old tom


old tomme and old tom have the same friends which i was not aware of at the time, anyway i was visiting the mutual friend on an off chance that he was inn as i was passing his road, any way old tom and i were chatting and he mentioned that he had an old cement mixer that he was selling and did i know anyone who may be intressted in it. I asked if i could have a look at it as he only lives round the corner from where we were and he obliged, when at tom house we were talking about the mixer when I asked if i could use his bathroom, upstairs was the reply help yourself. Escort tom`s wife had passed away within the past month, but as i climbed the stairs the bedroom door was ajar and some of her stockings and knickers were still drapped over the rail in the bedroom. after my leek in the bathroom tom was climbing the stairs towards me and i mentioned tha washing on the rail, he said it was hard to throw away good stockings and all her other clothes which were still in good order, i gave a small laugh and joked that they were his and he blushed red Escort Bayan very quickly which then put me in an awakward position.Tom said that the clothes were of good quality and only good ff nylons were had to come by, i said yes they were and could i buy them off him instead of the mixer, his reply was yes and no?.I asked him to explain and the answer was who are they for, now i was in a awakward position as i did not know of his sexual wayward, i said have you ever tried stockings on and he pulled up his trouser leg to reveal ff stockings Bayan Escort and i never once recognised the suspender straps on his thighs but he was wearing loose trousers to be fair.On seeing this he dropped his trousers to reveal both legs and the corset on his body, now there was a red flag to a bull and and offer not to be sniffed at, I stepped forward and he also moved towards me but said now what did i want with the stockings and who were they for, i mentioned they were for me and his invite was extended to help myself to the clothes in the room, his other offer was how do i swing when dressed and my reply was bi when dressed, he also said that was his way also as non dressed males are not sexy enough as he has the same equipment as them but when dressed the excitment takes over and its a free for all.

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