Next Door Ch. 03


In Chapter Two of my story of becoming intimate with an eighteen year old college freshman, I related how our activities became more intimate. As a recap, I’ll begin Chapter Three with the last few paragraphs from the previous chapter:

As we hugged in the afterglow I asked Susan which aspect of our lovemaking she liked best.

“All of it. I loved when you shaved me. When you sat on my face I almost came right then and there.”

“You liked me sitting on your face?”

“I loved it. Then you rubbed your pussy all over my face. That was so sexy.” She hesitated. “I like the way you take control,” she revealed with a shy smile. Between the facial and my prodigious orgasm, her face was a beautiful mess.

She continued. “I loved that little pussy spanking you gave me. And when you masturbated in my face, well, I had no idea how sexy it is to have a woman do that.”

“You have a submissive side,” I concluded.

“I guess I do.”

“We’re going to explore that submissive side of yours,” I promised.

The next night I saw my boyfriend. I was still so wild thinking about my time with Susan. We did it in every position known to womankind. Three times.

“I’m not complaining, but what has gotten in to you? I’ve never seen you like this? You wore me out.”

“I missed you all week,” I fibbed.

I had absolutely no intention of telling him about my young girlfriend and my exploits with her. My kinky side would remain a secret.


As Susan became more comfortable in our lovemaking, she became more adventuresome and sought to experiment with new positions. After shaving her smooth one evening she took my hand and dragged me to my bed. We were naked and kneeling on the mattress kissing. Susan had an idea.

“Squeeze your boobs together,” she instructed.

“Like this?”

“Yes. Now rotate your torso side to side.” I rotated about thirty degrees to each side and repeated.

“Perfect,” Susan said and lowered her face and extended her tongue. She situated herself so my nipples would brush her waiting tongue as I turned.

“How’s that?” she asked.

“I like it,” I replied as I waved my boobs in her face. This would be nice to do with my boyfriend tomorrow.

Susan licked my nipples a while longer and then had another idea. “I want to try something else,” she announced.

Susan laid me down, mounted me, and lifted my right leg. Scissoring me, she rubbed herself into me. After some seconds she stopped.

“Wait,” she said, dismounting me. She grabbed a pillow.

“Lift up your butt,” she instructed. I did and she slid a pillow under me. She mounted me again and we rubbed together. Her adorable face expressed dissatisfaction. She grabbed the other pillow.

“Lift your cute butt up again,” she instructed. She slid the other pillow underneath me. Remounting me, she positioned herself and pressed into me.

She was pleased. “That’s better. Do you like this, Diana?” she asked, holding my right foot izmit escort against her cheek as she bumped me.

I moved my gaze from her happy face, past her bouncing boobs, down her tight tummy, to see our vaginas kissing each other.

“Yes. It’s very pretty and very sexy.”

“It is,” she agreed, staring at our coupling.

“Where did you learn this, you naughty girl?”

“My friend. She had a video.”

“She must want to do this with you.”

“Too late. You’re the first.”

Susan continued grinding with increased vigor. She reached down and pulled up, exposing her clitoris.

“Take out your clit, Diana,” she ordered. I lifted my hood and she adjusted her position, causing our swollen nubs to rub.

After a minute of polishing our clitorises on each other’s, Susan released a furious orgasm, taking my toes in her mouth as she did. She continued to grind as she drenched me with orgasmic fluid. As her orgasm reached a crescendo she let out a yelp. She slowed her pace and soon froze, our vaginas locked, our juices commingled.

She calmed and fell on top of me. I slid my finger up her slippery slit and put it in her mouth.

“Savory,” she panted. I fingered her slit again and tasted our cocktail of feminine juices.

“Savory,” I agreed, caressing her as she settled.

Susan enjoyed her newly-found position and deemed more practice necessary. We bumped twice more that weekend, once with her on top again, and once with me in the driver’s seat. Her finishes were equally intense.


I had allowed Susan her discovery of bumping pussies but I wanted to get back to exploring her submissive side. To that end I stopped in an adult store and bought some see-through teddys and quarter cup bras. There were some handsome strap-ons that I couldn’t resist. I bought a nice textured one. I added two harnesses to my purchase; one for me to wear and another I could mount on Susan’s face. Pink furry handcuffs and some pink rope rounded out my purchase.

At Susan’s next visit I shaved her vagina and then showed her the bras and teddy. Her eyes lit up and she immediately modeled them. Her perfect body filled the teddy exquisitely and the quarter cup push up bra put her young tits and nipples on display.

“Nice tits,” I said, taking them in my hands and kissing her.

“Thank you for these,” she replied, motioning toward her skimpy undergarments.

“The crotch unsnaps. I’ll show you how,” I said and led her to my bed.

I laid her down unsnapped her. I toyed with her smooth eighteen year old pussy by stretching it this way and that and tugging on her labia. I gave a few kisses and then dragged my tongue up her wet slot.

Two of the joys of making love with Susan were the ease with which I could bring her to orgasm and their potency. She didn’t disappoint; a few quick licks and she came with intensity. I tended to her pussy as she calmed and then straddled her to kiss her. She pulled me forward by my ass.

“Come izmit anal yapan escort up here, pretty lady.”

I played dumb. “Up where?”

She motioned toward her face.

“You want me to sit on your face?”

“Please do!” she exclaimed.

“Alright. Only because you asked nicely.”

I moved up and planted my pussy on Susan’s waiting tongue. She went straight to work. I pulled my feet under me so I was sitting on her with my full weight. I reached back and toyed with her wet vagina, giving her a few light spanks.

“Ooh, I like that,” Susan cooed.

“You do? You naughty girl. Pull yourself open.”

“Yes, ma’am,” she enthused. Susan reached down and pulled herself wide. I gave some light pats, my fingers slapping against her saturated lips.

“Show me your clit,” I instructed.

Susan obeyed and I gave her clit a light spanking.

“You be a good girl and make me come,” I instructed as I spanked her pussy.

“Yes, ma’am,” Susan repeated.

“You want me to come in your mouth?”

“Oh, please do,” she pleaded.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Please come in my mouth,” she implored.

Susan’s begging was all it took; I soon released a moaning orgasm into her mouth.


Susan had passed her initial submissive training with flying colors. I had forbidden her to shave herself; only I would shave her. Susan wanted to keep a landing strip but I overruled her; I would keep her pussy totally bald. She knew I enjoyed finishing in her mouth and she made sure I always did. She knew I needed a man’s touch too and was understanding when I spent nights with my boyfriend. Susan was primed for more. I readied her collar and cuffs.

At Susan’s next visit I took our lovemaking further. After shaving her I had her wear her teddy and quarter cup bra. The teddy hugged her curves and the bra lifted and displayed her tits for my indulging. She was gorgeous.

“I have something else for you to wear,” I informed her.

I took out her collar and put it around her neck.

I led her to the mirror. “Look how beautiful.”

Susan turned slightly to take in her new look.

“This goes with it,” I said as I produced her leash and clipped it on her collar.

“How do you like it?”

“I like it. I like it a lot. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome. Let’s make love.”

I ordered Susan on the bed and went straight to violating her. She was dripping wet.

“You like your collar and leash,” I observed.

“It’s such a turn on.”

“Good. Because tonight we’re going to try something else new.” I removed my tight pants and top, leaving my bra and panties. “I’m going use your face for my pleasure, Susan.”

“That’s not new.”

“It will be,” I informed her as I pulled the furry pink cuffs from the night table drawer.

“Spread your arms out.” Susan obeyed and I cuffed her to the headboard. I then took the harness and dildo out and slipped it izmit yabancı escort over her head. The dildo stood out of her mouth.

I removed my panties and mounted her. Slowly and sexily I hovered over Susan’s face. Still holding her leash, I maneuvered my opening over the device and slowly settled down. With my full weight on her, I sat and got comfortable. I shed the bra and held onto the headboard for balance. Slowly I began riding, using Susan’s pretty face as my platform. Susan began countering my movements; as I settled, she’d push up; as I lifted, she’d pull back.

“Good girl!” I praised. I fucked her face and tickled my clit before dismounting and turning to reverse cowgirl. I squatted on Susan’s waiting dildo and leaned on her tits for balance.

“Make love to me, Susan.” Susan complied by working her face in and out.

“Good girl!” I repeated. I got on my knees and leaning forward, I toyed with Susan’s pussy and then pulled it open.

“Nice pussy. Does she need anything?”

“Yes, ma’am. She’s a bad girl. She needs to be spanked,” came Susan’s reply, muffled by her harness.

“She does? Well I won’t spank your pussy until you make love to me right, Susan.” Susan moved so as to penetrate me slowly and deeply, would withdraw almost completely, and then repeat.

“Good pet,” I said as I administered a few light slaps to her sopping vagina.

Susan kept up her tender lovemaking and I switched to lightly slapping her smooth vagina with the end of her leash.

“We don’t want to neglect your clit, do we?”

“No,” Susan muffled.

“Then make love to me gently while I spank her too,” I said. Susan complied. I pulled up on her hood and exposed her swollen clitoris. I gave it a few light taps with the leash.

“Good girl. Good pussy.”

Susan’s orgasm was violent. She twisted in her cuffs as I held her leash. I inserted two fingers in her to hold her as steady as possible.

After she calmed I removed her harness but not the handcuffs.

“Now it’s my turn,” I said. I sat on her face and tickled myself.

“Do you want me to come in your mouth, my pet?”

“Oh, please do.”

“Then stick out your tongue.” Susan did and I slid onto it. “I’m going to masturbate right onto your tongue.”

I rubbed my clitoris and was soon near.

“Open wide,” I admonished.

After undressing Susan, shaving her, collaring her, fucking her face, spanking her pussy, and now masturbating on her tongue, my orgasm came quickly into Susan’s stretched mouth. It was huge.

After uncuffing her we lay in the afterglow. I kept Susan on her leash.

“Did you like our lovemaking?”

“It was so sensual. I loved you squatting on my face. Your pussy is so perfect with a dick in it.”

“What did you like the most?”

“The spanking.”

“What did you like the least?”

Susan hesitated. “I didn’t like the handcuffs.”

“Why not?”

“Because when you were bouncing on my face your boobs were bouncing too. I wanted to hold them. And I like when you order me to hold my pussy open for you when you spank me. I couldn’t do that.”

“I see. Then no cuffs when we do that again.”

The next night I was with my boyfriend and rode the real thing.

I will leave it at that for now. I will continue with our love story when time allows.

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