No More Regrets


I had been separated – with intention to divorce – from my wife for a few months, and I was still bitter. I had been facebook messaging my old buddy, Marc, regularly. We both complained about our exes.

One night, while bitching about our exes again, Marc said that he would be in my city the following week for work. I suggested he could stay at my place, and we could get drunk and stoned like we used to back in our twenties. He offered to bring the weed.

When Marc arrived, we just picked up where we left off. I fried up a couple steaks, and poured glasses of wine; he started rolling joints. A few hours later we were really fucked up, just sitting on the couch shooting the shit.

He turned to me. “Dude, let’s compare regrets. I’ll start. I regret that I didn’t negotiate a better deal in my divorce.”

My turn. “I regret that I put up with Beth’s shit for so long: I should have left her years ago.”

He thought for a minute. “I regret that I didn’t fuck more women before I got married.”

I raised my glass. “Good one! Here’s a shocker for you. I regret that I never fooled around with a guy.”

He looked at me. “Seriously?”

“Yeah, dude. I mean, back then, I never would have. I’d have thought it meant I was gay, but why in hell not try out something new, right?”

Marc paused, then leaned in closer. “I guess I regret that too. I must be really fucked up to be admitting that.”

I turned to face him. “I’m fucked up too. I mean, it wouldn’t mean I was gay. It’s just messing around.”

In yenibosna escort a low voice, “Exactly.”

The way he said that. It made me feel funny. We’d both had a lot of wine and weed. Why the hell not? “Marc, I’m not gay, but we could just, you know, HELP each other out. There’d be no harm in a little fun, right?”

His eyes were red and glassy, but I could tell he understood. “Some rules: No ass-play and we don’t speak of it tomorrow.”

I whispered, “Those are good rules”, as I pulled his face closer.

And we kissed. It was fucking fantastic. My whole body was tingling, and I was instantly hard. We started slow, but our kisses got harder and more intense. I licked his upper lip, and then pushed my tongue into his mouth. He sucked it hard.

Our hands were restrained at first: Rubbing each others’ necks and hair, then shoulders, upper arms and hands. I stood up, pulling Marc to his feet as well. We kept making out while pulling our bodies up against each other. I could feel his hard cock through his jeans, up against my own. I ran my hands down his back to his ass, and pushed his cock tighter up against mine.

Marc moaned into my mouth; it was fucking hot! He whispered, “We’re wearing too many clothes.”

At last! He was making a first move too. It was great to feel wanted. I wasn’t sure how to take him into the bedroom. I didn’t want to break the spell. I pulled away from him, grabbed his left hand and put it on my cock for few seconds. zeytinburnu escort He squeezed.

I reluctantly pulled his hand away, held it gently in mine, and said, “Come with me.” We got in the bedroom and quickly undressed. I didn’t even remember it happening.

I pushed him back onto the bed. I wouldn’t say he was gorgeous – or even so well hung – but he was naked on my bed, and he was rock hard for me. That was exactly what I wanted and needed.

I climbed up on top of him, pushing his knees apart with my own. I grabbed both of our cocks in one hand and started humping. I hadn’t felt this horny in months. This was so much better than beating off to free internet porn.

Then I remembered the reason for doing this: I desperately wanted to suck cock. I’d always wanted to try it, and here was a willing participant! I got on my knees on the floor in front of Marc. I wasn’t sure what to do at first, so I decided to just do what I knew I would like. I started at the base, and licked slowly up each side. Then I did it up the bottom. I lingered on that loose piece of skin about an inch below the helmet, going around in circles like I’ve done on clits before.

I licked the tip, and tasted his pre-cum. Salty and a little sticky, just like my own. Then I started kissing and teasing the tip. I had him squirming. Finally I put it in my mouth. I went about half-way down.

He moaned a cute little high-pitched “Oh!”

I didn’t want to ruin the mood by mecidiyeköy escort gagging, so then I came back up. I remembered how a girlfriend used to use her hand and mouth together to make it seem like she was taking the whole thing in her mouth. I tried that.


I kept doing that. With my other hand, I started massaging his balls.


God, how I loved that sound. He started bucking his hips, but I wouldn’t let him go any faster. I kept the same tortuous slow speed, while massaging his balls harder and harder.

Now he was whimpering. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh please please please don’t stop!”

Then he was pushing on the back of my head. He got quieter, and higher-pitched. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Ahhh!”

And his jizz started shooting into my mouth. It was warm and salty. It was fucking great.

When he’d finished and relaxed, I climbed back on top. I kissed him deeply, and he sucked his jizz off my tongue. He gave me a big smile and said, “You need to stand up, my little cocksucker.”

I stood, and Marc got on his knees in front of me. He grinned up at me. “Please fuck my mouth.”

I grabbed the back of his head and started gently fucking his face. He ran his hands up the back of my thighs and started kneading my ass cheeks. I didn’t want to go in too deep and make him gag, so I just gave him a couple inches. But that was enough.

We kept going until I felt the pressure build. I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Oh! My love! I’m coming!”

And I shot my load down his throat.

Marc stood up, put his arms around my neck, and kissed me gently.

We didn’t say another word. We just climbed into bed and spooned. My spent cock was up against his ass. I put my arm across his chest, and kissed his cheek. He was already asleep.

As I was falling asleep, I thought, “This will be awkward as fuck in the morning.”

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