Natural Together: Now What Ch. 04


I looked at him slightly confused wondering if anyone saw him come in. I was about to ask how he intended to pull anything off in the bathroom with EVERYONE in or around the house. I dig the excitement of getting caught but this was too much for me. When he stood up he was noticeable aroused and I was distracted so any thought of protest slipped out of my mind.

I watched as he stripped off his Ecko shirt, wife beater, shorts, and black boxers. I, unconsciously, smiled when I recognized the same chocolate dick standing out from the same dark-dark caramel skin, from the earlier that morning. He stepped in the tub behind me and kissed my neck. Then he bit my neck lightly making shivers run through my body and causing my clit to jump. He licked, sucked and nibbled on my neck and rubbed my breast while rubbing his engorged dick against my ass.

Still slightly reticent I asked, “What if someone hears?

“I don’t care. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about being near you since you left your cryptic message at the bathroom.”

I turned around, smiled and kissed him. I sucked on his bottom lip and he sucked on mine. We alternated sucking on each others lips and tongue. When I couldn’t take it anymore I asked, “How do you want it Los?”

I was standing in the shower with my back to the water. He smiled like a Cheshire cat.

“Put your foot on the side of the tub” he demanded.

This was the first time in our sexual relationship that he told me what to do. I willfully complied. He got on his knees in front of me. Sprinklings of water that missed my back fell on his head as he began to probe my pussy. First he probed me with şerifali escort his hands until I was sopping wet and my clit was fully engorged. Then he probed me with his tongue, licking my pussy up and down, sucking on my clit and sticking his tongue in my pussy hole until I came buckling at the knees.

Standing quickly Los held me in his arms and kissed me passionately. When I withdrew my kiss I recognized the passion in his eyes. I immediately knew this wasn’t all Los had in store for me when he walked into my bathroom and locked out the family and the party that was going on, on the other side of my bedroom and bathroom door.

When I was able to stand up straight on my own he lifted me up similar to how he did in the airport and pinned me against the wall. I was shocked, again, at being picked up but when I felt Los’ hands on my breast and his mouth on my neck I forgot any fear I might have had and began to look forward to him being in me. Instead, he kissed and licked and nibbled on my neck and ears and lips while I wrapped my legs around him. Then abruptly he let me down and demanded “Bend over.”

I giggled, “I like this side of you.” I turned around and bent over. He responded by rubbing the head of his luscious dick against my pussy. I felt like I was missing something and wanted him to plunge his dick deep into my pussy.

While he rubbed the head of his dick on my pussy I got more and more excited and moved back towards him in anticipation. I gasped when he put the rest in and filled me with one long deep stroke. Los stood patiently letting the water pour silivri escort from the shower head while I adjusting myself to his size. I wiggled my pussy on his dick getting a feel for it again. We fucked slowly. For every pump he gave me I gave him one back. Then we fucked hard. I could feel him grinding his dick on my g-spot and quelled a moan coming from deep within me.

As the warm water ran down my back and into my hair, adding to the sensuality of the moment, we bucked back and forth. As he deep stroked me, I ground my pussy into his dick fuckin him back hard. I delighted in the sound of the water sloshing between our skin. His skin hitting my skin as we fucked hard. His dick playing a joyful game with my pussy as his balls slapped against my clit arousing me more. I rubbed my clit, feeling the excitement well in me even more as he smacked my ass hard enough to give me a welt. We fucked and fucked and fucked.

He varied speed but didn’t let up as I fucked him back. I put my back into it and wiggled my ass from side to side, tightening my pussy muscles on his dick. He roughly rubbed his hands through my wet hair as he grunted a sexy moan. His gentle tugs of my hair while he deep stroked me made me moan a little louder. I tried to remember that I was at my mother’s house with my family downstairs so that I could stifle some of my moans, with little success.

I could feel my cum well up and anticipated the explosiveness of it. As I reached my peak a long loud moan came with me, from the pit of my soul through my mouth without any possibility of being stifled. I felt his şirinevler escort cum explode inside of me as I came. Adding to the firsts between me and Los — this was the first time I ever had sex without a condom plus add that we were in the shower with the possibility of being caught.

I could only stand there being held up partially by the shower wall that I was clinging to and partially by Los. As I felt his dick withdraw from inside of me I clenched my pussy wanting to Los continue being a part of me. I turned around and kissed him again. Since I was temporarily sated I moved to step out of tub and onto the bathroom rug. I looked behind me and Los was stepping out also, leaving the shower on.

Before I could say anything he said, “I think we should leave the water on, just in case.”

I replied, “Good idea,” suddenly realizing that I did not have to stifle any of my moans. The music from the party outside was so loud someone would have had to be in the shower with us to hear us fucking.

We stood there drying each other off, getting aroused again. We had already spent a lot of time together in the bathroom so this was not the time for a second round. Los got completely dressed first.

I waited for 2 minutes, just in case someone nosey thought they could try to infer something. After I turned the water off and while I was getting dressed I reminisced about what has happened over the last 24 hours.

I crept out of the bathroom and into my bedroom thinking about how Los picked me up in the airport and how we’ve indulged in each other’s bodies. Almost immediately I was bombarded by Eboni and Steph asking why Los was in the bathroom with me.

I made up a bogus answer: “He was telling me that he forgot to get my purse at his house because he was rushing out, you know he can be absentminded sometimes.”

Eboni and Steph agreed and thankfully left it alone. I thought “Thank God,” as I wiped my brow, “that was a close one … fun and soooooo satisfying, but close.”

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