Noah’s Starship Ch. 11


Sorry for the delay, I took a break to work on a different series. Your private messages made me add another chapter… Thanks.


+{Noah’s Starship}+

-+-[Ch. 11]-+-

~By Emri~

“He just need to look for quick checkup to sign my form and then we go to movie, I promise! He is quick quick!” Navid said as we went into the waiting room of the clinic. Of course Navid had to go to a Persian doctor. He had apps on his phone that searched for the closest Persian anything you could want. The dentist, mechanic, bakery, anything he could find; he liked to do business with his own people.

“Persians are one of oldest civilization,” Navid always said. “We invent everything! Greeks steal credit, of course!”

We didn’t wait long before a dark, handsome, muscled male nurse wearing scrubs came out to do an elaborate handshake routine with Navid that ended in a fist bump. His nametag said Reza and his slicked-back, black hair framed a ruggedly handsome face with eager brown eyes. He looked like the type of guy who would want to wrestle you before he fucked. He gave me a wink even though Navid hadn’t introduced me.

Navid showed him the form and Reza waved us back. I expected to sit in the waiting room, but Navid pulled me behind him. We stopped near a scale and the nurse aligned Navid against a tape measure pinned to the wall before weighing him.

“Six feet, one inch… One-hundred-seventy-three pounds,” Reza announced as he scribbled notes on his clipboard. “You gained two pounds,” he noted.

“Yes, I want to be bigger!” Navid flexed for him to show his proud work from the gym. They made some jokes to each other in Farsi and then Reza waved for me to stand against the tape measure. I hesitated, but he gave me that smile. It was the same one Navid gave people. It said, “You know you want to do what I tell you to, so go ahead.”

“Five feet, seven inch… maybe eight inch… Yes, I think we can settle on eight,” Reza announced and then nudged me up onto the scale. He adjusted it far to the left from Navid’s measurements and then announced, “One-hundred-twenty-one… oh so small. You don’t feed him?” He asked Navid while squeezing my shoulder.

“I try! He does not want!” Navid defended. Reza gave me a faked sad look and put a hand on my arm to lead the way to the exam room. He told us to wait and that the doctor would be in soon.

“Why did he weigh me? This is your checkup,” I asked when Reza had left us.

“Is family here! Is how we do in Iran,” Navid looked at me strangely like this was normal, I should know this.

“I’m one-eighteen at home. I don’t want to be one-twenty-one,” I said sadly.

“You should be much more! You are too small and must eat more. I always tell you this, Noah. Is not healthy to be so small. You cannot grow big and strong. We will speak to Doctor about this,” Navid assured.

The doctor came in and spoke with Navid in his language for a few minutes as he looked over the form Navid had brought in. He needed it for something with work insurance or his student visa or… something like that. I rarely know the whole story with what Navid is doing.

I played around on my phone since they weren’t speaking in English. I was zoned out until I saw the handsome male nurse bring in a tray with two syringes. I watched as Navid pulled up the sleeve of his t-shirt and the doctor put the needle to his arm. They kept right on talking to each other in Farsi as if it were nothing. Navid didn’t even wince. I hate needles, and haven’t had a shot since I was eight and my dad had to hold me down.

The two of them were laughing about something when the doctor moved towards me and Navid pulled up the sleeve on my t-shirt. It took me a few seconds to register what was happening, and I jumped away in horror.

“No no! No!” I yelled and they all looked at me like they didn’t realize I could speak. Navid looked embarrassed at my outburst.

“It’s a flu shot,” the doctor said. “It will keep you from getting sick.”

“No, thank you,” I said and backed away.

“Noah, sit down. You need this,” Navid was annoyed at my polite defiance.

“The season comes late to California and this one is particularly bad. You are on a college campus and exposed to thousands of other people on a daily basis. You should get it,” the doctor urged, but he didn’t come towards me.

“He will take it. Noah, sit down!” Navid was taking this as a challenge to his authority in front of his own people.

“He’s an adult. I can’t give it to him if he doesn’t want it. It is his choice,” the doctor said, but Navid seemed intent on proving he was in control of his boy.

“Noah, please,” Navid reached for me and softened his eyes, “I don’t want you to get sick. This will help you stay healthy. Please… for me.” I saw in his eyes a look of disappointment. My chest tightened, and I swallowed my anxiety.

“Be brave, Noah,” the hot man nurse said and I turned to see a soft smile aydınlı escort as he winked at me.

“Ok,” I nodded and Navid pulled me against his side. I turned my face to his chest and inhaled his cologne as he pulled up my sleeve.

“Are you sure of this? You are an adult and must give consent. Do not be pressured. It is what’s best for you, but you have to agree,” The doctor looked at me with sincerity as I turned towards his voice. He didn’t want to give me something I objected to.

“If you really think I need it,” I said. He nodded and smiled.

“It will hurt, but it is worth it,” He said with a warm smile that made me feel safe. I turned my head back to Navid’s chest and bit my lip as I looked up at him with worried eyes.

“Thank you,” Navid mouthed as he looked down at me with a smile. I felt a cold alcohol wipe a spot on my arm in preparation. I only whimpered slightly as the needle dug into my arm and the doctor slowly counted to four.

“All done,” he said and I turned to look. Reza gave me a smile and put a small snoopy bandaid on my arm. Navid rubbed my side, and I felt like a little kid.

“Now, let’s talk about your health. You need to gain a few pounds, Noah. You’re still growing and your body needs it. You also put yourself at greater risk of getting sick and many other things,” the doctor said. He started in on the lecture I get from my usual doctor about how it affects my immune system and all kinds of other things.

“This is bad, Noah!” Navid interjected. He looked at me with wide eyes of alarm. He had apparently never heard the lecture. He was ready to make a meal plan and asked the doctor all kinds of questions about a target weight and types of food I should eat more of.

“You see? I tell Noah this! He gets smaller since I know him,” Navid said.

“He has to understand the problem though. Too much pressure will make him go the opposite way. Boys like Noah are on the increase for eating disorders so be gentle with your help. He has to realize it for himself,” The doctor told Navid. Boys like me… he meant gay boys with body image issues.

I just nodded along and zoned out as the two men talked about my “condition.” I didn’t tell him how much I worried about getting more weight on me, how much I loved when he scooped me up in his arms, or how good it felt when he complained at night if I wasn’t sleeping on his chest. I didn’t want any of that to change.

They finished up his paperwork while I stole glances of Reza as he cleaned up the room. He caught me looking and gave me that smile that said he didn’t mind.

I barely noticed that Navid had collected his paperwork and stood up as I watched Reza lean over a counter to scribble some notes in a book. His full, circled ass stretched the back of his scrubs and the waistband slid low enough to see the top of his red briefs. I felt Navid squeeze my shoulder and looked up to see he was still focused on the doctor. They said something to each other that must have meant “goodbye,” because he then herded me out of the door.

We went to see one of those action movies Navid loves where everything blows up and yet the important people are whisked out of the situation just at the last second. It was at the movie theater restaurant he loves where they take your order before it starts and then waiters appear in the dark with plates and cups of whatever you asked for. I had a really good salad while Navid worked through a burger and beer.

It was when I laid against his bare chest that night that I started to feel super tired. It wasn’t too far from my usual time to fall asleep so I didn’t think anything of it.

By the morning, though, I woke up with a pounding in my head and Navid asking why I was wet.

“I wet myself?” I asked groggily.

“Of course no, but… you’re very sweaty, and you feel so warm,” He looked me over with concern. I looked at the time on the TV and realized I’d been asleep for ten hours. I tried to sit up but every inch of me felt achy and I shivered violently when I pulled away from the warm cocoon of his chest.

“Oh My God! I have the flu! That doctor gave me the flu!” I yelled through chattering teeth. Navid quickly swept me into his arms and sat up. He pulled me into his lap and hugged me against his chest as my body shook.

“He doesn’t give you flu, Noah. The vaccine inject you with dead virus so your body learn to fight it when it meets the alive one. Maybe your body overreact,” Navid explained, showing his impressive knowledge of science. He really is quite brilliant.

“He must have given me the wrong needle! It was filled with little flus! I told you I didn’t want it,” I insisted.

“No, my sweet baby. He does not have syringe filled with flu virus in his office. That is not how things work, my simple Noah,” Navid said as though he thought I was being adorable again. I wasn’t in the mood for his adoration though.

“I’m bağdat caddesi escort dying! I can feel it. I want to call my dad,” I whined and leaned around Navid to try and grab my phone, but he pulled me back.

“No! I will call him! I give you fresh clothes, then back to bed. I will call your father and let him know you are sick and I take care of you. I will go to store and buy things to make Persian cure soup and some medicine for you,” Navid assured. He lifted me up against his chest and then laid me down on top of the covers.

He brought me a dark blue long-sleeve shirt and matching sweatpants. I sat up on the side of the bed and he helped me out of my clothes and wiped me down with a towel. He helped me dress as I shook from the cold. He helped me get under the covers and then laid over me for a few minutes to warm me. He kissed my neck a little and soothed me with a shoulder massage.

He went to get the thermometer from our first aid kit and played like he was going to put it in my ass, but then slipped it in my mouth when I laughed and struggled to get away from him.

“99.1 degrees, not much of fever, but you look so sickly,” Navid said and rubbed my forehead.

“I feel so achy,” I whined and stared up at him from my burrow of blankets and pillows.

“How you can look so beautiful even when sick. Your cheeks are little roses and your eyes a fiery green. So beautiful, my Noah. It is hard to leave you, but I must get medicine. Call me if you need any things. You need rest,” Navid kissed my forehead and put my phone next to me as I hugged the pillow.

I fell asleep watching him pull on a pair of jeans with a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth. His chest flexed beautifully as he struggled to tuck his junk in the tight jeans. I wished I could lay my head against his chest, but he was on a mission and sleep was overtaking me.

I woke up when I heard him banging around in the kitchen. I knew he was making a mess, he never cooked. He rarely went in there unless he was grabbing a drink, making his protein shakes, or rubbing on me while I cooked his dinner. I heard him rattling pots and playing his Persian pop music. I rolled over onto my other side and went back to sleep.

He woke me up by pushing a new plush teddy bear into my arms. I hugged it and blinked up at him. He held a glass of water and one of the little paper bathroom cups we used for mouthwash.

“These pills, the doctor says will help your pain. He say you maybe have the body reacting as though it is real virus. It will figure out soon enough that there is no need for this. You will not die, ok? He promise it goes soon. You also should have eaten before the vaccine. I know you probably skip lunch yesterday. You know this is not good for your body. I expect you eat and take care of yourself when I am away to work. I don’t want have to make sure you eat,” Navid said as he set down the cup and pushed back my hair.

“You got me a bear?” I said with a smile as I hugged it. I was trying my best to change the subject.

“I give you the moon if it make you to feel better. I hate you feel sick. I wish was me instead,” he said and leaned down to kiss my forehead.

“I wish it was you too,” I laughed and hugged the bear tightly against my chest.

“Noah, you not die,” The bear said in a recorded voice that sounded like Navid. I sat up quickly from surprise as it continued, “You feel better soon. I love you.” Navid’s voice stopped then for a few seconds and I heard an ambulance passing by in the recording. He must have made it in the parking lot of the store.

“Is still recording? How I stop this?” Navid’s voice asked through the bear.

“I cannot find how to correct it,” Navid said as we laughed together.

“Don’t fix it… It’s perfect.” I hugged it again as my lips rose to find his.

“I have soup I make for you. I call my mother to get perfect recipe. She prays for you. It will help to make you stronger and I bring you a protein shake,” Navid said.

“I’m sorry I ruined your weekend,” I said when he returned with a steamy bowl and one of the shakers he took with him every morning.

“You cannot help this. It is ok. You will feel better and we can go hike again soon. Your father is coming tonight. He had to work today and is happy I am to take care of you,” Navid assured as he set the shake down. He slid onto the bed next to me and pulled me up against his chest to see his concoction. It had all kinds of things floating around in it.

“What’s in it? Anything weird?” I asked with a leery smile.

“Chicken, garlic, ginger, turnip, bean, lemon, spinach,” Navid listed off. I shrugged and took the spoon from it. It actually didn’t taste too bad and it warmed my chest as it went down.

“That’s really good, thank you,” I said and kissed him. I finished the bowl and took a few sips of the protein shake. He had added frozen strawberries to it bahçelievler escort which are my favorite. He knew me.

“I go to catch up on some work downstairs while you rest, text me if you need me,” Navid kissed my forehead once more and then took the bowl away. I waited until after he left to burp. I don’t think I’d ever done that in front of him even though he did it all the time.

I was tired of sleeping though and I started to play on my phone for awhile. I went through the pictures of us Navid posted on our shared, private social media account. I rarely ever went on there since most of Navid’s friends who knew us only commented in French, German, Farsi, or Arabic. Navid was able to respond in all of those languages. There was the occasional English comment.

A lot of the friends he had on there weren’t even people we knew in real life. He had a lot of “friends” from Europe and the Middle East. They were an odd mix of younger Arab/Persian guys who liked his workout posts or pictures where he was holding me and older white guys who drooled over his shirtless pics and probably posted mean things on pics of me. I wasn’t sure why he would add them as friends, but then Navid did love attention. I noticed that everyone friended was there to validate our relationship to him. It’s probably why he didn’t have any family on there. I felt sad for him that it had to be that way.

I laid the phone down and decided I needed to get out of bed. The medicine was making me feel better, at least until I stood up. My head felt a rush of fog, but it was bearable. I slowly made my way downstairs to see what Navid was up to.

When he saw me, he made an angry face and started pointing back to the stairs. He was on the phone and had his laptop open on the bar counter between the kitchen and living room. I couldn’t go back up there and made a sign like I wanted some water. Navid shook his head angrily and gave my ass a soft spank as he spoke in a happy tone to the customer on his phone. I ignored him and went into the kitchen.

The place was a mess. He had used two chopping boards, four knives, several plates and pots. The counter was strewn with vegetable remnants and an empty carton of chicken stock. I started to clear things away, but he came around the counter and took the trash from my hands.

He shook his head at me and pointed towards the couch while he charmed the customer on his phone. I started to argue with him silently, but then my body began to shake as cold chills ripped through me. I stumbled against his chest and he put his arm around me. He walked me over to the couch and wrapped a blanket around me. He brought more medicine and a bottle of water.

“Yes, of course! I think is something we definitely want there!” Navid said as he sat on the couch and pulled me into his lap as I swallowed the pills. He slid an arm around me and rocked me gently as my body calmed under his warmth. He kissed my forehead and I drew my knees up into my chest as I laid against him. I nodded off again as he rubbed my back.

I woke up later, buried under the blanket and sprawled out on the couch. The tv was going with the sound off and I looked at the time on the news to see that I’d slept away most of the day. I was feeling a little better, but still groggy from the medicine he’d given me.

“Naviiii,” I whined, but he wasn’t in the room. I started to get up, but felt weak and then laid back down. It hit me how dependent I was on him. I’d been sick like this before and home alone because my dad couldn’t get off from work. I didn’t have Navid to carry me around back then, and I’d done ok. I pushed myself to get up.

Navid wasn’t anywhere to be found so I decided to make my way upstairs to brush my teeth. I heard the front door open behind me as I was halfway up.

“You feel better, my love?” Navid called from behind me. I turned to see him glistening with sweat and wearing a small pair of running shorts. Aram was behind him and in a similar state.

“I hurt,” I said weakly and gripped the rail.

“You were so asleep! Aram brought you a chicken soup. I thought we have time to get in a workout.” Navid walked towards me and I instantly felt weak. He rushed up the stairs and held me steady. He put his hands on the sides of my chest and guided me up the stairs.

“You have to wait one more hour for your medicine. I take quick shower and then hold you, ok, my sweet boy?” Navid laid me down and then pulled the comforter over me. I was so tired of being in bed, but I didn’t have the energy for much of anything else. He put on the TV for me while he went to shower.

He cleaned himself and then shoved his dick into a pair of red stretchy briefs and blue lounge shorts before sliding in next to me under the covers. I laid my head against his warm, muscled chest and let my hand slide down his stomach.

He stopped me when I got down to his package. He covered my hand with his as I squeezed the outline of his thick, flaccid cock. He groaned as I squeezed it and felt it wake up.

“I wish we could, my love, but you need rest,” He lamented. Navid slid an arm around me and let me rest my hand on his lap as he hugged me to him. He reached for his computer and placed it on the bed beside him. He started working through emails with one hand as the other rubbed my ass.

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