Neighbors Ball Team Party


Neighbors Ball Team PartyI could hardly believe my ears as I sat there.I was sitting beside the pool in Tim Wilson’s backyard, chit chatting with Tim, our neighbor that lived about six houses down the street. Tim was quite a bit younger than I was, having just turned forty I was 9 years older than the 31 year old Tim. Although we weren’t close friends, we would have the odd pint together and just shoot the shit a bit . . . the age difference never seemed to matter. On this particular day we had been talking about the usual male macho topics when the topic of our wives had popped up. Now it’s not unusual to talk about your wife to another man . . . it is however rather unusual though to be talking to him about your wife and whether you wouldn’t mind seeing another man being intimate with her, but there I was in such a conversation with Tim.“No seriously Brian, you’d share your wife with another man wouldn’t you?” Tim asked with a sense of sincerity.Being caught a little off guard by such a personal question, I hesitated slightly, which allowed Mac to continue his spiel.“I’ve always wanted my wife Mary to try another man” Tim stated nonchalantly “But anytime I’ve mentioned it, she simply says that I’m a pervert”.Tim laughed at his last remark before asking again “So you never answered me buddy . . . would you?”.I hummed and stuttered, then eventually blurted out a response which would end up changing my whole life, “Yeah, I suppose I would . . . I guess . . . it would be kind of wild thing to do!”.Tim grinned slightly and then with a real serious look on his face stated, “While I’m glad you think that Brian, because . . . now don’t get mad with what I’m about to tell you, but me and a few friends sort of got friendly with your wife Jackie about two weeks back!”I sat somewhat stunned before finally inquiring in a dull tone, “What . . . what . . . what do you mean Tim?”.Tim took another sip from his drink and leaned back in his lawn chair before answering. “Well Brian, I don’t want you to blame Jackie or anything. It was purely a spur of the moment thing and us guys felt rather bad afterwards about it!”.I sat listening intently, not even trying to interject, as he took another gulp and then continued after a drag on his cigarette.“But you did just admit that you’d consider sharing your wife . . . it just so happens that you already have and since I’m a nice guy, I’m not wanting to deceive you on this Brian. Why don’t you go grab yourself another beer and I’ll fill you in on all about it . . . you’ll probably find that the whole thing will be a huge turn on for you. I know I would if it had been my Mary in the same situation! So you won’t get mad … Right?”.I numbly shook my head and muttered “I guess not!”As I was still sitting there in a strange state of shock thinking of how my wife had been acting kind of distant the last couple of weeks, when I suddenly heard the backyard fence gate swing open. I turned in time to see Tony Brown, a friend of Tim’s coming into the yard.“Oh hey Tony grab yourself and Brian here a beer!” Tim instructed as Tony headed to the cooler. “Yeah I was just telling Brian about the fun we had with his wife Jackie two weeks ago here!” Tim continued.I suddenly had a sick feeling in my stomach, combined with an inner anger that I was unsure who to direct at.“What do you mean by fun Tim? How many guys you talking about? Why was Jackie even here?” I unloaded with a bevy of questions.Tony handed me a beer as he interjected “Yeah buddy you’ve got a nice wife there, she’s hot!”I looked at Tim and his friend Tony, both were tall young good looking guys, much younger than myself and I almost shuddered at the thought that Jackie would have been with these guys. I then remembered though that Tim was married to a real pretty gal named Stephanie and relaxed a bit, but his friend Tony was only 26 and single.Tim accepted a beer from his friend as he started to answer my questions. “Well Brian, Jackie came down here that Saturday afternoon that you were off fishing with your office buddies . . . came to get your youngest daughter Kristy. But actually her and my daughter Brittany had gone shopping with Mary, your wife happened to show up while I was having an after game party for the baseball team that I play on. What was there Tony . . . 10 or 12 guys here?” Tim turned towards his friend.“Yeah I think just about the whole team was here Timmy!” Tony responded.“10 or 12 guys?” I tentatively asked with a lump in my throat.“Yeah about that many, though Mike and Terry had their girlfriends with them” Tim replied. I felt slightly relieved to hear that Jackie hadn’t been the only woman present, only to have that sick feeling again as Tim’s statement was finished. “But they left pretty early didn’t they Tony?”.I glanced to see Tony shake his head up and down as he swallowed his beer. My head was now spinning as I visualized the scene that Tim began to describe,I leaned back in the chair and faded off letting the scene build in my mind.“Yep it was actually a good thing that those two had their women here or your wife probably wouldn’t of stayed for a drink . . . which led to two . . . then to a third just as Mike, Terry and their gals left. By that time though Jackie was a lot more relaxed and didn’t mind that she was the only lady left with us ten sweaty ball players. I also have to admit Brian, that us guys really tried to keep her here too . . . because man did she look sexy. Hell she looked great with that real short denim skirt on, one of those blouses that you tie at the bottom so your belly button is exposed and a pair of real slinky half heel sandals. She looked good didn’t she Tony?”I opened my eyes long enough to see Tony give a big thumbs up signal as he went to get himself another beer. I always figured that my wife did look rather attractive, at 5’5¨ tall, 145 lb with short curly reddish blonde hair and green eyes she had a seductive look about her for sure. I suppose that at times I took her 36-30-35 statuesque body for granted and didn’t notice just how sexy she looked to other men, but even still . . . it caught me off guard that these two men considered Jackie so appealing being slightly older than them at 36. I then looked towards Tim as he gave me a big grin and began to continue his strange story, why I didn’t get up and leave before hearing all the racy details . . . I just don’t know.“So any ways Brian, by the third beer Jackie was actually feeling pretty relaxed around us . . . I don’t think the suggestive talk us jocks were using bothered her . . . in fact she eventually joined in the racy talk. You must Brian realize that it was only a matter a time until some of the guys went from talk to a little more touchy, feely manner with her. Christ, a couple of our guys are separated and haven’t had a woman for awhile, so naturally they were going to go a little ga ga over your sweet wife buddy.” Tim explained.I could hear Tony chuckle and add his brief comment, “Ha Ha, yeah Peter and Kenny, those two really tried putting the moves on her!”Leaning forward in my chair I nervously grasped my beer off the little table and took a large swig and then questioned my neighbor, “Tim, how could you let such a thing happen? Jackie’s my wife for fuck sake!”.Tim took another drag off his cigarette, hesitated as he looked me in the eye and then continued. “Come on Brian, don’t blame me. Shit we all had been drinking, Jackie was enjoying herself . . . one thing just sort of lead to the next. Before I even noticed anything was happening, Pete and Larry had your wifey cornered over there by the patio bar”. I looked over to where Tim indicated, a nice colonial style bar with several wooden stools was situated in the one corner of the yard by the house. A nice covered awning sheltered it from the hot mid day sun and I could see where someone could easily get trapped in the one corner.“Your wife was k**ding around with them, in fact I would say almost flirting . . . christ the three of them even decided to share a joint.” Tim continued to inform me.“But Jackie hasn’t done any of that since highschool!” I retorted.“Well I’m telling you Brian, she did that day . . . right Tony?”.Once again I glanced toward the other man to see him shake his head in agreement.“Yes Sir a few good tokes and your shy Jackie turned into a different woman . . . the next thing I knew Pete was tugging at that bow on her blouse and she was giggling . . . telling him to stop, though not putting up too much of a protest I must say. After a couple of minutes of Jackie jostling around with Pete’s hands, Kenny grabbed her arms from behind and held her in place while Pete undid the blouse. Of course all the rest of us guys were encouraging Pete mind you and Jackie was laughing uncontrollably as the blouse was taken off, so as you can see Brian your wife was definitely playing along with the guys. You can’t blame the fellows for getting a little turned on once she was wandering around here in just her denim skirt and that pretty red lace bra that she had on underneath her blouse. I would also have to say that your wife was eating up all the attention she was getting from us guys. I guess it might of just got a little out of hand after she began strutting around taunting Pete and a couple of the other fellows, that there was no way they could get her skirt off . . . now you got to admit it buddy, that’s almost like asking for attention?”“Well … maybe … ughh …. I don’t know!” I stammered as a reply, wondering why I was even trying to answer such a retarded question.“Oh come on Brian, you got to agree with us on that, Jackie wanted to play . . . and the guys were more than willing to accommodate her. So anyway, she was virtually daring a couple of the guys, when . . . who was it again . . . oh yeah, it was you Tony. Yeah Tony snuck up behind her and grabbed your wife around the waist and lifted her right off her feet”.Tim chuckled as he recalled the scene. I looked towards his friend and could see how he was able to overpower my wife as described, standing 6’3¨ tall and weighing probably close to 250 lbs., Tony was indeed a powerful looking guy.“So Tony has Jackie by the waist holding her in this horizontal position, her arms flailing and feet kicking . . . but still acting as if she’s having fun mind you. Well then, Terry our Pitcher walks over and does the honor of unzipping her denim skirt and removing it. I want to tell you Brian, Jackie just gave all us guys huge boners at that point as she then began wandering around the pool area here in just her red bra and matching panty set . . . whewww, she looked hot! Didn’t she Tony man?”“Oh yeah Tim” Tony readily agreed “I think my pants were just a bulging!”“I think all the guys were” Tim laughed as he continued to give me every little detail.“Then Brian after already losing her skirt and blouse, she even had the nerve to say that there was no way anymore of her clothing was coming off. Now at that point it was a little hard to tell if she was serious or joking . . . at least until she broke that smile of contempt towards us. So what was us guys suppose to do? Your wife pretty much pushed us into calling her bluff. I think she was a little self-conscious about parading around in her undergarments as such . . . since she did seem to have a bit of a blush color to her face, but she quickly forgot about that after Jimmy our third baseman gave her another drink. She seemed to get back in the party mood and didn’t concern herself too much about her attire, after us guys convinced her that it was no different than wearing a bathing suit.”“Why . . . why, should I believe this ridiculous story Tim? My wife wouldn’t act like what you’ve described. Silivri Escort She’s normally very shy and reserved!” I defiantly protested.“Oh she was shy and reserved alright Brian!” Tim said in a sarcastic tone followed by an even more sarcastic laugh. “Why should you believe me?? Because I’ve got nine other guys to back up my story, you dork! Tony, this pin head doesn’t believe me . . . what should I do to convince him?”I looked towards the other man as he shook his head with a wide grin as he spoke, “You want me to go in the house and get the pictures that Stevie took . . . I think that might convince him!”.Tim turned towards me as he responded to Tony, “Yeah, yeah . . . go get them will you Tony. They’re down by the computer, I was in the process of scanning them and downloading them, but I guess we need them to prove our point!”.As Tony headed into the house, I felt a shiver go up my spine . . . what had I started now? What did these so-called pictures look like?“While we wait for Tony to get the pictures, I’ll continue Brian . . . is that okay? Do you want to hear more about your wifey’s adventure? Of course you do!” Tim tormented me. I gave him a glare, but we both knew that he had the upper hand in this little game and he enjoyed every moment of it.“So anyway, after Jimmy had calmed your wife down a bit and she quite shamelessly began strutting around her again, most of guys were getting quite horny as you must well of guessed. I really think that she was starting to get off on all us guys attention and just didn’t realize how eager some of the guys were to take the whole scene to the next stage. So finally at one point, Pete offered her twenty bucks to lose the bra . . . you know go around topless!” Tim chuckled again before continuing.“She declined, but then one of the guys figured the best method to get her going, was to dare her. So he goes . . . Oh guys I bet they’re not really 36c’s, are they Jackie? . . . the guy stated. Well, your wife took exception to the remark and responded that they were too 36 inches. Of course a few of the guys said to prove it . . . well Jackie hummed and hesitated, but then when the guys offered 50 bucks to remove the bra . . . she sort of thought that much money would come in handy to shop with. We naturally all insisted that we wouldn’t tell a soul if she did and since it was only a few of us guys. Well to make a long story short Brian, your precious wife reached around to the back of that pretty red bra and unhooked it . . . you should of seen us nine guys watch as it was lowered. Oh wait a minute here comes Tony with the proof”.There he left me . . . hanging on to hear what had happened with the my wife’s bra. I snapped out of my daze and watched as Tony handed over the pictures to Tim, of course Tim sorted through them and only handed towards me the ones he wanted me to see . . . another example of his control I suppose.Tim then passed three photos over to me, “Here you go Brian, take a peek. I think Stevie took some damn nice shots of Jackie” he chuckled.I looked at the first one, it showed Jackie with her skirt and blouse on smiling as she sat in one of the poolside chairs. I then flipped to the next photo . . . which showed my wife laughing with some guy I didn’t know, his arm around her waist and she was minus her blouse. I cautiously flipped to the third photo, unsure of what I was about to view. The third photo showed my wife now only in her bra and panties, she looked to be desperately reaching for her skirt, which was being held by one of the guys from Tim’s ball team. It did appear though that she was in a jovial mood though as she was held at bay by another one of the fellows. I gingerly sat the photos down on the patio table and looked up toward Tim, just as I heard the yard gate open again . . . in walked two more youthful looking guys.“Hey guys! Grab yourselves a beer from the cooler before you get over here” Tim shouted at them. He then noticed that I had nervously reached to retrieve the photos, “Brian buddy don’t be so shy about the pics, both Pete and Jeff were here the day those pictures were taken”.My heart sank as I knew that I was about to hear the rest of the story involving my wife and it was now pretty apparent that the event Tim had described so far, had taken place.“Well guys how are you? I’d like you to meet Jackie’s husband Brian, you both remember Jackie that was here at our party last week?”.The two guys looked at one another and then the one called Peter replied, “Remember, how could we forget Tim”. The group shared a laugh at my expense as they all took a swallow from their drinks. At this point I almost thought I was in a bad dream . . . here I was sitting around a neighbors patio table with four guys I hardly knew, listening as they described how they had stripped my wife a few weeks prior. I shook my head and took a drink from my beer.“So Brian as I was saying before the guys arrived, we finally had talked your wife Jackie into removing her bra and I must say the yard was suddenly rather quiet as she unfastened her booby holder. She was also rather tentative at taking it off so for us guys it was almost as exciting as watching one of the dancers down at the Pussycat Lounge. But as she finally let the red material fall away from her body . . . and I think I can speak for all of us . . . Man were we impressed with her beautiful sculptured tit’s. What size are they Brian? I think Jackie mentioned something about them being a 36”I was a little slow in reacting to Tim’s question, as I had never heard anyone call my wife’s breasts “tit’s” before. Although it seemed a little vulgar in the terminology, I did find that it turned me on a bit to hear another man speak in such a manner about my Jackie. “Ah . . yeah . . yeah .. a 36c” I almost instinctively replied.“Well it took a little prodding from us guys, but eventually Brian, Jackie was over her modesty and leisurely strutted around here topless. It was funny too buddy, because she had this fifty bucks in her hands from winning the dare and yet she had no pockets or clothing for that matter to keep it in. I think she finally put it in on the fire place mantle for safekeeping” Tim so carefully explained.The four men once again had a good chuckle over my wife’s situation and then Tim continued. “I tell you Brian, Jackie was one popular gal here that day . . . but then again she was the only gal here. But I’m sure you would have been really excited to see all us guys wrapping our arms around her semi naked body, patting her panty covered behind, accidentally letting our hands brush up against her naked titties. As you probably surmised, eventually one of our guys just couldn’t control his urges any longer as he took her into his arms and proceeded to give her a long hard kiss.“Now she might tell you that she tried to resist him . . . I think if I remember correctly. it was Mark our second baseman that made the first move. Anyway, she might say she resisted his actions Brian and she might of struggled in his arms a bit, but it sure seemed to us that she quickly began to more than enjoy the attention. Heck, she spun out of his arms giggling and fell right into Peter’s grasp and began necking with him . . . what would you say Pete, did she enjoy it?” Tim asked his friend.Of course the response was a positive one from his friend, “Oh yeah Tim, definitely. I even gave her a little tongue.” Pete with a sly grin proudly informed me and of course the rest of the group present.“Yes sir, she was getting hot to trot at that point buddy, you would have been so turned on watching her go from one guy to the next.” Tim stated as he resumed his detailed account of the afternoon for my benefit. “I think maybe Terry was the next one to savor your wife’s charms . . . Oh man she walked up to him as he stood at the bar and he took her in his one arm, leaned her back against the bar and planted his lips hard against hers. Then with no resistance from her, Terry slowly kissed his way down to her ample tits and began sucking her erect little nipples. God it was great to watch Brian, especially when our catcher Brent wandered in on the opposite side of Jackie and began squeezing her other unattended tit.”I’m sure I had a look of total disbelief on my face as Tim described the scene which had occurred between my wife and his two teammates. I could hardly even imagine my conservative naïve wife being part of such a scene . . . two men ravishing her body at the same time?? It sounded like a scene out of a cheap porno movie . . . impossible I thought! Or was it? I was so confused, had the group of men ****d my wife . . . or had she been a willing participant and enjoyed every minute of it? I was torn between getting up and walking out . . . and yet desiring to stay to hear the whole lurid story. For some reason I choose the latter.“Yes sir Brian, I have to admit that I had one huge hardon develop in my ball pants as I watched your hot wife perform . . . so I naturally figured since it was my place and my neighbor . . . that I should also be involved in the action. So I wandered over to where Jackie, Terry and Brent were playing . . . then knelt down in front of where your wife was standing and reached up to the waistband of her panties. She looked done at me momentarily with those sexy green eyes as I began to tug the last piece of clothing off her body . . . I was removing the last piece of her humility. But I swear Brian, she put up no protest as I removed them. She gingerly lifted each of her feet as I pulled them off in fact . . . and then there I was, face to face with that nicely shaven pussy of your wife’s. So Christ Brian, what’s a guy to do but to try sampling a sweet pussy like that and God it was tasty. I leaned forward and placed my tongue right on that juicy love hole . . . boy was Jackie wet and when my tongue touched that magical pleasure zone of her clit, she began moaning like there was no tomorrow. Of course I had to try and keep that little housewife of yours completely aroused, so I inserted my one finger into her hot little box as I continued licking her Brian. My, my . . I tell you, did she ever enjoy that! So I then added a second finger . . . pretty soon the third finger was in there and finally the fourth. I really think I could of fist fucked her Brian, but I didn’t want to scare her off before we really got into it”.I imagine most husbands would have been totally appalled with the type of lewd language that Tim was using in connection with my wife. Most men would have been angry and hurt by the detailed account of what I had been told. Yet here I was sitting with a strange aroused feeling burning through my loins. I couldn’t believe it, but I was virtually sitting with anticipation on each descriptive word.Tim gave a glance around to his buddies, took a swig of beer and continued “I guess it was about then that someone got the idea of carrying Jackie over to that sun lounge over there”.I quickly peered over to the beautiful large chaise lounge that Tim was referring to.My neighbor continued his tale,“So three of us grabbed her by her limbs and transported her over there . . . I think she might of mumbled something along the lines that she had to go home, but we all knew she really wanted to stay. In fact she proved to us quick enough that leaving was the last thing on her mind once we had her onto the lounge, as one of the guys offered his hard cock to her by placing it in front of her mouth. I’ll tell you she didn’t need any further instruction Brian, as she parted those big beautiful lips and let the cock slide into her mouth it was a sight of beauty. To encourage your wife a little more, I Escort Silivri slid up onto the lounge and parted her legs and once again lowered my head down to her little honey pot . . . I tell you, she sure liked that”.A couple of the guys gave my neighbor high-fives and encouraging lewd comments about my wife, before he continued.“So while I was eating her out, I could see . . . I think it was Mark . . . move in on the other side of the lounge and gently swat her cheek with his erection. Knowing full well that she had to keep everyone happy it was in no time flat Brian, before Jackie was eagerly going from one cock to the next. Turning here head from one side to the other, I tell you was suddenly acting like a sex-starved a****l . . . not that any of us guys were complaining! Right guys?” Tim commented cruelly before him and the others broke out in laughter over his joke.“Hey Brian, I hope this you aren’t taking this talk from us about Jackie personally?” Tim asked. I looked at him I’m sure with a puzzled expression and for some unknown reason replied “No . . no … not at all. I appreciate you’re telling me Tim” . . . I said with restraint even though under my breath I thought to myself . . . take it Personally, why would I take it personal . . . just because you’re bragging about you and all your friends were having wild sex with my wife . . . duh!.“No seriously Brian, the only reason we’re being so honest and detailed about what happened that day . . . is because we want you to realize what a great wife you’ve got there buddy. Hell we’re all jealous of you!” Tim explained.“Well then” he began to continue “If we’re not offending you with this, we better carry on and fill you in on the good parts!”. Why didn’t I say that it was offending me . . . why didn’t I say that I was indeed taking the talk personal, I silently thought to myself. Why? Obviously even though listening to them talk about my wife in the manner they were, although it was quite demeaning and humiliating for me to listen to . . . it was also like a d**g. I needed . . . I craved, I wanted to hear more.In an almost hushed tone, Tim leaned towards where I sat, “Before we go too far Brian I got to tell you, your wife has the sweetest tasting pussy I’ve ever experienced” and then laughed.Leaning back in his chair he resumed describing the scene involving Jackie. “So there we were, me between Jackie’s legs having lunch at the “Y” . . . Mark getting his dick primed on one side and I believe it was Jack our big first baseman on the other side of Jackie getting his cock sucked. I think that scene continued on for a good 45 minutes . . . each time Jackie made one of the boys shoot his load, another guy would immediately jump in and take the open spot. I think I could also feel her cum at least twice in that time period, as I ate her out. I must say, she was horny as hell and ripe for the picking . . . so when Tony stepped up to the plate” he chuckled with the group at his accidental and humorous pun.“So when Tony went to take his turn with Jackie, he got this bright idea . . . well, why don’t I just let Tony tell you in his words!” Tim graciously gave way to his buddy.I instinctively turned my head towards the other man, I was so enthralled now with what they had to say that I anxiously waited to hear Tony speak. “Oh okay . . . you want me to tell him do ya? By the way Brian, really nice to meet you and boy are you ever lucky to have such a hot bitch for a wife!”. Once again instead of being angry, for some reason took his remark as a compliment and shook his hand earnestly.The tall good-looking Italian glanced at his friends and then with a huge grin began to tell his side of the story. “Well buddy, I gotta tell you that I was really horny from watch’n your wife do the other guys . . . so when I went over to her I had decided I wanted more than a blowjob . . . I wanted to get fucked. So I motioned for Jack, Mark and Timmy to lift your wife up so I could lay down on the lounge. Then once I was laying all nice and comfy on the lounge, the guys lifted her up above me with her legs slightly parted . . . then began to lower her down onto my stiff cock”.I suddenly had a shudder as I imagined my Jackie having this large man entering her, my thoughts were quickly interrupted as Tim interjected his comment. “Yeah . . . I guess it was at this point that for some reason Jackie started getting a little self-righteous and started sputtering something along the lines that she was a married woman . . . that she shouldn’t be doing this . . . that she wanted her clothes back so she could leave . . . and all. Her silly talk continued for all of two minutes . . . until that hungry snatch of hers slid down on top of old Tony’s dick and a couple of us starting playing with her titties again. Then soon all of her talk had turned into a lot of moaning!”“Oh man, I can’t tell you how great that felt as you guys lowered her down on me” Tony stated as he took over the conversation again. Then when she was struggling a little at the start as she tried to get off me . . . even though it useless for her to try since three of the guys were holding her in place . . . well shit her wiggling around on my cock just about drove me wild. I was glad that she eventually decided to go along with our fun though and start that gentle riding of my cock . . . Oh God! I’m getting a hardon just thinking about it again”As I listened in my daze, I suddenly realized that Pete had now also taken up the conversation. “Hey did you guys see that while she was riding Tony for all he was worth, that she didn’t miss a single beat of sucking off Terry and I either? First Terry’s dick, then mine . . . then back to Terry’s. That woman is talented!”.The next thing I knew the fellow named Jeff had jumped in with his two cents, “Personally I loved they way she licked my balls when she gave you a blowjob and then the way she gulped down our loads of cum, without even hesitating! Christ she was good”.My head jerked back towards Tim again as he took control of the story again, “So as you can see Brian, Jackie was wanting us guys to show her a good time and we did. I think as the afternoon went on, everyone of us had at least one crack at her. You should of seen her when she finally headed home, Christ her lipstick was all smeared . . . she had some of our errant cum in her hair . . . shit she had our liquids running down the inside part of her legs even. It ended up I had to loan her one of my wife’s bathrobes to wear home because she couldn’t find the clothes she came with. I can imagine what your neighbors down the street thought when they saw her wandering home ” he finished with a chuckle.I was just about getting ready to interject my doubts about the story I had just heard. I was going to tell the four of them how it sure didn’t sound to me that Jackie had been a willing participant, how it almost sounded to me that the group had assaulted my wife . . . when suddenly the door bell rang. I sort thought it strange that whoever it was would come by way of the front door, considering all Tim’s buddies had known enough to walk into the backyard.Tim popped up out of his chair, “Well . . well, our guest must be here!” he said as he headed through the house to get the door. I looked around at the three other guys to try and get an idea of who “The Guest” was . . . if they knew, they didn’t show it.It was a few minutes before Tim started to come out the sliding patio door, we could see that he was leading someone carefully out behind him . . . then I suddenly heard that voice. “Timmy what are you up to? Why’d you call and ask me to come down today?”.Oh my gawd, my wife Jackie was being led into the Wilson’s backyard. I almost choked on my beer as I listened to Tim reply, “Oh come on Jaclyn honey, we’re just gonna have a little fun like the last time!”. As Tim finally pulled Jackie through the patio door, we all noticed that he had placed a blindfold over her eyes . . . she was therefore unaware of who was out by the pool, including her husband. I also noticed that she was wearing a pretty floral summer dress that she had bought at the start of the summer . . . a dress with a rather deep plunging neckline and an open back that made it impossible to wear a bra with it.“You like having fun don’t you Jackie? You had fun the last time you were here didn’t you?” Tim playfully asked my wife.“Well . . . yes I suppose so. I guess it was fun last time” Jackie hesitantly replied as she was led into the backyard.Tim suddenly stopped and turned towards my wife “While Jackie my dear we’re gonna have fun today too. We’re gonna play a little game and to start, you aren’t going to need this” he said with an evil grin as he reached out and began unbuttoning my wife’s dress.Jackie tried a feeble protest, “Timmy, you didn’t say anything about having to take my clothes off” she cried out.Tim playfully slapped her interfering hands away until she finally gave in and let him continue unbuttoning the dress. Tim looked over towards where we were sitting and gave his friends a wink, then ceremoniously pulled the dress off her shoulders and away from her body. Suddenly there stood my wife, totally naked except for a pair of panties and her heeled sandals. She tried to cover up her naked titties with her hands, but Tim simply pulled them away from her body as he scolded her “Come on Jackie, don’t play modest with us baby . . . we’ve all seen you in your birthday suit before!”.He seemed to be looking directly at me with a huge grin as he made his statement. I looked in disbelief at my beautiful wife, standing before the group of men virtually naked except for the black G string panties she had on . . . the late afternoon sun shone upon her body and seemed to enhance her 36¨ bosom and highlight her erect nipples.“Timmy please” Jackie pleaded “I feel silly like this, half naked and blindfolded . . . can I take this thing off my eyes?”.My wife began to reach up to the cloth, but Tim reached out and quickly grabbed her hand. “Now Jaclyn! What did we talk about in the house” Tim spoke to her in a tone similar to that of a father warning a c***d.I kind of wondered what he meant by his last warning and it wasn’t until days later that I found out. It turned out that Tim had warned Jackie in the house to do as he instructed her to do or else he’d be forced to take the incriminating photos that had been taken of her at the party and show her husband . . . little did she realize that her husband had already seen the photos . . . nor did she know that her husband was one of the men in the backyard.“So lets stop being so silly Jackie my dear and come on over here!” Tim instructed as he dragged my wife blindly over towards the group. Stopping in front of Peter, Tim glanced about the men and with a wink commanded “Okay men . . . present arms please!”. With a touch of laughter from the three men, each rose out of their chairs and slid down their shorts . . . each exposing their already hardening cocks. Tim glared in my direction and then cleared his throat to get my attention . . . I soon realized that he expected for me to lower my shorts also.Pushing my wife down onto her knees between Peter’s spread legs, Tim then further instructed Jackie. “Okay sweets this is the game, you’re gonna suck each one of the guys cocks . . . and you’re gonna try to attach a name from our ball team to each dick!” Tim almost callously stated. “Now that shouldn’t be hard . . . should it Jaclyn, since you savored all the fella’s members just recently, you should do rather well at this game”.Jackie was now strategically placed between Peter’s legs and she blindly fumbled around with her hand Silivri Escort Bayan until she located his erection.“Well Jackie honey, don’t just hold it . . . put it in that pretty mouth of yours and tell us who you’re blowing!” Tim ordered.I watched in awe as my wife lowered her lips upon the fairly large cock . . . parted her lips and engulfed over half of the erect penis. “Ughhhh, Oh yes baby!” Peter cried out as my wife administered an oral pleasure to his tool. After what seemed like eternity, but in actuality was probably only a few minutes . . . Jackie to no one particular stated, “This is Peter, I can tell by the moaning!”.Tim shook his head as he laughed, “Very good my sweet Jackie, one right answer . . . lets move on to the next” he announced as he gingerly guided her as she shuffled along on her knees till she was between Tony’s parted legs. Once again Jackie groped around until she found her next cock she was to service, once again I shuddered as I watched my wife take another man’s erection into her mouth. Most husbands would have been ashamed to be sitting there watching their wives being so thoroughly sexually humiliated by several men as mine was and yet I was not doing anything to stop the madness. Although it appeared that Jackie didn’t minding performing the duties Tim had set forth, it had to be demeaning feeling for her to be kneeling before these men . . . being forced to orally please them and listen to their degrading remarks. Yet she continued and appeared to enjoy it.After several minutes of deep throating Tony, Jackie made an attempt at guessing who she was knelt before “This one feels like that young guys . . . what was his name Mark?” Jackie confidently stated.Since she was in a kneeling position, it had left Jackie’s ass somewhat up in the air, Tim aimed for her one exposed cheek and gave it a semi hard swat.*Smack* . . .“Ouch, what was that for” Jackie screamed in dismay. Tim in a stern voice quickly replied, “Wrong guess Jackie, you just received the punishment for a wrong answer in our little game!”.“You didn’t say anything about punishment” my wife gave a sniffled reply, before being forced to attend to Tony’s cock some more. “Tell you what I’ll do Jackie” Tim explained “I’ll give you a hint . . . his name starts with a “T”, that should help you.”Jackie pulled away from the hard cock and gave a second answer, “Terry . . . it’s Terry then!”. *Smack* . . . another wrong answer, another swat.“Ouch . . . Okay, okay . . . it must be Tony!” Jackie exclaimed.As she was led on her knees to where Jeff was sitting, I could hear Tony say in a miffed tone “Jesus Jackie, I’m pissed off that you couldn’t remember my cock better than that. Maybe we’ll have to do some extra work with ya so you remember next time!”.For the third time I watched as my wife accepted another man’s cock into her precious mouth and for the third time I felt aroused watching her do so. I felt Tim’s hand touch my shoulder as I was in deep thought while watching her suck Jeff’s dick, he was motioning for me to get my shorts down . . . I knew what he had in mind and was unsure whether I should comply . . . but in the end I did.After another wrong answer and another smack on her now reddening ass cheek, Jackie finally guessed Jeff correctly and she was then tugged my way. It felt so strange to be sitting there with my wife about to give me oral sex . . . and yet she was going to be unaware that it was her husband. I felt a tingle go through my cock as her moist lips touched my erection . . . I don’t think I had ever felt so aroused and it felt so good, Jackie had never offered to give me oral at home before. Her mouth slid down my shaft . . . Oh Gawd I thought, no wonder these men wanted my wife so desperately. She started a deep up and down motion that made my cock jump with excitement, after several minutes of this motion she felt confident enough to place a guess. She offered a fellows name I didn’t recognize, it must have been one of the other players.*Smack* . . .Of course it was a wrong answer, she had no chance at getting this one right. I guess some might of thought that she quite possibly would of had an idea it was her husbands cock she was swallowing . . . but then again, I imagine that I was the last person in the world that she expected to be sitting in that chair at that moment. I felt sincerely sorry for her at this point as she guessed again “It must be that guy, Jack!” she announced.*Smack* . . .“Sorry Jackie dear . . . wrong again!” Tim stated almost gleefully.After the third wrong answer and third smack on my wife’s buttock, even though I was receiving the best blowjob of my life . . . I felt the time had come to for me to put an end to her subjection to Tim’s cruel game.“Tim, please . . . no more!” I pleaded.As soon as she heard my voice, Jackie reached for the blindfold . . . hastily pulling off of her head. With a completely stunned look upon her face, she somewhat gagged on my cock in her haste to extract it from her mouth. “Br … Brian, what are you doing here?” she inquired as tears started to roll down her cheeks.Before I could answer her question, Tim interjected himself into the conversation. “Jackie I took it upon myself to invite your husband down here to show him what a “Hot” little wife he has, in the hopes that he will allow you to attend our team parties on a regular basis. It’s better that this all gets out in the open Jackie dear . . . isn’t it Brian?”.Caught off guard, I stuttered slightly as I looked down at my distraught wife “I’m . . I’m sorry Jackie, but . . . but don’t blame yourself honey. I’ve obviously been away too much lately and need to spend more time with you baby!”.As I looked at Jackie, still kneeling on the ground . . . yet desperately trying to hide her shame, I turned my anger towards Tim. “Tim, I don’t know why you wanted to humiliate us both like this . . . but I think it’s time we left and don’t expect my wife to attend your parties again” I angrily stated.I began to rise out of my chair and help my wife up off the ground, but before I could get completely up . . . Tim had grabbed my arm and walked me over to the far side of his patio. In a quiet yet harsh tone he began to explain a few things to me. “Listen Brian, you dumb shithead . . . you really have no choice in whether Jackie attends more of our parties. For starters, besides the pics that we took of your wife in action at the last party . . . I’ve also had Stevie in the house video taping today’s fun.” He pointed to the diningroom window to where I could see a fellow with a video camera and a powerful zoom lens.“Yes Stevie was able to get some quality video of a so-called respectable lady of the community on her knees performing a circle suck of a local group of guys . . . her equally respected husband enthusiastically sitting with his shorts down around his knees watching her. On top of that video of her husband being told of his wife’s infidelities and not doing a thin about it. So with todays recorded action, coupled with the pics showing that same respectable woman getting gang fucked by no less than 9 guys will make for interesting viewing to our local church fearing community!”.I obviously looked like a deer in the headlights of a car as Tim just continued with his onslaught of info he had against us. “Then also considering it’s just you two’s word against my whole ball team . . . well I think people would tend to believe us that your precious Jackie is nothing more than a cock loving, cum eating slut Brian!”.His words stung deep and even though I was still very angry . . . I also knew he was right with his assessment of our situation. All of my wife’s family lived within the community, if any of this scandalous information ever got leaked out . . . well, it would definitely be our demise.“Yes Brian” Tim continued in his hush but stern tone “We could quite easily ruin your tranquil little lives . . . what would you tell your families . . . what would this type of disgrace do for your two young daughters?”.I was dumbfounded, we were being virtually blackmailed and there wasn’t a whole lot I could do to stop it. I thought of our c***dren and how such info would effect them, it gave me the shudders. I looked over towards my wife who was still on her knees on the patio, with tears in her eyes.“Now” Tim continued “I’m gonna take your wife aside and tell her that you’ve agreed to let her come down here anytime I have the team back and be our personal hostess, the agreement will be that none of the guys will ever say anything about this to anyone. You and your wife can continue to have your perfect little life in this town, the perfect suburban lifestyle. Yes, my ball team gets a partygal to liven up our after game beer parties . . . Jackie gets the added sexual relief she obviously needs and you get a hot wife coming home to you . . . everybody gets what they want and everyone is happy, right buddy?”.I slowly shook my head in agreement, confused by what I had just been told yet knowing that I had been beaten and must concede.“Good boy, Brian” he cheerfully announced as he slapped me on the back and then took Jackie off to the side.I sat back down in the lawn chair and glanced around at all the grinning ball players. Tim took my precious wife over by the bar, his arm around her bare shoulder as he prepared her a drink. Moments later, my wife reapproached the group and as she looked my way she inquired “Really Brian? You want me to come to Tim’s parties al the time?”.I wasn’t sure what cock & bull story Tim was telling my wife, but I knew I’d better agree as I obediently shook my head in agreement and mumbled “Yeah honey, sounds as if you have fun at them”.The chat continued for several minutes afterwards and I continued to see Jackie look in my direction off and on in disbelief. I’d catch her looking at me and I’d give a feeble smile and then look away.When Tim finally came back over he proudly announced with a smile that Jackie was willing to do her part to help his ball team, “Yes, your wife has decided she better start today in fact . . . you’re welcome to stick around Brian, but we’re gonna fuck your wife silly . . . you don’t have a problem with that do you buddy?”.In a dry broken reply I spoke the words he wanted to hear “N . . No . . . not at all Tim!”. I headed towards the backyard gate and paused long enough at my wife to say, “Have a good time honey, I’ll see you when you get home”. I turned around and took one last glance as I opened the gate . . . Jackie was being led over and being placed on Jeff’s erect cock . . . I quickly left, knowing all two well that Tim and his buddies was going to do as he promised . . . fuck my wife silly.Epilogue:Jackie eventually came home from Tim’s several hours later that day, she was tired and sore. Her titties had large red marks on them where the men had been sucking on them and her vagina was swollen from the fucking she had endured. As she sat in the warm bath water recuperating, we had a long chat on our unfortunate situation we found ourselves in.We agreed that to continue living in our town, she would have to oblige Tim and his baseball buddies for the time being, until we could figure some other course of action. We both had jobs in the town and our k**s would be upset if we tried to move. It was near the end of our conversation that Jackie informed me that Tim had instructed her to come to the next weeks party in a real slutty looking outfit. She stated how Tim and his team were going to be playing in a big tournament and he was going to invite a out of town team he knew back to his place between games. He had told my wife to be prepared to look after as many as 16-18 players and that several of the guys off the other team were black fellows. I cringed at the thought of all those men violating my wife sexually, yet for some reason Jackie appeared to have a smile on her face. I guess I’d better get use to my wife being the batgirl for Tim’s ball team.

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