Old Bods, Young Gods Ch. 01


The young man had undone the older woman’s blouse and was fondling her heaving breasts. Now he was trying to undo the clasp of her black bra but with his inexperience, he was having difficulty. The married mother of 3 reached behind her back and undid it for him. Her large veiny tits fell several inches but the teen didn’t notice. He just started kissing and sucking them as she held his head to them and ran her fingers through his long dark mane.

“God, Mrs.Barr, your tits are incredible! I can’t believe you’re…you’re actually letting me do this to you,” was all he could say in between nibbling on her nipples. In the meantime, the attractive mother was attending to the growing erection in the young stud’s shorts. She was opening his zipper and bringing his erection out into the open. He groaned as she stroked his manhood with one hand while she played with his testes with the other.

Pulling the boy by his cock, she walked backwards until the backs of her legs encountered the chaise lounge. “I want this in me , Raoul! Fuck me with it, now, before I come to my senses…….”

All of a sudden, a female voice, from somewhere nearby, was berating her. “…your senses….Rachel….Rachel…what’s wrong?…have you lost your senses? Are you all right? You haven’t heard a word I’ve been saying.”

Rachel Barr continued to look longingly at the gardener’s son, Raoul, one more time and sighed to herself, “If only he weren’t 18 and I wasn’t 45, I’d sure like to get that young stud in between my legs.” Then realizing that she had been fantasizing about making love with the boy again, Rachel was embarrassed even more when she realized that she’d been doing it right in front of her oldest and dearest friend.

Josie Christie, her best friend and confidante since college, looked worried. “Rachel, you’re all flushed? You’re not having a hot flash already are you? Christ you’re only 45!”

Getting no answer, Josie looked closely at her friend’s eyes and realized that Rachel wasn’t even looking at her. “Why do you keep looking over at the gardener?” She turned to look and saw the reason for her best friend’s daydream. It wasn’t Ramon Rodriguez, the gardener, that her friend was staring at but rather Ramon’s 18 year old son, Raoul. The recent high school grad worked for his Dad every summer and he had just taken his tee shirt off. The sweat on his hairless chest glistened in the afternoon sunlight. In spite of his age, it was hard not to glance from his muscular upper body down to his washboard abs and then linger on quite a noticeable package in his cut-offs.

“My God, Rachel! You’re actually salivating at the hired help! Why, he’s young enough to be your son! In fact, come to think of it, he is younger than your son.”

Rachel had 3 kids – 2 college age daughters : Karen, at 23, was the oldest and attended Michigan State ; Caitlyn, who was 21, was already in California getting acclimatized to Berkeley ; and Brad, at 19, the baby of the family, had been in Europe for the past year trying to ‘find’ himself before deciding on whether to go to college or not.

Rachel became even redder in the face. Now both women were giving the recent high school grad the once over. Finally, Josie broke the silence, “I get it now. You haven’t been getting any lately. Michael’s been in New York for the past 2 weeks. You’re horny!”

These words were said loud enough for the boy to look their way with his puppy dog eyes and he flashed a mouthful of teeth. Rachel angrily grabbed Josie and marched her back into the house. Once inside she fumed, “Well that was embarrassing. Thanks a lot.”

“Don’t get your panties in a knot, kiddo,” countered Josie. “I’ve heard he’s quite the stud. Besides there’s no harm looking and it’s obvious he likes you too. Did you see the way he looked at you when he took off his shirt. I think he’s attracted to you. You know, Rachel, a lot of young guys like to fuck older women! I think it’s a badge of honour or something juvenile like that. ” Now the two middle-aged women were peeking at the boy through the kitchen window.

“Oooo….just look at those buns when he bends over in his shorts, quite a different view from when our husbands bend over, eh? The kid’s gorgeous and judging by the package he’s trying to hide, that’s not all he has. He’s got more hidden than my Harry has fully erect. Fact is, Harry’s belly has gotten so big, I’ll bet it’s been at least 2 years since Harry’s even seen it himself.”

“What are you saying, Josie? Your Harry’s always bragging about keeping you so happy in bed and you always smile whenever he does?” Rachel countered.

“Ha..that’s a laugh. If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be down right funny. I only go along with his braggadocio because he’s a good father to the twins and as CEO of Christie’s Bakeries, he’s a wonderful provider. Truth is, after he finishes, he rolls over and is sound asleep in minutes. Meanwhile, I turn to my little battery operated friend and recently to my young lov….oh..um..well..let’s just leave it there why don’t we? İzmir Escort Besides..ah..ah..we’re not talking about me. We’re talking about you having the hots for Raoul, the gardener’s son. What are you gonna do about it?” Josie answered hoping her friend didn’t pick up on her faux pax.

Not having missed the slip up, however, Rachel refused to be misdirected. “Josie Atkinson-Christie, you bitch! You’ve been holding out on me! You’re cheating on Harry! Who is it? He’s young isn’t he? How young? Come on, tell me. We’re supposed to be best friends and best friends tell each other everything. Okay, if it’ll get you to spill the beans, yes, alright? I admit I’m attracted to Raoul but that’s all it is. It’s kinda like back in high school when we used to wonder what it would be like to go out with the jocks. We never did but it was fun and safe to dream. Now, come on, Josie. Who is it? Who have you been sleeping with? Come on, out with it!”

“Well,” the other 45 year old replied sheepishly, “We haven’t exactly been sleeping together…” She hesitated for a second to build up the nerve to tell her friend about her adulterous affair with a boy young enough to be one of her son’s friends. “Truth is, Rachel,” she continued. “We’ve just been sucking and fucking, no sleeping involved. There, I’ve said it. I’ve been dying to tell you. Honest I have but I’ve been afraid of your reaction.”

“Details, Josie! Give me the juicy details!”

“Well, you know my husband’s legal secretary, Cathy Sharpe? Well, one day a few weeks ago, Harry phoned from Vegas to say that she was going to drop off some papers for him to sign when he got home from his business trip. While waiting, I decided to get some sun by the pool. I had started reading a trashy romance novel wishing it was me the hero was making love to. …Okay, I admit it I was sorta playing with myself as I was reading. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Thinking it was Cathy, I called out that I was around back and to bring the papers out there. Expecting her, I was pleasantly surprised when this really hot young guy opened the gate and walked in. I’m telling you Rachel, he looked like a Greek God. He was about 6 feet tall and as handsome a man as I’ve ever seen. He was dressed in tennis shorts and a muscle shirt that was molded to his buff young body. There was no hiding the fact that this kid was a young Adonis.”

“When he saw me giving his body a thorough appraisal, he blushed. Do you believe it? He actually turned beet red.”

“Are…are…you Mrs. Christie?” he stammered. “I’m Barry Sharpe, my Mom asked me to drop these papers off for your husband to sign.”

“I must have looked quite provocative because I noticed him checking me out the way Randy’s high school friends ogle me. Now remember, I hadn’t been expecting anyone before the phone call and I was trying to get as much tan as possible. The bikini I had on was so tiny and thin that I’m sure the teenager could see not only my nipples but my pubic hair as well. It definitely was not a suit I would ever wear in public. Seeing the young boy’s reaction got my juices going again and I could feel myself getting wetter. The young lad could not have missed my nipples growing hard. Speaking of hard, looking down, I could see the boy was trying to hide his growing erection with the papers.”

“We started making small talk. He told me he had just turned 18 and was returning to Fairmount High for his senior year. Although I had never met him, he said he knew Randy from school. Unlike my non-athletic progeny, he was hoping to win a football scholarship. Rachel, his biceps and thighs were so huge that I started imagining myself being embraced by his muscular arms. Saying he had to leave made me reach out and grab his wrist a little too quickly. I couldn’t let him leave. Like a harlot, I practically begged him to stay and have a cold drink with me before he left. I was still holding his wrist when I asked. I’m ashamed to admit that like a hussy, I even trailed my fingers up his arm and complimented him on his large biceps.”

My little flirtation obviously worked because he agreed to stay for one. I told him to follow me. As I led the 18 year old into the kitchen through the patio door, I knew he was checking me out. I was getting off on teasing the boy. I made sure that I swayed my hips as much as humanly possible. Being in my 2 inch pumps, it wasn’t too difficult. When I opened the fridge door, I purposely leaned over so that my bikini bottoms rode up into the crack of my ass. Holding this position, I looked back over my shoulder , I smirked and asked him if he saw anything that he liked.”

“I….I….I think I better be going, Mrs.Christie,” he muttered but he made no attempt to leave. His dark brown eyes never left my ass.

“Come closer, silly,”I said. ” You can’t pick a drink from way back there.” Slowly, the frazzled teen moved closer to the fridge. “Grab anything you want, hon,” I challenged.

“You didn’t! Josie! You brazen, hussy!” chuckled Rachel although she knew that her best friend İzmir Escort was indeed telling the truth.

“That’s not the half of it, Rachel. I turned slightly so that he could see past me into the fridge but I made sure that my almost totally exposed tits were now directly in his view. Then when he was close enough, I moved my bikini-covered butt back into his groin and wriggled it. My god, Rachel, the boy had a hard on that any Chippendale Dancer would envy. He groaned and almost fell over my back. I reached back, took his right hand and brought it around to my breast and urged him to go ahead and fondle me. Soon his other hand was fondling my other breast and he was dry humping my ass. I swear, his cock grinding against my thinly covered pussy made me cum right there in front of the fridge.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of his zipper and it awakened me to what was about to happen. You know my motto, Rachel. ‘All tease and plenty of sleaze but never any cheese!’ As tempted as I had been in the past, I had never cheated on Harry so I turned to tell the boy that I was sorry for leading him on when I got my first unobstructed look at his erection. Rachel, it was beautiful! At least 8 inches of firm manhood with a crystal clear drop of moisture on its purple head. I knew then that I had to take it in my mouth. My wedding vows were forgotten. I needed this boy to fuck me.’

“Whoa, Josie. You’re getting me wet just picturing it. Let’s take a glass of Zinfandel into the living room and you can tell me all, and I do mean, ALL the juicy details.”

With one last longing look at the gardener’s son, now bent over planting bulbs in the flower bed , the two best friends retreated to the cooler living room and sat opposite each other, Josie in the recliner and Rachel with her feet pulled up under her, on the couch.

“Okay carry on where you left off. Don’t you dare leave anything out. You didn’t actually go down on the boy right there in your kitchen did you, Josie?”

Taking a sip of her wine, Josie closed her eyes and let her tongue savor the flavor while she thought back to that fateful afternoon that had changed her life. What she had said had been true. She had never actually cheated on her husband. She had flirted many times but had never allowed anyone to actually get into her pants which she noticed were now quite wet with the reminiscing.

Josie continued her story. ‘No…not here in the kitchen.’ I pleaded in my sexiest voice. ‘If we’re gonna do this, let’s do it upstairs in my bed.’ By this time, he had pulled my bikini top down, exposing my boobs. I grabbed the young stud by his cock and said, “Come with me, hon.” I swear, Rachel, his cock got even larger as we headed for the stairwell, me with his cock in my hand and him with his hands playing with my ass and my swaying tits. I tripped on the first step and fell very unladylike with Barry right on top of me. After assuring that we were both uninjured, there was silence for a few seconds. Then almost simultaneously, we both looked into each other’s eyes and bingo we were locked in a passionate embrace right there stretched out on the stairs. Our mouths locked as each of our tongues attempted to devour each other. Meanwhile our hands were busy exploring each other’s erogenous zones. The kid touched me in places that had been ignored for years. His fingers played with my clit and soon I was groaning with pleasure. I gasped when he placed first one, then two and finally three fingers into my slit. Rachel, this kid knew what he was doing! While pushing his fingers in and out of my cunt, his thumb was playing with my clit. It wasn’t long before I was cumming! And it was incredible! I hadn’t had a good cum in weeks and I was wracked with spasm after spasm. The kid did not stop until I literally forced his fingers out of me.”

At this point, both friends were flushed , one with the telling of the story, the other from the erotic images flashing in her mind’s eye. The two lifelong friends looked at each other and giggled. Noticing the little beads of moisture on her companion’s brow, Rachel asked incredulously, “Josie, I just came! You did too didn’t you?”

Nodding her head, Josie couldn’t deny that her story had indeed gotten her off as well. The two 45 year old mothers giggled like schoolgirls.

“Tell me the rest, Josie…but…um.. God! Your story is making me so hot!” Once again the two friends broke out into embarrassed laughter.

Carrying on her tale, Josie said that after her first earth-shattering cum with the 18 year old, she wanted to reciprocate. Once again grabbing his rock-hard cock, she said she’d turned him so that his butt was sitting on the first step as she moved between his legs never releasing her grip. Instead she started wanking him with one hand while playing with his balls with the other. All the boy could do was groan and lie back while the older woman worked her magic touch on his most sensitive areas.

“Rachel, you wouldn’t believe how fat his cock got as I ran my fingers up and down his shaft. Escort İzmir His purple head looked so smooth and suckable but I was determined to make this boy remember this blow job for the rest of his life. I pushed him backwards and raised his legs as high up as I could and I took my index finger and ran it from his sac to the rim of his anus. He gasped when I started forcing my nail past his sphincter muscle. In and out I slowly inserted more and more of my finger until I finally had it in all the way to my second knuckle. I could see a drop of liquid at the slit in his cockhead and wondered if it was precum or a drop of urine. Only one way to find out, I thought, so I leaned in closer and tasted it with my tongue. To this day, I’m not sure what it was because no sooner had my tongue touched the tip when I felt Barry’s balls tighten and before I could stop him, he was cumming all over my face! All I could hear was him moaning over and over, “I’m cumming!!! Mrs.Christie!!! I’m cumming!!!” Believe me Rachel that boy had a lot of cum stored up in those balls. By the time he had finished, my face and tits were covered in his white stuff. Boy was he sweet then. He was so embarrassed about cumming so quickly and intent on apologizing that it was minutes before he even realized that I wasn’t upset. I was still licking up the residue of his cum. The only time I got upset was when he told me what a great cocksucker I was. Hell, Rachel, we both know that we like to go down but we don’t need to be called cocksuckers. At least I didn’t need to be told that by an 18 year old boy.”

Looking over at her friend, Josie could see that Rachel was as flushed as she was. Rachel looked over at Josie sheepishly and the two broke out into another round of laughter. “I need a break, gotta pee. Be back in a minute.” Josie said as she jumped up and headed for the mainfloor washroom.

Rachel finally recovered enough to go back into the kitchen to refill their glasses and to sneak another longing look at Raoul. The sweat on the youth’s chest and arms just emphasized his muscular torso even more and Rachel started fingering herself. She started imagining the boy bending her over the table while she opened herself up to his youthful thrusts. It didn’t take long. While one hand fondled her melon-sized breasts, her middle finger alternated between stroking her clitoris and driving into her own very wet vagina. Soon the married mother of 3 was cumming right there at the kitchen sink. As she was coming down from her euphoric state, she heard Josie calling her from the living room. “Hey, kiddo, stop gawking at the help and bring me some more vino. There’s more x-rated stuff to tell.” With a sigh she wondered if she could do what her friend had done. Could she break her wedding vows just for a few moments of wanton passion? With a teenager no less? Then with a final longing look at Raoul, Rachel rejoined her friend in the living room.

Josie continued her saga when the two settled on the couch.

“I’m so glad that we can finally talk about this…this thing…this fixation we both seem to have with young men. Where’d I leave off? Oh yeh, Barry, God bless him, was so thankful that I wasn’t angry that he had cum in my face that he offered to get a towel and to clean his residue up. Meanwhile I could see that the boy’s cock was still fairly hard – Rachel, these young guys cum quickly but boy can they cum often. Harry, on the other hand, when he finally gets up the strength to ‘perform his husbandly duties’ hardly shows any interest in doing it again for weeks.”

“Well, when I noticed the teen’s resurgent cock, I practically pulled him all the way up the stairs and pushed him onto the bed. We had divested ourselves of what little clothes we still had on and started making out like the proverbial Banshees, whoever the hell they are. Without any guidance from me, Barry rolled me onto my back and moved between my legs. I thought, ‘This is it, I’m going to cheat on Harry for the very first time and with a boy still in high school no less.’ But Barry wasn’t ready to fuck although his cock certainly was. Instead he spread my legs and started kissing his way down my spreadeagled body. Starting at my neck , he alternated licking with kissing until he had arrived at my boobs. I tell you Rachel, Barry must have a mother fixation. He couldn’t get enough of my tits. He’d stroke them, push them together and bury his face in the valley they created. He started sucking on them so hard that I had to warn him not to leave any hickeys. Imagine having to worry about hickeys at the ripe old age of 45!”

“While running my fingers through his hair, I asked him if he would go down on me. I’ve always liked that but Harry doesn’t do it any more. My young lover however, smiled and dove down to my ‘muff’ as he called it. Can you believe it? The boy was teaching me stuff I didn’t know and boy was he good. He must have spent 10 or 15 minutes manipulating my clit with first his fingers and then finally his tongue. I tell you Rachel, he got me so hot that I was begging him to stop before I, too, came on his face. He just looked up at me, smiled that little boy smile, and pulled my pussy back into his face. I lost track of how many times I came but I finally had to beg him to stop so that I could catch my breath.”

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