and show me how you make yourself cum.”

I quickly got back in the chair, and watched Daddy stroking his cock while I rubbed my cunt.

“Did you like getting used by a total stranger bitch?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Why is that dirty girl?”

“Because I’m a piece of shit whore that needs to be used Daddy.”

“That’s right slut.” “Remember that I own you and you will fuck and suck whomever I choose.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Now you may cum.”

I came so hard I began to shake. My orgasm shot through me, and I was cumming all over my hand, screaming for more use. When I was finally able to compose myself, I looked up at my monitor and noticed Daddy’s name had disappeared off my screen. Once again he used me, and pushed me to the side when he was finished with me. I loved it. He did type something before he left though.

“You are my whore, and I own you.” “Be here same time tomorrow night slut.”

Now I had all night and day to think about what he would have done to me next. Would he have another man come and use me while he watched? Would he just want to see me playing with myself for him? So many things went through my head. No matter what it was, I would be here promptly, waiting for Daddy.

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