Oblivion , Doubt Ch. 05


This series is a companion to my story Truth hated Miranda.

‘This is all her fault’ Leethie thought, her face hot and head pounding, snot dripping from the end of her nose.

There was a moment when Thom had started pursuing Miranda that Leethie had considered squelching the affair. She knew if she’d fucked him Miranda would stop seeing him, and had never doubted he’d wanted to fuck her. Looking back, she realized how skillfully Miranda had worked to stop that from happening and to put Leethie at ease.

“He’s just, I don’t know, he’s ok I guess,” Miranda had told her when she’d asked about their date, but she had blushed deeply; shrugging. “It’s just something to do.”

“You don’t even like guys,” Leethie had accused.”What’s with this one?”

“Thom’s like a big brother,” she had explained, waving him away. She had still been dressed for her date. Her fine warm-gray hair was back into two little girlish knots at the back of her head and she’d put makeup on. She’d pursed her lips in a show of indifference. Her lipstick was a brilliant red. “He was our group advisor for orientation, we’ve been friends since I guess?”

Thom had graduated the year before, but had taken a job with a paper nearby and was always around – but only on the periphery. The date was new. Leethie and Miranda were in their final year and would graduate that coming spring. They had been roommates for almost two years by then. Miranda was standing in Leetie’s ‘doorway’ looking giddy and nervous. Nominally the little studio they divided with cheap shoji screens created separate rooms, but there were no doors, and really very little privacy.

Leethie had not been waiting up. She had opened a bottle of red wine and taken a long bath, done a mask, then had stayed up studying. She’d been sitting on her bed wrapped in a robe reading when Miranda had gotten home. She had wondered if she’d bring Thom upstairs but wasn’t surprised when she had come in alone.

Leethie had brought guys back to the apartment; had enjoyed fucking them loudly knowing Miranda could hear everything – it added a thrill knowing she was listening. But she’d started getting a reputation on campus and she didn’t like that, so it had been a while since she had done that; Miranda had never brought anyone to the apartment.

“Well, you sure got dolled up for Mr. He’s OK I Guess,” Leethie said, gesturing to Miranda’s lips with a backhanded wave.

“You like it?” She’d asked brightly, smiling and spinning so her skirt flared, the tiny silver cockles on its hem sparkling.

Leethie had laughed at her. “You look like a hippie.”

“I know!” Miranda laughed back, raising an ankle wrapped in a string of little shells.

When she examined her feelings at all, Leethie just imagined herself as someone with a powerful sex drive and was confident she had no interest in Miranda romantically; escort kocaeli found the idea pitiable and absurd. But she didn’t blame Miranda for lusting after her any more than she blamed guys for lusting after her. It was, in her mind, to be expected. And even if she couldn’t admit her own desires, Leethie didn’t see any harm in taking advantage of Miranda’s desire. Even so, other than the few times in Europe she told herself that she’d only allowed it a dozen times since they’d been back – maybe a bit more – and only when she was drunk and too horny to care.

Looking at Miranda, twirling and smiling after her date, she’d thought about what it’d be like to fuck Thom while Miranda listened. She imagined making her eat his cum after. Her chest felt like it was full of coals as she pictured it.

As powerful as that feeling was, Leethie would never admit to being attracted to Miranda, or even wanting her, she could admit to wanting, and getting off on, making the other girl eat her out. But something about her lips painted red had fired Leethie up.

Miranda had seen it and had done something new that night. Twirling and smiling, she’d danced to Leethie’s bedside, and kneeled there, looking up – suddenly very flush.

“What?” Leethie jabbed, annoyed with Miranda.

“Nothing,” she’d answered, her smile faltering. “It just seemed like you were staring at my lips?”

“Because they’re bright red,” Leethie snapped. “You never wear lipstick.”

“I know,” Miranda said, the smile was gone, she was pouting, licking her lips, they were parted, wet, and full. “Sometimes when you stare at my mouth…”

“When do I stare at your mouth?” Leethie snorted.

“Sometimes,” Miranda added quietly, “when we’ve been drinking…”

Again, lips parted, tongue just touching her bottom lip, she let the suggestion dangle. Despite herself, heat cut Leethie, a nasty hunger washed over her. She knew what Miranda was getting at, but wanted to hear her say it, wanted to hear her ask for it.

“Sometimes what Miranda?” she sneered. “Use your words.”

But instead, she just bowed her head, stroking her forehead against the pink silk covering Leethie’s thigh.

“Sometimes, when you look at my mouth, it’s because you want it,” Miranda had whispered, after a long moment, her lips pressing against Leetie’s leg. “May I take you in my mouth Leethie?”

Leethie’s chest had felt tight. Her body was a hollow and thin thing, filled with heat and air. Her lungs seemed too full for her breath, hardly allowing her to inhale. She wanted to touch herself, but her hand was already on Miranda’s head, petting her beautiful soft hair. She hadn’t meant to do that, hadn’t meant to feel this way; feel this deeply.

Miranda turned up to look at Leethie, her eyes soft and mouth open; lips wet. Leethie let her hand cradle Miranda’s face, it felt like it was gölcük escort shaking, but looking at it against the other girl’s cheek, could see it was still. She told herself it was lust, that she was just horny; hardened herself.

“Say it,” Leethie ordered her. “Say what you want.”

Leethie liked to talk dirty to Miranda, liked calling her names while Miranda ate her out, telling her how much she loved eating pussy, and teasing her afterward about it. But Miranda never did. She had never said a word about it, before, during, or after. This was new, and Leethie liked it, she wanted to rub her face in it.

Miranda’s eyes were soft and pleading, but she held Leethie’s gaze; her eyes didn’t waver or drop. Her lips were red and so wet, she looked like she might drool.

“Beg,” Leethie told her.

“Please Leethie.”

Miranda had reached over and had begun to slowly pull open the bottom of Leethie’s robe. Her hands were narrow and thin but had a girlish plumpness to them. Leethie had always admired Miranda’s hands and unconsciously imitated her gestures – the ways she held her pinky crooked or the little loops she’d make with the tip of her index finger.

“May I lick your pussy?” Miranda whispered, pinching the silk fold of Leethie’s hem. Her voice was so quiet Leethie could hardly hear it over the thundering of her heart. Miranda sounded sad; like she was saying something that might make her cry.

“Please Leethie, let me suck your cunt.” She begged quietly as she exposed Leethies smooth and hairless sex. Leethie had spent a long time grooming after her bath, searching out any errant hairs, but the skin wasn’t irritated. Her lips looked plum, creating a fat little mound split by a tiny pink hint of labia peeking out wetly from within. Her thighs were parting. A frisson of dread cut her as she realized how much she wanted Miranda to bury her face between her legs; to feel her mouth. She felt a spike of rage.

“No,” she told her, rolling her hips slowly away from Miranda’s soft kisses until she was on her belly. Her robe was twisted under her and her ass exposed. “Show me how much you want it.”

Miranda looked at her in confusion.

“Lick my ass.” Her voice came out softer than she intended; quavering.

For an instant, a series of fleeting expressions flashed across Miranda’s face. Shocked-surprise, anger, fear, and hurt, all seemed to blow through and distort her beautiful face but then her eyes went dark. She stared hard at Leethie. The tiny sparks of expressions that had erupted so suddenly, of rage and resentment, cooling all at once. Leethie watched Miranda, lips parted, lifted her long hippy skirt over her knees, and crawled onto the bed. Her movements were overcareful as if there was a danger of something breaking. Leethie moved her legs in concert, slowly spreading her legs wide as Miranda moved izmit sınırsız escort over them, making space for Miranda to take her place between them.

Leethie felt Miranda’s small hands on her the cheeks of her ass, they were wonderfully cool and dry. Then the warmth of her breath on the crack of her ass and the tickle of a loose strand of hair. The wet touch of her lips against her coccyx.

Leethie rolled and raised her hips, pulling her knees up the bed, exposing herself to Miranda.

“Tell me what you want,” she told Miranda. She had pushed her forehead into the pillow, pulled her chin towards her chest, and was speaking into the darkness beneath her body. Her voice sounded babydoll and full of longing. “I want to hear you ask.”

“I want you- I want anything-” Miranda starred in a warm whisper; her voice husky. The words made soft warm landings on Leethie’s tailbone; like smoke rings. “I want to do what you want; anything you want… Please Leethie… let me lick your ass… let me lick your asshole?”

Leethie pictured the red lipstick mark of Miranda’s kiss marking her tailbone like a tattoo. She imagined Miranda’s lips, wet and red floating just above the mark, her tongue pointing out between her girlish pearly teeth.

“Yes,” Leethie cried into the cave of herself. Her eyes squeezed shut, her voice muffled, she admitted, “I want you too… to.”

The wet point of Miranda’s tongue touched the cleavage of her ass and began to squeeze down into the cleft. Leethie moaned and arched her back, raising and spreading her ass further. Miranda’s fingers pulsed and kneaded at the flesh of her ass, spreading her cheeks further as her tongue slid deeper, stopping obediently against Leethie’s asshole. After pressing and caressing the little knot with her tongue for a long time, Miranda took a long slow lick and raised her head.

“Is this good?” she asked softly. “Do you like this Leethie, is it what you want?”

“Yes,” Leethie moaned, “don’t stop Da.”

Miranda’s tongue returned and moved with an eagerness that made Leethie relax and spread her knees even further. Miranda seemed in no hurry to stop. Her spit coated and dripped off Leethie, who moaned and whined as Miranda’s tongue and lips worked against her, warming her and making her soft.

Basking in the attention, Leethie squeezed her breasts and pulled at her nipples, began to shiver, and jolt.

“Oh fuuuuck Da, I’m going to cum!” She shouted in surprise. Miranda squeezed at her ass and pressed harder with her tongue, pushing it into Leethie. “MMMMNNNGOD!”

Leethie let go of her nipples and jerked forward, pulling away from Miranda. Panting into her pillow as small spams shook her abdomen. “Ohmygodwhathefuck!”

Miranda was smiling at her as she turned over. Her limbs felt weak and palsied as she repositioned herself.

“Fuck, little dyke,” she cooed as she sat up against her pillows, her legs spread.

Miranda’s smile didn’t slip, she smoothed her hands over the insides of Leethie’s thighs.

“I am your little dyke,” she assured Leethie and still smiling lowered her head, mouth open, tongue out.

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