Neighbor Becomes Angel to Widower

Foot Fetish

It was a sad day when a woman Jan admired, friendly neighbor Channel, died. She was the woman who did all the parties on their street, made great deserts and kept her husband, Harold, always happy.

For a few months Harold seemed so despondent, his adult children had come there for a while, but had to get back to their families.

Jan had often played at the family’s house, she was a friend of their daughter, and often would watch Channel cook and bake for the family. In some ways Channel was like her mom away from home.

Now that Jan was 26 years old, she still lived at home, working part-time, and was a very caring individual. She talked with her mom about Harold, and her mom suggested she go over and see what she could do for him. So that’s what she did.

Knowing Channel’s recipe for lemon bars, and how often she made them, Jan set-out to create the bakery confection, and ended up making it three times before it resembled and tasted close to what Channel had done always from scratch the first time.

She walked over with a plate of the lemon bars and knocked on the door. It took Harold a good two minutes before he got to the door, and asked in a gruff voice, “Who is it?”

“It’s Jan from next door, I came to see you.” Harold opened the door, saw it was Jan, and welcomed her inside.

“These are lemon bars I made from observing your wife making them. I hope you like them,” Jan said as she handed them over. She had to reach up to give them to Harold, who stood 6’5″, compared to Jan’s petite stature of 5′ 3″ which was close to the height of his late wife.

Harold invited Jan inside, and asked her to come to the kitchen, and she saw the mess. She asked Harold to sit down, and she made some coffee and cleaned all the plates and flatware, and glasses that had piled up in the sink.

They sat together having coffee and lemon bars, which Harold said were close to what Channel had made. He said he had been lonely since she left and was hoping to yenibosna escort find some company.

Jan remembered what her mom had said, to see what she could do for Harold, and it seemed this was her chance.

“Well, I could keep you company, and what should I call you, as whenever I was over here, I used to call Channel by her name,” Jan said.

“For now you could call me Harold, and how often would you want to come over?”

“Depending on my work schedule, I would really find it nice to come here each day, help you with your meals and cleaning around here, making you feel special.”

Jan cleaned what she could in his home, and let Harold know she would be back tomorrow. She returned home and told her mom what happened, and over dinner they decided it would be nice if Jan did spend more time with Harold and try to make him happy.

Over night Jan decided to make several meals for Harold. She went to an overnight supermarket and got all the necessary items, and made sauerbraten, a flavorful brisket, and several chicken meals. It was near dawn when she was all done, and knowing Harold was up usually around 4 a.m., she gathered up everything and walked over to his house. She placed the items on the porch and knocked on the door. This time Harold was faster to respond, and he saw a cheerful Jan, holding a bountiful of food, and gladly welcomed her inside.

Taking all the food to the kitchen, Jan told Harold, “I made these according to Channel’s specifications. I used to spend a lot of time with her in the kitchen when I was younger and remembered all these great dished she made for you.”

Harold thanked her and over the following weeks Jan spent more time at his home, cooked and baked for him, and soon Harold had an idea.

When Jan was over having dinner, he said, “You have brought new life to me and in this house, and I feel you are almost like Channel in so many ways. Would you consider living with zeytinburnu escort me and creating a new life? You are about Channel’s size and so far, I have all her clothes. You could wear them if you like.”

“That sounds like a great idea. I would love to help you out,” Jan said. With that, Harold stood up from the table and picked Jan up, as he was still quite strong for a man in his 60s. She weighed about 110 pounds, but Harold carried her with ease to his bedrooms and laid her down on his large bed.

“I hope this doesn’t startle you, but I have grown attractive to you since you have come over here, seeing you as if you have been Channel, and I would like to treat you how I did my late wife, if that is alright with you?”

Sensing she was going to be the object of his affection, like he used to hear Channel talk about, Jan readily said yes, and Harold kissed her softly and then with more passion, she held onto his large back and stroked his gray hair and gave herself up to him.

Harold picked Jan up and removed her top with one hand and unsnapped her bra. Jan had small boobs, and Harold liked them. He kissed her breasts, slowly getting to her pink areoles and then slipping her left nipple into his mouth, sucking on it gently and then with more force with his tongue. Once it was hard as a rock, he did the same to her right nipple, as Jan responded with heavy breathing and a racing heart.

“You are so wonderful, Harold. You are making me feel so great.”

He then slipped her pants off, and gently ripped off her panties with his right hand. Jan had kicked off her flip flops, and Harold picked her up and raised her pussy to his mouth. Holding her with one hand, he gently used a finger to rub her outer labia like a rough feather. Jan was moaning like she used to hear Channel when she was playing with their daughter. She used to think she was hearing wrestling, but now understood it was Harold making sensual love mecidiyeköy escort to his wife, and now to her. Harold inserted a finger into her soft pussy, tracing the inside labia. He pulled it out and tasted it and smiled.

“You taste even better than my wife.”

Jan’s eyes were rolling back with that comment, and when Harold placed his mouth on her pussy and placed his large tongue inside, which was moving all over and tantalizing Jan more and more, she was breathing heavily and arched her breasts upward as she was having one of her biggest orgasms of her life.

When Jan relaxed and caught her breath, Harold placed her on the bed, and started removing his own clothes. He had a big chest and stomach that had a large roll of fat, and when he removed his pants and boxer shorts, Jan saw a large puff of gray hair, surrounding a big cock. Harold saw her eyes widen and said, “Channel loved my penis, she said it was the largest thing she ever saw.”

Harold picked Jan up again, and stabbed her pussy with his hard cock, slowly sliding in. He pressed Jan forward and backward to slide against his cock, the first time Jan had had that experience and she found it amazing. Harold held onto her like she was so little and continued with stroking himself by raising and lowering her on his cock for several minutes.

She was having mini orgasms as Harold used his other hand to finger her clitoris, and Jan couldn’t think anymore, her mind was full of immense pleasure. Harold used his other hand to roll Jan’s nipples in between his large fingers, as he continued to raise and lower her body to stroke his cock.

After what seemed to her like a long time, Harold stopped and let her sit on his cock. He then raised her off and his cock spurted white thick cum onto her face, neck and breasts. Four more spurts of cum landed on her body, and Harold raised her up to kiss, and asked if Jan liked what happened.

“This was the most amazing I felt, you are the best lover, you must have made Channel the happiest woman in the world, and I hope I can do the same for you.”

“You already have my little angel,” he said.

In a few weeks Jan had moved all her belongings over and was living full-time. His daughter didn’t like it, but to Harold, he hand found renewed life with Jan, who he sometimes thought of as Channel.

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