Nancy’s Neighborhood Swap Club


This story is a spin-off from the RV Travel Companion series. It involves Fred and Nancy, a young couple introduced to the swinging lifestyle by Jim and Shelley at the Roman Weekend in Pensacola, Florida. Upon returning home, they try to enlist their neighbors in starting a neighborhood swap club.

A special thanks once again to LarryInSeattle for his excellent editing skills.


Nancy, and her husband, Fred, recently attended an adult weekend party at an RV park in Pensacola, Florida. It was called a Roman Weekend and involved three days of adult activities—swapping partners, orgies, and adult games. It was their first foray into the swinging lifestyle, and after some initial trepidation, they adjusted and embraced it.

Nancy was changed by the experience. Previously, she had only fantasized about some of the things they did including having sex with another man while her husband watched (Fred’s fantasy), having sex with a woman (Nancy’s hidden desire), and having a three-way with Fred, herself, and another woman (Fred’s fantasy). The experience flipped a switch in Nancy’s head and turned her into what Fred calls a “sex monster”. She wanted sex all the time, sex with Fred, sex with other women, sex in a group setting, any kind of sex possible. Since returning from the Roman Weekend, the opportunities for anything other than sex with Fred were extremely limited.

Fred’s take on the whole experience was a little more subdued. Although Fred loved all the action and having at least two of his fantasies come true, he didn’t go off the deep end like Nancy. But he certainly appreciated and enjoyed the effect it had on their sex life at home. Nancy had turned into a real dynamo in the sack, wanting sex all the time and for hours on end.

At the Roman Weekend, they spoke with a couple who had been coming to the event for the last several years. The couple said that, on returning home after their first experience, they started hosting a monthly neighborhood swap party. It started out with just two couples but quickly grew to the ten couples they now have. Fred and Nancy thought it was a great idea and wanted to see if they could get something like that started in their neighborhood. Nancy was friends with several of her female neighbors and was sure she could convince them to participate. She felt that most of them wanted to get into Fred’s pants anyway.

Nancy developed a plan to get things going. She put her plan into action at one of the weekly coffee clutches for the stay-at-home moms. It was a group of four women who meet to talk about anything and everything, but usually drifted into the subject of sex with their husbands. Besides Nancy, the women involved were Ann, Becky, and Jane. Ann was a thirty-something wife with two kids in elementary school. She was a buxom blond with great tits and a luscious body—quite the looker. Becky was a fair skinned redhead with smallish tits and freckles everywhere. She tended to be the wild one, and very outgoing. Jane was short, about 5’2″, brown hair, great curves, smoldering eyes, and a sultry look. She tended to be on the conservative side, at least in public.


“I have a confession,” Nancy said. The other girls at the Monday morning coffee clutch looked on inquisitively.

“OK, spill it. What’s the big confession?” asked Ann, the host of this week’s get-together.

“Remember last weekend when Fred and I went to that RV park down in Pensacola? Well it was to attend an event called the ‘Roman Weekend’. It started with a toga party the first night. Although togas were encouraged, clothing was optional. Adult games were scheduled the second day which included things like strip poker and an X-rated version of Twister. Then that evening was the Roman Orgy where anything goes.”

“Oh my god, you’re kidding us, right?” asked Jane.

“No, I swear, I’m not kidding. Fred and I have always wanted to try something like that, so we thought, what the hell, let’s go and see what it’s all about.”

“What was it like?” asked Ann.

“Well, to be quite honest, it was a little overwhelming at first. The RV park was packed, but restricted to only those people attending the Roman Weekend. It was very secluded, so people walked around naked most of the time. There was fucking and sucking going on all over the place and right out in broad daylight, in front of everyone.”

“You must be making this up—did you and Fred get naked?” Ann asked.

“Well, not right away. As I said it was a little overwhelming, but we met this older couple, Jim and Shelley, at the toga party who were relatively new to the swinging lifestyle, and knew what we were going through. They invited us over to their RV after the party. We sat around and talked for quite a while when Fred and I disclosed our deepest held fantasies.”

“Ok, so what were they?” asked Becky.

“Well, Fred’s number one fantasy was to watch me having sex with another man.”

The girls all screamed, “Oh no”, “You’re kidding bahçeşehir escort me”, “Really?” in no particular order.

“Yep, and my biggest fantasy was to have sex with a woman.”

Again another round of screams broke out.

“Yeah, it’s kind of been a nagging desire of mine. I’ve never done it, not even in college, so I just wondered what it would be like.”

“Well, so what happened next?” asked Jane.

“We fulfilled our fantasies!”

Silence—the women just sat there dumbfounded.

Finally Becky spoke up, “OK we need details, intimate details…” The other two women just nodded their heads in agreement.

“Well first you guys have to promise me something.”

“What?” asked Ann.

“You can tell your husbands about this, but no one else. I’m not embarrassed about what we did, but I don’t want people who might not be as open-minded as you girls finding out.”

They all agreed and started pumping Nancy for the details. She talked about having sex with Jim next to his RV while Fred got a blow job from Shelley, Jim’s travel companion. Then she went on to talk about having sex with Shelley. Her eyes glazed over as she talked about licking Shelley’s pussy while Shelley licked hers, and how they got each other off.

“Did you like it?” Becky asked.

“Oh my god, yes, I loved all of it—getting fucked in front of Fred, having sex with a woman, and later Fred, Shelley and I had a threesome, right there outside. It was amazing.”

“So did anything else happen?” asked Jane.

“Well yeah…the next night was the orgy. Both Fred and I went dressed up in costumes but when the dinner portion was over, they didn’t remain on very long. I was fucked by I don’t know—five or ten men, and I must have sucked just as many cocks, and a few pussies too.”

“Oh my god, Nancy! I can’t believe this, you’ve turned into a little cock whore.” Becky said laughingly.

“Don’t forget a cunt whore too,” Nancy replied smiling.

All the women laughed and began pumping for more details—how big were the men’s cocks, did they cum in you, did they shoot off in your mouth, did you swallow? What were the women like at the orgy, how many did you fuck, have you had any since? The onslaught was never ending.

After a good 30 minutes of questions, Nancy finally called a halt to it. It was now time to drop the bomb and see what happens. Nancy told them about the couple who said they went home and started a monthly neighborhood swap party after their first experience at Roman Weekend. It’s been going strong for four years now.

The women sort of looked at each other, contemplating the ramifications of that statement. Thoughts ran through their heads like, “I wonder if we could start one here”, “I wouldn’t mind fucking some of the husbands around here”, “I wonder if I could have sex with Nancy.”

Nancy could see the wheels turning. She finally spoke up, “I’ll tell you this much, my sex life at home has improved a thousand percent. Fred calls me his little sex monster, and to be quite honest, I feel like one sometimes. I’m constantly horny, and can’t wait for Fred to get home from work to attack him.”

“I could use some of that energy—my husband just doesn’t excite me the way he used to,” Becky said.

“So things are better between you and Fred now?” Jane asked.

“Oh hell yes, better than they’ve ever been. This swinging stuff really pumped up our libidos. Sex is all I can think about now. I have to change my panties several times a day because they get so wet.”

After a little more discussion, the coffee group broke up and everyone said goodbye and headed for home. Since the coffee club met at Ann’s house, she pulled Nancy aside and asked her to stay for a few minutes.

Once the others were gone, Ann pulled Nancy into the living room and they sat down on the couch. She looked at Nancy and said, “I’ve never told this to anyone, besides my husband—I’m bi-sexual and listening to you talk about sex with a woman almost brought me to climax. I have been waiting so long for someone to come along that I…”

Nancy turned and held a finger up to Ann’s lips to cut her off. She leaned forward and gave Ann a gentle kiss allowing her tongue to gently graze her lips. Ann groaned and opened her lips meeting Nancy’s tongue with her own. Nancy pulled Ann close hugging her tightly as the passion of their kiss increased. She pulled back for a second and asked, “Are we OK here for a while, are the kids going to be coming home or anything?”

“Don’t worry—we have the rest of the morning and this afternoon to ourselves.”

Nancy almost attacked Ann then, pushing her back against the coach and pressing their bodies together. Ann shouted out, “Oh god, Nancy, I’ve missed this so much, missed the taste, the smell, and touch of another woman. I want to taste you, lick your pussy, suck on your tits, and feel your naked body against mine. Oh god, this is nice.”

Nancy bakırköy escort responded by groping Ann’s body, running her hands over her chest and squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples through the braless t-shirt she was wearing. She pulled up the shirt exposing Ann’s magnificent tits and started sucking them, alternating between the two nipples and lightly biting each one causing them to pop out. Nancy proclaimed, “God, I love your tits.”

Ann then took the aggressor role and forced Nancy up on her feet and removed her shirt and shorts. Ann stared at Nancy, devouring her body with her eyes. Ann removed her own clothing and said, “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.” She forced Nancy down on the couch and kneeled in front on her.

Nancy could hardly believe this was the same woman she has known for years, but she was so turned on, she didn’t care. Ann started massaging and sucking on her tits, biting the nipples, and licking around the aureoles. Nancy was moaning, grabbing Ann’s head and pulling it tight against her. Nancy groaned, “Oh god, that feels so good Ann, keep doing that honey, it’s so nice.”

“You ain’t felt nothin’ yet, just wait ’til I get to that beautifully shaved cunt.”

Nancy squirmed in anticipation. Ann gradually moved down Nancy’s body, kissing and licking everything along the way. When she got to her pussy, she grabbed Nancy’s legs and spread them wide open. Ann leaned in and tasted her pussy—first one lick, then another, then a third, lingering, then moving down the length of her pussy and back scraping up some of her juices. Ann cooed, “Mmmmm, that tastes nice.”

Nancy was going wild as Ann worked on her cunt. She loved what Ann was doing and couldn’t wait to return the favor, but for the moment she was enjoying the ride. Nancy hadn’t had a lot of experience either giving or receiving head, but she could tell Ann knew what she was doing, and loved eating pussy. In a very short time, Nancy could feel her orgasm building and started humping Ann’s face. Nancy cried out, “Oh god I’m coming…I’m coming…” when her whole body jerked in spasm after spasm until her orgasm slowly subsided.

Ann looked up at Nancy with her face covered in girl cum and smiled. “So you liked that?”

“Oh my god, yes, I don’t think anyone has ever gotten me to come that hard that fast…come up here and let me kiss you.”

Ann moved up and met her lips open-mouthed, allowing Nancy to taste her own juices. They kissed deeply for several minutes until Nancy maneuvered Ann onto the couch while kneeling between Ann’s legs. Nancy sucked her nipples, massaging her massive breasts, then slid down to her pussy. It was shaved except for a triangular area directly above her slit. It almost looked like an arrow pointing down to her playground. Nancy leaned in and licked Ann’s pussy lightly, then gradually applied more pressure, and used longer strokes.

Ann really liked it and said so. She’d wanted this for so long and now it was happening, right here, right now. She was in heaven, her neighbor and best friend was licking and sucking her pussy after she had done the same to her. She could barely speak, and could only eek out, “Oh my god…yeah eat it…eat my cunt…oh fuck yeah.” Nancy continued her efforts and although she was not as experienced as Ann, it was good enough to cause her to blow quickly. She started bucking, raising her hips up against Nancy’s mouth, jamming her cunt against her face. After nearly a full minute and a torrent of juices flowing from her, Ann finally calmed down and collapsed back onto the couch. “Oh my god that was wonderful, Nancy. Are you busy tomorrow?” she asked laughingly.

Nancy giggled and said, “As a matter of fact, I’m wide open or at least will be if you’re around,” giving Ann a wink.

“This has been a very productive morning. I’m so glad you and Fred went to that Roman Weekend thing. It brought you into my life in a whole new way, and made it so much brighter.”

“So what do you think about this swap club idea? You think it’s something that would fly around here?”

“Well, if I get a chance to fuck your husband, I’m all for it. And I know my husband would love to fuck you, I’ve actually heard him mention your name in his sleep!”

“Oh really? That’s exciting. But how about the other girls, you think any of them might be interested?”

“Becky for sure, I think she would fuck a rock if she could. That girl is horny all the time. I don’t know if it’s because she isn’t getting any at home, or she’s getting a lot and is just naturally horny. Now Jane is questionable. I suspect her sex life with her husband is pretty plain, but swapping partners or openly having sex in front of others may be too over the top for her.”

“Hmm, well let’s play it close to the chest for the time being and see how they seem at our next morning coffee get-together. Now it’s only 11:00 a.m. and the kids get back from school at what başakşehir escort time?” Nancy asked seductively.

Ann squealed, grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the bedroom, “Come with me, you just appeared on the lunch menu!”


Nancy made it back home around 1:30 p.m. after another rousing session. Ann had some pent up desires to fulfill and Nancy reaped the benefits. When Fred got home that evening, Nancy told him all about their coffee clutch discussion and what happened with Ann afterwards.

“Really, you and Ann, I would have never guessed,” he said.

“Yeah I know it surprised me too, but I wasn’t going to complain. You’re not mad are you honey?”

“Only that I wasn’t able to watch, or take part, you know I wouldn’t mind fucking that piece of ass.”

“Oh, I know and I told Ann that, too.”

“You what? You told her I wanted to fuck her?”

“Of course, it’s the truth isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it just seems kind of embarrassing now that she knows.”

“Well, just so you know, Ann told me her husband wants to fuck me, too.”

“No shit? It sounds like we might have the start of a neighborhood swap club.”

“I know, I know, plus Ann thinks Becky and her husband might be interested. The only question is Jane—we’re just not sure she would go for it.”

“Jane, really? You know I play golf with her husband, Tim, and based on what he’s told me, I can almost guarantee she’ll go for it. Apparently in the bedroom, she is quite the wild woman. And Tim tells me before they were married, they had a few threesomes in college.”

“Wow, now that’s information I can use. We may have the makings of a swap club in no time. Is that going to be a problem for you honey? I don’t want to do this if you’re opposed to it.”

‘Are you kidding, a chance to watch you get fucked by three other men while I get to fuck their wives? I’d be crazy not to, the sooner the better. Can we set it up for tonight?” He laughed.

“Hang on there, tiger, I want you all to myself tonight. It will take some time to set up the whole swap club idea. But I might be able to arrange a swap with Ann and her husband sooner if you like.”

“Oh, that I’d like! To be able to fuck Ann right in front of you or maybe while she’s sucking your pussy, yeah that would be nice.”

“OK, OK, OK. Keep your pants on—on second thought take them off so I can give you a blow job.”


The following morning, Nancy kissed Fred as he headed off to work. She took a shower and put on a loose robe before getting dressed. Just then the doorbell rang so she tied up her robe and opened the front door. Ann was standing there in a housecoat and said, “Good morning, sexy. As I recall you said you had nothing planned for the day, but now you do!”

Nancy squealed and motioned her in, closing the door behind her. Nancy gave Ann a big hug and a kiss that lingered until she finally broke away. “I’ve got some interesting news, come on in the kitchen where we can chat.”

Once they had a cup of coffee and got situated at the kitchen table, Ann asked, “OK, what gives?”

“Well I spoke to Fred last night about our coffee clutch and the idea of a neighborhood swap club. I also told him about you and me fucking.”

“You what? Was he mad, what did he say?”

“Oh don’t worry, he was only mad that he didn’t get to watch and join in. He loved the idea of a swap club for the same reasons I do. He wants to fuck other women and watch me get fucked by their husbands. He wanted to know how soon we could set it up but I told him we would have to move slowly. I mentioned that we might be able to set something up sooner with you and Jeff and he jumped at the idea. He also said he thought Jane wouldn’t be a problem since Tim, Jane’s husband, had confided in him that they had several threesomes before they were married and Jane is a real ‘wild woman’ in the bedroom.”

“Wow, you’ve been a busy bee, haven’t you. I have some news as well. When Jeff got home last night, I told him about the discussion at our coffee clutch and also about us fucking our brains out afterwards. I think the idea of a swap club affected him so much that our little dalliance didn’t faze him a bit. We discussed it some more in bed that evening after he fucked the shit out of me. He asked how soon we could set something up. I tried to hold him off but said we might be able to get together with you guys sooner. That really excited him!”

“Holy fuck, is this really going to happen?” asked Nancy.

“Yeah, I think so, why, are you getting cold feet?”

“Oh fuck no, if anything I’m getting warmer, at lot warmer.”

Nancy opened her robe, exposing her naked body and said, “Come here you sexy thing and let me ravish your gorgeous body.”

Ann stood up laughing, dropped her housecoat to reveal she was naked, too, and practically jumped into Nancy’s arms.

After a deep and passionate kiss, Nancy took Ann to the bedroom where they engaged in hot lesbian sex for the next hour, eating each other and having multiple orgasms. Satiated for the moment, Nancy said, “How about this Friday night for a party with the four of us?”

“That works for me and I know Jeff doesn’t have anything planned. But how do we get things started, I mean, do we just say ‘come fuck me’ or what?”

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