New Year’s Eve party (millennium)


New Year’s Eve party (millennium)On New Year’s Eve 1999 (millennium eve) my mate had a party as his parents house in high Wycombe. They had a big place with a marquee in the garden and about 150 guests. I was 28 at the time and my mates and their friends were all a bit younger, as I was a mature student at the time.We had a really good night, which in fact carried on until about 5 in the morning for me and even later for others.Anyway, I fucked a couple of different girls that night.The first was a friend of a friend, let’s call her Sarah. We all got there in the afternoon to help get things ready and then got changed about 6.00 for the party. Sarah caught my eye right after we got changed because she had slipped on a lovely purple shimmery dress with only one shoulder strap and clearly was wearing no bra, because her perky little chebs we’re poking out and showing right through the soft material.I said to my mate (also hers, let’s call her Clare) that Sarah looked great, but hadn’t she forgotten something and she was fairly upfront and said, yes, Sarah had forgotten to bring a strapless bra, so had decided bra-less was better than having a shoulder strap showing.I agreed of course!!!Now, Sarah was about 5′ tall and slim, I’d say a size 10′ with 32b or c boobs and really fit legs and arse. She was about 23 and did a lot of skiing and the like, so had been training ready for going away in January. She had short blonde hair and a lovely coffee cream tan.To cut a long story short, after midnight had been and gone and we’d had a good snog and I’d had a feel of her fit arse and rubbed my hard karşıyaka escort cock into her belly while we had a dance, Sarah said she was feeling tired and wanted a brief lie down before carrying on the party.Since we were all staying over, we had a place to crash, so we went upstairs and as soon as the bedroom door closed, I helped her pull her little dress right off over her head, so all she was wearing was a shiny black thong. I could see her camel toe shaping the material and felt my cock stiffen.Her tits were perfect. Firm, perky and tanned, with little brown nipples. I set to work on them and slipped a hand into her tiny knickers. She undid my shirt and was rubbing my chest and working my nipples at the same time as undoing my trousers and freeing the big fella from my boxers.I dropped to my knees and pulled her shiny thong to one side and the sweet smell of her minge hit me as I started to lap at her smoothly waxed slit.She grabbed my head in both hands and pulled my tongue into her groin. I slipped a finger up her wet sloppy twat and fingered her as I sucked at her clit. I made her cum that way first, then bent her over the bed and fucked her from behind. I could see her tits jiggling in a mirror on the wardrobe door to my left and she came again as I pulled her head back with her hair. I stuck a finger up her arse hole, right up to the knuckle just before I let my load go and she dropped her box for a third time, before collapsing, well and truly fucked for the first time in the new millennium.We both crashed out for a bit and I awoke to karşıyaka escort bayan find it was 2.15 am and the music was still going downstairs.Sarah was still sparked out, so I got up, feeling the urge for a piss, and went in search of the bathroom. When I got out on the landing, in just my boxers, I spotted my second conquest of the night. A girl I’d never met before was sitting on the top stair, a little worse for wear, playing with a ladder in her tights and looking totally pissed off.She was about 19 or 20 and was wearing a short brown skirt and tan tights, over very white legs. She looked all sorry for herself and so I asked what was up. She told me she’d stumbled in the garden and laddered her tights after a row with her mate, who had snogged some lad that she had fancied.I said she’d be better off without the tights on as wear them like that. She agreed, so I suggested she pop into the loo and whip them off. She didn’t know where it was, so I lead her in there.I made my excuses and started to have a piss, as she kicked off her shoes, hiked up her skirt and took her tights off.I turned to look at the show with my cock still out of my boxers, just as she dropped the hem of her skirt again, so I missed seeing what she had on underneath.She saw me turn and look, so I told her not to worry, I hadn’t seen her!She duly lifter it again to show me a pair of sheer white panties.I could clearly see her ginger bush through the material and by now I was bringing the big fella back to life again with a five knuckle shuffle. Her gaze alternated between escort karşıyaka looking me right in the eye and looking down at me wanking my cock. She told me she had never seen a guy do that before, so I carried on. Her eyes widened when I got him up to full mast.I suggested she do the same, so, after a few seconds of hesitation, she hooked her thumbs into her white knickers and dropped them to her knees, exposing a neat ginger pussy, trimmed and not too bushy.She sat down on the edge of the bath, spread her legs and stated to rub her clitty.I didn’t wait for an invite, I just knelt in front of her, eased her knickers to her ankles and dived in between her legs and buried my face in her pussy.Sarah and been nice and smooth and clearly experienced, but I found out that this bird was a virgin and had never even seen a cock before, except for her younger brother when they were young enough to be bathed together.She knew how her own body worked though and when I came up for air, she carried on and made herself cum within the few seconds it took me to get her blouse and bra off.Her tits were a bit saggy if I’m honest, for a girl of her age and her nipples with like cheap beef burgers. I’m guessing she had been a bit of a plumper when she had been at school and had missed out on the growing up and experimenting with boys, but she slim enough now and her arse and legs were in fact quite firm.Anyway, I laid hear on her back and took her virginity there and then on the bathroom floor. She came again as she thrust her clitty against my pelvis as I fucked her.All told, we were done and dusted in 20 minutes and back to the party. She melted away into the crowds and I didn’t see her until the next morning, when her mum came to collect her. The first thing her mum said when she came in was ‘where’s your tights then Emma”. Oh, I thought, it’s Emma is it. Nice to have a name in mind for the happy memories!!

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