night out all dressed up….


night out all dressed up….as a cross dresser and not a gay cross dresser what happened the other evening was quite amusing to me, i had spent the entire day around my home, dressed in my usual black satin underwear and a satin dressing gown, i had nothing to do so I got all dressed up, wearing white satin panties, bra, suspenders and black stockings, I decided to wear a red dress, not to tarty, nee length with a lovely top, feeling very special I was now putting on all the make up and lipstick (red to match of coarse) red shoes and I was fit, didnt look to bad for a bloke !!!(I would have given it one!!)out of the door and into my car, don’t think the neighbours noticed, it was now about 8 o clock on a lovely summers evening, i drove to a lovely spot in the country ive been to before, i parked up a got out to see who may be about, i couldn’t see anybody but there was a car parked across the roadway. nobody was in the car, I wonder were they are? couldn’t see anybody for miles, never mind ill go for a walk around the area, hope I don’t know anybody here.. just the feeling of freedom was lovely,the feel of satin and the movement of the dress on my legs, there was a slight breeze which helped to move the dress as I walked, god this is wonderful ,I now had covered about a mile, I had a semi erect penis, this was so lovely, the feel and freedom, its hard to explain but I would love to be a woman for a while, but coz then it wouldn’t be the same because I wouldn’t have tuzla escort my penis and the feelings would be different wouldn’t they ?? anyway I could hear noises up ahead, not very load to start with, there it was again, its a females whisper, no two woman .. I has quite close now, what to do? carry on walking? if they speak they will know im a bloke with a all dressed up, in the middle of no were, what do I do!! I had a bit of a panic but it was now to late anyway, they had seen me and I had seen them. these were middle aged women, half naked, they looked like rabbits caught in the headlights !!! I had nothing to worry about, it looked like they were having a whale of a time, I apologised and tried not to look at this lovely pair of tits, they were perfect. as I backed away the brunet asked if I was ok with the lesbian sight I had stumbled upon ,she said her name was Susan and this was her best friend Christine, they were not lesbians but enjoyed a “bit of fun sometimes”,i had to talk back to them , as soon as I spoke they roared with laughter, this was so embarrassing I made a quick exit, as I pulled away, susan spoke to me saying how sorry she/they both were,”how can I laugh at you when were here making love as two women?” Christine had blonde highlights and a lovely figure, they were both about 35 or 36, susan was slightly bigger than Christine but were both very attractive, I would have said about a size 14 and a 16,anyway by now sancaktepe escort they were both dressed, I said how sorry I was that they had been interrupted and I would leave them alone to enjoy each other.. they than asked me to stay and talk while they carried on again, I said I wouldn’t mind in the slightest!! as they started to kiss and caress each other susan asked why I do this? not watch lesbians but dress up and go out as a woman? as I started to explain about the urges to dress and act as a woman dos, the feeling of satin and silk, by this time things were hotting up with the girls,susan was now apart from pink satin knickers was naked and muffing Christine, who was now naked, I was getting a bit clammy and hot myself, I could feel my very hard penis pressing against my satin knickers, there was also a very wet patch appeared on the front of my dress, the stupid thing is ive got these two lovely girls moaning and groaning with pleasure, the smell of hot bodys and a musty smell from all the wet fingers/fannies but I just wanted to try there clothes on, see how they felt, what they smelt of suck the wet bits. as I was dreaming susan had lifted my dress and started sucking my penis through the knickers, christine was sucking susan, as they both started to come Christine asked for me to fuck her, fuck her as hard as I could, I started to strip while inside her but was told not to. I had to stay dressed up as a woman but with a penis üsküdar escort which was now bursting, i was fucking Christine how was liking/sucking susan while susan was now holding her wet knickers to my lips, the smell of her on the crouch and the feel of the satin was to much, my penis exploded, but not before pulling out of Christines fanny and nearly into her mouth,as I came it sprayed up the side of her face and into her blonde hair, whoops susan tried to suck it out of her hair but just made things worse,her hair was now stuck in a matted knot, oh dear, this didn’t go down to well, she called me stupid and that hubby will know, I said how sorry I was and offered to do anything I could, which wasn’t much, she dressed and stormed off leaving susan to clean up and dress, Christine stormed off and left susan. as she wheel spun out onto the road we could hear her tyres screaming up the road, I said sorry to susan, as she got dressed she said that Christine had always been spoilt, them started to laugh about it, as she said there was a cross dressed bloke and two randy females what did she think would happen, whats a bit of spunk between friends? I started talking to susan as she dressed and walked on, i said that I had liked her clothes and she said how pretty I had looked, she asked if I wanted to try some of her clothes on, given a chance like this I said yes, we walked back to my car and I drove her to her flat, “ill check all ok then you can come up”, when she re appeared she said follow her, as it was now 11.00 it was getting late, I made my excesses and drove off ,when I got home I slipped in doors stripped off and cleaned up, what an evening, will I ever have the nerve again to speak to this woman, or call bye one day ??

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