Office Manager


I decided to color outside the lines on this story, it has lots of sex and not much story. This is new territory for me, but then, learning new things is what life is all about.

Office Manager

As I look up I hear the sound of tires on the gravel parking lot, the business owner and I would like it to be paved so we didn’t have to deal with the little stones, but the building owner is too cheap to do that. It’s actually a mutual tradeoff of sorts, my boss Barry doesn’t want to invest in what he calls *more bricks and mortar* and old Lou the building owner rents it out super cheap because we take care of all the minor maintenance.

As I look out the window in front of my desk I see Herman, the territory salesman for Allied Sheet Metal Supply. He stops in once a month to take an order or confirm that anything we may have called in for was delivered on time and as ordered. I quickly undo the third button on my already stretched blouse making sure he can see my blue lace bra along with a healthy amount of tit flesh, he likes to look, and I like to tease. He’s in his late 40’s, early 50’s, a typical sales guy his age, a little more around the middle than he’d like, hair is beginning to grey and thin, the wear and tear of age shows on his face slightly. All in all, he’s still a handsome man, just not what he was 25 years ago.

Running perpendicular to my desk is a four foot high counter with a foot wide ledge, it’s easy for people to lean on, to write, to set a purse on to pay a bill, and look down my blouse as I sit in my chair talking. I’m not a big person, nor am I considered tiny, I think I’d describe myself as average with one exception, my breasts are too big for my body. They aren’t watermelon size jutting out seven or eight inches, but a 36E is too much for an average framed woman. I’ve always had oversized breasts, and the left is slightly smaller than the right, which got me in lots of trouble once I graduated high school and went onto college sex 101.

For most kid’s college isn’t about an education, it’s about drinking and fucking, and sometimes it’s about fucking and drinking. To be sure there are those attending for the right reason, but most only figure it out when their four years is nearly over and they realize they’ve learned very little for the tens of thousands they’ll pay back for student loans. In my mind my breasts were an abnormality with one being slightly larger than the other, consequently I was always seeking affirmation that they were as good as the next girls. Boys, and a few girls, didn’t have to secretly cop a feel, I was all to eager to have them mauled and sucked.

Cheryl is my name, I’m now 33 and work as the office manager/purchaser for an HVAC company, (heating/cooling/ventilating), Barry and I do a walk through every Tuesday taking inventory with me making a list. I’m the atypical small town, big hair, tight blouses, short skirt or tight jeans with a bit too much makeup at times. Never married, don’t intend to be, there’s far too much loose cock swinging to be saddled with only one. I’m not interested in cock for the sake of a cock being buried inside me, but if he looks good and I think he’s clean I’ll spread my legs without hesitation. After our walk through I’ll make a list of what needs to be ordered, run it by Barry and then call in the orders.

Most of the companies have their own delivery trucks and go through our area on Monday, beginning about 5:30 in the morning, I go in early on Mondays to verify everything being delivered is correct and to flirt with the drivers. Through the years I’ve gotten to know one or two well before they found a better job, giving two of them a blow job, and an older guy with a huge cock that I let plow into my pussy in the back room as I bent over the box of a condensing unit with my skirt above my waist and my panties around my ankles. He dumped such a load of cum in me I dripped the entire day, my panties were literally paste by the time I went home.

Barry and I doing inventory on Tuesday affords me the time to get whatever we needed on next weeks Monday run. Barry is early 40’s, happily married and true to Martha. I attempted to seduce him shortly after I began working for him by sitting in the chair across from his desk in a skirt and no panties, legs spread and a bald pussy glistening with girl juices. He smiled shaking his head.

“Is that for me Cheryl? It looks tasty and I’m sure it would be treat to bury my dick in it, truth is, I have more pussy at home than I can handle, and as tempting as this is, I’m gonna pass. Martha and I have been together too long to throw it away.”

I closed my legs, smiled, walked around his desk, kissed him on the cheek and softly whispered.

“Thank you, working for you will be a treat. If in the future you change your mind, let me know, it’ll always be available to you.”

That was several years ago, now it’s a tease and flirt existence. I flirt while he teases with fake interest, a few times I’ve set across from him kıbrıs escort with legs open exposing my stockings or far enough that he can see my panties. He smiles and calls me a slut, which makes me grin and close my legs. A few times while doing inventory he’s spun back toward me, his hand accidentally colliding with a breast, the first time he jumped and apologized. Anymore he smiles, squeezes, and let’s go, telling me to get my fine ass out of the way. There is always a crew working in the back of the shop making up ducting for the next job,

along with 12 guys working in service and installation. I’ve been very careful not to ever get involved with any of them. I’m not gonna crap where I eat.

The only one I might ever consider is an older guy named Sid, late fifties, solid as a rock, married to a gal half his age and by all appearances is well satisfied between her legs. I figure if he can fuck a girl 27 enough to keep her happy, he’d certainly be able to put me over the top. It’s with interest that I watch Herman venture through the front door. What I refuse to get from the guys who work here, I can get from the salesmen if they’re interested, and most are. I pick and choose carefully, if there’s any suspicion in my mind that they might not be clean, I keep it to looking down my blouse, or turning sideways in the chair enough for them to see the top of my stocking.

The ones who are married are the most fun, none of them want to be unfaithful, some of them manage to resist, the majority collapse when I ask if they want to fuck my mouth or my pussy. More than one business deal has gone heavily in our favor because I lowered my panties or got on my knees in the conference room. Barry knew what I was doing and didn’t really care, he knew I needed lots of cock and if it helped the bottom line, go for it. Whatever transpired was always behind a locked door and kept as discrete as possible. That tactic also worked with a few hard to sell customers, not something I was prone to do, but it had happened more than once.

Presently we needed a pallet of 26 gauge flat steel for an upcoming Job and Herman wasn’t budging on their pricing, it was time to bring out the big guns. Leaning further forward talking in little more than a whisper.

“Sharpen that pencil Herman, give me the right price and your lips could be on these nipples. If it’s a good enough deal you can have my pussy or my mouth.”

Watching him walk outside while on the phone desperately negotiating a better price it was impossible to not see the bulge in his trousers. I’d sucked him off twice before, this would be the first I let him fuck me if the price was right. He was well endowed, not hung like a mule, but those size cocks usually hurt me so I didn’t mind, I’ll take six or seven inches of fat solid meat any day. As he laid a piece of paper with a new number on my desk, I lifted my skirt showing him his reward, pulling my panties aside exposing my bare bald pussy. He gasp for air as I told him to write it up, I was going to the girls and I’d meet him in the conference room.

Herman was in the room waiting as I walked in, locked the door, signaled for him to stand and grabbed his cock through his trousers. He wanted to kiss me, I pushed him back.

“No kissing Herman, we aren’t in love, this is a business deal. We came in here to fuck, or have you changed your mind? If not get those pants off.”

His hands were shaking so badly he nearly couldn’t open his buckle or unzip his pants as I bent over the table slowly lifting my skirt to expose my ass and very wet pussy. I knew it was swollen with excitement, pushing outward between my slightly parted legs, it was a look I had perfected, spending time looking back at myself in the mirror until I had it just right. Lips puffed up, pushing back through the narrow opening, moisture gathered along the vulva, looking ready to be serviced. He was in such a hurry he didn’t take the time to slip his pants off, shuffling forward with his pants around his ankles and his dick sticking out he made his way to my ass.

I wiggled my butt and cooed a little to get him more stimulated, I felt the tip of his cock touch the labia and push forward, opening my petals, stretching the opening slightly as he entered. He wasn’t huge, but he was thick, and once buried to his balls had nearly reached my cervix, my vagina will take eight inches without any discomfort, this was perfect. As excited as he was, I knew he wouldn’t last long, I pushed back into him hard and said loudly.

“Come on Herm, give it to me. Fill my pussy with cum.”

It was as I predicted, he wasn’t in me three minutes when I felt his body tense, his dick began to swell and I felt his cum splash inside my vagina. I had a mini-gasm and knew I’d need to find the real thing later in the day. Mark was one of my regulars I knew would be at the bar that evening, I would text and let him know I needed cock, he was always happy to oblige. I handed Herman some paper towels to wipe off as kilis escort I used the softer tissues, I stuffed a few in my panties as I pulled them up, I didn’t need his jizz making a mess all morning.

Barry winked at me as I wished Herman a good day and led him to the door. I stepped into his office where he inquired how the meeting had gone.

“The price was very good, we’ll save a bundle on this pallet, the negotiations were hurried though. His sales pitch didn’t last very long if you get my drift.”

“Sorry to hear that. Cheryl, you don’t have to do those negotiations, I appreciate what you do, but please never feel like you have to screw these guys.”

“It’s the chase as much as anything Barry. Knowing I’m wearing them down a little more each time they show up, until I finally have them in my mouth or between my legs, after that I basically own them. I can negotiate with leverage from that point on.”

“Not an anal girl huh?”

“Only with a few special ones. I’d do anal with you Barry, just let me know when so I can wear my butt plug to work.”

Barry leaned to me whispering, “Martha already takes care of that for me. It isn’t real often, that’s okay though, we keep it special that way. Thanks for the offer though.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather as I walked back to my desk. Prim and proper little Martha, house wifey personified takes Barry’s meat up the ass. Holy shit, this is too much, and I have an entirely new respect for that tiny little mother of four. How does a woman that small crank out four kids? Most marriages I’ve seen suck, Barry and Martha seem to have found the right balance, if I were to ever marry, I’d want it to be like theirs.

Two weeks later the sales guy from Conklin Co showed up looking for the fall order of equipment. Conklin was the distributor of the type equipment we sold and installed, it was part of their policy that we buy ten thousand dollars worth of equipment inventory every spring and fall. If you didn’t like it, there was always another contractor waiting to become a local dealer. The young guy and I couldn’t reach an agreement, I asked if Ken the former salesman was still employed at Conklin, and if so bring him back in a week to see what we might work out.

The next Thursday the young man showed up with Ken, as they walked in he said “Hey Gorgeous”, I walked around the counter, wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a full body hug. My tits were smashed against his chest and my pelvis was pushed into his semi-hard cock. It had been buried in my pussy several times in the past, I wanted to remind him that if the numbers were good he could be in it again. I pulled back, kissed him on the cheek and took him into Barry’s office to say hello.

Once that was done, I suggested we go into the conference room where we wouldn’t be bothered by phones and people. We went back and forth over prices, discounts, delivery, sizes of equipment, did we want to buy more supplies than we had been? It went on for a half hour or more when Ken slid a piece of paper with our multiplier written on it, a very good number I might add. Before I responded Ken reached over placing his hand on mine and said.

“This number is based on whether we close this deal in our regular fashion.”

“Give me another half percentage point and I’ll close the deal with both of you.”

Ken smiled, winked, re-wrote the number and slid it to me. I sat looking and told him, “one gets my pussy the other my mouth, how do you want to work it out.”

After listening to them him and haw I stood, told them both to whip out their meat and show me what I was working with. I knew Ken was long but not very wide, I had no idea what junior would be like. His was only 4 to 4-1/2 inches long, but fat, very fat. I pointed to Ken and said,

“You, in my pussy, then to the kid, you, in my mouth. I’ll blow you first, Ken will take a little longer to unload.”

I gave the kid a hooker grade blow job, I could get the entire thing of his short dick in my mouth without gagging. At one point I put my hands behind his thighs and started fucking my face, he caught on quickly, cupping the sides of my head and slowly fucking my mouth. When I felt start him begin to expand I slid back to the head, locked my lips around his shaft and swallowed hard. Rising off my knees I pulled him in for a kiss, him not realizing he was about to get a snowball. As I opened my lips he did as well expecting to French me and was caught completely off guard as I deposited a bubble of his own cum into his mouth. He didn’t know what to do, mouth hanging open in disbelief, Ken told him to be man and swallow, which he did with fear on his face.

While I was bending over Ken was lifting my dress, with his hands on my hips he hooked the waistband of my panties, slid them down and let me step out of them. My legs were spread waiting for his onslaught, he didn’t disappoint, ramming into me with one long thrust, backed out and slammed in again. I grunted kırıkkale escort as he hit bottom.

“Missed that didn’t you Cheryl?”

“You know I did Ken, stop talking and fuck me.”

As he finished his dick slid out of me, cum dripping onto the throw rug creating a small puddle. I asked for my panties, Ken handed them to me, I gave them to the kid.

“There’s a little something to wrap around your cock tonight as you think of me.”

As I walked them to their vehicle Ken wondered if we might get together soon. I told him only once, I’d meet him at the old place we frequented a few years before. The following Friday we checked in and didn’t emerge until Sunday afternoon, completely exhausted and pleasantly sated.

Martha had begun visiting at lunch more often now that all the kids were in school. She’d go in Barry’s office sitting across from him, I noticed she was wearing skirts and dresses a lot more these days. Then it dawned on me, she was lifting her dress showing him the treat between her legs, the same thing I did once in a while, only hers was to get things warmed up for later on. On a Wednesday I said hi as she walked into his office, ten minutes later I looked up and saw Martha wasn’t in the chair. I asked Barry where she went, he shouted *bathroom*.

Impossible, I’d have seen her walk past me. Looking down I saw the souls of her small shoes exposed under the two inches at the bottom of the center panel on his desk. She was under his desk sucking him off. I smiled huge at Barry who in turn smiled at me, gave me a thumbs up and closed his eyes leaning back slightly. He came so hard I could hear her gulping ten feet away, I thought to myself, *what a trooper*, she may be little, but she plays in the big girl league. With a woman like that it was no wonder he never felt the need to stray.

My special talents weren’t only used for stubborn sales people, I had used my charms to close a few installation deals as well. The first was a guy in his garage, the wife wanted a new furnace with air conditioning, he was balking on the air. I had gone there with Ken to see if I could persuade the wife to apply more pressure. It turned out it was Barry who was in the house talking with the wife while I fucked her husband in the garage, he signed the contract and the wife was happy, thanking me for whatever I did to help her husband realize the benefit of adding air right away. If she only knew.

The most memorable for me was a husband and wife who stopped in to talk about our proposal. He had an Army veteran hat on, she was a tiny oriental woman, dark long hair, very pretty face, slender petite body. It was obvious they’d married when he was overseas, being his wife, she returned to the states with him. Her English was okay, still she said very little, mostly let him rattle on, it became apparent to me that though he was vocal, she ran the household and had ahold of the purse strings. As he would make statements or ask questions, he would look at her each time. It was apparent she wanted the entire package it was him who wanted to scrimp. Being a dutiful wife, she wasn’t going to argue with him in public.

I suggested the three of us go to the conference room to see if we could find a compromise. While in college I’d had a few girlfriends and had learned the signals girls send to each other, she was exhibiting many of those signals. Walking to the conference room I opened another button on my dress making sure she could see the red lace at the edge of my bra. Sitting across from me as we talked, I noticed her focus was indeed on my breasts, she was squirming in her seat and her breathing was shallow. Barry walked in at the opportune moment asking the husband if he’d like to see the working end of the shop.

I knew he’d be gone about twenty minutes and stood as soon as the door was closed, locking it as I walked toward her. As she looked up, I covered her mouth with mine before she could protest, my hand dropped to her little tit where I cupped the entire thing in the palm of my hand, squeezing the flesh and pulling at the nipple through her shirt. Opening another button, I pulled my bra up exposing my breasts pulling her face to my chest.

“Suck Sun Li, and open your blouse.”

With her lips on my nipple she opened her blouse showing me her small lavender colored bra, nothing sexy about it, but it made my pussy drip. I pulled it up and caressed the tiny mound, pinching and pulling the nipple. Pulling my nipple form her mouth I bent to suck one nipple then the other, moving my hand between her knees, pushing my hand up her thighs, seeking her honey pot of excitement. Her legs opened for me to touch her heat radiating wet pussy, panties soaked and getting wetter. I dropped to my knees, lifted the dress, pulled the panties aside and lapped her pussy.

Those little hips jutted forward, her soft thick hair tickling my nose. I licked a few minutes then stood, as she straightened her dress and buttoned back up, I lifted my skirt exposing my smooth soft puffy cunt. With my hand behind her head I slowly drew her in, her mouth opened, her tongue snaked out and landed directly on my labia. I let her lick for a few minutes knowing I was running out of time. Sitting next to her I gave her instructions.

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