Naive Young Girl meets the Wrong Man

Big Tits

Some of this story is true. You can decide what is the truth and what is made up. Please do not judge me, remember you were once young and naive at one time in your life. I don’t claim to be a writer, but I have tried to relate my past experience as best as I could. This is a rewrite of a previous story I wrote several years ago. If a young naive girl making a bad choice in her life is not your cup of tea read no further. Please keep all the slut and whore comments to yourself, but corrective criticism is welcome. Thank you!!


My name is Betty Jean, a small town girl who had graduated from high school and moved to a large city in northern Illinois. I was 18 and felt on top of the world, at this point in my short young life. I was sharing an apartment with a girl named Mary, who had become a good friend. I had secured an office job that I really liked at a large manufacturing plant in town. I was enjoying my new found freedom of being out from under my parents scrutiny and all the chores that I had on the farm being the oldest child.

I had a few sexual experiences during my high school days. I have to admit none were to match what I was to come to experience, but I did find out that I did enjoy sex. Most of my sexual experiences was with my Fiancée , my high school sweetheart whom I became engaged to at the end of my senior year. That proved to be the wrong thing to do at 18 years old.

I am a very good looking girl, at least that’s what allot of the boys and girls have told me. Like most young girls I have a nice body, although I’m only 5’2″ with still developing boobs and a nice butt. My breasts were nice and perky, larger than any of my classmates. I always have a smile on my face, with a very outgoing personality. In school I always received good grades, was on the honor roll more times than not. I would say I was smart but being from a small town I had led a sheltered life which meant I was also naive without even knowing just how naive I really was.

I had started to date a tall ruggedly handsome man who was six years older than myself named Will. Will was a very good talker and I was immediately taken with him as I had never met anyone like him. We went to a drive in movie on our first date and talked and made out during most of the movie.

To make a long story short we parked on a dark street down from my apartment, and started to make out. I though that I had found the man of my dreams, and would do anything to not lose him. As he touched me, first my breasts then working his way under my skirt we ended up in the back seat of his car.

Now to be fair, I did push his hand away several times, but he was persistent. I should have known that once he get his hand inside my bra it was all over for me.

I’m sure you can guess the outcome. I had let Will make love to me on our first date, something I hadn’t let anyone else do. It didn’t hurt that Will had the biggest cock that had pleasured me to date, probably 8-9″. The truth be told, I couldn’t handle all of his cock the first few times, it did take some adjusting on my part, but I eventually managed. Needless to say I got into an argument with my fiancée and broke off our engagement because of my involvement with Will.

Will was an experienced lover who was very gentle with me in our love making, considerate of my needs knowing how to please a woman. With Will’s guidance I learned how to suck his cock, my first oral sex experience. I enjoyed sucking on the cock that I knew would eventually end up in my wet, willing pussy. I was also enjoying a new experience of getting my pussy eaten out by this experienced lover, and the great feelings it brought out in me. He really knew how to please a woman and it didn’t take long for me to fall under his spell.

Will had told me that he was saving money to buy his own house, so in the meantime he was living with his parents which meant no girls were allowed to stay over night. The result was that our lovemaking was always in the backseat of his car or at a motel when he could afford one. (does this sound a little suspicious?)

With Will’s guidance he said I was, “a natural born cocksucker.”

When we went out on our dates now the first thing Will did was unzip his pants, lower my head down on his erect cock. I would have to give him a blow job before we got to where we were going. Afterwards we would find our favorite dark street, hop into the backseat and make love.

Over a period of times our relationship started to change, really Will started to change. Will wasn’t as patient and gentle as he had been before. We would have some foreplay, usually him sucking on my tits and finger fucking me followed by my sucking his cock some more. Will would then start to fuck me with gusto, not gently like he used to usually making penetration in one big thrust.

During our lovemaking he had started to talk dirty to me, which at first took me by surprise being a young proper and prim girl. As I got used to the dirty talk I got into it and started to answer him hoping to please him. I didn’t know it at the time, but my submissive side was evolving ataşehir escort because of my love for Will.

“Do you like sucking on my cock like a cheap tramp?” “Yes I do but I am not cheap.”

“Are you my big cock whore?” “Yes I am your big cock whore!”

“Are you my little slut?” “Yes I am your little slut!”

“Will you beg me to fuck you with my big cock?” “Please Will fuck me with your big cock!”.

” Tell me to fuck you harder.” “Yes Will fuck me harder with your big cock!”

“Tell me you want to swallow my cum after I fuck you.” “Yes I will swallow your cum after you fuck me!”

“You love my cock you will do anything for me.” “Yes I will do anything to have your cock!”

Once I got used to it I had to admit the dirty talking was beginning to turn me on, helping to get me in a sexy mood. Will always fucked me long and hard, leaving me well satisfied. I always left with a smile on my face, a sore pussy and a sore mouth.

During our love making I especially liked to wrap my legs around his back as he plowed into me with that big cock. Sex was now a big part of my life, as I found myself daydreaming at work about our lovemaking, which always started to get me horny anticipating our next love making session. I did not know how I could be any happier or hornier for his cock.

Will called me at work and asked if I could spend the weekend at a Motel with him. I usually went home on the weekends to help my parents on the farm with chores. So I called my parents and told them I had to help with inventory at the factory that weekend and wouldn’t be able to make it home that weekend. .

Friday night arrived with Will picking me up at my apartment. Talk about anticipation! We traveled thirty miles east to a small town where we had a nice meal at a small restaurant. Will had rented a room at a local motel in town so we proceeded to the motel for our desert, each other.

Upon entering the motel room we set our bags down, engaged in a long and passionate kiss with plenty of tongue and spit swapping. Will proceeded to pull a CD player out of his bag and put on some romantic music. We flopped on the bed and resumed our kissing and making out. After a short time Will started playing with my tits by gentility rolling my nipples between his fingers. This always excited me as my nipples are very sensitive. With his free hand he began to slowly rub my pussy thru the fabric of my panties.

I began to moan as I could feel my juices starting to flow. I knew he would want me to suck his cock before we made love, so I began to rub his crotch and could feel his bulge starting to grow in his pants. I started to unzip his pants when he pulled my hand away. I was stunned and asked him if he didn’t want me to suck his cock. He replied “Yes he did but not just yet.”

He reached over to the CD player and put in a new CD, it was the theme from The Stripper.

He said: “Strip for me Betty Jean!”

I had never performed a striptease for anyone before and was very reluctant to try. Will slapped my butt and told me to “get stripping”. Wanting to please Will I got up from the bed and slowly started to unbutton my blouse, as well as shake my hips and dance at the same time, swaying to the music. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse removing it and threw it at him as he laid on the bed grinning.

I have to admit that this striptease was making me feel sexy and desirable. I unzipped my skirt and wiggled it seductively, slowly over my hips and let it fall to the floor around my ankles.

I turned around and shook my ass at him to which he shouted, “Go for it!”

I turned around and unhooked my bra, being careful not to fully remove it. I would slowly lower my bra, then bring it up again trying my best to tease him. With his continued urging me to “Take it off ,” I would lower my bra and quickly, then bring it back up so as to flash him a little bit of tit at a time. Will had unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and was slowly stroking it while I continued to dance and tease him.

I rubbed and squeezed my tits in an effort to make them appear larger than they really are (I knew you were wondering, they’re 34B back then). I then threw my bra at him, rushed over to the bed and rubbed my tits across his face. He tried to grab me and tried to suck on one of my tits, but I quickly bounced off the bed before he could get his mouth on my boob. I then started to slowly remove my thong exposing my trimmed hairy bush to him. I turned around and wiggled my ass at him, while slowly backing up to the bed. He grabbed me by my hips as he also grabbed my thong with his strong hands and soon had it off of me holding it in his hands.

He smelled the now wet thong and said, “I think someone is ready to get fucked!”

He then threw me down on the bed and straddled my chest and forced his cock in my mouth and began to face fuck me.

“You are a fucking little tease!” he said, “I’ll teach you a lesson!”

He kept ramming his cock in my mouth deeper and deeper into my mouth. I tried to take as much of avcılar escort his shaft in my mouth as possible while, at the same time working my hand up and down his shaft to help him cum faster. I gagged as his cock hit my throat with my saliva running out my mouth.

I don’t know if it was my striptease or my oral action, but after a few minutes he groaned and filled my mouth with his semen. I gagged and swallowed as much of his cum as I could with the rest running down my cheeks knowing that I had succeeded in pleasing him.

“Well Betty Jean,” Will said, “I gave you a C+ on the striptease, an A for effort, and an A for the blow job.”

I then cleaned up as we both laid in bed hugging and kissing. I told him my pussy needed his attention which he assured me that would be coming soon. We watched a little porn on the TV. I had never seen a porn movie before. We smoked a cigarette which was something I had just taken up as Will was a smoker. We both had a couple of drinks which was another habit I had just taken up while going with Will.

The drinking helped relax me, although my capacity was very limited. Our favorite drink was a rum and Coke . After a few drinks Will informed we were out of Coke and that he was going down to the vending machine to get some more.

As I laid on the bed watching the porn movie on TV I was getting more and more aroused on by what I saw. A beautiful busty girl who was taking on two guys at once, blowing one while getting her pussy fucked by another guy. They also had another DP scene with one guy fucking her ass, while another one fucked her pussy. I was really getting turned on, wet and horny with anticipation and the booze was beginning to take a toll on me. Will returned with the Coke for our rum and Cokes to drink He mixed me a drink which I thought was pretty strong, but I drank it any way.

Will then got undressed and asked if I “was ready for his cock.” I looked at him and inserted two fingers into my now wet, dripping pussy and started to finger fuck myself, all the time thrusting my hips in a fucking motion at him. I asked Will if he could do “better than my fingers” which he assured me he could.

Will told me to keep “finger fucking my pussy,” which I did all the time moaning, looking like a whore in heat, telling him “how much I needed his big cock.” Will immediately lowered his head to my pussy and started to suck and lick my pussy lips. He gradually worked his tongue in and out of my pussy all the while I was moaning with pleasure. He continued his licking and sucking until I thought I was going to explode. He soon found my clit and slowly, teasingly massaged it making me squirm and moan on the bed.

Will then mounted me and thrust his cock into me in one strong push. I let out a little scream as it hurt initially, but then began to feel real good! Will must have fucked me for at least ten minutes. I wrapped my legs around his back and let him continue his assault on my more than willing pussy. All the time I was moaning with my eyes closed enjoying the through fucking I was getting. Then Will started talking dirty to me.

“Do you like my big cock whore?”

“Do you like sucking my big cock?”

“Are you a slut for big cock?”

“Does your eighteen year old tight pussy want my big cock?”

“Will you do anything for my cock?”

“Yes” I answered enthusiastically to all his questions. Between the sex, the porn movie, the booze, I was really turned on and hot to trot. It was then I felt something probing at my mouth, which at first I thought it was Will’s finger.

As I opened my eyes I saw a tall, dark skinned, good looking, naked man holding his cock trying to put it into my mouth. Will must have left the door open after he returned with the coke which must have been his plan all along. I looked at Will and asked him “what the fuck is going on?” Will explained to me that this was his friend Juan whom he had told that I was a good cocksucker. He had invited Juan to try out my oral abilities for himself.

I told him that, “No way was I going to suck another man’s cock!” as I only loved him and didn’t want anyone else.

Will grabbed my face and told me that I had told him that I would do anything for him and that I would suck his friends cock if I really loved him. With Will holding my mouth open I reluctantly opened my mouth and began to suck on Juan’s cock. His cock wasn’t as big as Will’s, but he wasn’t small either.

Soon Juan stepped up his attack on my mouth, face fucking me as Will continued to fuck my pussy at the same time. This went on for several minutes.

As Juan continued to fuck my face he commentated to Will that “He sure knew how to pick nice looking, young ones, she’s beautiful and has a nice set of tits on her,” Juan then grabbed one of my breasts and began to tweak my sensitive nipple

This was a new sensation for me, as I was really starting to enjoy my first double penetration. It dawned on me that I was now acting like the girl in the porn movie, that I had just watched. So I just relaxed, enjoying this new avrupa yakası escort pleasure.

Juan commented to Will, “You are right, she’s very good at sucking cock.”

After several minutes of sucking and fucking Juan said to Will “I hear that eighteen year old pussy is really tight.” Will said “it’s not as tight now, it’s a little stretched it by my big cock.”

He also told Juan, “You can sample it for yourself if you want to.”. Again I protested that, “I am your girl and I am not going to let anyone else screw me!” I pleaded with Will to not do this to me.

This must have angered Will as he again grabbed me around my mouth and informed me I would do as he says if I wanted to stay his girl. I didn’t have time to think about it as Will and Juan switched places, with Juan entered me in one big thrust and began to fuck me, just as Will had been doing

Will shoved his cock into my mouth and for the first time I tasted my own pussy juice, which had coated Will’s cock. Juan continued to fuck me hard and fast like a man possessed, as Will worked his cock in and out of my mouth. I lost track of time, but the guys changed positions several times and as they did, at times, one would fill my mouth with their spunk while another one filled my pussy.

Much to my surprise I was getting more relaxed and was enjoying the attention my pussy and mouth were receiving. I just laid back moaning knowing that I was hooked on the feelings that these two studs were giving me. I had an orgasm during our threesome lovemaking.

My two lovers took a little break and had a drink while I sat in the bed totally satisfied wondering what I had gotten myself into. I was still angry with Will but the pleasure I was receiving was beginning to temper my mood.

It wasn’t too long before they had me get on all fours in a doggy position, with Will plugging my pussy from behind while Juan laid on the bed as I sucked on his cock. I could no longer hold back as I felt a wave of ecstasy start to come over me as my body began to shake with another mounting orgasm. My body started to tense up, my breathing was getting faster and faster with my heart racing.

I was moaning as I grabbed Juan’s legs and squeezed them for all I was worth, letting out a scream as my body started to shake then a huge wave overcame me with my orgasm. About the same time Will filled my pussy with a big load of cum as Juan exploded with his own load down my throat.

My body went limp so I just laid there breathing heavily, sexually satisfied knowing that I had just had the most overpowering orgasm in my life. We all collapsed on the bed totally satisfied and exhausted. Will and Juan both hugged and kissed me and told that the sex they had experienced was “second to none.” They complimented me on my good looks and told me that if my boobs were to grow “You would be the perfect sex machine.” Juan got dressed and left the room thanking Will and me for the great evening.

I lost track of time and eventually went to sleep in Will’s arms. When I awoke in the morning feeling tired, sore, satisfied and a little pissed off. I told Will that I was really pissed off at him for the trick he had played on me.

He told me that I had proved myself worthy to be his girlfriend as “You were really enjoying yourself as evidenced by your mind blowing orgasm and willing participation.” He was right I had totally enjoyed the experience, despite my reservations. I was still having mixed emotions as to how could someone who loved me could share me with another man? I really loved Will, but I was unsure if I wanted to continue being his girlfriend.

I was thinking about marriage two kids and a house with a white picket fence. Was Will the one to deliver my dreams to me? Where was the path he was leading me on going? Did I want to travel this path with him? Only time would tell who I was and what I wanted in life.

I spoke to Will the following weekend expressing my concerns for our future together as a couple. Will insisted I was still his “girl” and would do anything to keep me as his girlfriend. We went out on a date and talked at length about our future as a couple. I surprised Will by not having sex with him at the conclusion of our date, a first for us.

The next day a bouquet of roses and a gift wrapped box arrived at my apartment. My roommate Mary was already home from work when I walked in and saw the roses and the gift. Mary stated that someone “must really like me as the roses are beautiful.” I went over to smell the very fragrant dozen red roses, which are my favorites.

I wondered what could be in the expensive looking gift wrapped box. The card was from Will which thanked me for being a wonderful girlfriend and hoped that I would enjoy the special present he had purchased for me.

I ripped open the package and about fell over when I viewed the contents. As I slowly removed the contents, Mary let out a squeal. In the box I pulled out a frilly red bra, matching red frilly thong, a black garter belt and a pair of black fishnet stockings. I was surprised, stunned and shocked, all at once, to say the very least. My humble farm girl background had never allowed me to wear anything like this. I had only seen such attire in Victoria’s Secret catalogs. Upon looking at the tags it was confirmed that they were purchased at Victoria’s Secret. I told Mary that I couldn’t wear anything like that as it would make me look like a hooker.

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