New Widower Charlie Creek

Big Tits


At last new widower Charlie Creek was left sole occupant of his home. His two daughters had returned respectively to Rome and Los Angeles to their families after coming for the funeral and had cleared the house of most of Beth’s things but had left the photographs of her undisturbed.

Now his only company where his thoughts. At least a half dozen times during his married life Charlie had thought he’d not like to be the one left behind, but it hadn’t happened like that. Beth’s heart stopped beating while she was asleep and that was that; she’d left him. He finally cried at the funeral and felt his grief begin to ebb and that had been much earlier than expected.

God, Leah and Erica had been so good to him during their all too brief stay, not leaving him alone for the first few days and after they’d left he found several of the neighbors had been asked to ‘keep an eye on dad’. His neighbors appeared to find it easy to do because Beth had been well liked and had acted very neighborly. He didn’t talk to nearly as many people as Beth did because beyond the normal courteous greeting he generally only spoke to people he liked. Perhaps that indifference explained why he was not really grieving, but did it matter? He had no idea.

Charlie thought at fifty-five he was still young enough to marry again but who’d want him apart from some lonely crow wanting a guy with a good home and money who’d act as a listening post? He’d want none of that. A twenty-something with great tits and a great smile who’d fuck him legless before running off with his money and his car would be a better choice. Then when that affair ended he could drive into a tree at sixty miles an hour with a happy smile on his face to join Beth. Oh damn, he couldn’t do that could he? Not only was he opposed to self-destruction but also the heartless young bitch would have stolen his car.

“Something will turn up,” he snorted and turning off the TV went to bed.

Something did, but the only thing Charlie had foreshadowed was the great tits although ‘great tits’ is such a subjective term. Nevertheless Charlie ruled they were great.

Charlie returned to work driving Bill and Meg David’s delivery van. He collected bulk orders for the delicatessen and delivered customer orders to major clients who included general food stores with small deli sections and staff cafés of offices and other businesses. It was a thriving business and Charlie was paid well because he worked from 6:00 to 4:00 Mondays to Fridays with only a twenty to thirty-minute lunch break mostly taken around 2:30.

Around 9:30 Charlie with three cartons on a handcart with pneumatic wheels entered the kitchen of Kate’s Café. Kate Wilkinson greeted him and welcomed him back following his bereavement. She smiled and patted his arm and then checked the contents against the packing slip as she always did. She did that hurriedly but efficiently and the movement of her breasts caught Charlie’s eye. He looked up and saw Kate had caught him staring but she said nothing.

But next day when he made the delivery Kate said when initialing Charlie’s copy of the packing slip, “Would you like to accompany me to a movie on Thursday night?” Initially Charlie didn’t know what to say. Kate was great looking, in her early thirties and was married. Then he croaked, “You’re married.”

“I know that,” she snorted, but Tony doesn’t like movies. I go every Thursday night, by myself and I’m sick of going to the movies alone.”

“Why not take a girl friend?”

“Is there something wrong with me? Is it you don’t like me?”

“Aware the three women working in the kitchen were all ears Charlie said, “No you are okay.”

“Gee thanks.”

“I’ll be disappointing company.”

“Let me be the judge of that.”

“Er, it would be adulterous behavior.”

“Charlie, don’t be stupid. If you don’t touch me how could you be accused of that? I’m surprised someone of your age knows such behavior exists.”

“Okay then.”

“Meet me outside the Cinema City at 5:30 Thursday. I’ll take you on to a meal afterwards for being such a lovely guy.”

“Er, I don’t know what your husband would say if I ate out with you?”

“He’d say well if Charlie Creek was eating out with you he couldn’t be screwing you.”

The women shrieked in laughter and Charlie fled the kitchen and seconds later returned sheepishly for his handcart. He was greeted with smiles, no screechy laughs.

Before leaving work that day he had coffee with Meg David as usual. She made a fuss of him and said they were so pleased to have him back because he was so totally reliable. Meg looked tired and drained but when who wouldn’t when working from 6:00 to 8:00 weekdays.

“Um Meg, can I ask you something.”

“You know you can sweetie.”

“This woman has asked me out.”


“That’s it.”

“That’s it?” Meg echoed, apparently attempting to understand the question but noted Charlie looking at her expectedly.

“That lovely Charlie. I guess she knows of your tragic loss.”


“Then I’d have to say yes, go out with İzmit Escort her.”

“She’s married.”

“Oh. What kind of date was proposed?”

“To go to a movie and eat out afterwards.”

“Oh, how lovely. How old is this woman?”

“I’d say thirty-two.”

Meg looked startled.


“I think you should have brought up this query with Bill.”

“Oh. What do you think he’d say?”

Meg looked at her watch. “He’d say go out and later pin her to the mattress. Oh god, what am I saying? Charlie used good judgment.”

“Thanks Meg. You’ve been helpful… I think.” Meg hurried off.

Charlie decided not to go to the movies when he arrived home on Thursday but shaved and had a shower in case he changed his mind.

He arrived outside Cinema City at 5:28 and within seconds an arm slipped around his arm and Kate said, “Hi” and added with a big smile, “I really didn’t think you’d come. You are such a lovely man Charlie.”

The movie was okay, one of those trite love-split-reunite things that had future divorce written all over the couple because the characters were, um, basically incompatible. So Charlie spent most of his time thinking about undressing and dressing Kate and making a mess with her, creaming over her belly. That was about as unromantic as the film and it ended with him knowing for certain he and Kate were romantically incompatible. He loved her smile and the manner in which she greeted him in the morning and really her tits were a bit over-sized for his liking.

Apparently Kate had no problem with him. During the movie she took his hand and held it – on the seat arms – and later leaned against his shoulder. With great difficulty Charlie managed to convince himself that all she was doing was pretending her husband was beside her. Had she guided his hand down and in between her legs he would have excused himself and fled. At least that what he thought he’d do. But what if the lips felt fat and the panties were damp?

Suddenly the end credits were on-screen and Kate let go his now clammy hand. Charlie’s nightmare was over.

They both had meatballs and favored the light red house wine so dinner was cheap and they conversed happily.

The next Thursday they repeated that evening and then a third time. Nothing changed. Kate only kissed him in a friendly fashion when they greeted and gave him a meaty smack on the lips when they departed but of course she’d consumed half a bottle of wine. By that end of date three he’d not explored a breast or had fingers near her thighs.

Later that night of that third outing Kate called him. He wasn’t aware she had his phone number and she said his mobile number was printed on the packing slips. He shrugged thinking Kate would know men had difficulty thinking about practical things like that.

“My older sister Laura has just called asking me to try to fix a date for her. She was coming to the Small Business Awards with Bill and me tomorrow night but the creep has dumped her declaring she’s too old.”

“Yeah, I’ll fill in. I have a tux providing the moths have ignored it.”

“Oh you good darling. You’ll like Laura. She’s forty-four and doesn’t have my looks or body but people really like her. She works in lingerie.”

“Oh, my favorite kind of store.”

“Oh, why haven’t you said? I would have shown you mine.”

“Er your husband?”

“Asleep in front of TV with three empty beer bottles beside him. Look Charlie, this is a magnificent favor you are doing for me. Laura really wanted to be there because we are up for an award but she didn’t want to be the only unaccompanied person out of some 400 people.”

“I understand. It’s fine and I’ll enjoy the night out.”

“Don’t bother packing your toothbrush – Laura plays too hard to get and that’s why this last creep has walked away empty-handed and completely frustrated.”

“Is Laura not married?”

“No she’d a widow. Brian was run over and killed outside his office almost two years ago.”

Charlie put down his phone and grinned thinking Kate the cunning bitch; you targeted a date for your sister three weeks ago and then left it till the last moment to ask him to date Laura knowing he’d not be a heel and turn you down. Bill went to sleep attempting to do incredible things to Kate’s pussy but he couldn’t get her legs open. She yelled to use a crowbar but that didn’t work either. It was a nightmare.

Next morning when Charlie was doing his rounds Kate kissed him in front of her three kitchen staff and two of the front counter staff who were there to take out new supplies. The kiss was passionately delivered, smack center of his lips and the other women clapped.

“You are such a darling attending to my urgent need.”

“Oooh,” chorused the women, turning Charlie’s muddy complexion purple.

He pushed his empty handcart out feeling heroic and empowered.

That evening Charlie picked up his tux from the dry cleaners on the way home and the sexy twenty-something at the counter said, “You’ll look yummy dressed in this Mr Creek.” He waited for her to say to İzmit Escort Bayan give her a call sometime but she was already walking away and he realized he didn’t know her name.

“Er Claire?” “She turned and said, “We have no one working here by that name Mr Creek. Were you wanting something?”

“Ah yes but I’m dreaming. Goodnight miss.”

Charlie arrived at the auditorium feeling like being in a foreign land. There were people everywhere. He spotted Kate talking to a woman in red nursing a great pair; that is if they were hers. But he understood smaller ones like those little beauties usually were, thanks to modern bra technology.

Jesus, the woman in red must be his date? Holy fantastic.

Bill came up to him. They’d met a couple of times at Kate’s café. Bill thrust a beer into Charlie’s hand and said, “Good day pal. If you want my advice with Laura just go for it. She’d become so used to saying no she’s forgotten how to say yes.”

“I usually don’t ask?”

“Oh,” Bill said, moving half a step away.

“I just lay back and wait for them to offer pussy.”

It was a lie of course but he didn’t like Bill thinking he was gay. Bill roared with laughter and slapped Charlie on the back. Kate and the lady in red came up and Kate laughed and asked what was the joke.”

“Charlie was telling me a joke about…”

Bill realized he was in deep crap, so said desperately, “… forcing a woman’s legs open with a crowbar.”

The women stepped away and Charlie realized he was in deep shit.

Bill responded creatively. “Ah it was a Russian woman caught lightly clad in the frozen tundra and it was necessary to get her up and running from the advancing pack of wolves they could hear mewing I mean baying.”

“Wolves howl,” Kate said, sounding unconvinced.

“Er howling. Give me a break Kate, it was Charlie’s joke.”

“Charlie I’m disappointed in you telling a barroom joke at a glittering occasion like this.”

“Er I thought it would help to get Bill to know me better. You look regal, um dressed like a princess. I really like your hair like that.”

“Oh Bill, what a lovely thing to say to me and I’m pleased you are making an effort to relate to Bill. Because of the long hours we work he doesn’t have many buddies because they like going out to play when he needs to be in bed asleep.”

“Well he laughed at my joke so he must be okay. Is this glamorous woman in red your sister?”

The woman was blushing so Charlie knew he was on the button. Also he was surprised a 44-year-old woman could blush.

“Yes Charlie, this is Laura Evelyn Matheson, my half-sister from mom’s first marriage.”

“Hi Laura, I’m Charlie Creek and I was pleased to be invited to partner you this evening but that pleasure has turned into delight at seeing you in the flesh and knowing you’ll be in fantastic underwear.”

“Hello,” Laura gurgled.

Kate explained hastily, “I guess I left an impression when telling Charlie you work in underwear. Laura actually owns Midnight Lingerie in Livingston Mall Charlie.”

“Ah a businesswoman princess dating a humble delivery guy; please kiss me before I turn into a frog.”

Without hesitation Laura stepped forward and kissed Charlie on the lips. He came out of that smiling and saw Bill and Kate looking at one another quite astounded.

Bill took Laura’s arm. “Right Bill, lead us to our table. These ladies must have their tongues hanging out for a drink.”

The evening went well and when awards were presented after mains and before desserts, Kate went up to receive the runner-up award for Best Café. Half an hour later, towards the end of the presentations, Laura went up to collect $500 in winning the consumer’s voting for running The Best Little Shop in the City.

“We expected this new award to go to a jewelry store,” said the Master of Ceremonies. “What do you do that’s different?”

“Nothing tangible. I just arrange my stock so it’s easy on the eye and items are easy to find and my girls dress attractively. Our store culture is based on my desire to have women clad beautifully at the most vulnerable moment women face when undressed. Thank you.”

Half-drunk women throughout the huge auditorium and joined by sober ones too rose and gave Laura a prolonged ovation.

“God this is worth thousands of dollars in free marketing to you,” Kate gloated, kissing Laura as she returned to the table. Four bottles of champagne arrived at their eight-seat table and the good night continued.

Taking Laura home in a cab Charlie kissed her and while continuing to hold an arm around her pulled away.

She promptly pulled him back and kissed him and whispered, “I find you sexy.”

Without thinking Charlie asked why and then didn’t expect to be answered. But he was.

“Because my impression is you have respect for fine lingerie.”

Charlie had no idea where she’d gotten that from so said, “Yeah, right on.”

They neared her apartment. He took the chance. “Show me your bra.”


Charlie’s disappointment was quickly overturned. “I Escort İzmit have a better idea. Come up for a close inspection.”

In the apartment Charlie carefully removed Laura’s red dress and stepped back and enjoyed the inspection, aware Laura was enjoying this.

He then did one of the smartest things of his life. He kissed Laura and said goodnight.

She accompanied him to her door in her underwear and kissed him good night, the kiss being quite long and very tender. Charlie’s hands itching to grab remained under control.

He rode in the cab a very happy man. It had been a great night, much better than expected, and he knew with certainly Laura wanted him to have sex with her.

How did he know?

He’d seen it in her eyes. All he had to do was to wait.

Next morning all Kate said to him was, “You are a big hit with my sister.”

Now that was far too restrained for Kate so he just smiled, knowing she was under orders from Laura just to give a little bit of encouragement to him.

Two nights later his phone went.

“Hi, what are you doing?”

He thought of saying playing with his erection but this was not Kate who had called.

“Lying on the sofa thinking of you.”

“What do you have in your hand?”

Charlie caught the phone as it fell.


“I-I didn’t expect to hear you say that.”

There was a pause.

“I’m almost shocked I said it.”

“It’s fine. I must say I was pleased to see your breasts appear real, not that I saw much of them.”

“Yes, they are 100% natural and without support rather droop, but you must realize I’m not twenty-five.”

“Forty-four right?”

“Obvious that must mean my age. Correct and you are fifty-five with everything in working order.”


“Would you care to stay with me this weekend? I want to do it with you Charlie.”

“You mean have sex?”


“Okay. I’ve been thinking of nothing else but you must be aware I can’t go all night.”

“Thank god for that. My idea of sex is an extra special and loving even Charlie, not a marathon.”

“I’m happy about that but with the event spaced out, we doing other things in between.”

“Like what?”

“Movies, eating out, going on long walks, window shopping and you might like to teach me about enjoying art galleries. I already find museums fascinating. Oh browsing in bookstores and going away for the weekend are other interests.”

“Oooh, action man with bordering interest on culture.”

“That sounds accurate. Oh, about that other thing. I prefer not to wear a condom.”

“That’s quite okay Charlie. We can discuss various positions at the time.”


Charlie arrived at the apartment building having difficulty to believe he was to be back into sex so soon. In fact he’d had the nagging thought his sex life was behind him. It didn’t take a smart guy to figure out that the almost flawless skinned Kate wouldn’t allow an aging guy like him within seven inches of her. Although there were eleven years between them apparently Laura didn’t have a problem with that. Perhaps he reminded her in manner of her late husband. Whatever and if it didn’t matter it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Laura greeted him at the door dressed to go out. They kissed and she said brightly. “Toss your bag in and we’ll go somewhere for early lunch and then I’d like to walk and talk.”

“Are you lonely?”

“Yes. I’ve attempted to match up with several guys in recent years but the chemistry is wrong. The last one who left my side did so after I told him it was time he stopped relying on his mother steering him through life and piling his pockets with money. He called me a callous bitch.”

By then they were entering the elevator and Charlie took the risk. “You probably were, but that’s your right. You felt the need to say it so said it.”

“That’s one of the things I like about you Charlie. You don’t mince your words to a woman; you tell it how it is. Kate told me that when she asked could she ask you to accompany me to awards night. That wasn’t necessary because other people go unaccompanied, as you probably noticed. But her comment had intrigued me. Did you often have sex with Kate? Don’t answer that; I shouldn’t have asked.”

“The truth is no and she wouldn’t do it with an old guy like me.”

“Oh yeah. Before you went to the movies with her for the first time Kate told me she’d decided to let you do it if you pressed hard enough. Bill drinks so much he’s next to useless in bed and she doesn’t get out much to meet other guys.”

“Well tell her not to have sex in desperation, that she should join a social club and try to get lucky with someone closer to her age.”

“Does that apply to me?”

“No, you have been trying and by the sound have come up empty-handed.”

“Until now.”

“Well I hope that’s correct.”

* * *

They returned three and a half hours later and Laura asked would he like to fuck? “I know it’s early afternoon.”

“Yes. You don’t have to use that f-word for my benefit.”

“Thank you but I rather like feeling free to use it. It’s more explicit that saying ‘have sex’ or that stupid phrase ‘make love’ when you’re not in love or not feeling lovely. Fuck is actually a beautiful word with an ugly sound and that’s why people try to banish it.”

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