Neighbor Ch. 03


It was that next Friday night and Maddy and I were snuggling on the couch together getting stoned. Such was our preferred method of stay-in style weekends. We’d gone out a number of times throughout the week. We specifically wanted to talk in public about our crazy new obsession with Tom.

We’d spent that whole week having all sorts of amazing sex. We’d been riding the insane high of our first threesome with our sexy neighbor and his specific way with us.

Maddy and I had both submitted to him in ways we hadn’t expected. We’d called him Daddy. We’d cum harder than we’d ever cum before…with him in control. It was a brand new feeling to be reckoned with.

We couldn’t get him off of our minds. We used him in all of our sex talk. We came fantasizing about what he was going to do to us next. Or where we would possibly go with this. It was the best sex of our lives. His cock became the absolute totem of our sexual proclivity.

We had just settled in to watch a dumb comedy when my phone screen lit up with a text alert.

It as from Tom.

I looked at the phone and Maddy could see who it was from. She instantly popped up beside me from where she had been lounging, clad in comfy, booty shorts and a small gray t-shirt. She always looked cute.

“Oh fuck…he’s texting us.” I had to goofily laugh. I’d never seen her so instantly excited during our entire time together. It was both thrilling and hilarious to watch her this pumped up by something.

She slapped my knee excitedly.

I opened up the thread and felt my own pulse quicken. We both knew what we hoped it would say.

The text read:

“Would Daddy’s sluts like to service two, big cocks tomorrow night? I told my friend Eric all about you two, and he said he’d love to see if you really live up to your reputation. He doesn’t believe that I met a COCK-hungry couple living right down the hall from me in this very building.”

“OH. MY. GODDDD.” Maddy intoned as she looked at me. Her hand clutched at my leg as she squirmed.

“Yeah. Wow. Fuck.” I responded. I was getting hard already in my sweats as I read and re-read the text. He was offering us up as his toys.

We both looked at each other for a moment, as if daring the other person to speak first.

“Sooo…?” She asked finally, a clear intention in her curved tongue.

“Sooo…” I responded, even as I felt an inescapable smile rising up inside to match her demeanor.

“Does that sound sexy to you, baby?” She asked me, and her hand moved up to fondle my cock. “Would you wanna do something that naughty with your own wife?”

I was fully hard. I wasn’t even going to pretend to defer here. It DID sound hot to me. I couldn’t believe how hot it sounded. It was also just the way that he spoke to us. Calling us his sluts. Telling his friends about us. That was hot to me too. He liked fucking us.

“Yeah, I’m really turned on right now,” I responded to her.

“So we would get to be slutty…for TWO, big cocks, baby,” she kissed me when she said this, and now she sat up to side straddle one leg. I was already very hard and she was saying all the right things again.

“Yeah, fuuuuuck. Can you imagine how many dirty things we could do?” I said to her now, my hand pushing beneath her shorts to rub her slit. She was wet. She moaned softly.

“Text him back and tell him that we are totally free and would LOVE to be good little sluts for him.” She bit my ear when she said this, and I felt her grinding on my hand as I slipped my fingers inside her tight pussy.

I texted Tom back quickly and the date was set.

“7:00 PM, tomorrow. I want you both to take three shots back-to-back and smoke a bowl right before you come over. I want you both to feel tipsy and loosened up. I want Maddy to wear her most revealing skirt and her sluttiest underwear, and I want Bobby to wear the gift I left outside your door. You have to both understand…once you walk inside my apartment, you will both instantly be my sluts for the night, and you’ll do whatever I tell you to do, yes?”

I looked at Maddy as I read his text aloud. She was breathing lighter as I got through each word. I could see her chest filling with excitement.

“Yes, Daddy.” I said as I typed out the text back to him while staring at Maddy, and sent it; though I instantly wondered what he meant by “gift.” Maddy was way ahead of me. She had bounded up from our couch to the front door to find a simple, black package that had been left there. She scooped it up and brought it back over to us on the couch. We turned on a lamp on the nearby side table and she urged me on.

I slowly undid the box which had been tied with a black rope, and then pulled open the leaves to find black tissue paper inside. I pulled out a tiny, piece of fabric. It was burgundy and lacy…when I held it open Maddy gasped.

“Damnnnn,” she said, grinning

It was a sexy, men’s jock strap. I’d seen these before in some of my crazier online sex searches, but I’d never imagined owning a pair. mecidiyeköy escort

“Holy FUCK, babe. You need to try those on for me right now.” I felt kind of embarrassed but I was also strangely excited. I was working my pants and boxers off and my cock bounced out, hard as a rock. I stepped into the silky-soft jock. It had a lace belt and the ass was fully exposed with two thin strings that hung down on the side and clung to my cheeks. The front pouch held my cock in the softest material, as my comically large bulge was barely contained. I thought I was going to feel weirder about this, but my ass and cock really did feel incredible in the fabric, and I could hear the excitement in Maddy’s voice as she ran her hand over them and felt me up.

“Oh wow, wow, wow fuck this is so fucking hot…oh my god you’re gonna be wearing these while you are GETTING FUCKED, BABY! YESSSS!” She was so turned on by this.

“Damn…I can’t believe how sexy I feel in these.” I laughed in front of her and she held me and kissed me like a longtime lover.

“I love getting to see you access this slutty side of yourself, Bobby. I love you so fucking much my nasty boy. You’re going to wear panties for our Daddy and that that is so sexy to me. You look HOT in those.” She really thought so. It made her wet to see me like this.

“I love you too babe. I love that we can do this together.” I answered back. It really was magical to share this side of myself with her right there for it all. We were changing together.

“I’m so horny for tomorrow night.” She said, rubbing the outline of my cock in the silky-soft jock-strap. “This is really so hot. Fuck…I can’t believe our Daddy literally BOUGHT you sexy underwear…that is such a…sugar daddy thing to do, fuck. I’M SO INTO THAT IDEA. He can fuck your ass all he wants if he buys you pretty underwear to smear his cum on!” She said to me with the most wistful look. Fuck, the things she would say to me.

She squeezed my ass cheek and I squeezed her ass back. We were horny but we both knew we wanted to wait. The anticipation was wild.

We edged forever that night but didn’t allow each other to cum. Maddy made me sleep in the underwear and nothing else so I made her wear a slutty pair too. We were teamed up and ready to get down. It felt like we were in college again-the sheer energy that we shared was something to behold.

That next day, we slept in, took all our vitamins, drank tons of water, and gave ourselves plenty of time to get ready for the night. We ate a balanced breakfast. It was a total sex prep day

We hung out in the kitchen after doing some Yoga together. We were sweaty and hot and we loved the way our body’s smelled. I made a couple coffee pods for us to get some zing in our step. We felt so relaxed and at ease with each other.

“What are you most excited about for tonight?” She asked me, and I smiled as my cock instantly stirred in my athletic shorts.

“Mmmm,” I kissed her messily as I swayed closer to her. “I’m excited that we just get to be slutty the second we walk in. I’m so like, intimidated but so turned on about what he’s gonna make us do. I also wonder what his friend looks like. I think I’m super nervous about meeting him too.”

“Yeah, I totally get that. I honestly think as long as his friend is even semi-good looking I’ll be fine. He’s so commanding with us and I think I would suck a lot of ugly cock if he told me to.” She confessed sheepishly with a smile, and I had to agree.

“Yeah, that’s a good point…I don’t know what I would even say no to. He turns me on so much.” We were kissing slowly in between these confessions. We were so into Tom, and were falling for his domination together.

“What about you? What have you been thinking of?” I asked her now.

“I’m excited for us to get fucked side-by-side each other.” She teased my cock with her hand. She was rubbing her nose up against my chin as she talked, a thing she did that I always loved. Like she was nuzzling me slowly into her web. “And I’m really excited to see you taking a cock in your mouth and your ass at the same time. I really hope I get to see you used like that, baby.” I gasped a little as she said this but my cock was bludgeoning out the front of my boxers. I hadn’t considered the possibility that I might have two cocks at once. Or that they would fuck both of my holes at once. I shivered.

“Fuckkk babe, you’re so goddamned amazing…your brain is so fucking sexy, I love it.” I squeezed her ass and enjoyed her fingers teasing me.

“I know baby, you can finally be your full slut around me and you’re only just discovering how far you can go. I can’t wait to see how nasty you can fully be for Tom. I can’t believe how much it turns me on to see you being so sexual with a man. It’s like a new drug for me baby. I need it.”

We spent the next few hours getting stoned and ready. We helped each other shave and lotion and change. Maddy and I even helped each other douche and clean out our holes. Maddy wore şişli escort a flared pink, polka-dotted skirt that had a slit running up one leg all the way to her panties. It was a fuck-me skirt if there ever was one-purchased for a particularly slutty Vegas trip we’d taken. I remember fucking her in that skirt on the balcony of the Cosmopolitan, allowing everyone to see who could look up four stories. in the glow of the Bellagio fountains. And I had my soft jock strap underneath my jeans, already making my cock hard.

“I love you, you perfect woman,” I said, as I kissed her right before we got ready to leave.

“I love you too my sexy man,” she responded with so much affection in her voice. We poured out our shots as we finished the bong.

One shot. Two shots. Woof. Three shots. UGHHH. The third one in particular made us both wretch a little. It had been a while since we’d taken three so quickly together like that. We were going to start feeling this fast, especially with the weed running through us.

The liquid courage was very quickly surging towards out loins.

“Ready to go be a slut with me?” I asked her, as I offered my hand.

“Yes, I’m ready to submit to our Daddy.” She said back, and we made out one last time before walking down the hallway toward’s Tom’s place. It was 6:59 PM. This night was about to change us.

We were both nervous as we knocked on his door. We didn’t know what to expect.

Tom opened the entrance seconds later and took us in with a confident smile. His immediately impressive form was enough to make us both bristle in his presence again. Our holes could tell that Daddy was nearby.

“Come on in.” He said and we walked in past him as he closed the door behind us.

When we got into the front area, we could see that their living room had been set up for fun. A huge bong and tray full of drinks was laid out. An impressively-sized man sat in a leather armchair across from a luggage trunk coffee table. He looked like a lost Hemsworth brother: chiseled and blond and muscled. He had a thinly trimmed beard that looked good on him. He just looked like a man.

“Bobby, Maddy, I’d like you to meet my longtime friend Eric…he was my college roommate actually.”

We walked over to shake hands with him and when he stood up Maddy and I both understood just how stacked he was. Apparently Tom just ran with a different sort of crowd. I could see how he looked Maddy up and down for the sexpot that she was. Her hair was pony-tailed and teased and she wore flirty pink makeup and glitter on her face. She looked like a slutty Sailor Moon character almost. Her bare midriff was on display, as she only wore a thin navy-blue button up blouse that exposed her lace bra and cleavage to him. Her dark brown hair was beautifully lazy in it’s presentation.

“Tom’s been telling me all about you two. I’m so glad to meet you.” He shook both of our hands and it seemed silly all of a sudden because clearly we were there for much more devilish reasons that shaking hands. This was so wild.

“I hope he’s only been saying good things,” Maddie said, and there was a bit of flirtation in her voice. It was a good thing we’d downed those shots. Our blood was warm and we were feeling a horny fuzz. We were very into this, even though we were so nervous.

It was right then that we both felt Tom had walked up behind us to place his hands on both of our shoulders.

“Bobby, Maddy…Eric is one of my best friends in the whole world and I think you should both get on your knees and welcome him the way I know you both can.”

Maddy turned her head to look at Tom and he pulled her in and kissed her.She loved the way he smelled-he smelled like a Daddy was supposed to. Then he grabbed my neck and pulled me back for a kiss. Maddy was already closing the distance and dropping to her knees in front of Eric, and I soon joined her after Tom’s rough kiss. Eric just stood there smiling at us as we undid his belt and pulled his dress slacks off. Then Maddie was holding a large cock outline through a pair of black Boss boxer briefs. He was big. He was girthy. He was girthier even than Tom, and of similar length maybe. Maddy brought my mouth up with hers and we pressed our faces into his boxers and sniffed in his smells. It was as distinct mix of Tide Sport and cock. We were so happy to be doing this together-our second cock already. We’d found our sexual calling.

I pulled down the boxers and he bounced out at us. His cock was more curved than Tom’s-a true banana dick. It looked delicious. I wanted to shimmy up this tree. I dragged my tongue up his hard shaft and Maddie did the same thing. We started to suck on each side of his dick like he was a summer popsicle. We got as close to each other as we could and whenever our tongues would touch on him it turned me on even more. I was sucking my second cock with my wife. She was incredible. She egged me on as she grabbed his tip and pushed him into my mouth. I pushed my face down and began to suck on his kağıthane escort huge shaft. It was so sexy. She jacked him into me. Then I could feel her hair on my face as she sucked on his balls and shaft. We traded and soon her deepthroating skills were on display. Eric was moaning as we sucked on him with a dedicated passion.

“Damn…you weren’t kidding…these are some sexy, little sluts you found here, Tom.” Eric laughed as Tom handed him a beer he’d grabbed from the kitchen. The two men stood, enjoying their beers while we worked.

“Yeah, and I’m just realizing how much they like submitting. I think I’ll probably be able to use them however I like now that I know they love being told what to do. Isn’t that right baby?” He said, as he pulled Maddy’s head back by her hair, as Eric’s cock came wetly flopping off of her saliva-covered chin.

“Yes, Daddy!” She said, and he spit into her mouth and then pushed her right back down to gag on Eric. Maddy moaned loudly from this. I cupped Eric’s balls and sucked them into my mouth. His smell was different than Tom but it was was still sexy-a musky sort of herbal note-like some sort of pine or evergreen. I wondered what soap he used, even as I marveled at how into cock I apparently was. Maddy traded with me again and I relaxed my throat to take him deeper. His veiny shaft started to feel like a mountain terrain I wanted to memorize on my tongue. My lips loved how hard a cock felt. It was just a new world.

“Wanna sit down and let them keep working?” Tom offered, and Eric agreed.

Hey got us both up and we moved over to the couch, which was a dark, black leather affair.

Tom and Eric sat side-by-side as Tom pulled his own pants and boxers off. Now they were just wearing shirts as their two, muscled lower halves were presented with cocks fully standing at attention.

Eric kept Maddy on is cock, while Tom pulled me over to his own freshly unholstered beast, and we restarted our blowjobs, now pleasing two men together. I looked over at Maddy as she lovingly swabbed his helmet with her tongue and she looked back at me as I got reacquainted with my Daddy’s perfect cock in my mouth. I loved his taste and shape so much. I really wanted to suck this cock well. I stared at Maddy, so in love. We sucked harder to turn each other on. We watched each other with glee at our slutty partner’s show.

I felt her leg brush against mine and we played footsie on the floor while we continued our blowjobs. We felt so connected in our naughtiness. Tom would occasionally push my face down when he wanted me to challenge my gag reflex. I would come up for air even as Maddy was showing off the fact that she could get any sized cock an insane amount deep down her throat. She was so fucking perfect.

Tom and Eric moaned deeply and enjoyed the attention they were receiving, as they were both luxuriating in our newly deviant desires. Imagine having a couple that is so obsessed with cock, and now they get their first opportunity to play with two at the same time (three at one time for Maddy, technically). I had noticed that both Maddy and I were moaning loudly as we sucked. There could be no mistaking how turned on we were. I could see Maddy grinding her body on the floor, clearly wanting to be fucked soon. My own ass had been tingling stronger too.

“Okay, I need a slut to ride me,” Eric said suddenly, and Maddy immediately stood up excitedly. He turned her around so her round ass was presented to him. He flipped the flap of her tiny skirt up to reveal her crotchless pink-and-blue, gem-studded panties from Fredericks. I had eaten her pussy so many time through those panties. Now she was taking new cock through them, and that made me so hard.

He bent her down so she was sitting on his lap and he guided his wet cock into her soaking pussy lips. He slid in so easily and she loudly moaned as his banana molded its shape inside of her. He was a Dole salesman and she was a slutty housewife.

Tom meanwhile was not to be outdone. He had me similarly stand and pulled my jeans off quickly.

When they both saw me wearing the sexy jock strap they got excited.

“Well, well, would you look at my slutty little whore, all dressed up to be fucked by his Daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I said back to him, with zero hesitation. I was too turned on. I wanted to be this for him.

Tom pulled out a small tube of lube from under a couch pillow and he drizzled it all over his wood. then he had me sit down to copy Maddy’s position. He stuck his member into my waiting hole with firm insistence. I winced at first, still amazed at how tight I felt with a cock pushing into me, and how it caused my own penis to instantly grow even more erect. His dick pushed my ass cheeks open slowly, and marvelously. I was letting him back inside of me. I was letting my Daddy fuck me for the third time. I was so turned on by this. I loved cock.

When he was all the way inside me, he wrapped his arms around my chest and guided me back to lay on him.

“Just grind your pretty ass on Daddy’s cock and get used to me again,” he said, and I did exactly that, gritting a smile through his throbbing inside me. He jacked me off softly while I enjoyed the feel of his vibrating fuck stick wedged in my buns, slowly rotating to open me again for him. He knew how to open me so well.

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