Nora in the Sun Pt. 10


Chapter 20

I felt myself being shaken awake. Somebody’s hand was on my shoulder. There was a whispering noise as my eyes opened — the room was still dark, and above me, I could barely make out my mother’s shape as she pushed at my shoulder.

“Don’t make any noise,” she said, her finger on my lips. “I’ve already packed your stuff. Are you ready?”

“What?” I sat up and tried to understand. Mom sat on my bed, already dressed and ready to go. She wore a loose, flowing dress, a wide brimmed sun hat from the other day. She looked absolutely radiant, even in the darkness of my room. I looked to the window and realized it was still dark.

“What’s going on?” I asked, trying to read what she was getting at.

“I’ve rented a car,” she said, half breathless. Mom was clearly excited, smiling grandly. It reminded me of one special birthday where she woke me up, told me she called school to tell them I was sick, and we spent the day together instead, eating ice cream and playing some of my favorite video games. But today, in Belize, she had much, much bigger plans.

“A car?”

“We’re going to Cancun,” she said, her voice tense with suppressed joy. “Just you and me. Your father has no idea. I’ve got the car outside and we’re going to make the drive, right now. It’ll be a mother and son road trip!”

“I thought Cancun was…” my knowledge base of geography in any foreign country was nonexistent.

“It’s only five hours north. Just get your pants on and load up the luggage. Hurry, before your father wakes up.” Mom left, her dress swishing behind her. She looked back, winking at me while I rolled out of my bed in a daze.

By the time I got to the car, the cool morning mist of the ocean chilled me. I carried our suitcases and threw them into the back of a nifty little red sedan.

“Ready, mister muscles?” Mom climbed into the driver’s seat.

“Did you even sleep last night?” I asked, trying to gauge whether mom was high. I got into the passenger seat anyway, ready to go even if mom was on something. “How did you get this thing so early in the morning?”

“With a cell phone, anything’s possible.” Mom waved her phone, showing off a new rental app and then started the car.

We took off, the heat running, right as the sun started to crest over the edge of the ocean. The villa disappeared as the roads bent into the main thoroughfare of the village, and then we left even that and onto a stretch of tarmac that went on into the endless jungle. We passed through towns as small as a single shack while occasionally passing through tourist spots lined with thatched huts over lagoons and lakes. Mom set up a mix of old hits from her time in high school and college — the best of 80’s pop blaring as she rolled down the windows to let the color of the morning in.

At some point, we heard a ringtone from mom’s phone. She purposefully ignored it until it went quiet, and then I heard a last chime from her voicemail.

“Did we even leave a note?” I asked.

“I don’t have to explain a thing to your father,” mom said. “He’s been such a fucking pain in the ass this entire trip. The only time we’ve had any fun at all has been when it’s just you and me, so why would I even let him know where we’re going?”

I shrugged, trying to make sense of it. “But isn’t he going to get worried?”

Mom laughed and I felt the stupidity of the question manifest in my cheeks. “I don’t think dad will care once he gets a few drinks in him.”

The highway stretched on into jungle. We filled up on gas at a little convenience store setup and mom passed me a hot breakfast torta while she sipped on a chocolatey coffee. As we started the car mom’s phone went off again. She rolled her eyes and shoved it into the glove compartment.

The drive went on, and on. We started to talk about the future. About the jobs I wanted, about my dreams, about the kind of house I wanted someday. Mom kept asking me to go on, the expand on my hopes for the future, but the more I thought about the kind of house I wanted, the more I envisioned just living at home and seeing mom every day.

I wanted to tell her about it. I wanted to even tell her that I wanted to take her out on dates. But she seemed so set on hearing me talk about my own dreams, the things I wanted, to keep talking about different places, different cars, different people, goals. I wanted to somehow connect them to her but the more I went on, the more I kept halting and keeping myself from bringing those dreams into contact with my own mother’s life.

A weird feeling rose in my stomach. It was a mysterious ache. I thought of the vacation ending in a couple days, of the flight back, of returning to college. Mom would be stuck again with dad. I’d be stuck in a party college. Then a career. An existence as a man on my own. Life would go on.

“Don’t let anything keep you back, baby. Take the life you want, study hard, meet good girls. Don’t get them pregnant too early,” mom said, her voice firm as she sipped at her coffee. It made her seem like a cutthroat businesswoman — the coffee, the dress, kocaeli escort the way she leaned back in the chair, dispensing common sense. I felt small again, lectured. She was so pretty in the rising light of the sun filtering through the jungle around us. “You’re a man now, aren’t you Brett?” She asked me so firmly while we drove.

My mother, my mentor. I nodded, trying to keep from getting sad while my mother gave me a talk about life that I didn’t quite get from my dad.

“You’ll call on the weekends, won’t you?” Her last question came completely out of left field, entirely different from the life advice theme she chose for the first leg of the drive. Her lips were pressed together. Soft. Concerned.

“Of course,” I replied, eager.

“And you’ll visit for all the holidays?”

“Absolutely.” I nodded, trying to make sure she could tell I wanted nothing more than to be with her every possible chance I had.

“And you’ll marry a good girl, and you’ll be really good to her, and you’ll make her happy, right?” There was something strained in mom’s voice.

I stared at her, while she kept her gaze on the road, hidden behind the dark layers of her sunglasses. I couldn’t answer. What could I possibly tell her? That I wanted to marry a girl that was much, much younger than her?

Except, if I did say that, it would have made sense. But it didn’t.

Mom drove silently on while I stewed in the feeling that it would be wrong of me to go find any other girl to be with.

“I guess,” I said, unsure.

Mom glanced my way, analyzing my tone. Her hand went out and patted my thigh. “I shouldn’t be putting all this life pressure on you, baby. I’m sorry.” She sighed. “You’re still so young, after all. Hardly a baby.”

I reached over and pinched her thigh. Mom gave a slight yelp and smiled.

“I’m a man now, in case you forgot about last night,” I said, trying to deepen my voice as naturally as I could.”

Mom licked her lips. “Mmm. That’s right. My son, a big, sexy man.” Her breath dragged in. “Fuck, honey, I don’t know where you learned to touch a girl like that with your pretty cock, but it really filled me up.” She started to hum with the thought.

“I’ll do it again if you want,” I offered, trying my best to flirt.

“Please do, honey. You made mommy’s pussy feel so, so good.” Mom was fully smiling now. We were back to excited bliss — to the open road, to the kind of adventure that didn’t have complicated questions. “You’re driving once we hit the next stop, by the way.”

“Whatever you want, mom.” I meant it. If I could stretch time, if I could afford a forever vacation, if I had the power to always make her smile, I’d use it, no reservations.

Mom was now singing the melody to the music mix under her breath. Her face was relaxed under her sunglasses.

In the light of the sun of that Mexican highway, I wanted nothing more than to capture that instant, and to live it, forever and ever.

We stopped at a roadside restaurant and grabbed some more food. This time I held a coffee, feeling big. Mom threw me the keys as we walked back to the car, and I turned it on, feeling the rumble, the control over the car. It really was sporty — the dials looked very different, much more satisfying now that I sat directly in front of them. There was a mysterious set of buttons on the dash that I only now noticed.

“What kind of car is this?” I asked.

“No idea,” mom said as she slid into the passenger seat. “An expensive one.” We pulled out and back onto the highway, the scent of food filling the cabin.

I stared at the buttons for a minute as a little icon showed a car without a top. I looked up at the car ceiling, noting clips along the joints, hardly believing I actually missed this through the first hours of the drive. “Mom,” I said, trying to keep cool. “This is a convertible.” The highway started to blend past us as I picked up speed. I grabbed my sunglasses, anticipating the kind of wind this thing would pick up.

“Oh.” Mom’s surprised acknowledgement seemed very small. She started to laugh, now appreciating what we were sitting in. “I had no idea.”

“I’m opening it.” I flicked the clips along the sides of the car, reaching past her. The mechanisms gave a satisfying click. The button on the dashboard lit up. It was ready. I made brief eye contact with mom through her dark sunglasses. She gave a wide, wide smile.

I pushed the button.

The canopy suddenly flexed back — a consistent motor sound and the sudden roar of wind flying through the car — mom’s hair flickered all around her as she gave a squeal, as if she were a teen riding in a fast car for the first time. The hood of the car settled behind us, and the full speed and wind of the highway blasting against my face, chilling my hair, while the light of the sun rose steadily over us and I felt its heat directly on my skin.

Mom’s arms went up. I cranked the volume on her music. She was laughing.

We passed through a little town called Tulum, slowing down as we drifted past tourist cafes and then sped up again as it turned kocaeli escort bayan back into jungle. It was the last leg — we’d have endless miles of beach on our right as we would drift north up to Cancun on the seaside. The sun was now shining directly downward, and the heat was getting through the wind and scorching at our skin.

I hit the button and the canopy closed up. Mom was leaning back, looking out at the ocean and taking it all in. Signs clued us in that we were getting closer to Cancun.

“You having fun?” I asked.

“More than ever,” my mother replied, her right hand under her chin. Her left went out and pressed along my thigh. Immediately, I felt my cock rise and push against the inside of my pants. Mom looked, pulling her sunglasses down. “Oh, honey, really? In front of your mother?”

“I’m riding in a convertible with a beautiful girl,” I excused myself. “Not sure what you want me to do here.”

Mom smiled as she tried to think of something clever to say. Her voice changed. It dripped with seductive lust. “I could take care of that for you, you know.” Her hand pressed up my hip and her fingers pushed against the head of my cock. “So you don’t embarrass yourself later.”

“I’ve seen this porn before,” I joked.

“You haven’t lived it, baby.” Mom took off her sunglasses and raised her hands behind her head, using a tie to bring her hair back. Then she unbuckled her seatbelt. I glanced at the dial and realized we were going over sixty miles an hour, and my mother, who was always, always a stickler about safety, let the seatbelt fly up and off of her ample chest.

She leaned toward me, her lips brushing against my shoulder. “Do you have any idea what road head is?”

“No,” I lied.

“Let mommy show you,” she said, leaning further, tracing both hands over my junk, her pale white fingers collecting my zipper, undoing my pants button. “Mommy’s got to take care of her baby boy so he won’t get embarrassed.” My cock slipped free, coming out through the hole in the front of my underwear. Mom’s fingers wrapped around it, and I felt the soft heat in her palm as she massaged my dick, up and down. “I’d be a bad, bad mother if I didn’t take care of this problem for him, right now.”

The humor of the situation disappeared as fast as my hard on increased. My mother’s lips that would have yelled at me about a seat belt a few years ago were now opening. I felt a soft breath on my cock, saw Mom’s sun-kissed hair decorating my peripheral vision as I tried to keep focused on the highway. I felt a sudden, wet sensation flicking across the head of my dick. Mom was licking at me, wetting the tip of my cock with her warm, soft tongue.

“Keep driving, baby,” she said. Her hair shimmered as some of the light haloed through the windows.

Then I felt something wet, hot, soaking over the head of my cock. Mom had taken the first inch of me into her mouth — and I heard her humming, savoring the taste of my flesh. She moved down, the slick saliva inside her pretty mouth swirling over my shaft. As she took in my length between her lips, I groaned and felt my focus drifting. I tried to refocus, to keep all of my attention on the road, but mom started to move her head up and down. I saw her shining hair bobbing above my waist, felt the slipperiness of her tongue. Felt her moaning on my cock as she licked and sucked at me like I was a tasty piece of meat.

She slowed down, tasting me. It wasn’t fast enough for me though — my speed on the highway increased, and my cock wanted to thrust in and out of something hot and wet. I took one hand off the steering wheel and reached for the knot of hair that she had tied up. I grabbed it and mom made a sighing noise as I forced her head down, the wetness of her mouth taking in all of my length.

“Mmm,” she made a moaning noise as I pushed her head down, pulled her back up by her hair, guiding her along my cock while she suckled on it. I felt one of her hands smoothing along the inside of my thigh, lightly touching my balls through the cotton of my underwear.

“Oh, fuck, mom…” I moaned as she sucked, pushing her head down, her tongue sliding along my length. I felt the back of her throat bumping against the head. She pushed a little harder, making a noise while I shivered, trying to refocus again on the highway. There were three lanes at this point. I saw a car pulling up in my peripheral vision while I pushed mom’s mouth over my cock. It pulled up along our right side, moving past at a steady pace. The pace of cruise control.

I was half certain the people in that car could see what was going on, if they wanted to. I pushed mom’s head down until I felt the action of her throat. Glimpsed off to my side, where the people in the car drove on, entirely unaware. They passed by us while mom’s mouth sucked on me.

Another car pulled up to the left. Mom’s head bobbed as I tried to keep control. It felt so hot — the danger of road head, my mom making noises of tasty enjoyment as her spit coated all of me, as I reveled in the wetness of her mouth, as I felt the heat building in izmit escort my core. Mom moved faster and faster as the other car pulled up on our left side. I started twitching my hips up, trying to time it for a deeper sensation.

A younger couple was sitting in the front seats of an SUV. The woman in the passenger seat was almost at my immediate left — she must have been twenty or so. She turned lazily to see what we looked like and I saw her mouth drop as she saw my mother’s head shifting up and down, faster, while I thrust my hips up, trying to fuck at her mouth.

The lady and I made eye contact. She glared at me and started saying something to the guy next to her — but I could tell he started laughing. I gunned the accelerator and sped ahead, feeling the rise in my core as mom’s mouth started to bring something up — a hot pressure that built at the base of my cock.

I was getting closer, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more. I reached over my mother and gathered some of her dress in my hand, and pulled it towards me. Mom’s form suddenly revealed itself as I pulled up her dress, and underneath the flowing white, she was wearing a cute little white thong that slipped between the mounds of her ass and disappeared. It was a high waisted thong — the kind that perfectly complimented a dress like hers, and her beautiful, pale body, barely tinged with pink and gold from the sun, was on display for me while I broke the speed laws in a different country.

The sight of her body was helping — I felt the power and heat surging up my rod as mom sucked at it harder, letting my hips and the direction of my hand in her hair work the action of fucking her mouth.

We were coming up on a few cars ahead of us. I slipped into the empty lane and we blazed past a truck on my mom’s side. Without a doubt, they would have seen her, her soft, white flesh on full display in her window as she bent over my seat with cock in her mouth. Her ass swept from side to side as she put her effort into it — and I could almost see in the rear view mirror the gaping stares of the people in the truck we passed.

I felt it building and pushed her face onto me harder. Mom was moaning — at that instant I realized that she was only propped up on one elbow over my thigh, her other hand was between her legs as she touched herself, her fingers squirting inside of her while she tasted the precum that must have been flowing upward and over her tongue. She was starting to shudder while she sucked on me, her moans adding a new dimension of feeling to me as I got closer, and closer.

I was at the edge.

“Fuck, mom!” The speed dial was at ninety. We were passing another set of cars — mom’s lovely hips swung back and forth as I felt something surging deep in my pelvis, as I felt the cum rising, pumping. We passed another car. Some lucky son of a bitch could easily see my mom’s fingers deep inside her in the blur as I felt the orgasm breaking upward. Then I heard mom’s ringtone again, blaring from the glove box. Dad was calling.

She bore down, making a soft moaning sound as I saw her arm push under her, her head pushing so low that it forced my cock into her throat — and I came, hard, bucking against her face, feeling the shotgun action of my balls shooting my semen up and into her throat. I felt my dad’s wife — my mother swallowing, moaning with pleasure as my cum poured into her mouth, some of it slipping downward and around her lips, down the smoothness of her tongue as she sucked it upward. Her hair was still in my hands and I pushed her down, feeling the head pressing against the back of her throat while it vibrated with her noise as I emptied everything I had into my mother’s pretty, soft mouth.

Then she pulled her head up, gasping, my cum dripping from her lips in streaks, and she slid back into her chair, pulling her dress down, trying to catch the fluid as it poured from her. She looked off to the side and could see in her mirror the stunned stares of the guys we had just rocketed past, before we blazed far out of view, going a speed that could definitely get us arrested.

I kept my foot on the accelerator while my cock still throbbed in pleasure, the last drops rising out of me while mom caught her breath, red faced, wiping her mouth with the napkins we had from breakfast.

“You’re a little more daring than I thought,” mom teased, her voice shaking. “Maybe you are more of a boy than I expected.”

“Maybe,” I admitted, trying to calm myself. I kept at the speed we were at for a few minutes until I was sure that nobody would be able to catch up to us and notice us, and then let go of the accelerator so that we wouldn’t run into any cops as we approached Cancun.

Mom was breathing, hard, excited. “I’ve never done anything like that,” she admitted.

I zipped up my pants one handed. “You’ve never ridden in a convertible either, have you?”

“It’s not like you have until your mother went out and rented one,” she reminded me, poking my shoulder. “Also, you had to drive my minivan for years in high school. I’ll never let you forget it.” She drank some water and pulled a toothbrush and toothpaste from her purse, trying to get the taste of my cum out of her mouth. “You really did a number on my taste buds, kid,” she said, toothpaste foaming along her lips.

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