Nightwolf Part 2


Part 2

Before either of them could even get out of the bed the guards rushed in, the surrounded the bed and then the captain stepped forward, he grabbed poor little Sirus by his hair and tossed him to the ground. Eyes filled with hatred and confusion Sirus looked back at Kevin, his hatred subsiding as he saw Kevin’s eyes filled with sorrow and pain. He reached for Kevin and Kevin reached back, and just as their fingers were about to touch Kevin’s father stepped through the guards and pulled him off the bed as well.
“Take him away; get that escaped piece of filth out of my sight.”
Forcefully the guards grabbed Sirus by his hair and dragged him down the stairs; he screamed and begged for mercy that he knew he would never get from men like these. As with every time he had escaped and been captured the guards would use him, and then return him to his master where he would again be beaten, raped, and then left in his dark cell for days.
The guards dragged him into a cold, stone chamber lit only by a few scattered torches. The room was roundish in shape with a round stone table in the center with four sets of chains and cuffs attached to it. Swiftly the guards forced him onto the table. Laying on his back the chained him to the table. He fought with all the strength he could manage, which in his current Escort state wasn’t much. The guards all wore the smile he was so used to seeing, the smile that said that there was going to be none of the kindness, or gentleness that Kevin had shown him, only the rough driving urge of them seeking their orgasm, with no care for his health or his pleasure. The first guard stepped forward, his throbbing manhood already sticking out of his pants. He stuck his cock in Sirus’ face, and when he refused to open his mouth the guard grabbed his hair and wretched it sharply. When Sirus let out his yelp of pain the guard stuck his cock deep into Sirus’ throat. He gagged, and gagged as the guard thrusted in and out of his mouth, eventually his training took over and he relaxed the muscles of his throat, his saliva coated the guards cock allowing it to slide deep into his mouth, with greater ease than before. Just as he was getting used to the guard violating his mouth the second, third and forth guards stepped up. The second one forced Sirus’ legs apart, spit on his cock, and shoved himself deep into Sirus’ hole. He tried to scream, he would have had there not been a cock deep in his mouth. His screams only served to vibrate the first guards cock. A pleasurable moan escaped the guard’s mouth, and soon more moans followed from the second Escort Bayan guard.
Giving in to their torture Sirus extended his hands as far out as they could and grasped the third and forth guards into his hands and began to stroke them with his soft warm hands. All four men were extremely well endowed the smallest among them was easily eight and half inches long, and at least two inches wide. Unfortunately for Sirus the biggest among them was the one violating his ass. His monster cock was easily 13 inches long, and was at least three and a half inches wide. The monster of a cock in his hole burned, it burned like the first time he had been taken when he was younger. Tears flowed from his eyes, for what use did a slave have for dignity? After another ten minutes of brutal mouth fucking the first guard pulled out and came on his face, and in his mouth. Then he covered Sirus’ mouth, “Swallow it all!” he commanded, and having no choice Sirus did as he was told. The third guard who he had been stroking until now took the first guards place and shoved his cock into Sirus’ mouth.
Meanwhile the guard in his ass pumped away, hard and fast, each drive forward caused Sirus such pain that he had no choice but to try and cry out, each cry caused the guard raping his mouth more pleasure, and he hated himself Bayan Escort for it. He felt the monster cock inside his ass begin to swell, and then he felt the pumping sensation of cum being shot deep into his body.
Once the guard pulled out of his ass the forth and thankfully the final guard took his place. Sirus whimpered and tried to beg for mercy, but as usual none was shone. The fists two guard where bigger then these two, but the last two guards lasted much longer. As they fucked his mouth and ass the put his body through many tortures as they went, they abused his nipples, taking immense joy at the whimpers that came from Sirus’ throat, several times the changed positions after unchaining, and then rechaining him to the table. Now he stood on his hands and knees, both holes still filled with the guards cock, the guard behind him would slap his ass, then once the pain from that began to dull the guard in his mouth would either reach down and twist his nipples till he tried to scream, or would pull his hair and wretch his head back.
The guard in his ass smacked him a few more times before pulling out and cumming all over his back, and ass. The guard in his mouth followed soon pulling his cock out as well and cumming on Sirus’ face, neck, and shoulders. Together all four guards left the room, leaving Sirus to lay in the dark dungeon, panting and covered in cum.

Next story coming soon to cover what happens to Kevin while Sirus was being raped.
feed back appreciated.

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