Nor Age Shall Wither


This tiny story was written on a challenge to write a story of 1,000 words or less. I took as my inspiration an older couple I know who are still very much in love, despite the challenges time has placed on them. I hope you enjoy it.


Sam knew Liz wanted sex. There were several indications. The first was that his wife, a true night owl, closed her book and smiled and headed up the stairs as soon as he turned off the TV. The second was that she was still awake when he finished up in the bathroom. The third was that she was naked under the covers, her panties discarded conspicuously on the floor by the bed.

She smiled at him as he stripped off his pajamas and crawled into bed. Instead of lying down, though, he pounced on her as she giggled. After thirty-five years of marriage and four children, their sex life had settled into predictable patterns. That doesn’t mean they didn’t enjoy it, though.

First came the kissing. She eagerly opened her mouth, accepting his tongue. While they kissed, he caressed her breasts, rubbing the pads of his thumbs across her sensitive nipples, feeling them get harder. When she began moaning into his mouth and nodding, he knew it was time to move on.

He moved his hand between her legs, spreading her thighs and moving his fingers through her full bush until he found her pussy lips. He traced them up and down, over and over, until he felt moisture. Kissing İzmit Escort her all the while, he worked his middle finger into her. Finding her g-spot, he caressed and teased it while she began gasping. Eventually, his finger coated in her juices, he moved up to her clit. He circled it, over and over, knowing just how to tease her to orgasm.

He continued to kiss her while he played with her pussy. Her panting and moans guided the exact position and pressure of his fingers. When he needed more lubrication, he’d dip his fingers quickly into her and then return to her clit.

When she began to stiffen, straining for her orgasm, he moved his mouth to her nipples. He alternated sucking at the tender buds with breathlessly telling her how beautiful she was and how much he loved her. He never altered the motion of his fingers. “Cummmming,” she gasped, and he kept up the pressure, riding out her orgasm, until her clit became too sensitive.

Immediately he shifted and plunged his middle finger back into her, eliciting another gasp. He curled it up toward her g-spot and teased it, drawing out her orgasm, making it last for her as long as he could.

Eventually he withdrew, lying back on his pillow, and in a moment she rolled over to him. Grasping his soft cock, she began firmly pumping it and started their kissing routine all over again. She kissed his mouth, and then moved to his neck, which she knew was incredibly sensitive.

By this İzmit Escort Bayan time he was half-hard. When he moved his hand to his own cock she released it, moving all her attention to his nipples, which she knew were just as sensitive as hers. As he furiously tugged on his cock, she found one nipple with her mouth and the other with her fingers.

She sucked as hard as she could, knowing he could take far more pain than she. Once both of his nipples were erect little points, she began biting one and pinching the other while he gasped and moaned and pumped his prick.

When he released his dick, she quickly swooped down and engulfed it in her mouth. She alternated licking his head and lapping his frenulum, her hands keeping up a strong stroke on his shaft.

Unpredictably, she took her hands away and plunged her mouth down as far as she could, so that he could feel his head lodge in the back of her throat. Then she’d pull back off and bob her head quickly, sucking hard.

When he announced he was about to cum she sat back. He reached for the lube and squirted some in each of their palms. For the next several moments he masturbated while she spread lube around her lips and liberally coated the entrance to her pussy.

When she was ready, he got off the bed, still pumping, while she wriggled around so her ass was on the edge. He stood between her spread legs, working the head of his cock up and down her slit, and then carefully Escort İzmit inserting it. Each time she flinched, he’d stop, just easing the head back and forth until she’d look at him and hold her breath and nod. Then he’d ease in a little more.

Sawing his cock back and forth, stopping when she winced, Sam eventually got all the way inside her. Then he leaned over her, playing with her nipples, and whispering his memories of the sex they had when they were younger:

The first time she too off her top for him, after hours of making out, and how he knew at that point he was seeing the most beautiful girl who ever lived…
The hot oil massages and gentle anal sex before they were married, when they were “saving themselves” for the honeymoon…
The times when he spread her out on the stairs and ate her to orgasm…
The times he’d throw her legs over his shoulders and drill her until they both screamed…
The time she rode him so furiously the bed broke…
The times they’d sneak quickies outdoors, or in the car, or in the guest rooms at parties…

All the while, Liz would listen, and remember, and smile, and feel him inside her until he grew completely soft.

Since menopause, sex had been too painful for her to bear. Combined with his increasing difficulties with erections, they hadn’t actually fucked in years. But they had each other, and they had this, and it was enough. They would never let their sex life completely die — it was far too important to them.

Eventually Sam withdrew and lay down, tugging at his soft prick. Liz kissed him and sucked on his nipples and cupped his balls just as he liked it. He came, still only half hard, and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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