Not One For Weddings Ch. 02


“Where to,” the taxi driver asked. I gave him my address, and we were off to my apartment. We’d stayed for another couple of hours at the wedding, dancing and drinking.

“That took longer than anticipated,” Julian remarked.

“Well, if we’d left right away after having disappeared together for twenty minutes, it may have been a bit tactless. Not to mention, Sam would’ve burned us at the stake.”

He laughed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. The ice cream bar was pretty nice, too.”

I turned to him with a grin. “We got some pretty surprised looks when people noticed us dancing together.”

He laughed. “Yeah. Did you hear Sam?”

I chuckled; Sam had shrieked to Jeff ‘I told you!’ when she saw us dancing together.

“How could I not? Her excitement could’ve powered the city for an hour or two.”

“It was a fun night,” he reflected after a moment.

“What was your favorite part,” I asked, biting my lip.

He leered at me. “Well, I seem to recall an interesting interaction in a coat closet.”

I raised an eyebrow at him. ” ‘Interesting’? Is that all I get?”

“Maybe a little more than interesting,” he allowed.

“Hmmph. We’ll see about that,” I grumbled in faux-indignance.

His eyes were twinkling as he took my hand in his. “How far away do you live?”

“I’m pretty close by, we’re almost there.”

He leaned close to brush his lips beneath my ears. “Good. Or else I’d have to prove to you here in the backseat just how interesting I think you are.”

“Hooking up in a taxi cab, I suppose, would certainly be interesting.”

He followed the curve of my cheek with his lips until he came upon mine. He caught them and slipped his tongue into my mouth without reservations as to my response. Then again, I had his cock in my mouth a few hours ago. I returned the kiss in kind, with one of my hands on his thigh, the other still caught within his grasp. He tightened his hold on my hand as I traced up his thigh to between his legs. He gasped as I grazed over his trouser-clad bulge, and pulled away slightly. I kissed him from the corner of his lips to his ear, and nibbled at the lobe softly. His head was tilted back, his eyes closed, savoring the feeling of my teeth pulling at his earlobe.

I noticed, suddenly, an odd halt beneath us, coupled with the driver clearing his throat.

“We’ve arrived, gentlemen,” he informed us politely without turning to look at us.

Hastily, we pulled apart. I handed the driver a $20 bill as I got out, not bothering to wait for the change. Julian was waiting for me at the entrance to my building.

“You’re blushing,” I teased him while I took out my key and unlocked the door.

“Am I? ‘Wonder why that would be.”

“I couldn’t imagine,” I smirked.

We made our way to the elevator, with my hand on the small of his back to guide him. While we waited for the elevator to come down, I let my hand slide down him back until I reached his ass. I put it into his back pocket, and playfully squeezed his cheek.



“What’s with the ass grabbing,” he mumbled,with a smile playing on his lips.

“I figured I should save the ass biting until we were behind closed doors.”

The elevator arrived, in it an older couple who lived a few doors down from me. I gave Julian’s ass another squeeze as we stepped aside to let the couple out; he turned to give me a look that tried to be stern, but was muddled by a goofy smile.

“Hi there, Chris,” the woman, Janet, greeted me.

“How are you, Jan,” I returned.

“We’re good. What are you doing up so late?”

“I was at a friend’s wedding.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Paul and I slept all day, so now we’re wide awake.”

“Woman, I could’ve slept if you’d let me,” Paul corrected, accompanied by a small peck on her cheek to soften the complaint.

“And who’s this,” Janet gestured to Julian.

“This is Julian.”

“Hello,” he nodded his head.

“Are you two friends,” Jan asked with a glint in her eyes.

“Umm..,” Julian gave me a frantic, begging look; Janet and Paul both burst out laughing at his panicked expression.

“Leave them alone,” Paul chided her, still chuckling.

“Okay, we’ll leave you two boys to your…activities,” she giggled. With a final flick of the wrist, they turned to leave Julian and I was alone once more in the lobby.

“Interesting neighbors,” Julian commented as we went into the elevator.

“They’re pretty great, if a bit lacking in subtlety.”

The doors closed, and we were alone in the elevator. My hand was still in Julian’s back pocket, so I took the opportunity the squeeze his ass again – mostly, I’ll admit, to bug him.

“There are cameras in here, you know,” he reminded me.

“I know; I live here.”

With that, I stepped in front of him and pushed him against the wall. My lips captured his, with my tongue snaking out to meet him. He opened his mouth readily, easily accepting my tongue, and grabbed my hips to press me to him. A small moan escaped me at the feeling of his crotch against mine, making my lips more insistent upon him.

I heard a ding from behind me; we’d beylikdüzü escort arrived at my floor. I made no move to end our kiss and I brought one hand to tangle in Julian’s hair, securing his face to mine. He moaned as I tugged at his hair, digging his hands into my ass in a much rougher way than I’d done to him. I groaned and fisted his hair in my hand to pull it harder.

He pulled his face away, panting for breath. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes as I trailed kisses from his chin, down his neck, to his clavicle. I kissed him from the side of his neck to his ear, and halted my kissing regime there to catch my breath. I breathed heavily into his ear, and could feel his heart racing against my chest.

“Perhaps we should take this to a more appropriate location,” Julian suggested after a moment.

“Don’t tell me you don’t want to fuck in an open elevator,” I teased as I pulled away.

“I’d rather imagined a bedroom setting when you invited me to your place, actually.”

“I’d be more than happy to prove you wrong.”

“I’m sure you would!”

I lead him out the elevator and down the hallway, until we reached my door. As I fumbled in my pocket for my keys, I felt his body come up behind me, wrapping his arms around me. He kissed my neck softly, and one of his hands travelled to my crotch – which he began to fondle.

“If you keep doing that, we’re not making it inside,” I warned in a low voice.

“I guess you need to learn how to concentrate better, because we’re not doing anything spectacular until I feel a bed beneath me and a closed door behind me,” he argued, nibbling at the base of my neck.

I focused at the task at hand: unlocking the door, a door I’d opened hundreds of times before. Julian licked my neck distractingly. Desperately, I shoved a key into the lock; of course, it didn’t fit. That’s my fucking mailbox key, of course it’s not going to work. I tried a different key without looking to see which one it was; lo and behold, I found it slipped in easily. Frantically, I turned it, and just about fell into my living room.

“Nice place,” Julian remarked as he closed and locked the door behind him.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards my bedroom, kicking my off my socks and shoes as I went. He took notice, and followed suit.

“Thanks. Did you want a drink or something,” I offered as we entered the bedroom.

“I’ll take something, please.”

“Oh, I’ll give you something.”

I took hold of him by the lapels of his suit jacket and brought him in for a kiss; his hands went to my hips, pressing us together as much as possible. I pushed his jacket off his shoulders, then took off his tie. He moaned into my mouth when I unbuttoned the collar of his shirt, and worked my way down. Since his shirt was tucked into his trousers, I had to pull it out to take apart the last two buttons. I ran my hands over his chest – he was hairy, but not too much; his upper chest was covered in hair, that narrowed as it neared his navel. His torso was flat and firm, but not overly muscular – I briefly looked forward to resting my head on it.

He moved his hands from my hips to the buttons of my vest beneath the jacket I wore, which I hadn’t bothered to button up earlier. He made quick work of the hideous garment, and with relief, I felt him removing my bow tie.

“I hate that damn thing,” I murmured.

He made a mumbled noise in response as he unfastened the buttons of my dress shirt. He tickled my chest with two fingers as the others undid the rest of the buttons, until at last he spread my shirt apart. Though my vest, jacket, and shirt were still on, he explored my chest as if they were nothing. He played with the hair there, toyed with my nipples, and dipped his fingers into my navel. He reached the top of my trousers, but my belt denied his prying fingers entrance.

“Let me take my clothes off, Julian,” I begged him; I was getting uncomfortably hot within all the layers of clothing. Not to mention getting hot and bothered in other ways.

“No; I’m going to take them off you. I’ve been waiting to all night.”

“Fine, but at least take off the vest and jacket,” I groaned.

He complied quickly, sweeping my hands from his chest, and thankfully urging off the extraneous clothing. He pulled off his own jacket and shirt, but left me with my shirt on. He gracefully sank to his knees before me; he looked up at me with a mischievous smile, his lower lip caught between his teeth for him to worry, and his hands rapidly undoing my belt. In an unseemly quick fashion, he was lowering my zipper, then my pants. I stepped out of them, and was left naked but for my open shirt.

“The no-underwear thing suits you, Chris,” he smirked while his fingers reached out to stroke my unconstrained erection. I moaned at the slight touch.

“Don’t feel so complimented,” I breathed. “I was coerced.”

He gave me a too-innocent look. “How were you coerced?”

His fingers wrapped around the base of my cock, lulling from me a low moan.

“Ah…you wouldn’t let me wear them after yours were soiled.”

“Soiled,” beyoğlu escort he repeated with a chuckle. “Yeah, I guess you could say they were ‘soiled’.”

He began to stroke me with a firm grasp.

“What would you say they were?”

“I would say they were thoroughly debased by a man I’ve just met.”

“Then maybe you need to develop a better taste in men.”

A drop of pre-come had formed at the head of my cock; he licked it off and continued rubbing me as if uninterrupted.

“Perhaps, though I can’t imagine finding a better tasting man.”

He brought his lips to the tip of my cock once more, and brought me into his mouth. I groaned as he pushed himself further over me, until I could feel the back of his throat. He moaned around me, making delicious vibrations that sent shivers up my back. I watched him as he pulled back, his tongue trailing behind, then twirled it around the head as he reached it. I closed my eyes.

“Mmm, that feels good.” I lowered my hands to his muscular shoulders and massaged them while he continued to lusciously suck on my dick.

He brought his hands to my thighs and kneaded them with his fingers, his head faithfully bobbing over me. His tongue made small circles around me, with his full lips carefully sheathing his teeth. As he pulled away then back again, his saliva left my cock invitingly shiny and wet. He got progressively noisier in his actions, both in his moaning and the sexy slurping sounds he made as he worked over me.

One of his hands smoothed its way from my thigh, to between my legs, and up until he could reach my testicles. With one finger he tentatively stroked me, a small whimper escaping me as he did. Encouraged, he weighed and fondled my sack in his hand.

He slipped me out of his mouth, and, trailing his tongue along my shaft as he went, brought his lips to the sensitive balls. With his tongue, he willed one into his mouth; he softly sucked while his tongue ran around it. He opened his mouth slightly and let it fall out longingly, before bringing the one beside it inside to fill the abandoned space. His lips enveloped the delicate sac, his tongue gently caressing it with the perfect amount of pressure, and sucking with just enough force.

Too soon, he tired of this; his lips pulled back with a pop as he released me. With one hand, he cradled my now-wet balls as his tongue ran along the underside of my cock. He grasped my shaft with his other hand when his tongue reached my slit, where more pre-cum had begun to gather and dribble down. He hastily licked it up, and brought his attention to the head of my cock. He swirled his tongue around it and sucked in a way that made me shake. His hands, too, were not laying idle in the midst of this; he played with my balls with one hand, and firmly stroked me with the other.

I held onto his shoulders tighter as a particularly strong wave of pleasure washed over me. I opened my eyes and looked down to see him fully immersed in the task at hand. And, I must say, there are not many things hotter in this world than watching an attractive man work over my cock with as much enthusiasm as Julian. His own eyes were shut closed as he slaved over my dick, seemingly oblivious to my kneading fingers and staring gaze.

“Ooh, Julian, it feels too fucking good,” I groaned. He ignored me, and kept with his established, excruciatingly heavenly rhythm. “Fuck, Julian, you have to stop.”

He did so, looking up at me with his hands still in place, and an ever-so-slight look of annoyance.

“I wasn’t done yet,” he gave me a sexy pout, his hands continuing their meditations upon me.

“Well, I was close to it, whether either of us liked it or not.”

He ran his fingers over and around the head of my dick.

“Maybe that’s what I was going for,” he argued as he brought me back into his mouth.

I enjoyed his persistence, but was not about the be persuaded to put an untimely end to our night. I pushed him away with a heavy sigh. He regarded me with a raised eyebrow.

“Stop being so damned snarky,” I demanded. This outburst made a rueful smile appear on his features, which I found far more acceptable. “Get up here, and let me kiss your stupid smug lips.”

“They may be stupid and smug, but you didn’t seem to mind when I had your balls between them,” he retorted as he rose.

“When did I say I minded them,” I asked as I brought the lips in question to mine.

He pressed himself to me holding the opening to my shirt, while my hands went to his belt buckle. I fumbled with it for a moment, before figuring it out and opening it – I unbuckled the button at the top of his trousers, then lowered his zipper. Beneath his trousers he was, of course, also without underwear. I caressed him in the space where his pants were opened, making him moan.

“I don’t believe we’ll be needing these,” I mumbled as I pushed down the waistband of his trousers. He helped me wiggle them off, until they fell softly to our feet. He shoved my shirt over my shoulders, and finally, we were nude before each other.

Our hands each ran over the other’s body, exploring for bizimkent escort the first time without the barrier of clothing. With my hips, I guided him to the bed until it hit the back of his legs. I grinded against him, holding him to me from just above his ass. His hands frisked my back with his nails lightly trailing along, and moaned into my mouth as he felt the bed against his legs. He dug his nails into me, and I kissed him harder in response.

I lowered my hands over his ass and cupped it in my palms; he thrusted his crotch flush against mine with a sigh. I took my lips from his and kissed from the corner of his lips to his jaw, and along his jawline. My thumbs dipped into the valley between his ass cheeks, while I kissed and sucked at the crook of his neck. He turned limp in my arms as I did, his head lolling to the side to allow me wider access. I held his cheeks individually in each hand, my fingers burrowed between to separate them. I gave them a squeeze, which drew out a long moan from Julian in return.

I could feel his hardened length desperately reaching against my groin. His nails sank into my skin with a delightful twinge of pain, making my hold on him even tighter. I bit his neck, licked where I bit, sucked where I licked, kissed where I sucked.

I pushed him onto the bed, where he fell on his back. He looked up at me with hooded eyes, lips slightly parted, cock pointing straight up; the very picture of lust. I climbed on top of him and lowered myself to bring our lips together. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths, my hands holding his face, his twined in my hair. We were callous and coarse in our kiss, a mingling of hissing and groans. He secured my face to his roughly; I let my hands travel from his face to his neck and down his chest.

With one hand, I began to toy with one of his nipples, bringing forth a sigh from him. I rolled the pebbled peak between my fingers, pinching it intermittently. He squirmed against me with a moan. I traced small kisses from his lips to his chin, along his neck, and down his chest. I brushed my lips across his chest, before they came upon his nipple. I enveloped the small point in my mouth and sucked on it. Julian made sweet sounds of pleasure as I did, encouraging me further. My tongue circled around it and over it, teasing and toying with him. With one hand I played with his other nipple in the same way I had the first, and my other hand stroked the side of his body; I ran it over his chest, torso, hips, and following the curve of his ass. I bit his nipple lightly, causing him to tug at my hair and let out a soft cry.

I pulled my mouth away and blew cold air onto the tightening bud. He sharply drew in a breath as I did, then exhaled out languidly with clear content. I licked in a long stroke from one side of his chest to the other, where I was met by his other, waiting nipple. I easily encased it in my mouth, giving it the same treatment I had to its twin. My hands switched places, so it would then allow me to play with his newly abandoned nipple, as well as trail my hand over the other side of his body. He writhed beneath my touch, his back arching upwards against me.

I slipped my hand in the space between the bed and his arched back, gliding it along his smooth skin to his ass. I caressed him, wrapping my hand around his cheek, and squeezing it to my satisfaction. I bent to place a kiss on his bobbing Adam’s apple, where his breath had caught.

“I see you don’t mind the ass grabbing now, do you,” I murmured as I ran my nose along his neck.

“They seem to be most enjoyable in private,” he agreed. “Though I do recall a mention of ‘ass biting’, as you put it.”

“Oh, baby,” I simpered at him; he gave me a coquettish expression of his own, as if to challenge me. “Alright, I’m going to need you to turn around.”

He obliged willingly, flipping over onto his stomach for me with glee. He propped himself up with his elbows, with his head hanging down betweem, and his body splayed out before me. I admired his shapely back that tapered into a gorgeously sculpted ass, and fine, strong legs below it. Above his ass were sexy, dimpled dents. Oh, yes – we need to start there.

“Fold your legs beneath you,” I directed him.

He did so immediately, and his ass was presented to me like a gift. I scratched down his spine with my nails, following with quick kisses. As I reached the base of his back, my lips went to the small dents at the base of his back. I sucked at the soft flesh, licked it luxuriously, before kissing my way the the other side – I repeated the practice on the second dip, before going back to the middle of his back.

The crack of his ass was just an inch away from my mouth; not wanting to be a complete and utter tease, I licked it with a long, wet stroke. I followed the curve of him with my tongue, not pushing it in any deeper, just happy to run it along the surface. He seemed to be fine with that, as evident by the almost musical groans he let out. I nuzzled against his ass for a moment, before pulling back and kissing a spot on his right cheek. He just about melted into the mattress at that point, so to keep him on his toes – and to greatly add to my satisfaction – I clamped my teeth down over the spot where I’d kissed him. He cried out in surprise, which spurred me to mimic my actions on his left cheek – first a kiss, then a small bite. I repeated the process a handful or more times all over his beautiful rear end, until he was thrashing and moaning inconsolably.

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