Obsession Ch. 02


Continued from Chapter 1… Visit to the Psychiatrist

“I got a job in the city as a computer programmer, so I got myself a small apartment.”

“So then did you find new men to masturbate?”

“Yes, the first was a guy from work, he was married so he could only stay an hour. But that helped me out a lot. He was really happy to just be masturbated and cum all over my pubic area and occasionally as a treat in my mouth. After he had gone I would go back to bed and masturbate for hours or until I fell asleep.”

“Were there anymore men, Judy?”

“Yes. Dozens and dozens of them.”



“Why did you say, Wow, Doctor? I don’t lie, or steal, I don’t do drugs, I only smoke occasionally, and I don’t drink to any excess. A case of beer will last me more than a month, a bottle of wine maybe 2 or 3 weeks. My only weakness or obsession is seeing or making men ejaculate and apart from the unfortunate incident that got me into court, all of my dealings with men are done behind closed doors. Is there a problem with that?”

“Well it certainly is preferable that you keep your obsession private, I’m not judging you but if you got caught or charged with Public Indecency again, it would be very serious, you do understand that Judy?”

“Yes, I do and what I did was very foolish. It showed a total lack of control on my part.”

“So what happened to this Flasher, the man in the supermarket?”

“Unfortunately he had to serve 3 weeks of a 2 month sentence in jail.”

“Do you think he shouldn’t have been sent to jail?”

“I understand that he flashed on many other occasions, but he only flashed himself off to women and definitely not children. In my mind he was crying out for help, I agree it was wrong what he did, but deep down he is a very nice man.”

“A nice man? Have you seen him since that incident?”

“Yes, before sentencing.”

“Did you meet him in private?”

“Yes, when we were both out on bail. I felt partially responsible for what happened.”

“Did Escort Bayan you masturbate him again?”

“Yes, but in the comfort and privacy of an Hotel room. I jerked him off three time’s altogether and had some fabulous orgasms myself. I also tried to talk some sense into him, I asked him what it would take for him to stop crying out for attention and after our marathon hotel session that day he felt that he no longer needed to Flash himself for at least a week or more. He promised not to do his Flashing routines again if I serviced him every few weeks.”

“So after he served his jail term, did you see him again?”

“Yes, he’s now on my regular list of contacts and he has completely weaned himself off the Flashing. I always have very successful sessions with him and I have to wear a gag to muffle my screams. We are looking for a suitable location where we can hold our sessions and I can completely let myself go without any restrictions like the gag.”

“I’m sorry I don’t have any details on the Flasher guy, what age is he and what is your age again Judy?”

“The ex-Flasher guy Lionel is 49 years old and divorced. I’m 25 years old going on 26 next month.”

“So tell me more about your sessions with Lionel.”

“I see him every two weeks and he abstains from any sexual activity during that time so he always arrives with an abundant supply of cum. The first time he cums he plasters my face, breasts and pubic area, I don’t remove any of it at all, I just let it stay on me and eventually dry out. Sometimes I will suck him off the second time he cums and then I may let him fuck me for the third.

“So the age difference didn’t bother you?”

“No, not at all, I have contacts younger and several contacts even older than Lionel.”

“Oh really, how old?”

“The oldest is Sam at 68 years old.”

“Wow, Sam is older than me.”

“How old are you Doc?”

“I’m 61 years old, almost 62.”

“You don’t look it.”

“Thank you Judy. So how did you meet Sam?”

“In Bayan Escort the library, we were sat opposite each other at a large table. I was doing some research and he happened to know a lot about that subject. He said that he would compile a list for me and he would have it ready for the next day at the same time.”

“So did he have a complete package for you, next day?”

“Yes he did, so we went for coffee where we could talk more openly and discuss the information that he had brought. Our long discussions eventually shifted to more personal things and I met him several times for coffee then one day he invited me to his apartment for supper. I dressed for the occasion and was showing a little more cleavage than normal plus my evening dress also had a long slit up the side which occasionally displayed my thigh and garter belt. Poor Sam displayed signs of an erection so I felt obligated to relieve him. After that we became much closer friends.”

“Amazing, so how many other men have discovered your charms since you moved to the city.”

“Recently I did put pen to paper and tried to account for all of them and came up with at least 47 men that I have at least masturbated or performed oral on.”

“So it may be more than 47 men?”

“Yes. But my more active list is pared down to 15. Oh that’s wrong it’s 16 now.”

“You have a new addition? Who is that?”

“Yes, one relatively new one, but I’m sorry I can’t disclose his identity.”

“I understand. So besides the library, where else have you met your contacts?”

“Oh just about everywhere, in the park, at the cinema, in the mall even at the museum. I’m not into the bar scene, I prefer to frequent quieter places. But one thing is for sure, men always have their eyes fully open when there is some female skin being shown.”

“So is that how you lure them, by showing some skin? By that I assume you mean some cleavage or thighs?”

“Sometimes, yes, also show off the legs and midriff. In summer it’s just so easy, just Escort wear a short skirt and a bra less cut off tanktop.”

“Do any of these men pay you for favors?”

“Yes, some do, also many do insist on buying me trinkets or flowers or some piece of clothing that they would love me to wear for them.”

“What kinds of clothing?”

“Different lingerie, underwear that kind of thing. I have one professional gentleman that loves me to wear very fine silky satin panties and he just loves to dry fuck me and cum between my legs directly on the outside of the panties.”

“Do you ask them for money?”

“No never, it started with one man offering to pay me for favors and I thought it was exciting at the time. So whenever I got further monetary offers I accepted. It wasn’t about the money really; it was about the experience.”

“So you don’t really do it for the money?”

“No, but because he had paid, he expected certain things and I made sure he got his moneys worth and that I kept to a high standard of service. For the most part they never expected the kind of positive responses that I made and they were happy that I was sincerely gaining pleasure from their endeavors. A man loves to see a woman orgasm, he feels he has achieved the ultimate goal.”

“You seem to understand men.”

“I do strive for perfection, if the man doesn’t cum then the evening was a complete waste of time.”

“Have you had such men?”


“Oh really that’s strange.”

“Unfortunately their plumbing had been altered with surgery and when they ejaculated it was internally into their bladder or wherever. Of course that was no good to me so reluctantly I didn’t see them again.”

“Oh yes, from such as Prostate surgery, yes I see now.”

“Yes that’s what they had.”

“Are you leaning more towards older men than younger ones?”

“Yes, older men are much more reliable and less hassles.”

“Someone like me you mean?”

“Yes someone like you Doc, would be perfect.”

“Oh wow, there’s hope for me yet, ha, ha.”

“Are you offering yourself Doc?”

“I don’t know how to answer that Judy.”

“A simple yes or no or a nod…”

There was a silent pause

“Doc, did you just nod?”


To be continued…

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