Office Affairs


It was dark and cold that night, I had to work late and I ended up alone in the office. I had a slight headache from the fluorescent lighting and decided it was time to go for a smoke break, as I grabbed my coat my phone rang, it was him. He asked if I was still at work and if I wanted some company, or at least a ride home, I agreed and made my way out for my smoke.

I was halfway finished smoking when he pulled up, coffee in hand. I smiled at the sight of him, I wasn’t particularly fond of him but I was happy to have someone, anyone, keep me company at work.

He smiled, handed me a coffee and asked “how’s it going in there? Lots still to do?”

I shook my head as I sipped at the cup “not really, I’m almost done… Just have a couple more things to file”

I couldn’t help but notice his gaze as I finished my smoke, he was looking me up and down as if he had never seen me before. I brushed it off, it was just my imagination, why would he look at me like that?

I unlocked the door to the building and to my surprise, he grabbed the door to open it for me. I thanked him as I turned to lock the door behind us, he stood there looking at me for a minute before moving so I could get to the lock. As he stepped aside I got a whiff of his cologne, his scent was intoxicating and I almost forgot what I was doing.

Once I locked the door we headed towards my office, silently I lead the way. I could feel him staring at me, watching my every movement as we walked through the building. The lights in the hallway flickered as we walked and the low humming of the old furnace helped to set the mood. It was like being on the set of a horror movie, and I was thankful to have him there.

Once we arrived at my office I sat down in my chair, he leaned against my desk and looked around the room. “You know, all the years we have worked doors away from each other, I don’t think I have ever actually been in your office”

I thought about it and realized he was right, he had never been in here before. “It’s just an office, nothing special about it” I replied as I filed some papers in my desk.

“I like it…. Its dark and windowless, like a dungeon” he said standing up.

I laughed, “it is a dungeon” I replied stapling the last of my paperwork.

Suddenly izmit escort I felt a hand on my shoulder that made me jump, I quickly realized that it was his hand and I relaxed as he massaged my shoulders and neck.

“How long have you been here today? I know you got in before I did and its obvious that you haven’t left” he said

“Mmm… I got here a little after 7 this morning” I mumbled, enjoying the message

“WOW! You really are a workaholic, its almost 9” he replied, gently moving my hair away from my neck.

He continued to massage my neck, slowly working his way down my shoulders and back. I was in heaven, it had been years since I had a massage and I completely lost focus on my work.

I don’t know when he started but the next thing I knew he was kissing the back of my neck, softly kissing from the base up to my hair line. I was instantly soaked, and could feel my nipples hardening beneath my silk blouse.

I leaned forward in my chair, resting my arms on my desk, enjoying the feel of his kisses on my neck and his hands slowly exploring my body. It wasn’t long before he cupped my left breast in his hand, rolling my erect nipple between his fingers. His other hand sliding down from my shoulder, around my right breast and up towards my throat.

He whispered in my ear “I want you, right here, right now” I moaned in agreement and spun my chair around to face him.

He was wearing lose jeans but that didn’t hide his enormous erection. I grabbed at him but he swatted my hand away, lowering himself to his knees. He slid his hands up my the outside of my thighs, searching for my panties but to his surprise I wasn’t wearing any.

“No undies in the office? Someone is a naughty girl” he said sliding his hands back down my thighs to the end of my skirt.

I adjusted myself to allow him easier access to lift my skirt but instead he started kissing my thighs under my skirt. He kissed soft and slowly, inching his way towards my labia. It felt like forever before he finally reached where I wanted him to be but he didn’t give me what I wanted just yet, instead he kissed all around my sweet spot first.

Finally at long last, he licked me deeply from top to bottom, plunging karabük escort his tongue deeply inside of me, licking the sides of my vagina and sucking my puffy lips. I gasped and moaned, quivering beneath his touch, his hands gently rubbing up my thighs as he licked every last inch of my pussy. I threw my head back, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I came into his mouth.

He slurped up every drop of me, his tongue egging me on. My leg twitched as he flicked his tongue against my clit, he found that special spot, enjoying the twitches he induced. I moaned deeply as I came again on his tongue, his fingers spreading me apart allowing him to push his tongue further into me. I lost all control when he slid a finger into me, sucking and biting my clit as his finger slid in and out of my now dripping pussy. Desperately I waved my hand in the air, searching for something to grab on to, knocking everything off of my desk. Finally I grabbed his head with both hands, thrusting my hips in the air in an attempt to get his finger deeper into me.

He pulled his finger from me and forced it into my mouth as he pulled my shirt up, nibbling on my nipples. I eagerly licked and sucked his finger clean while I reached down for his pants. He grabbed my waist and pulled me out of my chair, kissing me passionately as I unbuttoned his jeans, freeing his enormous cock.

I tried to sit up on my desk but he had other plans, grabbing the back of my head, guiding me towards his erection. I got on my knees kissing his stomach, slowly working my way down. Instead of sucking his cock I kissed the tip and licked his balls, teasing him the same way he teased me. I sucked his balls and licked his shaft until he grabbed my hair and forced his way into my mouth.

I immediately started sucking and bobbing, taking him deeper into my throat inch by inch until I had his entire cock in my throat and his balls on my tongue. He groaned with pleasure as I swallowed him and slid him back out. I continued sucking him, licking and fondling his balls until he pulled away.

“Get up!” He growled as he pulled me up off the floor.

He spun me around, pushing my face and chest onto my desk. He lifted my skirt and shoved his cock karaman escort deeply into me with one hard thrust. I moaned involuntarily and began to cum. He smacked my ass hard as he thrust into me again invoking yet another involuntary moan. He had both my arms pinned above my head on my desk as he continued thrusting into me, harder each time.

I could feel an orgasm building inside of me, growing with each thrust and smack. The quick slap of his balls against my clit helping to build my orgasm. He thrust deeply into me, leaning down his weight on me and whispering in my ear “cum for me baby, squeeze my cock with your tight little pussy and cum like you mean it”

With that my orgasm released, cum frothing out of me around his cock like a burst pipe. I completely soaked him, myself and my desk as I came, moaning inaudibly. Words could not escape my lips as I came for him, my eyes closed and I squeezed his cock tightly inside of me. He continued fucking me, slowly pulling out then quickly thrusting back in with enough force to bang my pelvis against my desk.

“Yes! Oh yeah… Fuck me!… Fuck me hard!… Ooooooo” I screamed as he fucked

He didn’t say a word, he simply moaned and fucked me harder than I thought possible. Releasing my wrists and grabbing my hair, he pulled my face up from the desk, turning my head enough for him to watch my orgasm as I sprayed cum. As my body relaxed from its orgasmic release he kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues danced together for only a minute before he pulled away.

“I’m gonna cum!” He moaned at me

“Oh god! Cum in me, fill me up…. Please, oh please let me feel you cum in me” I begged

I didn’t need to beg for it, he was going to cum in my anyway. He moaned and I could feel the throbbing in his cock as he prepared to fill me. I met his thrusts, shoving myself back into him each time he thrust forward, forcing his cock deep into me. He hit my cervix with his cock and immediately started to cum rope after hot rope of cum deeply into me, filling me to the point his cum was leaking out and running down my leg.

He thrust into me a few more times as I squeezed his cock, milking the cum out of him. Finally he collapsed onto me, covered in sweat and breathing heavily. I could feel his erection dissipate inside of me until he finally popped out, followed by a stream of our combined juices.

As he pulled away from me a loud voice boomed “your both fired!”

Quickly we both looked towards my door to see our boss standing there, wife in arm with a disgusted look on his face.

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