Oh Captain My Captain


Even though I’d been to a good swingers party with my man, that doesn’t stop me from constantly wanting sex. That’s how I am. Anyway, it was Sunday and I was informed that I’d be alone that night as he and a friend were going to see 311 play in Boston. Most of the day was filled with chores and I was kind of happy while I debated about meeting somebody off one of the websites I’m on — or just spending “me time.”As the sun faded behind the trees, I decided to get out of the house and go to a local restaurant for oysters and wine. I wore nothing special to walk there, just a sundress as it was still very hot. I sat at the bar and ordered a dozen oysters, a salad, and relaxed with my first glass of wine. There was only a few people chatting away but it wasn’t too long before the place became full of townies and unfamiliar people.  It’s a huge sailing community and this was race week, bringing Ataşehir Escort in people from all over the world either to watch or race. I talked with a few people but it was only chit-chat, nothing of substance. That changed when an older man asked if the seat next to me was taken. I replied “No” and he plopped down, smiled, and we began chatting about life here in town while he bought me a glass of wine, my third of the night.  He was from Newfoundland, Canada, in his early sixties, and was living on his boat in the harbor for a few days. He gave me a short version of his life, described his boat, and I didn’t have much chance to tell him anything about myself other than I was a local. But, when he paused to sip his scotch, I told him that he was sexy and awesome. We got fairly tipsy after that and sometimes drew the beautiful bartender into Ataşehir Escort Bayan our conversation. That made me even hornier. As the night went on, the older guy was so charming and nice that I began to think about boat sex and whether I would end up there with him. But it was getting late and I had to go. He insisted on paying my bill. See, what a gentleman!When we walked outside, an Uber was waiting for him. He said he’d take me out on his boat but he was only here for another day or two. We exchanged phone numbers and I told him I’d text him soon. I walked home thinking about boat sex.By the time I got home, I was very horny and decided to text him.Me: Hey, Captain DavidCD: Hello, is this my oyster friend?Me: Yes, it is captainCD: Well, helloMe: Whatcha doing, Captain David?CD: On my boat with scotch thinking about you Me: Oh, really, Escort Ataşehir Captain David?CD: Yes and you can just call me Captain. What you doing?Me: I’m drunk and thinking about my CaptainCD: I wish you were here. Why don’t you come out to my boat?Me: Now?CD: Sure, do you know where the launch is?I looked at the clock. I had about two to three hours before my man’s possible return.Me: Yes I do. Is that an order from my Captain?CD: Do you follow orders?Me: Yes sir, Captain sirCD: Then I order you to come here, ASAPMe: Yes sir. Should I bring you anything, sir?CD: If you have any scotch, bring that. But wear that same dress.Me: Yes sir. I have a bottle of Redemption, is that ok sir?CD: Not sure what that is, but bring it, pleaseMe: Yes sir, I’m walking there now.I got the bottle and went out into the night.Me: I’m closeCD: I told launch to be there for you.  Just tell him you’re coming to see meMe: Yes sirCD: Good. You wearing that awesome sundress?Me: Yes sirCD: Good girlMe: And I have that bottle CD: You like following orders, don’t you?Me: Yes sir! At the launch, the guy said, “You’re going to see David, right?”  “Yes, he needs his scotch.” I raised the bottle and then climbed aboard.

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