Neighbourhood Watch Ch. 06


Ever since that first time Michelle and I, by random chance, got together we’ve had quite an interesting relationship. Every time since we wind up doing something very sexy and extremely arousing and increasingly more erotic. It’s hard to believe that in just a few short months Michelle and I have became very close in so many ways.

I was on my way to the grocery store when I thought of the idea. Would Michelle like it? Most definitely, yes, she’d love it. In fact the more I thought about it, the more I knew it would drive her crazy. Michelle is a very broad minded and she loves me doing sexy erotic things to her, and visa-versa.

I was going to make this a surprise, a surprise that would make her saturate her knickers. I called her from my in car mobile and told her I’d be just a little later, than expected due to traffic. I told her I would have a surprise for her too. That really peaked her curiosity. She tried getting it out me, but I teased her and avoided answering her directly. It took me about a half-hour to make the necessary stop. I was excited myself and could barely wait to get home.

After arriving home I quickly ran next door to see Michelle. She was wearing a pale blue sleeveless top with demi three quarter pants and despite her casual dress she still looked very sexy. Her top was a close fitting one, the type she knows I like so much. She no sooner opened the door and she was asking, “what’s the surprise?”

“Give me a few minutes, darling.” I told her knowing she very curious and excited and a little anxious.

We had previously arranged to go to the local mall for some furniture knick-knacks Michelle was keen to purchase and maybe a coffee and a light lunch. Just as we were about ready to leave, Michelle asked again. “So what’s the surprise darling?” We were right by the front door. I knew she would ask again, so out of my jeans pocket I pulled a strand of beads. The stop I made on the way back home was to an adult boutique to buy a string of anal beads.

There were five virgin white beads on a black nylon string. Each bead was 3cm in diameter and were spaced about 2 cms apart along the strand. I held them up for Michelle to see letting the beads dangle in front of her face. She stared at them smiling, “Oh my God,” she whispered out excited.

“Kiss them,” I playfully ordered. She obeyed instantly, lightly kissing the first of the beads that was dangling in front of her eyes. “Now lick it and suck it”. Again she obeyed fixing her eyes to mine. Her pink tongue snaked out and lashed the bead playfully bouncing it on the tip of her tongue. Then she slowly bent her knee slightly and with mouth wide open, came up from beneath to inhale the first two of the beads into her mouth, losing her luscious lips around them, her eyes a blaze with impish mischief.

“Now bend over you naughty girl”. I ordered.

She obeyed instantly bending over and dragging her trousers down to her knees in the middle of the hall way. I pulled her skimpy panties down.

“Step out of them.” She did and I threw them against the door. “You won’t be needing those, sweetheart.” I made her bend over slightly. I had a tube of KY ready and squirted some on my fingers. I wiped it across her cute puckered arsehole, then inserted, first one finger, then and a second into her arse pushing the lube inside. Then I grabbed the beads.

“You’re going to love this Michelle.”

I positioned the first bead against her tightly closed anus. I started pushing firmly, slowly increasing the pressure. I watched the puckered flesh expanding and stretching, then Sakarya Escort in an instant her anus swallowed it up. The second one went in the same. I pressed it hard against her arsehole until it just got sucked in. Michelle let out a few deep breaths as she told me how it felt. “My God, what are doing to me, that feels so good.” Michelle loves me doing anything to her arse. I knew teasing her arsehole like this I knew would make her squirm.

”Three beads to go”, I informed her. She wiggled her rear in expectation. I used a little more lube and pushed the third one inside her bottom followed by my index finger. I wiggled it in and pushed the three beads as deep as I could into her rectum. My finger was forcing the beads far up inside her arse. I wanted them deep in her anal cavity. She didn’t expect me to do that. Upon feeling them getting buried so deep, she let out this long whimpering moan, “Ohhh… My…God…” Then I pushed the last two into her. Only the end ring on the strand remained hanging out of her arse. I slapped her on the rump. ““You can stand now.” When she did it was obvious she felt a little weak in the knees. Michelle was already becoming quite turned on. I kissed her hard holding her steady.

“They stay in until I’m ready to take them out.” “Understood?” Then I opened the door. “Let’s go.” I said with a grin.

“Oh please, don’t make me keep them in. I’ll never make it,” she pleaded.

I just smiled and repeated, “Let’s go.” “

“I had better put a skirt with these beads deep inside me.” She announced, half questioning.

I agreed but followed her up stairs to ensure she did not remove them and that she left off her knickers.

I knew she’d be going crazy as we walked about. The balls vibrating deep within her arse. The sexual tension inside her would be building constantly. Those beads would be moving around inside her arse and she would surely feel the thin string hanging from her rear.

We arrived at the mall and walked over to the lift. She was already showing signs of the shifting beads doing their work. Her gait was slightly straighter and she found it difficult to stand still for any period of time.

“God, the pressure from my backside into my vagina is almost to much to stand.” she whispered.

“Good.” I said. The lift doors opened and we entered. I dived for the door open button as I noticed some more people running to catch the lift before the door closed. Michelle nudged me. Her discomfort turning to inward embarrassment. She was obviously feeling as though everyone could guess what torture she was experiencing. She pressed her back against the wall. I quickly placed my hand behind her rump before the gap closed. I flattened my hand around her rounded bottom. She playfully pressed it harder into my hand letting me know she was aware of my naughty behaviour. I reached down slightly and found the ring at the end of the beads and tugged it. I knew the beads were shifting and sliding through her anal channel towards her arsehole. I had every intention of making her squirm and it was working. As the lift doors opened at ground level I pulled harder. I felt the resistance of the beads making her arsehole stretch, but I didn’t want to pull any of them out. I heard Michelle take a deep breath at the intensified pressure then she sighed as I released the ring.

“Why…why are you doing this. Please take them out. You’re going to make me cum right now.” She pleaded.

I gripped her hand but ignored her request. She finally relaxed a bit, although I knew the beads were driving Sakarya Escort Bayan her crazy.

“Please don’t pull on the ring again!” she asked as we left the lift. “I am as soaked as ever without you’re direct help.” I promised not to and kissed her softly.

We walked through the department store, Michelle picking over the various sale item bins. She mad a few purchases and we decided to grab a bite to eat. As she went to sit I noticed how she discreetly tried not to sit on her dress. I asked why.

“I am so wet down there that I do not want to get my dress all wet. I would be most uncomfortable walking about with a wet patch.” She smiled seductively. We ate and chatted about matters other than those related to beads, backsides or bodily fluids.

After lunch she stood carefully but with the grace of the lady she is. We both look down at the seat were she had been seated and there was a noticeable sign of juices on the seat. We both burst with laughter and ran off like a pair of naughty high school kids. It is quite amazing how much we enjoy each others company, sexual matters aside. I could see that Michelle was still fidgeting as we walked. “Those beads must be shifting inside your bottom making you tingle with excitement.” I whispered into her ear as we walked. I was actually surprised at how long she was able to keep her composure. There were a few times in the department store earlier I thought she might lose it, but overall she was doing wonderfully.

We stopped in the back of a knick-knack shop and listened to the sounds of the wind chimes as they swayed in the air from the air conditioning. I put my lips to hers and we kissed. It was rather romantic and I couldn’t resist. As much I as knew she was nearing a limit with the beads inside her, I reached under her skirt grabbing the ring and tugged it gently again. They were still firmly lodged deep in her arse. And standing there, of course, made her arsehole clutch tight around the nylon string. I gave a few tugs letting her feel them move inside. “Oh, please pull them out,” she begged again. I knew what this was doing to her.

There was nothing more I would have liked than to pull them out and fuck her right then and there. I am sure Michelle felt the same way. But instead, I wanted her anal sensation to grow even more. I wanted to make her feel an insane lust for me and for what I was doing to her. After one more kiss we headed back home. All the way in the car she was squirming and moaning in the seat.

When we got to her house I started kissing her right away. I pushed her back against the wall and lifted her skirt up around her waist. I grabbed the ring and began pulling on it. The thick beads created a tremendous resistance from her clutching arsehole, and once my tugging dislodged the first of them from the depths of her body, it set off an unbelievable chain reaction within Michelle.

“Oh God, I can feel them,” she cried loudly out, her voice loaded with wanton passion. “I can feel them in me.” “Ohhhh…Ohhhhh…” She just moaned continually.

I knew I was driving her over the edge teasing her like that, but I kept pulling and tugging, making her arsehole stretch without extracting the remaining four. I was kissing her deeply at the same time, devouring her and enjoying the cruel anal stimulation I was inflicting on her. I whispered to Michelle, “do you want me to pull them out?” I tugged again on the ring. I was waiting to hear a desperate plea, begging that she couldn’t take anymore.

“Do you my love? Do you want me to pull those Escort Sakarya beads out of your arse?”

She sighed from the depths of her being, “Oh God yesss… please.”

Still leaning herself against the wall Michelle bent her knees a little, spreading her legs apart. I knelt down to watch what I was about to do. My right hand went to her smooth bald pussy and I teased her swollen clit with my thumb. The instant I touched it her head knocked against the wall and she let out a primal grunt driven by sexual need. My other grabbed the ring firmly, the index finger curling into the ring and slowly pulled downwards. Her whole sphincter bulged outward as the bead pulled through and they started popping out of her arse.

“Oh, Fuck!…Ray that feels so good.” she cried. I went one at a time and then stopped. With each bead that came free Michelle’s whole body shook with orgasmic desire. After each bead that her arsehole would quickly close up, but kept the pressure on the inside of her opening with the next bead. In a few minutes all of the beads rippled from her anal passage, almost as though she were relieving herself and wasn’t in control of her bowels. I was making her arse feel like it had no control of what was coming out. It was a quick total overwhelming emptying.

“Ohhh, God.. Ohhh, God. Ohhhhhhhh!..shit…please! Nghhhhhhhhhhh…”

She let out a long continuous moan, a sound that was so lustful and deep from within her. It was a guttural sounding cry as if I had ripped every ounce of sexual passion out of her body.

Then finally the last bead slipped out. Michelle slipped down the wall and into my arms as I knelt there. Her whole body convulsing and shuddering. She was having an a chain-orgasm, one like I’ve never seen her have before. She was crying, tears running down her cheeks from the sheer ecstasy of the overwhelming feeling inside her body.

Watching Michelle was so hot and arousing that my cock was straining in my pants. I eased her down on the floor and quickly unzipped pulling my cock out.

“Mmmmm, that looks good.” She smiled up at me her eyes fixed on rigged member. Ï want to watch you come, Ray. I am spent after that. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” I said, inwardly disappointed at not having the opportunity to fuck her luscious body. I slid my hand around my thick penis stroking it with long slow movements.

“Yes, mmmm, that looks wonderful.” she cooed. Bring it close to my face so I can see you when you explode.”

I needed no second invitation. I straddled her chest with my knees and commenced a rapid movement along the shaft. She was giving me lurid encouragement from below as I pumped my cock faster and faster. I could hardly comprehend what she was saying as the flooding roar of my own approaching orgasm filled my head and my being. I felt my balls tighten as the pending flood pounded against the gates. I grunted loudly and finally a blinding light struck me.

“Oh yes, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,” I yelled as long ropey streams of man goo flew from my cock landing up her nose, across her forehead and in her hair. Again and again it burst from me covering her chin and lips now as the strength of each blast slowly diminished. In just a matter of moments I my throbbing penis had spent itself onto her beautiful face. From below, she mewed and cooed telling how beautiful it was to see me in full flight and to see the power when I ejaculated. She slowly scooped up a large dollop and noisily sucked it off her finger. and filling her pussy with cum.

Ten minutes later we were still on the floor. I was holding Michelle close to me in my arms. Occasionally I’d feel a jolt within her body. Her orgasm had been so intense she was still having mini orgasms just thinking of what I did to her. She kissed me and kept telling me how much she loved me. We did not move for quite some time.

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