Neighbour’s Garden


Chapter One – A first encounter in the garden

It was a hot summer afternoon, and the sun was beating down on my back garden. I’d spent the morning doing some chores – cutting the lawn and planting some new trees that I’d bought. After lunch and a cold beer, I decided I’d lie out on the patio and top up my suntan. I pulled off my t-shirt and, just wearing a pair of shorts, lay down on an outstretched beach towel.

After about half an hour of reading and relaxing I heard a shout from over the garden fence. ‘Steve, is that you?’ It was my neighbour, June.

‘Yeah, what can I do for you?’

‘I was just wondering, my friend Dee’s come over for the afternoon and she was wondering if you could help her with her laptop – I know you’re a bit of an expert with that kind of thing.’

I had nothing better to do that afternoon, so I decided to go round to help Dee out. I walked round the front of the house and went into June’s garden through the side gate. I suddenly realised I was barely dressed, but then decided, given the heat, it didn’t really matter. Dee and June were sitting in the sun on a pair of loungers. June is in her early fifties, and when she was young probably had quite a nice figure. Now though it had started to sag a little, although she still had an impressive pair of breasts. She was wearing a pair of loose shorts and a baggy white vest top. It was pretty obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I’d never met Dee before. She looked a little older than June, but that hadn’t stopped her wearing a very skimpy bikini. Like June she was a little plump and past her best, but again, her breasts were large and barely contained by the thin material of her yellow bikini.

After a few minutes of small talk, June got up to fetch us a drink and I sat down on the grass to see if I could fix Dee’s laptop. It was difficult to keep my attention on the computer, as Dee kept chatting to me and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her large, tanned breasts and her deep cleavage. June returned with a tray of cold beers and sat down on her lounger. ‘You don’t mind if I take my top off do you? I want to get my back brown’, she asked. I shook my head. Turning with her back to me, she pulled off her vest top. I hoped that she would turn round to face me, which she did, but unfortunately with her right arm covering her large breasts. Expertly she manoeuvred herself face down onto the lounger without giving me a flash of nipple. Given her age, I’d never really thought of June as anything other than a good, friendly neighbour. Today though, as I chatted to her and looked at the sides of her breasts pressed down into the fabric of the sun lounger I began to feel the stirrings of something more.

It didn’t take me long to fix Dee’s laptop – she’d messed up the Bios a bit by accident when she was ‘messing around’ with the computer. She seemed really pleased that I’d managed to get it working again. As we continued chatting I became convinced that Dee was flirting with me. She kept running her hands through her blonde hair and fiddling with the waist band of her bikini as we talked. Just as I finished my beer, she got up off her lounger saying she was going to get another one. As she pulled herself up out of the chair she knocked over a side table that was holding a pitcher of water. The water splashed all over me, soaking my shorts. Luckily the pitcher was plastic. ‘Oh Steve, I’m so sorry! I’ll get you a towel.’

I stood up to see how wet my shorts were. Water dripped down my legs, and I realised I was completely soaked. By now June had sat up, although unfortunately she was still covering her breasts. Dee returned with a bath towel and knelt in front of me, dabbing at my shorts and thighs trying to get them dry. I could feel an erection starting to form, but had to suppress the feelings quickly. This was pretty difficult given Dee’s position, her head only inches away from my cock. June suggested, ‘Your shorts will dry on the line in minutes if you take them off. You can use the towel while you’re waiting if you want.’

‘That’s a good idea’, Dee added quickly.

I wrapped the towel around my waist and pulled off my shorts from underneath. Dee took them from me and pegged them out onto the line. She turned back towards me again and asked, ‘Do you still want that beer?’

About an hour or so later we were all a bit drunk, and Dee in particular seemed to be getting even more flirtatious. ‘How much would I have to pay you to let me take that towel off you?’ June gasped in mock horror at her friend’s suggestion.

Playing along with her I offered, ‘Maybe I’ll do it for free if you two join me!’

Dee smiled and stood up, ‘I’m game – are you June?’ Blushing, June shook her head. Dee continued, ‘I guess it’s just little old me – will that do?’

Pretending to be disappointed I shook my head, ‘What else can you offer?’

‘Would a blowjob be OK?’

June gasped and added, ‘Dee, don’t you think you’re going a bit far?’

I said, ‘It’s OK June, I don’t mind. Although if we’re ataşehir escort going to get naked I’d still love it if you joined in.’

Dee suggested, ‘What if June takes the towel off for you – will that be OK?’

As I nodded my head, I could feel my cock starting to rise to attention. Dee smiled and jokingly licked her lips. She said, ‘OK – I’ll go first!’

Dee gripped the waistband of her briefs and pulled them down. She had a neatly trimmed pussy, which I hadn’t really expected. The small rolls of fat on her tummy and the dimples of cellulite on her upper thighs were a real turn on for me, although I’m not really sure why. Next she grabbed her bikini top and pulled it over head. Her breasts fell free – they were large and pendulous. Despite her age, Dee looked fantastic and by now my erection was at full size. ‘It’s over to you now Steve – get naked for me!’

I was about to take off the towel when June shouted, ‘Stop! That’s my job!’ She stood up and walked over. She seemed to have lost her inhibitions and her enormous breasts were swinging free. They were saggy, almost down to her belly button but still a massive turn on. Facing me, June grabbed the towel and slowly released the knot in the front. She let it drop to the floor and to my surprise started to lick my nipples. I moaned with pleasure.

Staring at me, Dee commanded, ‘Lie down on the grass!’ I lay down and closed my eyes. June continued to kiss my nipples and neck, while Dee started to lick my bursting cock. Her lips were soft, and her tongue expertly flicked against its tip. A minute or so later June rolled over and pulled off her shorts. Grabbing my right hand, she pulled it towards her soaking wet pussy. She pulled two of my fingers together and forced them up her cunt, grinding her hips against my hand with a slow, even rhythm.

Dee moved and sat astride me, letting her glorious swinging breasts brush against my face. She gripped my cock and lowered herself onto its shaft. She let out a brief gasp of pleasure and then began the business of riding me hard! I pushed my hips up against hers and within minutes the three of us were both nearing climax. June reached orgasm first, her face contorting with spasms of ecstasy. Dee’s was longer, more controlled, but she soon collapsed on top of me, just as I spurted my load inside her.

Chapter Two – A second visit to the garden

After my first encounter with Dee and June in my neighbour’s garden I couldn’t stop thinking about our love-making. I wanted to have another ‘adventure’, but didn’t see June for quite a few days. When I finally bumped into her she was unpacking some groceries from her car. I waved to her, and although she smiled back I could tell that she was embarrassed by her behaviour the other afternoon. Her blushing face gave away her emotions. I wandered over and asked, ‘I enjoyed the other day, is Dee coming over again soon?’

Mumbling slightly, June replied, ‘Yes, she’ll be here this afternoon. She wanted to know if you wanted to come over, but I suppose you’ll be busy.’

‘No way – I’ll come round about one if that’s OK?’

‘Guess so, we’ll see you then.’

I was pretty excited for the rest of the morning, and couldn’t keep my thoughts away from what might happen later on. The time seemed to pass slowly while I waited, but finally one o’clock arrived.

I thought I’d start the afternoon off with a ‘bang’ so I walked round to June’s back garden completely naked. My cock grew stiff at the thought of the two ladies it was about to meet. Dee and June were sitting on their loungers again, and June gasped as she saw my nakedness. Dee smiled, gave me a good look over and then offered me a beer.

June was wearing a short blue sun dress with thin shoulder straps. Her thick, but sexy legs were on display as she lay back on her chair. The hem of the dress finished just below her mound. Dee was topless and wearing a pair of loose athletic shorts. As she lay back, her large tanned breasts flopped against her slightly flabby tummy. She asked, ‘Steve, would you mind putting some sun lotion on me – I don’t want to get my hands greasy.’ I nodded and started to apply the thick white lotion to her legs. My hands ventured near the leg-holes of her shorts and I could feel her muscles tense. Feeling daring, I slipped a finger inside the shorts and played briefly with her moist slit. She quivered and moaned, obviously enjoying my touch. I then moved on to her breasts, playfully squeezing them as I applied the sun cream. For a few seconds I sucked at her nipples, feeling them grow hard as I licked them.

I glanced over at June and could see that she had her right hand between her legs. ‘Can I help? I offered.

June went bright red and replied, ‘Er, it’s OK. I wasn’t really doing anything.’

Dee laughed, ‘Don’t lie you old tart. You want to fuck Steve don’t you?’

‘I guess so – is that OK Steve?’

I stood up from by Dee’s side and told June to stand in front of me. avcılar escort She did as I’d commanded, and I gently pulled the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Her full nakedness made by cock stand to full attention. We started kissing and I could feel June’s initial nervousness melt away. Her tongue inside my mouth and her hand gripping my cock felt fantastic. I grabbed her butt cheeks firmly, massaging the flabby flesh with my fingers. She pulled me down on to the grass and pushed her hips against me.

I glanced over to see what Dee was doing, and was shocked to see her filming June and me with one of those small, fancy digital cameras. I was about to protest, but she just ‘shushed’ me and just carried on filming. June hadn’t noticed, her eyes were closed and she was concentrating on gently biting my nipples. I pushed my cock inside her moist cunt and started a fast, hard rhythm. My thrusts made her moan with pleasure and before long she squealed with ecstasy as she reached orgasm. Seconds later I pulled out of her before I came. Turning to Dee, I said, ‘It’s your turn – strip off those shorts and get on the floor.’ She didn’t need to be asked twice and quickly pulled down her shorts, placing her camera in her bag. Spreading her legs apart, I moved between them and pushed myself inside her.

Our hard thrusts must have woken June’s sex craving again. She moved behind me and started licking and stroking my butt as it bounced up and down between Dee’s legs. Groaning with pleasure, Dee grabbed my left hand and rubbed it against her breasts and stiff nipples. I could feel myself about to climax just as she came. Again I pulled out, letting my cum splash all over her gorgeous flabby breasts. She wiped the creamy liquid into her skin as she tugged on my cock, extracting the lost drops of cum from its tip.

For the rest of the afternoon the three of us sunbathed naked in the garden, but June did put on a pair of shorts to retain some modesty. Although we’d got pretty intimate, we’d never really talked. I discovered that Dee was a rich widow, whose husband had a computer supplies business. She still ran the business, popping into the office a couple of times a week. This fact explained her interest in technology and the smart BMW she had parked outside. June had never been married, and used to be a school teacher in a nearby kindergarten. They both confessed to being in their ‘late fifties’.

Just before Dee was about to leave she asked, ‘Steve would you mind doing something for me before I go?’

‘Maybe, what did you have in mind?’

‘It would be a real turn on for me if you’d walk me to my car naked.’

I got aroused at the thought of being exposed in full view of the neighbourhood and my cock began to stiffen. I replied, ‘Yes, if you want – is that OK with you June?’ I knew June might be a little nervous at the idea of me strolling naked out of her back garden onto the street.

‘OK, but make sure you cover yourself quickly if anyone’s around. Here’s a towel you can use.’

Dee stood up and started getting dressed. She put on a large white bra and pulled a t-shirt on over her grey blonde hair. After pulling on a pair of lacy white briefs she stepped into a short black skirt. She still looked amazingly sexy fully dressed. She asked, ‘June, have you invited Steve over tomorrow for your bridge evening?’

‘I didn’t think he’d want to come.’

Dee winked at me as she spoke to June, ‘It might be nice for the other ladies to meet him. Anyway there’s a home movie I want him to see.’

‘What is it?’ June replied.

‘You’ll just have to wait and see dear. Steve, come round at about seven – we’ll all be waiting for you.’

I said I’d love to go, but was nervous about exactly which ‘home movie’ Dee would be showing to her friends. Was it the footage of June and me that she’d secretly taken this afternoon?

Dee then motioned to me, ‘Come on – it’s time for you to walk me to my car.’

Following, June pulled on a vest and opened the side gate. Dee’s car was parked at the end of the drive on the street, about ten yards way. She kissed us both goodbye and gripped my hand in hers. The two of us walked towards the car. Nervously I kept glancing around, hoping that no-one would see us. Dee seemed to enjoy my embarrassment and kept teasing me that someone was coming. As we got to the car, Dee opened her door and then suddenly I could hear one of the house doors opposite starting to open. Dee said, ‘Jump inside baby – they won’t see you in the car.’ She then went round to the driver’s side and got in as well. ‘Fancy a drive Steve?’ she asked. I was about to protest, but she’d already put the car in drive and we were pulling away from the kerb. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. Suddenly she pulled over about fifty yards down the road, and reached over into my lap. Her firm grip on my already stiff cock felt wonderful. Abruptly she stopped her massage and said, ‘You can go home now baby – I’ll see you tomorrow night.’

‘You tease!’ I avrupa yakası escort playfully shouted at her, but I could tell that was the end of the day’s action. Dee kissed me warmly on the mouth and said goodbye. I checked that no-one was around and then covered myself with the towel June had given me. I ran the fifty yards home, all the while being watched by Dee in her rear-view mirror.

That night I kept thinking about what Dee had in store for us tomorrow at the bridge evening. Was it just a tease, or was something more going to happen?

Chapter Three – The bridge evening

It was only just after seven o’clock when I rang June’s doorbell. I was full of apprehension and excitement at what the bridge evening’s events might hold. Dee’s behaviour yesterday suggested that she was more than a little mischievous when it came to sexual adventures.

June opened the door wearing a casual summer dress that billowed around her generous, sexy frame. Letting me inside, she pinched my bottom through my jeans as I walked past. Obviously she was becoming a little less embarrassed at our new threesome. I walked through to the dining room and was introduced to two of June’s friends. Mary was probably about 65, thin, pretty and smartly dressed in a cream summer suit. She was Irish and had short, neatly bobbed silver grey hair. Sarah was about my age, mid thirties and very attractive. I found out that she was a teacher at the kindergarten where June used to teach before she had retired. Sarah’s long brown hair cascaded onto a burgundy vest top with spaghetti straps. She was wearing a short grey mini-skirt that showed off her long, shapely tanned legs. I hadn’t expected someone so young to be at one of June’s bridge evenings – I thought it would be full of fifty year olds.

After a few minutes of small talk, June mentioned that Dee was in the kitchen, so I offered to go and give her a hand bringing some food and drinks through. Dee had her back to me as I walked in, so I crept up behind her and reached round to grab her breasts through her thin white blouse. She jumped in surprise, but then turned round to give me a long, wet kiss. She looked really pleased to see me, and couldn’t keep her hands from straying to my crotch. I quickly became erect, feeling her hands massaging my hardness. She whispered, ‘Do you want to fuck me now baby?’

I was taken back by her words and shook my head, ‘You can wait till later – there’s plenty of time.’

Laughing, she replied, ‘Are you scared of getting caught? After the girls have seen my home movie, they’ll know you can’t control yourself!’

‘You must be joking – June will die if she’s shown having a shag with me. You can’t do that to her.’

‘OK, I won’t show it on one condition.’

‘What’s that?’

‘I want you to strip down to your underwear and go through and chat with the girls. You can be our half-naked waiter for the evening.’

‘You’ve got to be joking!’

‘Nope. Remember, if you don’t do what I say, I’ll show the video.’

I relented under the pressure of Dee’s playful blackmail. I was very unsure that the girls wouldn’t take offence, but Dee promised that she’d set the scene before I went through. She walked through to the dining room, and I overheard her explaining that I’d lost a bet with her, and she’d dared me to be their half-dressed waiter. The girls laughed and I think Mary shouted through, ‘Come on Steve, let’s see what you’ve got!’ I must admit I was really excited at the prospect of parading around in front of these women, particularly as I knew Dee probably had a lot more in store for the hours ahead.

I kicked off my shoes, took off my socks and pulled down my jeans. My cock was half-erect and almost peeking out of the top of my briefs. After I’d taken off my t-shirt, I picked up the drinks tray, took a deep breath and stepped through to the dining room. The women gave me a couple of wolf whistles and appreciative glances. Sarah was the only one who seemed a little embarrassed; the older three were clearly enjoying the show.

Mary was especially attentive. She came and sat next to me on a two-seater couch in the living room and kept stroking my leg as we talked. Dee, Sarah and June stayed in the dining room, talking about the summer clothes sales. After a few minutes Mary took off her suit jacket, revealing a tight, thin vest top that showed she wasn’t wearing a bra. In contrast to Dee and June, she had tiny breasts with very prominent nipples. My cock sprang to attention, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her pretty face and attractive breasts. Although her face was lined, her eyes twinkled with a real sense of playfulness. She noticed my erection and smiled. Checking to make sure no-one was around, she leaned over and whispered, ‘Is that for me?’ I nodded, and she laughed, ‘Can I touch it please?’ Again I nodded and her hand reached inside my briefs. She gripped my cock along its shaft and slowly began pumping it. She continued talking as she played with me, and the combination of the gentle hand job and her lovely Irish accent sent me to heaven. Suddenly we heard footsteps outside the door and Mary pulled her hand away just in time. It was Dee, ‘Time for the bridge now Mary. Steve you wouldn’t mind fetching the food in would you?’ We both got up out of the chair and walked back through to the dining room, following behind Dee.

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