No Boundaries


Sally wasn’t sure if Pete would be able to make it – she knew how difficult it was for him to get away but she was ready and waiting anyway. She was wearing a cotton white blouse which just came to the top of her thighs and a pair of high heeled black boots, underneath she had on black stockings and suspenders, this was the only underwear she had on except for the enormous black strap-on she had bought some time earlier! She had a small butt-plug in her ass that was quite short but very wide and she knew she was full with the strap on strap holding it in place. She tried to conceal the strap-on inside the blouse so she could surprise Pete with it when he put his hands inside her shirt but it was quite difficult to keep hidden, as it was so big. Ah well, she’d just have to hope that he made a grab for her as soon as he came in then there’d be less chance of him seeing it first. Either way she was dripping wet at the thought.

Just then there was a light tap at the door, she looked through the curtains and saw his car parked under the lamp. She opened the door to let him in and watched his face as he took in her outfit, sure enough he didn’t waste any time in reaching inside her blouse, exposing her breasts and then looking down and seeing the huge strap-on between her legs – his face was a picture – she knew how much it turned him on to see her dressed as a slut like this and she was only too happy to oblige.

It had been so long since they’d been together like this and she couldn’t wait to feel his fingers exploring her cunt and playing with her clit again – she gently guided his hands down from her tits and he knew exactly what she wanted – no-one did this to her as well as he did – he knew just where and how to touch and it was as good as she remembered and had fantasised about so often. She just leaned against the front door in all her glory as Pete touched the strap on and eased the strap aside to finger her cunt. She was wet and his single finger slipped in and rubbed her urethra and upwards to her clit – she nearly fainted as he squeezed it and rubbed it in circles. All of a sudden he stopped and pushed his finger to her lips – she sucked her juices from his finger with a long sigh. She pulled him into the room, made him stand in the middle of the room and slowly began to undress him.

As he stood there she removed every last piece of clothing until he was naked with a stiff cock – which she avoided touching. She picked up the blindfold and placed it over her eyes. He was starting to breath heavy as he loved to be dominated as well as dominate and Sally knew all the soft touches that made him shake with horniness and the hard touches that made him almost empty his balls without even a touch.

Some time ago she had bought some underwear for him and this was laid out waiting. It was a pair of ladies pants with huge tassels at each side, which she was looking forward to unfastening to reveal his throbbing cock. She also had the exact same stockings and suspenders that she was wearing, in his size. This was a game the both loved – something to do with the role reversals and taboos behind cross-dressing. She knew he would be happy to wear anything she had bought for him – there was no longer any embarrassment between them, they had talked about and tried so many things that sometimes it was as if they read each others minds. Although it was difficult for them to meet as often Kurtköy Escort as they would like, somehow this added to the excitement and when they did meet there was never any hesitation, they just carried on as if they had never been apart.

Once he was blindfolded and totally naked she could not resist lowering her head to him and sucking just the tip of his cock while easing her hand round to his ass and gently teasing around the outside with her fingers. Just enough to let him know what was to come. She reluctantly stopped doing this while she ran the stockings and pants she had bought for him all over his chest and cock, up between his ass cheeks, all over his thighs and up to his nose. They smelled of her perfume and made his cock throb, almost painfully.

She sat him on the sofa and pulled the stockings on, lightly touching his cock, by accident of course. She stood him up and fastened the suspender belt around his waist and attached the straps. His cock and ass were perfectly framed by the sheer material. Now was the time for those silky pants – which were bought one size too small to really make the feeling sexy. Getting his cock into them was impossible so she let the head peek out and planted a wet sloppy kiss right on the end, picking up some precum on her tongue that she licked her lips with.

She stood up and rubbed her stocking clad body all over his, this feeling excited her as much as him, the naughtiness and kinkiness of it being the thrill. By now Sally’s shirt was open and they stood before each other, Sally in her shirt, boots, stockings and suspenders and the strap-on and Pete wearing the red pants with the tassels at either side, stockings and suspenders and a hard on as big as hers. She whispered that the camera was set up to take a digital picture every 30 seconds and that the digital video camera was in the corner capturing all this so they could have some shots for there friends at their next party in their gloriously perverted outfits.

By now his cock was so erect that it was leaking precum over his pants. She knelt down and slowly undid one side of the pants and pushed his throbbing cock into her mouth, while a finger eased between his legs and into his arse at the same time. He often helped her do this and tonight was no exception, as he gently pulled his cheeks apart so she could probe further with her fingers. Then she moved around to hit arse, pushed her face in between his cheeks and slowly lick his cheeks moving into the centre where she could push her tongue into him. The camera flashed for yet another shot and she knew she would really enjoy looking at this picture over and over again as she relived it in her fantasies. She was behind him now with her hands at the top of his legs, the backs of her hands gently brushing his beautiful balls as she worked her tongue in and out of his arse, then bringing her hand round to stroke the outside of his hole, then her tongue inside, then her fingers, she spent some time doing this and enjoyed listening to his moans of pleasure while she prepared him to be fucked with the big black cock that was between her legs.

She knelt him down and made him place his shoulders on the floor and raised his ass up in the air just like he did to her when he wanted to really fuck her long and hard in her cunt or arse, a truly subservient position. He loved to be like this and just wished Kurtköy Escort Bayan she would find another man or preferably a transsexual to fuck him for real, but he knew that would come with time.

She made him spread his cheeks wide apart so his hole was exposed. She put some lube on the cock and slowly wanked it letting him hear the squelching it made in her hand. She then slowly eased to his hole and gingerly pushed. He felt it start to enter into him, as his pleasure increased and she gently at first, then with increasing intensity slid the cock in and out of his arse, all the time enjoying the sound of his pleasure. After a few minutes she slid out of him and lay back, still wearing the strap on and stockings, she wanted him to give her some pleasure now. She told him to remove the blindfold and make her come. He turned to face her and starting with her breasts, biting them hard, then moving down over her stomach, he soon had his tongue inside her and was sliding it into her and over her clit. He eased his hand to her arse and found it stuffed with the butt plug. He pushed it as he nibbled her clit and started to pump her arse with the plug hearing her gasp every time the wide part stretched her arse and then filled her to the brim again.

Sally was still lying on her back, knees raised, with Pete’s head between her legs and his tongue in her cunt. He flicked her clit till he heard her breath come in short bursts and then stopped and eased his cock into her tight cunt. This was difficult with that wide butt plug but he managed it and pumped for only a few seconds before she was screaming she was coming.

When she got he breath back she announced that it was kink time – as if this wasn’t enough for any man. She led him into the bathroom for his next surprise. There she had a length of tubing attached to the tap and a funnel. She ordered him into the bath, kneeling again with his ass raised. She lubed the funnel end and inserted it into his ass. She made him stay there and listen to the running water around his knees while she went to get the cameras and set them up there too.

When she was finished with the cameras she picked up the tubing and slowly started to fill the funnel with warm water. This wasn’t too successful so she removed the funnel and eased the tube into his arse and made him clench. When he screamed she pulled it out and told him to hold it. He held as long as he could until his arse exploded with a bit of shit and loads of warm water. The feeling was so perverted he loved it – his cock showed how much he enjoyed it. She spent some time enjoying the pleasure of giving him an enema before Sally eased the butt plug from her arse, which had a little shit on the end, and sat it in the basin. She sat on the edge of the bath, pulled the strap on straps aside and inserted the tube and filled her arse to the brim, something she hadn’t actually done before but she wanted to see how far Pete would go. She pulled his face to her cunt, which was on fire, and he lapped for all he was worth while she let the water cascade from her arse all over his chest. She came so hard, her cunt squirted some cream – the first time that had ever happened and her arse dribbled and farted the last drops into the bathtub. Pete’s face was still licking her cunt, she pulled her lips apart and exposed herself fully to him, and she teased him like this Escort Kurtköy for a little while because she knew how much he liked to look at the fleshy lips of her cunt.

As he did so she felt the urge to pee and wondered if she could really do this and would he like her to? She threw caution to the wind and pushed and soon the warm liquid was running over his face and into his hair. The look of surprise on his face made her laugh. He lapped at it, tasting it and rubbing it in his face and chest. When she squeezed the last drops out he stood up, ordered her to kneel in front of him and suck his cock and finger his arse.

She did so with relish and managed to get three fingers in to the knuckles. The pleasure was almost unbearable and he didn’t want her to stop, but he wanted to return a favour. He concentrated but couldn’t for the life of him, piss. He stopped her blowing him and turned round to allow her to lick his arse again. Maybe he could go soft enough to piss now? She licked like it was her favourite food and fingered him hard, although he liked it his cock softened a bit. Now was his moment. He stopped her and told her to suck him again. She started to suck and he let himself go. Yeah, he just stood there and pissed in her mouth. She coughed and spluttered a bit removing his cock from her mouth but looked him straight in the eyes and swallowed a mouth full, winking as she did so. She held his cock and soaked her face, hair and that cotton shirt. She was rubbing her cunt hard as she did so.

She soon stood up and held the cock to her cunt and stood there staring into his eyes as he pissed all over her cunt and stocking clad legs. For the first time that evening they kissed on the lips, their tongues pushed into each other’s mouths, their arms around each other, tasting each other’s juices and piss. They both shivered with the severity of it all and knowing it was all, hopefully, captured on film.

Sally then got bossy, ordering Pete to turn and put his hands on the wall, as she pushed the strap on cock into his ass, calling him her “sissy piss whore” as she brutally fucked into him. She continued for a few minutes and exclaimed “my turn”.

She pulled the cock from his arse fast and hard with a loud plop, turned and put her hands on the wall and shouted “fuck both my holes … now … and fucking hard … make me come again”. He pumped her cunt a few times then eased into her arse, then her cunt and then her arse. Over and over again until she was screaming to ram it home in her arse, and when he did she came, loud and long, so hard she wet herself again and started to buckle at the knees. They both collapsed into the tub, her face near his cock and he pumped it a few times and shot his cum over her lips. She loved that, leaned over and kissed him hard, pushing her tongue into his mouth sharing his cum with him.

They hugged a while and stripped, and showered – fingers everywhere again but they managed to get clean and they wrapped themselves in a towel each and went back into the warmth of the living room.

This seemed like a good time to have a break, a beer or two and discuss what to do next and just how far we could go. Now the boundaries have been breached the only limitations they had was their imagination. They still had 3 hours before Pete had to return home to his wife and Sally’s husband would be home from work. Doing it in Sally’s house was part of the thrill, Sally knowing what she had just done in the bathroom as her husband takes a shower or has a piss, and Pete knowing his work colleague always talked to him about his wife and what a bore in the bedroom she was, not even blowing him anymore.

If only he could see the pictures and video.

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