Old Man in a Trailer Ch. 01


The annual neighborhood bar-b-que was upon us again. Me and my wife Kate were ready as always. We had moved to the neighborhood five years ago and the bar-b-que was an annual tradition for the neighborhood and we had come to love it. I was 30 my wife Kate 29. Kate was such a beauty with long brunette hair, a round firm ass, and big d cup breasts to fill her 5’6″ frame. Atop her body was her beautiful face, every guy in the neighborhood wanted her, but she was all mine. I was never blessed in the package department but we still did it like rabbits at least five times a week.

The only complaint we had of the party was the neighboring trailer park joining us. They were a rougher crowd that at some times didn’t have good manners. There were only a handful on hand this year to join the party however. Bobby and his wife Debra both overweight and forty-ish. Cindy and her big tits however her face was nothing to write home about. Darrell a biker with tattoos all over in his forties with his daughter Caroline, who was actually quite a little beauty at 18 with long red hair and tight ass, marked also by a tattoo of a motorcycle on her right shoulder.

Then there was old man Doug. He was 5’8″ in his sixties maybe even seventies with a beer belly and bald head. He was sitting at a table drinking a beer and leering at the neighborhood wives and daughters wearing a white tank top and a baggy pair of cargo shorts. He had a reputation for being a lecherous old man as he always would bark and howl at women when they passed his trailer at times. We had heard he had been talked to at times by several men in the neighborhood for speaking to their wives and daughters when they would pass by, and the rumor was a couple had even fucked the old lecher. His trailer lay at the intersection where most people had to pass to get to our neighborhood on foot or getting off the bus (school and city). A rumor Tim had told me was he was banging Caroline, Darrell’s daughter, ever since she had turned 18. It was too hard for me to believe, she may be poor trailer girl but she could do way better than that old lecher. Another rumor was he had fucked a few wives in the neighborhood from time to time before we had moved in even a few daughters. But I didn’t put much faith in rumors, because why would a well off sexy wife throw her life away for an old man like him. Rumor was he was hung and that’s why the women went to see him.

We arrived and sat down our chicken salad at the community table and began chatting with some friends eventually Kate wandered off to talk to the other wives while I chatted with the men. Every few moments I’d see Doug out of the corner of my eye still sitting at the table and eyeing Kate. I couldn’t blame him she was gorgeous in her low cut black tank top and short jeans that showed her round ass. But he was barking up the wrong tree.

Kate had told me one day while on a job he had waved her over to talk. “Come on baby why don’t you come in and I’ll show you a good time.” He had told her as he had sat there in what I assume was the same tank top and shorts he had on now. She had told him no and called him a pervert and jogged off. “Don’t worry baby you’ll be back for my big stick!” He had yelled after her. She was so angry that she wanted me to go over and beat him up. I told her he was just an old man I couldn’t do that to him. I told her to just stay away from him after that and she had not said anything more.

“Well you heard the rumor about his big cock right?”


“Yeah that’s why women go to see him.”

“There is no way a ugly old pervert has a big cock baby. Besides who needs that when I have you.” It hadn’t been too long since that conversation but I noticed she didn’t jog a lot anymore I guess to avoid the lecher.

After awhile Doug had left and we continued the party without any notice of it. Then later on Mandy, Tim’s wife, had come running up to tell us her dog had gotten out of the fence and asked us for some help. The whole neighborhood split up I gave Kate a quick kiss and went off with Tim while she went with Mandy.

We searched for a few minutes when I thought I heard a bark Tim and I split up and I went near the trailer park to investigate. I was near the intersection where Doug’s little trailer manisa escort and Darrel’s were. I could see my wife and Mandy with her little poodle in hand at the treeline beside Doug’s trailer.

“Oh Kate we found him thank you I need to go tell everyone!” Mandy was never hard to hear she was a notorious gossip. As Mandy ran off Kate had begun walking behind her when the trailer door whipped open. And there stood Doug on his wooden stoop his white tank top not concealing his belly fully.

“Well sweetheart what brings you here?”

“We were looking for Mandy’s dog and we found her over at the treeline right there.” Kate looked ready to get out of there I should have walked over and helped get her but instead I crouched behind a bush. I wanted to see what the lecher would do. He began walking down until he was in front of her.

“Well that’s nice congratulations. You deserve a reward, I have a big one in here for you.” He pointed to his little trailer.

“No thanks I”m fine.” Kate began to turn.

“Wait are you sure you don’t want to come in for a minute?” The obese man got real close and I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing as Kate was in my way but I heard her say something.

“Wow what is that?”

“It’s your reward if you want it?” Kate stood there it looked like she was grabbing something at her waist, her shorts maybe?

“That can’t be real. There is no way.”

“Trust me baby it is but there is only one way to know.”

I then saw her turn left to right as if she was scoping the area to see if anyone was watching the exchange and I saw where her hand was, on a massive bulge in the old man’s shorts.

All the rumors made sense now.

“Ok I think I need a closer look inside.” Then he moved aside to let her pass toward the little trailer. He followed staring at her ass the whole time. They went inside immediately I jumped up and ran to the trailer it was a small round one bedroom camper type trailer. I found a box to stand on and look in through the dirty windows. I saw them head into the back where the bedroom was. I grabbed my box and ran for it.

It was a slit window that I could just see through without being spotted unless they lo right at it. For some reason it was very clean. I looked in and saw my wife Kate sitting on the bed while Doug stood at the door.

“Ok let’s see my ‘reward’ Doug.” Doug began taking off his shorts when they fell below his knees his big white cock slopped out. It was like python just soft and dangling between his knees, it looked a little dirty like the rest of him but it was impressive.

“Holy shit! How does and old guy like you have that?”

“Baby it’s a gift. One I’ve been trying to give you for awhile. So go ahead and touch it baby.” Kate reached out and wrapped her hand around it lifting it up to examine it. She then used her other hand as it was too big, my guess it was about 8″ soft but looked about as big as a can of pringles. As she held it it began to grow a little. She then began tugging on it with both hands.

“Oh Doug it is so impressive. I mean I heard rumors but…” Her mouth was literally drooling over his big cock as she spit on it to lube it up. Her tugging then began to speed up.

“How does hubby compare?” He smiled knowing the answer.

“Oh he is ok but nowhere near this. Are the rumors true about you fucking that girl Caroline?”

“Oh yeah she comes over every time her old man gets drunk she can’t get enough. I been working on her a few months ago when she turned 18 and finally got her to see it a couple months ago. She really knows how to handle a big one.”

“Wow she looks super tight surprised she can take it.”

“She isn’t so tight anymore haha.”

“I wish I had known sooner.”

“Haha not my fault honey I tried telling you that first time.” They both began focusing on the hand job my wife was giving him. Doug pushed forward toward her mouth. “C’mon honey show my beast some love.” Kate willingly opened her mouth to accept the cock. He held there and let her work on it as she slowly took more and more in her tight mouth.

By now I was sporting a full hard on watching them play. I hadn’t gotten a blowjob since last year but she was giving it to maraş escort a known lecher. I watched as she continued to pleasure his tool with her mouth, drool began to fall down her chest onto her tits mixing in with the sweat that both were starting to generate. I Imagined the trailer must be like a hot tin can by now as it was past mid day but nothing could pry them apart.

She continued to lick his cock up and down popping the head back in whenever she reached the tip again. Her hands were tugging the bottom half of his cock and playing with his massive balls. Sweat and drool were now all over both of them and his cock stood at full attention. It must have grown almost two inches and got even a little thicker.

He sat beside Kate and pulled off her tank top and then her bra to reveal her sweaty drool covered breasts. They were big round and perky and all his. Doug wasted no time and groped sucked and bit them in quick intervals. Kate threw her head back as she continued tugging on his cock with her closer hand.

Finally he laid her back and pulled her shorts off to reveal her tight pussy.

“Baby that pussy looks so good. He then shoved two pudgy fingers in and began a rough finger fuck. Her slick opening became even more slick very quick.

“Ohhh fuck yes!” She screamed loud enough that I thought the party goers down the street would hear them.

“Oh yeah baby that’s right let it out. Show me what a slut you are.” Doug moved between her legs as she lay on her back and lined up his cock with her opening. “You ready for the reward baby?”

Kate got on her elbows and stared into his eyes. “Yes fuck me pervert.”

Doug slowly began pushing his mushroom head into her entrance. Kate fell back again. “Holy shitttt! So big!” The old man was sweating as much as Kate trying to fit into her tight opening.

“Fuck baby I’ve fucked virgins looser than this.” He kept up until finally I saw the head disappear.

“Oh god you’re gonna rip me apart. Awww!” Doug began working his cock into her some more first one inch then two then three. He kept see sawing into her making it fit. I watched as Kate came when half had gotten inside.

“Oh god so good! More, give me more!” They were sweating like crazy as Doug continued his assault determined to pound her to death.

They continued like that for awhile until Doug stopped and turned her over.

Kate sat on all fours her whole body covered in sweat, her straight hair now tangled up and frizzy from the heat. Doug got on his knees behind her. and push his meat into her

“Ohhhh fuck so fucking perfect.” Kate was in a trance I think she remembered nothing other than his cock right now, Doug was now roughly fucking her hard. Her whole body was shaking in orgasm over and over and he just kept pounding. He was now fucking her balls deep I kept hearing his balls slap her clit every thrust. He slapped her ass a few times and began pounding harder.

He became a blur as Kate fell on her chest her ass sticking up. She kept yelling and grabbing the sheets it was only now did I realize the whole trailer was shaking. They were literally shaking the whole trailer.

“Oh fuck baby so good! I didn’t know old men could fuck like this.” Kate was holding on for dear life clutching his sheets and the side of the mattress.

“Oh god slow down baby.” Kate’s voice was barely audible she had cum at least a dozen times and she was laying there defenseless. Doug didn’t care he just wanted to nut he was just a brutal alpha only worried about getting off. But he was getting off with my hot wife this time. Her plea only made him speed up and start hitting her pussy harder.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkk!” I saw Kate start squirting all over his bed and pelvis. Her eyes then rolled into her skull as the fucking continued.

Then Doug stopped to admire his work. His cock resting balls deep in Kate’s pussy. It held onto his cock like a vice. They were both a sweaty mess, both drenched from head to toe. It must have been 100 degrees in there at this point. Doug pulled her long brown hair until she was on her hands and knees again and smacked her ass with his free hand.

“Tell me how much you love my cock slut.”

“I love your cock, mardin escort it’s so big and beautiful.”

Doug proceeded to slowly hump back and forth teasing her unmercifully.

“You wish you hadn’t been such a stuck up bitch when I tried to get you in bed. We coulda been having a lot of fun.” He kept pulling her hair harder and squeezing her ass cheek.

“Owwwww! Yes baby I’m sorry I should have been here sooner. I should’ve let you show me your beautiful cock. I was just too stuck up baby… But I’m here now and your cock is amazing.” I had never seen Kate like this all willing and submissive. She was giving herself over to a man twice her age who was a known pervert. She was on her hands and knees being fucked roughly by a ugly old lecher and loving it from the looks of it.

Doug then let her hair go and continued his powerful assault against her tight pussy. “Oh baby you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this pussy.”

“God dammit baby it’s yours all yourrrrrrs!” Kate screamed as Doug started in harder. He was now pulling nearly all the way out and then forcing it back in in a more powerful thrust as opposed to earlier when it was quick thrust.

Finally he pulled back reached under to squeeze her tits. “One more speed thrust baby.”

With that he sat back up and began fucking her super hard and fast his balls slapping her clit every time. It was like a fat blur moving. Kate couldn’t handle it and kept being forced toward the headboard knocking against the wall to my right. She held onto the railing as he pummeled her sex. The whole trailer was shaking again so hard I was surprised the bed hadn’t broke.

“Holy shitttt! Your so good baby! Faster! Harder!” Kate was lost now and if anyone came by they would hear her moans and she the little trailer rocking and know someone was fucking the pervert. Then Doug stopped.

“Shit baby I’m about to blow get me off!” He pulled out with a loud pop and sat down using his pudgy arms to lay back and keep him sitting. Kate rolled over on her knees and put the head in her mouth and began tugging. “That’s right baby get me off but let me cover those big tits.” She continued to tug with both hands and her tits jiggled while she did. Finally it happened.

“Oh fuck yes!” Doug erupted hi cock pointed straight up and hi first shot hit the roof. Kate tugged his cock toward her face and tits as the next shot hit her on the face. Then the next one on her chest, then another, then another, and another. Jeez how much did he cum.

Finally he stopped but my wife began to suck on the head and clean him off. She did a great job licking his cock clean making sure not to miss a spot.

“Well baby did you enjoy your reward?”

“Yes I did.”

“Call me Sir.”

“Yes Sir.” They then began kissing passionately. Both were covered in cum and sweat. She looked as much a mess as he did. It was an odd sight her beautiful busty small figure against his old beer belly and pudgy body.

“You should get back to hubby shouldn’t you?”

“Oh fuck you’re right.”

“Next time I hopefully won’t need to nab a dog to get you over here.”

“You did what?” She asked.

“I borrowed that woman’s dog to trick you over here. When you got close I let it out the back door spanked it and you heard the bark.”

“You asshole, stealing a dog.” She looked a little upset.

“Hey you had fun right? I mean you still can’t let go of my cock.”

He was right she was still using both hands to tug at his cock.

“Well it is impressive.” She gave it a quick kiss.

She got cleaned up and changed still looking a mess and sweaty.

“You coming over tonight?”

“No I don’t think we should do this again.”

He laid there still naked and waved his cock at her. “You’ll be back they all come back.”

She walked backwards to the door never lifting her gaze from his cock. “Just knock whenever you want some more lovin’ baby.”

She left and walked towards the party I got off the box and realized I had cum in my shorts. I ran home and changed before Kate walked in.

“Hey honey where have you been?” I asked.

“Oh it took awhile to find Mandy’s dog. Why are you here?”

“Oh I had to change my shorts they got wet and the Hank called about work stuff. Why are you so sweaty baby?”

“Well I mean it’s hot outside baby what do you expect.” She became nervous.

“Ok well I won’t be home for a few days this week. Think you can manage without me?”

I saw her in the mirror on the stairs smile wickedly. “Oh baby I think I’ll manage.”

To be continued…

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