Not So Sweet Caroline


Caroline Lopez was 24 years old. She had landed a new job at The Media Group. From the day she completed the interview process until the day that the official contract arrived, she couldn’t believe her good fortune. The new position represented a major promotion, many opportunities to travel and with it, an expense account and oodles of extra cash.

Caroline looked the part and had made a great impression at the round of interviews and meetings with the executives at TMG. She had a deep sexy voice, a gorgeous body and a smiling face, surrounded by medium length wavy brunette locks and featuring a beautiful mouth with perfect teeth and sexy, full lips. Her legs were long and supported a perfect ass that moved every way it needed to. Her ass behaved like a Pied Piper in attracting everybody to follow it. Her tits were high and full. Her shape was perfect and she worked to keep it that way. Strong men smiled her way and prayed, weak men turned and spilled something or tripped over.

TMG was powerful enough to let Caroline loose on some big accounts in a short time frame if she could prove herself. Something her previous employer had been reluctant to do in a period that their business was shrinking. Crediting the TMG V.P.’s for their forward thinking was something that their President, Arthur Lassiter, immediately undertook as he shook Caroline’s hand and told her how he looked forward to having her on the team.

Caroline was ready to take on the world as Lassiter explained how she’d be guided by Ben Harper and Jerry Wilson for a few months. He expected her to get her feet wet and become intimate with the accounts.

With a brief ice cream joke that everybody else was sick of hearing, Lassiter told her that if she lived up to the hopes that they had for her, that the tethers would be off and she’d be set free to conquer the world before she was 25 years old. “And that, Miss. Lopez, would make you the youngest Account Director in the history of this firm” he added.

The boys smiled, Caroline smiled, they all shook hands and Caroline left their offices for home. Smiling at strangers and pinching herself all the way.

Her boy friend, Spencer, seemed less than thrilled. He offered the bare minimum of congratulatory words “hey, that’s great Carrie” and an expression that they might go out to celebrate on Saturday “maybe we could grab an hour at Mo’s after the game at the weekend”. She sensed his indifference might be a hint of jealousy and she asked herself to try and be less enthusiastic about it all. It wasn’t easy.

She started making her list soon after she’d spent an hour on the phone sharing her good news. Her first call was to Jennifer, her best friend forever. Jennifer and Caroline had long ago fucked the same guy in the same room on the same night. It was the night that Jennifer lost her virginity and it was the first time Caroline would fuck somebody she really wanted to fuck. Jennifer had gone first and Caroline marveled at the sight. After an awkward beginning she watched her friend being pounded by a boy several years older than them. She heard Jennifer’s sobbing and screaming before the rush of involuntary orgasm swept through her. She knew that she’d one day want to do things to and with Jennifer’s beautiful body. She watched the boy’s hard cock slamming in and out of Jennifer’s pussy and her hand involuntarily began to masturbate her own clit as she watched. She watched as Jennifer’s legs separated and he slammed harder into her core. She watched as Jennifer’s pussy lips chased the cock as it left her and dragged it back into her sex. She watched as Jennifer’s neck twisted against the headboard and as his violent thrusting crumpled her body tightly to the upper end of the bed. Caroline flooded her fingers with her own cum as she watched the boy spasm and shake and hold his position all the way inside her best friend. She imagined the spurts of his cum deep inside Jennifer’s cunt as she noticed his spine arch while his arms held him rigid and high above Jennifer’s trembling body. The boy withdrew, Jennifer was motionless and at that moment Caroline wanted to drive her face into Jennifer’s pussy and suck until she felt all better. It wouldn’t be that way, Jennifer left for the bathroom. When it was Caroline’s turn to get fucked she didn’t feel nearly as much as she’d felt watching Jennifer. She’d wanted it to be harder and more exciting than it felt. She wanted it to be how it had looked and not how it felt as he poked her half-heartedly. She wanted the cock to be harder and bigger and for the thrusting to be more powerful than she sensed it to be at that moment. She wanted to be pushed up the bed too. She wanted what he gave to Jennifer, what she later described as a “ramming”. She didn’t reach orgasm, the boy had tired quickly, satisfied merely to have achieved the penetration of the two teenagers and a release of his own sperm. He’d left them and never entered them or their lives again. eskişehir escort Afterwards Jennifer was sobbing, he’d hurt her, she regretted it, she felt violated and it was all Caroline could do to try and comfort and console her. Later and during the eight years since, Caroline had never been able to tell Jennifer how much she envied her that night. How much she wished she’d been the first, how much she’d wanted to suck and lick her pussy and let her know that she was her friend in every way she could be. How much she’d wanted to eat her girlfriend and have her enjoy her too. On this day though, Jennifer was as thrilled for Caroline as Caroline was for herself.

After hanging up the phone with Jennifer she wondered again why the usually incredibly supportive Spencer had been so cold. For all she pushed thoughts of Spencer to the back of her mind he kept returning to the front. Why couldn’t he be happy with her news? Was he just unambitious for her? For them? Did he not give a shit? Maybe her ambition was something that would come between them. He was nice, he’d been a good friend, she cared for him and in some way Caroline knew that she loved him but why did he have to be such a jerk sometimes? If she made a success of the job would he be envious, if she failed would he gloat? The questions kept repeating in her head. She knew she was annoyed but she was resolved to make the most of her fantastic opportunity at TMG and for all she might love Spencer, she decided that he needed to get over himself and support her in this. If the alternative spelled the end of their relationship, she’d accept it. Every time she had a problem with Spencer, no matter what the problem was, her mind went back to the other problem, their sex life. The first times they’d fucked she’d felt hopeful that Spencer was going to ravage her like she wanted to be ravaged. Now, when other negatives appeared, she knew he wasn’t the guy to do it. All this reflection made it easier for her to feel ready to give up on him and their relationship. When she compared their sex life with what she had wanted it to be, it was sadly lacking and totally disappointing. He was tender and gentle, not at all what she had once decided she wanted, needed and still dreamed of having.

She talked it over with Jennifer the next day and after kind words of friendship and a reassurance that he probably just needed to adjust to the idea, Caroline was able to let go of her worries and focus on what she needed to do in the coming weeks. She was more sensitive towards Spencer than usual, trying not to let her excitement be front and center of their daily life. Much as she would have liked him to show more interest, he didn’t. Much as she would have liked to have made love and be close, they didn’t. She tried to initiate sex, he got hard but showed no inkling to touch and caress her. She sucked him off but only his cock was involved. Caroline let him fall asleep without words being spoken. If she hadn’t already swallowed his load of cum she’d have spat it back in his face.

When she wasn’t with Spencer she could be excited about her prospects at TMG and she thanked her lucky stars that Jennifer was there to share her excitement. They shopped together, maxed out Caroline’s cards on her new “business” wardrobe and chatted endlessly about Caroline’s hopes, dreams and aspirations. Jennifer was a perfect sounding board and Caroline hugged her and thanked her frequently for her friendship. Jennifer repeatedly burst into song with her favorite lyrics from “Sweet Caroline” the two would crack up laughing at the irony of the words. ‘Where it began, I can’t begin to know when but then I know it’s growing strong’ Caroline knew where it began.

The new job started and went very well. Caroline was a big hit at the office and she was made welcome by the staff. She was trained on the accounts by Ben, Jerry and their four assistants. Gradually she became more familiar with the client files, products, ad campaigns in progress and the future plans. She spent time in the promotional department and with the studios. She really got on well with the job in hand. Lassiter himself was impressed when she was able to field some of his questions on short notice. Lassiter’s whispers in the right ears helped Caroline make the progress that she so much wanted to make and richly deserved based on merit alone. The fact that she looked fantastic in both sexual and professional ways did no harm at all to the image that Lassiter had for his firm. Lassiter himself began referring to her as “Sweet Caroline” and he’d whistle the tune when they passed one another in the hallways with nothing else particular to discuss. Caroline would smile at him in the way a doting father might appreciate being smiled at by an adopted daughter.

Her days were long and full, she looked forward to them and enjoyed them all. She was in the office early and by the time she arrived home it was invariably giresun escort in a state of exhaustion. Things between Caroline and Spencer became indifferent. They exchanged superficial greetings and shopped for essentials together at weekends, beyond that they shared a bed that they entered and left at different times. Intimacy was a thing of the past.

The keys to the statutory BMW 5 Series junior executive vehicle were given to Caroline after three months. She made it home early to see if she could invite Spencer out for a drive and dinner. He was already out. She couldn’t reach Jennifer so she poured a hot bath and treated herself to some seriously well-deserved self indulgence. Wrapped in a robe and relaxed, she masturbated herself to three orgasms. Her thoughts in masturbation always followed a similar theme. She wanted to be with a strong man, she wanted to be taken, she wanted to be surprised, she wanted to be dominated, she wanted to be forced, she wanted to be restrained, she wanted it to be what she couldn’t say she wanted. She fantasized of being fucked against her will, fucked hard and painfully, her imagination consented to things that a sweet girl would never consent to. Every time she was alone at home or in a hotel, this is where her thoughts took her. The stranger became two strangers and sometimes three. Her body was invaded in all ways she could imagine and the harder they took her in her imagination, the stronger and longer her orgasms were. She craved sexual abuse. She knew that Spencer would never be the lover that could fulfill her fantasies. She knew that he would never be able to give her the feelings that her imagination gave her. Her robe open and the towel slipping from her still damp hair, she drifted off into a slumber so deep that she didn’t even hear Spencer return home. He was sleeping when she left.

Her relationship with her team was getting better. More personal. They worked together but helped each other too. She understood all too well that if she did well so would they. It was made clear that the same was true in reverse. They each let their guard down. They became friends and colleagues. They shared the stories of their personal lives, the difficulties faced in driving TMG forward and the compromises it had meant for all of them at home. She felt close to Jerry and Ben and although she’d been aware of extreme attraction from day

it had been pushed aside in favor of professionalism. She had let them know that her sex life was non-existent.

In time, Caroline was introduced to the Merson account, one of TMG’s newest potential coups and greatest challenges. Jerry had almost secured the account after two years of hard work and small projects were coming TMG’s way. All the signs were good. She labored over the files and discussed the details at length with Jerry and Ben. They developed strategies for the new product campaign, they worked tirelessly through lunches and dinners, they had huge plans approved by Lassiter and when all was ready for presentation they headed out to Milwaukee for the meeting that would make or break the deal.

It was the night before the meeting that Jerry told Caroline that he wanted to fuck her.

Ben was still in his room finalizing some spreadsheets for the next day’s presentation to Merson. Ben didn’t need them for the numbers. Famished, they’d left him to it.

Jerry explained it simply. “I don’t want to fall in love with you Caroline, I just want to fuck you. If you like that idea, just tell me. If not, that’s fine too.”

The build up over the last three months had been a long and gradual one. She already knew of her attraction towards both men and she felt they shared it for her. It had just been left unsaid. She also knew that if Ben had made the same comment, she would have had the same reaction. Both men had crept slowly into her fantasies and stayed there as the ultimate partners in her deepest, darkest fantasy.

Caroline stood to leave the table, she looked at Jerry “My room, five minutes.”

She dropped her napkin on the table, walked out of the restaurant and went to her room. From there she called Jerry’s cell phone. He answered it promptly. “Jerry, the door will be open. I’m going to lay on the bed, bring something to tie me up with, don’t speak to me, just fuck me hard and leave me tied there. When you leave, take my room key card. If you want to come back and fuck me again later, I’d like that, ok?”


She hung up, undressed, switched off the light and lay on the bed.

Jerry entered her room and locked the door. He walked through the shadows and approached Caroline. He tied her wrists tightly to the bed head using silk ties. Next he roughly tied her ankles. He undressed in silence at the foot of the bed. They stared at each other through the darkness, imaging only the other’s expressions. Caroline bit her lip in anticipation as Jerry slithered between her legs gümüşhane escort and hungrily lunged his face into her sex. He ate her hard and she felt herself tighten. He felt it too and he forcefully pushed her thighs apart. She tightened again against his head as he sucked hard on her glistening sex. He lifted to his knees and paused, staring at her face through the darkness. She felt his stare and wondered what might come next. He slid both hands along the inside of Caroline’s thighs and invaded her sex with his fingers. He brought three wet ones to her chest and circled his fingers around her nipples as his left hand pushed hard into her sex. She whimpered and twisted but the ties held tight. Jerry positioned himself between her legs and rammed his cock into her. She let out a scream as Jerry’s rock hard cock reached deeper inside her and he told her to “shut the fuck up.” He slammed her again and she gasped, he plunged into her and Caroline felt herself separating to receive him. Harder still he banged into her and she screamed aloud as his pubic bone crushed into her own. Jerry clamped his hand over her mouth and slammed again to the limit. His cock felt huge but Caroline wanted everything he could give her. Her heart was pounding her head was spinning and his bruising, banging assault on her cunt came in faster, harder thrusts as he reached climax. He came loudly, pumping a load of cum into her deprived pussy. The last waves were the deepest Caroline had ever felt and she bit into his palm as the last shudders of his orgasm emptied the last drops of his cum into her gloriously wet, warm snatch. He pushed harder into her face and as she bit him, the pillow came up on either side of her face and dampened the last sounds of Jerry’s cumming.

He pulled his cock from her before releasing her face. She gasped for air as he stood away from the bed. He dressed and left. She whispered “thank-you,” he was oblivious to it.

The green digits on the bedside clock, signaled 10.35 when Jerry closed the room door behind him. They showed 11.38 when Caroline heard the key card being used to open it again. She saw their shadows. She shook in anticipation, the coldness that had gripped her for the last hour had turned to a boiling. She saw them undress and her legs and arms tightened. She knew what was coming, she couldn’t run if she wanted to, she could speak but didn’t want to. She wanted to be fucked again, she wanted to be forced to fuck. She wanted to have no choices to make, she wanted it to happen again. She wanted to be silenced.

“Who is that?” she asked.

“I told you to shut the fuck up.” He came to her face and did what she had most hoped for. He silenced her. He stuffed a cloth into her mouth, she couldn’t speak, it was what she wanted. Caroline felt his hand on her pussy. Jerry stroked her bald pussy, a finger slipped below and pressed at her ass. Caroline tightened. He dipped two fingers into her wet sticky sex and pushed in roughly as she tightened around him. He pressed his palm against her mound and looked towards the end of the bed “you ready to fuck her?”

Caroline knew it had to be Ben, but she also knew that she didn’t know.

The shadow nodded and stroked it’s cock. The shadow climbed between her legs. The shadow fucked her hard, he hurt her cunt beautifully, exactly how she’d dreamed of it being hurt. He slammed into her and she flooded herself instantly, she wanted all he could give her, she wanted the unknown, all the pain he could manage to give her, every crushing thrust, every loud slap of his heavy balls against her ass, every feeling she’d wanted of being used and stretched. She wanted to be a tied up slut, fucked and filled with cum just like this, she wanted to be hammered, she wanted her cunt to be crushed inside her, she wanted to feel herself splitting and gushing through pain and pleasure. Every fantasy she’d had was almost there with her.

Caroline felt her right ankle being untied. Jerry held her leg and pushed her. The other shadow rolled with her, in an instant she felt the second cock against her ass. Already wet, Jerry pushed against her virgin ass and entered her forcefully. The pain was a new peak in Caroline’s life. Her eyes flooded as the head of his cock slipped past her ring and she began to weep as the two men ravaged her harder and harder. The length of his hard bone filled her and pressed into the separation of her sex, stretching her skin like a drum. She came in a shuddering wave. Their rhythm was rough and hard. Caroline strained against the ties, she breathed sharply through her nose, her body was wound and stretched tightly, almost to breaking point. The men came within seconds of each other and Caroline came too in a hoarse, muffled, sobbing mess.

Both cocks slipped out and she felt as perfectly abused as she could have hoped for. She felt the cum dripping from her pussy and ass, she felt it dripping along her thighs. She felt as messy as she’d wanted to feel. She wanted them to untie her and leave so that she could rub their cum on her face and tits, so that she could finger her cunt to another orgasm. Her wish came true. Both shadows slipped away and dressed. One of them untied one wrist. The door closed.

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