Older Office Pleasures


I’ve always been a big fan of older women. Big time. Lovely curvy, attractive, sexy older women. I don’t know but it’s something about the way some of them walk and carry themselves. Often I don’t think they know they’re doing it. Other times I do. I cant take my eyes off them, They don’t have to be beautiful or anything either. They don’t have to try. They just have to be themselves. I’ve worked in offices with older women and it often drives me crazy with desire. It still does to this day.

I work for a large financial institution. It’s okay. Boring but okay. A few weeks ago we all went out. Id don’t know the occasion but who cares anyway! The drink was free (until the money ran out) and that was good enough for me. Because I haven’t been there long I only know a few people and I only intended to stay for a short while, but I started to get a bit more relaxed and started talking to a few more people.

Soon I started talking to a woman that I’d never seen before. She was friendly and chatty and was easy to get along with. Her name was Debbie and she was, I later learnt, 38, with shortish brown hair and a wonderful curvy body. She was dressed in black and had on a t-shirt (showing off her large, rounded tits) and black trousers which clung to her large round ass beautifully. To complete it all she had a pair of black high heels on. Lovely. We started chatting along, no about much, of anything it was shop talk, but the drinks kept coming and I started to feel more confident and relaxed.

I sat close to her and slowly more and more eye contact was being made between us. I could feel myself getting excited by possibilities I could only hope for. She had an attractive way about her : the ways she spoke, the way she walked, the way she crossed her legs, the way she flicked her hair. Nothing pretentious or mannered, just natural. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I was trying not to make it obvious but I’m sure she could sense it. I loved the way she had lovely long, painted nails as well. She just kept herself right. To add to this she had a really sexy way of letting a high heel dangle from her toes and then she would let the toes slip out completely, displaying some lovely painted toes. Jesus! I hadn’t seen a woman like this for ages.

A couple of hours passed. I asked her if she was going anywhere after the pub. I asked how she was going to get home. It turned out she lived in the same area as me but not exactly close. Mmmmm. What was I to do. She told me a female friend of hers was also in town that night and had offered to give her a lift home that night. “Would you like a lift James?” she asked.

Would I! “I’d love one Deb. Thanks.” Her friend wasn’t going to arrive for a bit so we had another drink. Soon there weren’t many other people left – it must have been around 11 p. m. – and we were still chatting along. Not about sex or anything like that either! Just general chat. We were getting along well.

At about 11-15 her friend arrived. “Hi Hanna, this is James, ” she said, ” I work with him. .” Hanna was also around the same age as Debbie, if not a few years older. She was about the same height, about 5ft 7, with short black hair. She didn’t have the same lovely, big tits as her friend, but she did have a lovely, large ass. She was wearing a short-sleeved shirt with a long skirt and strappy, high sandals, showing off her lovely, painted toes. She sat beside me. Fuck. I had Debbie to my left and Hanna to my right. Was I dreaming? Hanna got up to go to the bar. As she walked I could see her lovely arse through the skirt fabric. I wanted to go up to her and lift up that skirt and touch that lovely skin. I didn’t of course. I was too transfixed to do anything.

She came back with some drinks for the three of us. Our last before we went home. She was friendly and chatty like Debbie. Both were single. Debbie was recently divorced whereas Hanna had been single for a few years. No real reason but she was happy that way anyway, so why change? She also worked in an office nearby and she used to work with Debbie. Jesus! I love office women, I really do. All tight clothes and pantyhose and high heels. What a dream. If I had it my way, women would be forced to dress that way all the time! The conversation continued for about 20 minutes, talk about work, travel, t. v. etc. All the time I was either staring longingly at Debbie and her sexy feet and round tits or Hanna’s lovely lips and legs.

When it was time to go, I let the ladies go first so I could look at the view from behind. Beautiful. Debbie’s sexy, round arse was even better for the high heels she was wearing, and Hanna’s swayed from side to side as she moved beside her friend. pendik escort I just wanted to lower their trousers and skirt and bend them over so I could se them in there sexy glory! I was getting hot for both of them. “Good of you to give me a lift Hanna. ” I said. ” That’s okay. You don’t live that far away James, ” she replied. I sat in the back seat and looked at the window while the two sexy, older women, chatted and laughed in the front. “We’ll stop at Debs’ first if that’s okay? I’ve got to pick something up, ” said Hanna. “Yeah, come in for a drink James! I’ve got plenty to choose from!” Debbie said, turning round and looking me straight in the eye. We soon arrived at Debs’ and went into the house.

“Sit down. What would you like James, ” Deb said, standing by the door. “Anything! “I replied, ” how about gin or something?”

“Okay fine, ” she said, “what about you Hanna?”

” Just a small brandy as I’m driving aren’t I, ” said her friend, who has sat down next to me on the couch. Deb went away and came back with the drinks. When she came back she had slipped off her high heels and was showing off her bare feet. The black clothes stuck to her like glue, showing off the curve of each breast and the firm thick thighs underneath her trousers. “Anyway, I’ve just got to get something for Hanna so I’ll be back in 2 minutes!” she giggled, and went upstairs.

I just sat beside Hanna and started to talk about her job, what she did outside of work etc. Just things to keep the conversation going. “James, would you mind if I removed my sandals as my feet are hurting a bit?” I just shook my head slowly and watched as she slowly removed her shoes and wiggled her toes once they were free. “Phew! That’s better isn’t it!” she laughed. I took a sip of my drink and nodded appreciatively. Just then the door opened and Debbie walked in, wearing the same clothes but carrying a small package under her arm. “Her you go Han, hope you enjoy it!” she laughed, and gave her friend the package. “I see you’ve taken your shoes off as well! They can make your feet sore cant they, those high shoes!.” She went and sat next to her friend and took a sip of her drink. “I know, ” she exclaimed, ” let me massage your feet! Yes?”

“That’s a lovely idea, please do it, ” replied her friend. Debbie took both of Hanna’s feet and placed them on her lap. The she look one foot and began caressing it longingly, moving her hands over the skin. Hanna let out little gasps of pleasure, while I sat there with a growing cock that was surely leaking pre-cum in my boxer short, enjoying ever minute.

After a few minutes, she replaced the massaged foot and took the other. “James, what do you think about high heels and older women. Good, bad?” asked Debbie. “Well, ” I replied, “I don’t think it matters about age. Women can look good in high heels however old they are. “

“Thanks, ” she replied, “it’s just that some people think women of our ages shouldn’t wear them. “

“Yeah, it really annoys me, ” joined in Hanna, ” why shouldn’t we wear them to look and feel sexy?”

“I agree. ” I replied, “I love older women and older women in high heels are fantastic!”

“Did you hear that Hanna?” asked Debbie, “he thinks we’re fantastic! Okay James so what do you like about us?” Mmmmmmm. I wasn’t sure what to say. Do I tell her all? I wasn’t too sure but my stiffening cock had other ideas, “I love your… high heels… your tits… your lovely arses, ” I replied, hoping that this was all okay, ” I love lots of things about you both!” With that Hanna turned round and kissed me on the cheek. “It’s wonderful to hear someone say that!” she exclaimed. On hearing what I said, Debbie slowly put her friend’s feet on the floor and left the room.

Twenty seconds later she re-appeared. “Wow!” I gasped asnshe slowly walked in. She had taken off all her clothes and was dressed in only her black bra and knickers. ” Do you like this James “

“she asked sexily. “‘Oh fuck yes, “I whispered. I looked at her brown tits, larger than what I had expected – maybe 40D – with large brown nipples straining through the material, longing to be sucked. Then I started at her sexy feet and worked my way up to her cunt, past her ankles, past her large, firm, brown thighs and up to her knickers which sat tight around her hips. She then turned round and bent over. What a sight! Her large thighs gave way to a large, round arse. She pulled her knickers up her bum so I could bet a better view. Two brown, curvy cheeks were in front of me. I wanted to pull her knickers down and push my throbbing, thick cock inside her cunt. Fuck! She wiggled slowly, her arse moving slightly rus escort and giggled. “I’m pleased you like it James!” Hanna was also looking at her. “Wow Deb! You are lovely! Your arse is better than mine and in better shape!” she said. With that she stood up, lowered and removed her skirt and bent over before me.

Her arse was indeed bigger than her friend’s but by no means inferior. Her skin was whiter but her arse was just as delicious. She had white knickers on which she pulled up higher so I could get a better view. Wow! I placed my hands on her large, plump bum and she gasped. I began to caress her cheeks, moving my fingers around the slowly. Debbie came over and bent down to my right. Was this really happening? Yes it was! I placed my right hand on my brown and began massaging it as well. Me, alone with two sexy, 40 year old women, with a straining cock waiting to burst out, feeling and comparing their arses. The two women giggled slightly. “That feels good, ” said Debbie, “Yeah, keep going, ” replied her friend. I wanted to keep going but I couldn’t because I wanted more!

I stood up slowly. This made Debbie also rise and she turned and came toward me, kissing me passionately. Hanna did the same only coming behind and massaging my bum through my trousers. She then reached around the felt my thick cock. “Hey Deb!” she whispered, “there’s a stiff dick in here! I think we’ve got our young friend seriously turned on here!” I continued to tongue Debbie, running my hands over her back and down her arse, molding her bum with my hands, feeling my cock filling up as she began to run her hands through my hair and onto my shirt covered chest. I wanted her so much. “I think we need to undress him!” laughed Hanna.

With that she began to remove my clothes. Shoes, then socks and then she reached round to my trouser belt. My cock was aching to get out. I wanted to come all over both of them so much. “Go on, ” I groaned, “let it out!” Hanna slowly unbuckled my belt and undid the buttons. My cock sprang out, still hidden beneath my underwear but its shape was unmistakable. “Christ, ” gasped Debbie, ” I can feel it against me now. ” Hanna pulled my trousers down and off. Debbie then began to quickly unbutton my shirt and get at my chest. Within seconds I was naked except for my boxer shorts. I began to try and remove Debbie’s bra And set those big tits of hers free. As I began groping for the clasp, Hanna stood up and came round to help me. “Let me do that James, ” she said. I noticed that she was naked except for her kickers and bra. Her milky white skin a contrast to Debbie’s brown. She reached behind her friend’s bra and slowly took off her bra. Debbie let he4 arms fall by her sides as let it role down her.

“Oh my God! What beautiful tits Debbie, ” I said, ” They are amazing. ” Her two round globes hung before me, nipples erect and her tits heaving as she breathed. They were large and inviting. I reached for them and massaged one with my hand whilst sucking hard at the other’s nipple. “Oh fuck, ” Deb exclaimed, “I’m so fuckin wet and horny!” I reached between her legs and felt her sopping bush. “Get my knickers down Hanna! ” she commanded, “and get your tits and cunt out as well!” Hanna slowly removed Debbie’s tight, black thong and now this gorgeous older woman was naked before me. I stepped back and saw her in her glory : big, brown tits, thick, shapely thighs and now a lovely dark little bush. Hanna also removed her own bra and let it fall to the ground, putting her arm around her friend. Fuck! This was the ultimate. Two. Naked older women and me. In the same room. I looked at both of them Although Hanna’s tits weren’t as large, they were still a handful and I walked forward and sucked her left nipple, my left hand feeling between her legs/ She was lovely and wet and moaned as I sucked and massaged her. My right hand found its was between Debbie’s cunt as well.

Here I had them both moaning and groaning, horny and sexy. After about 30 seconds Debbie reached and ripped my boxer shorts down and out came my stiff dick. “What a lovely site, ” she said and began to pump my dick up and down, pre-cum leaking all over her hand. “You are a wet boy aren’t you?!” she squealed as Hanna began massaging her friend’s tits. Now we were all naked. “I want to fuck you both so badly, ” I gasped, “please let me!” They both giggled. “James, of course you can!” shouted Debbie. “Bloody hell, we’re as horny you. I want your cock James. I’ve wanted it ever since I first saw you!” With that she reached forward and kissed me fully and began massaging my arse and I felt Hanna’s hand wrap itself around my cock and begin to jerk it slowly. sancaktepe escort I was in heaven.

The thing was, there was only so much I could take of this before I exploded, so I knew I had to do something quick. I needed a rear view! I prized myself off Debbie’s mouth and gasped, “I really want to fuck you now or I am going to come all over your hand Hanna! I’d much prefer to shoot it into one of your hot cunts!” Okay, where do you want us? ” Hanna asked. “Here, ” I said, pointed to the couch. “I want both of you to bend over on your knees, displaying your big, sexy arses. Waiting to be fucked! I want to see you fingering your cunts and begging for my cock!” I couldn’t believe I was saying these words but they came so naturally to me!

Both women went and kneeled down, facing the couch. On the left was Debbie with her large, fleshy brown arse, held up by two firm thighs. She pulled her arse cheeks apart to let me see her small brown anus which was just above her red, moist cunt, “Rub your cunt for me Deb! Let me see you!” I whispered. Hanna was also displaying her arse. Her arsehole was bigger and darker than her friends and her took all her might to keep her big, round, white mature arse open. Below I could just make out her pink, wet, cunt. They both began rubbing in earnest. I stood there above them, pumping my cock, ready to pump hot, thick sound over them both. After a few minutes of this, Hanna cried out, “Oh James, please fuck me now!”

I didn’t need asking twice and I knelt down behind her and slowly pushed my cock into her welcoming, wet cunt. Fuck! It slid in effortlessly and she gasped once it was fully inside her. Then I began humping her for all I was worth. I started slowly and built up and steady rhythm, holding onto those quivering arse cheeks. Debbie looked over in anticipation. “Go on James! Fuck her harder! Make her come over my carpet!” she shouted. I reached round and began to massage her nipples, increasing my speed. My cock slipped in and out, squelching away wonderfully. After a few minutes Hanna’s breathing got heavy and fast and I felt her muscles contract as she began gasping, “Fuck James! Bitch! Cumming… at last… good… long… fuck… ” Her words trailed off as she climaxed.

My prize, though, was Debbie. She was who I really wanted. I removed my cock from Hanna and bent down over Deb. “I am going to make you come you sexy bitch, ” I said quietly and pushed my wet cock inside her. ” Oh fuck James, “she gasped, “fuck me!” I did what I was told and began pounding away. Her cunt was tighter than her friend’s (I later learnt that Hanna had two children) and it was now thoroughly lubricated thanks to my own cum mixed with Hanna’s juices. I let my left hand go between Hanna’s legs and began to finger fuck while I fucked her friend hard and fast. Debbie kept bucking back and forth with each new sensation, gearing herself up for her own powerful cum. “Oh God! Yes… fuck… ///////yes, “she groaned, “I want to come so badly, been so fuckin long! Oh yes, keep fucking me!” she whispered as I fucked her. Within seconds, she was groaning loudly and letting herself go as she began to cum, “Oh yes, ” she squealed, ” fuck me… dick… hard dick… cum… cum… cum… CUMMING! CUMMING! OH YES! AT LAST! CUM!” This was too much for me and I wanted to cum as well so much.

As she began to relax again, I started to build up to my own orgasm. I didn’t want to come inside her (just in case but maybe another time… ) so I decided to fuck her and then withdraw. As my orgasm came closer I began talking loudly. ” I’m going to cum soon… very soon… lots of it! ” I said, pumping for all I was worth. ” Let me see you cum, ” gasped Hanna who was now massaging me friend’s tits as I fucked away. ” I bet you’ve got loads of it James. ” moaned Debbie, “cum on show us!” With that I began to climax and withdrew my thick cock as a long, thick load of spunk shot out from the end, followed by another and another, covering Debbie’s back, making her squeal with excitement as she felt each amount. Shot after shot flooded out of me, tricking down her back and her arse, some into her hair. Hanna was looking in amazement at my spunk covering her friend and began to touch it with her fingers. ”Oh God! Fuck! Oh shit! Phew!” I gasped as I gained my breath. “It felt like a real bucketful!” Debbie moaned, “was it Hanna?”

“It sure was Deb! Here taste some! She scooped some up in her hand and fed it to her friend and then began to lick it off her back, getting it all over her face and her. “Mmmmm, ” Debbie whispered, “lovely spunk James! I want more!” I sat down beside Debbie and rubbed the spunk into her back as Hanna continued to lick it up. I sat there amazed at what had just happened between me and two lovely, older women.

As Hanna drove me home some hours later I still had a hard-on throbbing to get out. I can’t wait for them to see it again. We’ve already made arrangements for next week. I can’t wait. I will tell you more when it happens…

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