Never Assume


I met Stephen on Squirt, he was a bit kinky liked to be tied to my bed and let me do what I wanted to him. Ste as I called him was a married man with two children, he could not get what he needed from his wife, she was very vanilla in bed or so I deduced.

He messaged me so many times, asking so many questions, he had things he did not like and things that I would surprise him with. He was not into kissing it was much to personal, he did not want to cuddle with me it was he came in got naked and I tied him to my bed.

He rarely made eye contact with me, again he found this way to personal, the first few times he came in he was rock hard and his cock was pointing straight out of his trousers. The man worked as a general contractor, not afraid of heavy labor, but he was rarely home.

The man had a high sex drive, but I found he could only cum once and he was done. I had to untie him so he could make his way out as quickly as possible. The man had an incredible body, not a lot of hair his upper chest and above his cock, but that was trimmed down.

He was a handsome man I would guess about forty nine to fifty two, he had a working man’s body muscular but not overly in one spot. Shaved smooth face, kind gentle eyes, blueish green, his cock was incredible.

It stood straight out from his body, uncut about seven inches and nice and thick, his balls always trimmed smooth. He kept his chest shaved down as well which I asked why on his first visit, I strongly suggested he leave it alone and let it grow out.

He said he did not like his hairy chest, I told I preferred a hairy chest and I was the boss here. I never got a smile out of the man, he was always way to serious.

He would come by at least three times a week, sometimes very short notice, Kaynarca Escort he worked longer hours than I did so it worked out great. Sometimes I was having dinner and he would call to say he was outside in his truck.

I shut off the stove many times to service that beautiful cock of his, however it quickly became very vanilla, he wanted the same thing each time, scared to try different things. I had him tied and this time I blindfolded him.

He seemed to like the idea he did not know what I would do next to him, I made my way up and sat on his chest. I slid my cock along his lips, at first he tried to pull away, but I pushed my cock to his lips and smeared precum all over his face.

He quickly opened his mouth and took about three inches in his mouth, I fucked his pretty mouth then I went back to his cock. I sucked him till he fed me what I needed, he struggled to get loose, so many times I was tempted to keep him there.

I untied him he said nothing about me putting my cock in his mouth, he got dressed and was gone in seconds. He messaged me later telling me he really liked sucking my cock, and hoped to do that again next time.

Two days later he messaged me, he came by and again it was more of the same, like an old married couple. Not that I did not like draining that hose of his but I needed more, I wanted a man in my bed, I wanted to be fucked.

The next time he messaged I told him I needed a break, I had met someone and I was not one to cheat. Needless to say it did not work out, this guy and I were together for a month and it ended abruptly. I had not heard from Ste in that time but on the second day of being home alone he messaged me asking how I was.

I told him the whole sordid story, he asked if he and Kaynarca Escort Bayan I could do what we used to do before, I told him I needed something more than a quick blowjob that would never make me cum. I needed a man in my bed at night, the hookups were getting old.

I did not hear from him again, clearly I had insulted him, it was a month and I was walking to the grocery store to pick up a few items. Who is in the parking lot when I came out but Ste and I knew he did not live in my neighborhood.

He rolled his window down when I came to his truck.

“Fancy seeing you here Ste, what’s up? Yes I know silly question.”

“Just thought maybe you might be up for some fun?”

“I could suck a cock and you have a really nice one, so yes I will suck your cock.”

I got in his truck and we headed to my place.

“Never thought I would see you again Ste, thought you were mad at me.”

“Nope not mad, sorry I disappointed you in bed is all.”

“No worries, but this will be a one of, I do not want to be sucking you every other day doing the same old thing.”

He did not respond, he looked forward at the road, I could see his face turning red he had something on his mind that was for sure.

“I’m just not ready for what you want Billy, I’m not like you, I can’t wrap my head around it all.”

“That is all fine and good, but I am not waiting around for you to make sense of it all. Maybe this is a bad idea opening this all up again. Goodbye Ste.”

I got out of the truck and went in the house, he sat there in his truck trying to decide what to do, I watched him in his truck. He sat there staring at the garage door, his door would open then shut once again. He started his truck and started to back out of the Escort Kaynarca driveway, he hit the brakes and sat there.

He pulled the truck back in shut it off and walked to the front door, he banged on the door, you could not call this a knock. When I opened it he grabbed me by the back of the head, pressed me to the open door and kissed me.

Door wide open for all the neighbors to see, this was not like Ste whatsoever, the man could kiss he was really good at it. He pulled me in tight to his body and hugged me.

“Please Billy I am trying here, I need this, I need you, please Billy I need to be near you right now.”

“What about your wife and kids?”

“Wife and kids I don’t have either, I’m a single man who lives alone and is very lonely, that is why I was at your place every other night. Do you really think a wife would be okay with her husband being away every other night?”

I stood there in shock, Ste was not straight, not married, and no kids, seems I was his only sexual outlet. I started to wonder if I was his first gay I mean, he and I stood there door wide open pressed into each other.

I suggested we shut the door and give the nosey neighbors a break, when I went in and shut he door he was pressed against me, his cock rock hard and ready.

“Billy could I tie you up one day?”

“Oh my yes, now you get those clothes off, we have to make up for lost time.”

He pulled me in to the bedroom and undressed me, he ran his hands all over my body, he tweaked my nipples, he held my cock, he cradled my balls. I undressed him he and I stood there by my bed, he laid me down and lay on top of me.

The feeling of having his body on my own, his lips pressed to mine, his cock pressing against my own.

“I really want to make love to you Billy.”

He and I would start with a sixty nine, then he would put his cock in me. Needless to say Ste did not go home that night, he basically slowly moved in with me, and yes we are still together. Oh and yes he did tie me to the bed, but that is another chapter.

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