Not Hungry for the Good Boy


It was hard, really hard. I was trying to keep my focus on the teacher’s explanations of algebra, but here, an eighteen years old boy had no chance. In a classroom made of concrete walls and no windows, the only thing paying tribute to that first sunny and warm day of spring was the shorts worn by the fifteen girls in the room. I was browsing the female legs and tights at my disposition, letting my imagination complete the spectacle with a guess of the skin texture and warmness. As I looked intently at Katherine Bilodeau’s magenta G-string and bumblebee color shorts, the afternoon recess bell rang.

One minute later, I was caught in the flow of the hundreds of excited students, in an overcrowded hall, and sharing sweat with people I didn’t even know by name. I got to the stair where I was pushed like the last domino on the set and I landed on Elsa Gagnon, in front of me. Her skinny but strong back absorbed the impact from my chest and my nose ended up in her neck just behind her ear. The scent of mango mixed with young women pheromones entered my nostrils. Embarrassed, I told her I was sorry but she just answered with a pissed off expression and looked away. She then slightly turned her head in my direction, swept my body up and down with her eyes and gave me a shy smile.

I found my way to my locker, tense and thinking about Elsa’s reaction and about if I should have started a conversation with her. I always thought she was cute, but out of my range, and I don’t know how to start a conversation and I don’t know if she is already in a relation and…As I open my locked door, my right hand holding the thin metal frame bumped on the ass of the girl at the locker next to me.

“You are grabbing girls ass now Vince?” said Sarah, the girl next to me.

“Sorry, It’s just that I was holding the door with my hand and…”

“No! Don’t try. You grabbed my butt and it was intentional.”

She gave me an amused smile and turned to her best friend Justine, who was coming to her own locker next to us.

“Vince just grabbed my ass. He is grabbing girls’ asses now.” she said to her friend.

“Really? It’s that true?” Justine asked me.

She had an amused smile as well, showing her perfect shiny dentition. Her green iris were contrasting with her light red hairs, amplifying her accusing eyes.

“He barely talks to us once a month and now he is touching us.” sarah said.

“I hope you are not gonna grab my ass” Justine said with a daring tone as she was standing on her toes to put her books on the upper shelf of her locker.

Her ass was pointing at me through her black shorts and the stripe of lacework dangling down her thin white summer shirt was guiding my attention down there. I stopped thinking and I grabbed her ass in a quick move.

Justine jumped and turned in my direction. I was waiting for a slap in the face, but she was still smiling.

“Did you really just do that?” she said.

Her and Sarah exchanged a surprised look and turned back their eyes on me.

The bell rang telling us to go back to class. Sarah’s boyfriend arrived and they told him what happened he look at me with curiosity and after a pause told me:

“Cool man! Good job! I always knew you were a pervert!.”

Justine looked at me while she was walking away in the hall.

“See you after the class…” she whispered.

I smiled and I went to my drama class.

The drama teacher divided us in small groups to prepare our respective scenes for the end of the year play. The girls in my group started gossiping about another girl who was cheating on her boyfriend or something and as I did not care my eyes and my mind started wondering away and stopped on Jenny Jenkins, a girl from another group far away in the class.

She was kind of hyperactive and noisy and I usually found her annoying. While her tight body she got from intensive dance class was attractive, her face had nothing close to Justine’s beautiful visage.

I was staring at her butt while she was standing on a chair dancing and talking to her group. She stopped moving as it looked like she was listening carefully to a guy with a white pollo in her group and then turned around and looked at me. Then I realised all the groups were staring at me. The guy with the white pollo stood up and went from group to group spreading some information. He approached my group and as I was hiding my face with my hands he told the story of me grabbing yenibosna escort Justine ass.

I was trying to figure out mentally how the news travelled so fast when I got flooded with questions from my classroom peers.

“So you are gonna ask her to go out?”

“Have you ever had a girlfriend?”

“Have you ever had sex?”

“Oh my god! He is a virgin.”

“OMG you are 18 years old and you are still virgin?”

I was barely answering as they bombarded me with more questions. The guy with the white pollo went back to the other groups spreading the information he just got. Jenny looked at me briefly from the otherside of the classroom. The excitement lasted until the teacher asked us what was going on. She got an answer, smiled and gave me a tender look before scolding the others asking them to be respectful.

The rest of the week wasn’t as movement but I had interactions with Justine every time we got to our lockers. I wasn’t flirting since I didn’t really know how and, therefore, our conversations didn’t spark the same energy as the day I grabbed her butt.

The next week, in drama class, everyone was practicing their scene in an annoying cacophony. Some started teasing each other, which sparkled into fights and people running around. The teacher tries to bring back some order in the young adult group, but in vain. I was struggling to concentrate on my lines when Jenny took me by the arms, brought me near a wall, bent over and told me:

“Fuck me here!”

I stood there speechless, admiring her bubble butt, her tight hips and the arc of her strong back.

“Jenny, seriously?” the teacher said.

Jenny sighed and told me to follow her to the costumes room.

“So you are a virgin?” she asked.

“Yeah…” I said with hesitation.

“Me too. Do you wanna fuck me?”

I stared at her prohiminant boobs, imposing themself trought her gray t-shirt while she was leaning back on a desk and said:

“Yes, but where? When…”

“Ok but, I want it to be special.” She interrupted.

She saw a hint of desperation covering my face.

“Not like the other girls think of something special. No scented candle. No cheesy music and shooting star night. I want you to be horny.”

“I’m always horny.” I said.

“I want you to jump on me like a beast, I want your cock hard like a steel pole and I want you to cum a bulk of jizz in my mouth.”

A bump appeared in my pants.

“So no jerking off for fourteen days.” She adds with a serious tone.

“Ok I’ll do that, but how will you know for sure if I didn’t jerk off?”

“You look like an honest guy.”

She was staring at me with a warm smile but a contrasting suspicious look from her eyes.

“Ok i’ll do that” I said.

“Promise?” She asked?

I smiled.

“And buy condoms, I don’t know what size you are…yet.” She adds before leaving the room.

After the class in the evening I went to buy condoms at the closest pharmacy. I was hoping it wasn’t one of my friend’s big sisters who was a cashier that night. It was already embarrassing for me, no need for her cute little face to judge me and spread rumors everywhere.

I entered the store and had a quick look at the counter where a fifty years old woman was standing. I was relieved and started browsing the alleys to find condoms. I did not know what size to buy and they were all kind of expensive for an eighteen years old boy. I grabbed a box of medium one, I paid and I left. I went back to my home with the box in my jackets: too small. I had to wait two more days for my pay from my job at Home Depot.

So I went back there two days later and Veronica, my friend’s sister , was at the counter. I never really talked to her and she never paid attention to me but when I arrived at the counter with the box of large condoms, she looked quickly and in alternance at me and the box. She kept a serious face as I was paying, but gave me a naughty smile and a “have fun” before I left the pharmacy, embarrassed.

As the days passed, I started to wonder if I even knew how to have sexual intercourse. I had no access to internet porn since the family computer was in the living room with a mediocre internet connection. So, I decided to go to the video store and rent a dvd.

I was anxiously anticipating the forty year old woman owning the local video store to react zeytinburnu escort in a dramatic way as she saw a very young man come back from behind the cowboys door with an old school porn DVD but she was placid and professional. I was also wishing that the girl next to me, waiting to pay with “Big Fish”, “The Notebook” and “Pan’s Labyrinth” in her hands, wasn’t looking at me with interrogation on her face. She seemed thoughtful and she did not note my movie choice. I had a quick look at her cleavage and delicate face adorned with professional looking glasses and a ponytail. I thought that If I ever had a chance to go out with that cute girl, it was gone.

I watched the movie on friday night when my parents and my brother were away. I had a huge erection alone in the living room and I had to resist my instinct pushing me towards masturbation. I went to bed before my family arrived but I could not sleep as the graphic images were bombarding my mind.

The next week passed slowly and I had more and more difficulties to concentrate in class. I was starting to feel aggressive and instead of picturing myself making sweet love to a girl, I had way more naughty thoughts of salvage sex with every girls who crossed my path. In the math class, I was daydreaming about Katherine, the girl sitting in front of me. I was pounding her pussy hard from behind while she was trying to keep grasp of the school desk when the bell rang and I came back to reality.

Time passed and I survived two drama classes with Jenny Jenkins looking at me from the otherside of the class and grabbing her boobs or passing her tongue on her lips. Every single time I thought I was going to cum in my pants.

One the following warm and sweaty Saturday night, I was at home chatting on MSN Messenger and doing my homework while my parents were watching the news on tv. My teenage hormones seemed to be resting and I could complete one of my homeworks and converse with a friend. A new contact suddenly appeared on my list. It was composed of ” Please don’t stop the music”, “Justine” between brackets and countless punctuations.

“Hi!” she wrote to me.

“Hi! How did you got my contact?”

“You don’t ask me how I’m doing? :-)”

“How are you?”

“I got your contact from a contact of mine. I have a lot of contacts. ;-)”

“Ok…haha. So how are you doing?”

“I’m good, but I feel sleepy. I’m going to sleep soon…”

“I’m going to sleep too, but It’s super hot inside my house, I feel like setting my bed outside under the stars, haha.”

“Aww, are you gonna invite me to sleep under the stars with you?”

“Yeah, it would be nice. :-)”

“What would you do?”

“What do you mean?”

“What would you do when we are alone together under the stars?”

“I would hold you and kiss you.”

“Oh…you are in a hurry. What else?”

My heart started beating fast. I took sometimes to think and wrote:

“I would caress your boobs and kiss your neck.”

“I like that. And then?”

I didn’t had the time to answer that she already had written:

“I’m going to sleep now, good night ;-)!” She wrote.

I went to bed thinking about my hand slipping in her pajama pants, discovering this new ground as we were kissing tenderly. I woke up the next morning with a massive erection, but with chance, no cum on my boxers.

The two weeks of abstinence had passed and, that morning of the day of my defloration, I made myself clean and nice looking. I was feeling nervous and it was taking over my crave for sex. In school, as I took my books in my locker, Justine was talking with Sarah and she wasn’t paying attention to me.

I passed the morning and the first class of the afternoon, trying to realise that it was really going to happen. Finally, in the fourth period, I was the last to enter the drama classroom. Jenny wasn’t looking at me at all. The class passed and she went to see the teacher and I had a long conversation with her. Later, the bell rang announcing the end of the day and every one left except Jenny.

I was slowly going out of the class so nobody would suspect anything and when the class was empty, I stopped near the door and turned around in Jenny’s direction. She told me:

“Close the door behind you, I have the key”.

She then took her t-shirt and bra off and ask me:

“It’s the first time you see real acıbadem escort boobs too? You wanna touch?”

I grabbed her boobs with hesitation and my cock hardened seriously. She was staring intensely at my eyes while I was caressing her nipples when she told me:

“I want to see how you look naked.”

I took off all my clothes and she stared at my cock, saying:

“That’s what I thought.”

She kneeled down, grabbed my cock with one hand and inserted it into her mouth, wrapping it between her fleshy lips. She sucked me for a while until she quickly stood up, turned around and bent over a desk, grabbing the edges of the school furniture with force.

“Ok fuck me now!”

I put the condom in a hurry. I was clumsy and she was getting impatient pushing her naked ass up and down like a horny female cat. I finally wrapped my cock with the latex covering and tried to penetrate her in vain. Therefore, she grabbed my cock and shoved it right inside.

“Yes! fuck me now!”

I began to slam her vigorously. She was moaning as I firmly grabbed her butt cheeks. I was surprised by the sound of succion from her soaking pussy and for the first time in my life, I had a taste of the smell of sex.

I felt like an electric current running from the back of my head, through my spin and down to my cock, making it harder.

“Ah…fuck…yesss!” Jenny said.

The electric sensation then went back up to my head, my muscles got tense and I exploded in her in four distinct contractions.

Jenny turned around and kissed me with passion.

“Wow that was good! I can see you did your homework.” she said.

She palpated the cum through the tip of the condom that was still on my dick. She kept doing it while kissing me. I felt the humidity on her neck and smelled the perfume of apple shampoo in her hair. I kissed her with appetite under her chin, down to her breast and gently bit her nipples. She was breathing faster and released a sincere moan.

“I want to fuck you gain.” I said.

“Wow, just take me and do it.” she responded as if it was obvious.

I took the used condom off while kissing her and started stroking my cock to make it harder. Jenny took a step back and stared at me.

“I always fantasise of a guy jerking off in front of me.” she said.

I was stroking really fast with a strong grasp, but I wasn’t completely hard. Jenny was laughing, amused.

“What? You don’t find me attractive anymore?” she said while spreading her fit legs and powerful tights. Her hand was rubbing her clitoris with strength.

I felt a strong pulsion, urging me to hump her. I grab Jenny with force, place her on her knees, her hand palms keeping her balanced on the blue vinyl tiles floor. She curved her ass up in a Levrette posture, offering me her prominent inner lips and her perfect asshole. I got inside her altar of venus and drilled her vigorously. I was squatting over her ass and tension was getting through my legs to my stomach. Jenny was moaning loudly and tough a moment the janitor could hear us.

“Cum in my mouth!” Jenny screamed.

As she said that, my entire body contracted and my swift and constant motion switched to longer and contracted movements. I could feel the warm and creamy fluid at the tip of my cock. Jenny expressed her irritation. She took the condom off my steel hard rod, pinch the cum with her fingers and brought it into her mouth. She was tasting it with hesitation.

“Not bad.” she said before licking my cock clean with appetite.

We stayed on the floor for a while cuddling and talking. Then she left the classroom and as we split to go to our respective locker, she just told me a quick but serious:

“Don’t fall in love.”

The next day was rainy and cold. I had a small talk with Justine at the lockers but she wasn’t paying much attention. The same day, in the math class, I was focused on the teacher’s explanations and I felt even pleasure in understanding new algebra problems resolving techniques.

“This problem is very basic. You should be able to resolve it by yourself by now.” Said the teacher.

Katherine Bilodeau, the girl sitting in front of me, sighed in exasperation and then, accidently dropped her pen on the floor. She bent over to grab it, giving me a perfect point of view of her inviting bubble butt and contracted tights. Her red G-string popped out of her ripped pale jeans. She stood back up in an elegant way, bending her lower back forward with her shoulders rolling back. She gave a quick look behind her as she pulled her jeans back. I brought my eyes back to my notebook, but with a delay. She saw it and frowned, before turning back to the teacher’s presentation. After a few seconds, Katherine turned her head.

“You’re a pervert.” she whispered, giving me a playful smile.

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