Nilesh Kumar The Great

Nilesh Kumar The Great
Nilesh Kumar The Great

BY: Londebaaz Chohan

Well, if Nilesh Kumar wanted to claim and the world wanted to believe that he was not Gay; who wanted to be the judge? Better nobody. Even Nilesh cannot refuse that he had fooled around with men; at least on occasions and if nothing stern or serious, but at least touching, feeling and exploring other men to satisfy his desires to be a showoff. After all, said and done; one thing was for sure that he was damn lucky young man. For his very average body looks, height, weight and physique; he was blessed with an enormous size of well over 8-inch penis and balls even larger than a bull, of course making him the horniest and sex crazed person. Yet even bigger blessing bestowed upon him was that, his normal cock length would swell and engorge from being just about 3 ½ inches’ to be well over 8 inches’ and still not be hard or rigid, surprising each and every on looker for his third leg. He was the real and true exhibitionist one could know.

This was his senior year in school and he knew, it shall be almost a breeze to graduate in some very decent grades. He decided to join the work force; at least on part time bases. As they say; ‘misery loves company’ same way perhaps, it was true that ‘blessings keep piling up’. NK got a temporary job as a travelling assistant to one of the senior Sales Managers of a famous company, making detergents of all kinds. He was supposed to travel with the boss one day, once a month only and that too from midday until after dinner. Hotel stay was not needed during this trip because the trip was to visit the retail market only but once every six months the travel trip was for at least 2 days to meet and mingle with the senior managers and owners of the traders, dealers and the brokers. This usually meant visiting to relatively far away larger cities and staying in the hotels.

On one of the such trips, he was made to stay with his boss in a luxury hotel. Of course not in the same room. He did not even know what room or a suite, the boss was. After a very short meeting on the arrival day, he had some time to himself and decided to visit the hotel gym and spa for the fun of it. Just to kill time, he rode the exercise bike and then swam for couple of laps and finally the steam / sauna room next to the men’s lockers.

Being that it was a relatively odd, close to noon time; the gym was fairly empty but he was not alone in the steam room. The steam was thick but he could see another man sitting on the bench. Although, it was dark enough plus the fog was not making it easy to see much but he could tell that the person was past the school days and also not very hefty or burly. Soon as he opened the door to enter and light penetrated inside, NK saw him, rapidly rearranging the towel in his lap. Oh! shit. He had perhaps caught the man jerking off but was not absolutely sure, to be honest.

NK said hello and the man also said hello back with a smile. His name was John, NK found out as he took a seat on the bench across from him and they started talking; about the hotel, the different things to do in the hotel and in the city. During this almost half an hour meeting and talking about certain things and topics; NK developed a hunch that John was a gay as NK said; he was travelling as an assistant to his manager but he did not know what room his boss was in, John also said that he was travelling with his friend and he was tired and sleeping in the room upstairs.

At this point, NK decided to know; what was this man interested in and just making believe that his leg had fallen asleep, he quickly yanked the towel off him, stood up, jerked his leg and started walking couple of paces to and from the bench. After a few moments, he walked back to his seat and watched the man. His eyes were glued to the NK’s humongous sex muscle, engorged and extended but still hanging down calmly. There was nothing new or alarming and NK sat back; covering his cock just as nonchalantly and they continued talking about things.

After a while, feeling a letup in the conversation; NK announced to go and relax in the Jacuzzi and walked out. The Jacuzzi was fairly large to seat at least 12—15 people but there was no one in it. After hanging his towel, NK took a seat in the back, making sure he could see the activity in the gym in front of him and also that a gentle and steamy swirl of the bubbles was felt hitting his balls and the surrounding areas making him kind of semi aroused but not at full mast.

Eventually, John came out of the steam room and saw Nilesh Kumar seated in the Jacuzzi and gave him a big smile, hung his towel on the hook too and entered the Jacuzzi. Now NK could clearly see, he was surely older than NK, but did not look over 25 or so, had a very smooth skin and clean shaved with zero hair on his chest. Looking at his crotch, NK noticed a poorly small penis of almost one-inch length but a decent knob placed above his extremely impressive sized balls. Each nut was no less than the size of a tennis ball and the wrinkly sac was also shaved very smooth like the pubes and pulled up in a knot under the base of the cock; pushing the cock knob out making it look like hard but actually it was not. NK acknowledged him with a smile as he approached Nilesh to sit near him.

They sat in the Jacuzzi and talked for another about half an hour until they got up to head for the showers. John got up, reaching for his towel and started drying himself facing NK and continuing the conversation. He took too much time to dry his cock and sac and NK did not take his eyes off from John’s crotch while they talked. Then NK stood up with his fully stretched but not erected cock dangling between his legs, reaching for his towel. John abruptly stopped talked in the middle of the sentence and watched making NK feel so elated to see his black brown, thick cock, bob and sway in front of him and John observing it with interest. John kept giving a subtle pull to his shaft while drying off.

These shower stalls were made with a nice thought in mind. Each stall had a small place in front of the actual shower for changing; with a thin curtain separating them two and boxes on the shower walls dispensed shampoo and the soap. NK took off his towel, hung it in the little changing area and started the water running. Thinking that his little chance of exhibitionism display was over; he began masturbating, making his cock go erect in a second. He was alternating his hands on his cock and nipples, almost ready to spray the shower walls with his essence.

To his dismay, the approaching orgasm was interrupted by John’s voice from the next stall; wanting to know what scent of soap was supplied in his stall.

“It is Country Fresh written on the dispenser”, NK yelled back.

“That sounds nice”, John said after thanking NK over the wall. “I never used that one”. Thinking, if he had to do anything; NK continued to revive his jerking rhythm. He could swear, he did not mean to but heard himself telling John to come over and try it, if he wanted to. As if John was already on his way; next moment, the curtain moved and John was with NK all naked in the shower stall. He was holding his hard penis; to show about 3 may be hardly 4 inches’ long, curved upwards. He looked at the Nilesh’s thick cobra, which NK was stroking, then looked in his eyes. They both stood masturbating in front of each other for little while and then John just reached for and grabbed NK’s cock making him let it go for the total control over it. NK obeyed and even thrust his hips to meet his strokes. John was stroking fast and rough; picking the speed rapidly and also playing with his own cock at the same time. NK thought, it was silly that he stood there with his hips moving front and back and hands just doing nothing. He started tweaking, caressing his nipple with one hand while with the other, he cupped John’s big balls encouraging him to keep playing with the monster cock in his custody and keep making grunting noises as a sign of enjoying what he was doing.

Soon Nilesh’s balls were churning the sperm and slush in them and John also realized the ejaculation happening soon. He slightly pulled NK’s cock towards his naked body and asked Nilesh to spill over him. With his wish words ending, NK shot stream after stream of hot, thick, seed just below his belly button while loud gasping and growling with each burst. Finally, John let go his aching cock after making sure that there was no more to spill. Cock being felt sore due to being pulled swiftly and gripped hard; NK turned to let the warm water sooth it a bit while his body shuddered still under the influence of strong sensations that were leaving his body slowly. It was exactly then when John grabbed his hips and thrust his small hard cock in NK’s butt.

NK quickly turned around and vehemently refused and told john that no; he was not into anal and moved a step away.

John started jerking again but softly whispered that, he did figure out that may be NK will not play anal and surely he was not going to do that. NK gave him a very puzzled look but he told NK to trust him that he will not do a thing that NK did not approve or want and asked him to turn around; please. NK took a step under the hot shower and turned around hesitantly. John grabbed his hips once again but very gently this time and rubbed his cock against the NK’s bubbles and whispered that he was only going to jerk off between them cheeks. With silent approval from NK; John placed his cock between the upper thighs and cheeks thrust sliding it powerfully from the ass hole to the balls making slapping sounds.

Soon John grunted and stopped thrusting. NK turned back to look and found him masturbating furiously and pleading, “Please show me your hole”.

Nilesh turned around again, reaching behind him to spread his cheeks with his anal hole exposed and spread wide for John. With no warning, John’s semen started to blast on NK’s anus, butt cheeks and even the lower back. A small stream did flow to his dangling balls as well. John backed off but NK held his pose for more of John’s cum to slide down and for his viewing. John left without even washing his cock. NK washed his ass, thighs clean of semen, took the clean robe and rushed to his room for another solo fun filled jerking session .

The End. Tour comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan May 24, 2019.

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