My Wilbert


The older man has received less than glowing reviews due in part because it is a foregone conclusion that as a man ages his sexual prowess diminishes and the ability to adequately and proficiently satisfy his partner is just not possible. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am confident that a sexually active woman of any age would welcome the man who didn’t believe that an erection was the only means of sexual satisfaction. Personally, I would say that a man who knows how to use his hands, and his tongue can bring satisfaction tenfold without the stiff shaft that may no longer be up to waving in the wind. Since time began, men have improvised beautifully.

There is a place for romance and a place for raunchy, dirty, unadulterated down to brass tacks sex. What would happen if you could find both in one man, it would be a gift from the gods in my estimation.

This is a story about such a perfect man. I hope it will change the views of many lonely ladies waiting for that perfect man who could do it all. To say that I am a very blessed woman wouldn’t be giving justice to the man in my life. My dirty old man is far more than any blessing I could have ever been given, he’s a winning combination of every desire, dream, or hope I could have imagined.

I met my husband online and he was everything I wanted. Handsome, funny, loving, a man who worked hard and was loved by all who knew him. It was a fairytale marriage. His third, a glaring alarm I chose to ignore.

I should have realized that such a wonderful person who claimed that he had honestly found the love of his life and would be faithful and honest was indeed a fairytale.

I never took into consideration that his previous two marriages failed not entirely due to the women he married. I listened to every sad story, how badly he was treated, how much he tried and how in the end both wives turned out to be nothing more than “Bitches”.

That was until I became a “Bitch”.

The man I loved was a pathological liar and the clinical description of the ultimate “Narcissist”. Ladies, and for that matter gentlemen, when you fall in love with a person with these traits the path to heartbreak is certain and swift. This is, however, not a story about that part of my life, instead it is about the man who gave me more than I could ever have dreamed possible.

After my marriage ended I admittedly was very alone. I wanted and needed male companionship. I am a woman who needs a man by my side. I make no excuses and admit freely that in some respects that may sound somewhat needy, I am not a needy woman, I am a woman who loves.

There were several men who I met via the dating sites and while for the most part there was just no chemistry the sheer number of married men seeking clandestine relationships were not in my wheelhouse.

I’m smiling as I write these words.

If I see one more profile with the words, “I’m honest, don’t cheat or lie” I will vomit. If you have to assure possible lovers that these are traits you don’t possess save it, you are telegraphing loud and clear that you do in fact cheat and lie and honesty evades you.

Pictures, if you can’t post a current true likeness why bother to post one at all. If the idea is to simply project an image that isn’t who you are do you truly believe that once a meeting is arranged that fact will not soon become evident?

I am a “Full Figured Woman”. Gentlemen, that means exactly what it implies. I am not a size ten, I am not a model, I am not “Thin With Big Bones”. For those who need a description here it is. A “Full Figured Woman” is “Rubens” idea of what the perfect woman should be.

We are often an average size eighteen or larger. We are large busted, thick waist-ed, we have full hips and a softness in our bellies that men who actually admire us find very appealing and satisfying.

Men who claim to be attracted to “BBW” are most often not entirely clear on just what “BBW” actually depicts. We are gorgeous loving ladies who look and feel like women. Please, there are as many shapes and sizes as there are colors and desires. If you enjoy thin women, I applaud you for knowing who and what you want. Isn’t it wonderful that we can all have exactly what we want? Know what you want and then be clear about it.

I digress, forgive me.

After meeting men who were not what I was hoping for I chose to change gears. I knew who appealed to me. Why I subjected myself to those who truly do not know what they want was a wake up call.

I was sure that the man I was interested in was much older and I changed dramatically the perimeters of my desires.

My choice was clearly stated.

My perfect man was at least seventy two or older. Once I was adamant regarding possible suitors and dismissed those who were not in my age specifications I was literally bombarded with winks, flirts and messages.

If I saw the words, honest, cheat or lie, I immediately ignored the response. If the age requirement was not met I deleted the e-mails. I was determined silivri escort to stay true to my search.

As I said the pool of older desirable men is endless. There were some who I just wasn’t attracted to. There were some who unfortunately couldn’t write a cohesive sentence. And naturally, there were those even at this advanced age who were looking for a playmate without the little woman at home being all the wiser.

All good things come to those who have patience.

One morning I signed into my online account and after deleting several messages I opened one that immediately caused me to pause and take notice.

“Hello, my name is Wilbert Everman, I am seventy four years young, a widow of five years, and seeking a woman who will and can appreciate a man who will be respectful and passionate. Perhaps we can chat and see if there is a possibility of a real connection.”

The perfect age, intelligent, passionate and respectful. I was very interested in Wilbert and answered his message.

“Wilbert, what a lovely morning for me. I am very impressed with your direct and thoughtful message. I would consider it an honor to chat and look forward to speaking with you. My name is Daria and you will be able to contact me through the e-mail address I have responded from. I look forward to hearing from you.”

I sent my response and clicked on his profile. Wilbert was an older man, little to no hair around the sides of his face. He wore glasses, and appeared to be a man who was just a little full around the middle and wore a very sweet smile.

His profile said he was a retired man and enjoyed music, good food, and intelligent company for stimulating conversation. He went on to say he was an affectionate man and was seeking a woman who was still sexually active. Check, check and check. I was certainly interested and looked forward to his answering my response.

I had some things to do, and just after lunch I opened my browser and low and behold there it was, Wilbert’s response.

“Daria, what a lyrical name, it rolls off the tongue like music. I am so pleased that you responded and would very much like to chat with you. I will send an invitation through YIM and we can spend some time together. I am at your service, so please let me know when would be a good time to chat?

I had to smile, he was so pleasant I was almost afraid to believe that he might be a very strong possibility. I returned his message and said I would be available this evening at 7PM. Almost immediately he confirmed our time and it was now a date, so to speak.

Anxiously I waited for the hours to pass. It seemed as though time was creeping and finally it was the witching hour. I opened YIM, saw his invitation, accepted and within minutes Wilbert appeared.

I won’t bore you with the conversation, it was exactly what you might expect. We talked about our likes, dislikes, lives, marriages, and eventually what we both enjoyed sexually.

It was not meant to be arousing, it was actually very open and clear. I believe Wilbert wanted assurances that I was in fact sexually active and should we find an attraction, mature enough to accept his advances. Yes, there was the usual innuendos and sexual banter. It was light hearted and quite sensual. We decided that we were both comfortable enough to arrange a meeting. Wilbert reminded me that at his age he didn’t want to waste a single minute.

We lived quite close to each other and made plans to meet the next day for lunch at a favorite restaurant. Wilbert asked if he could make a request.

“Would you consider wearing a dress, I love a woman in heels and hose.”

I smiled to myself. I liked his openness and self confidence. I said I would most certainly dress as he requested.

We spoke for a short time longer and said goodbye with plans made and agreed upon.

“I am very much looking forward to meeting you dear Daria”.

If I didn’t admit that I was very aroused with Wilbert I would be less than honest. I laid my head down and couldn’t stop thinking about him. There were a few things that he said that were extremely suggestive and I found myself needing some sexual release. I reached down and found myself quite wet and aroused. I closed my eyes and replayed his words as I let my hand fall between my legs.

My fingertip barely touched my swollen button and I slowly circled all around it. Within a mere few seconds Wilbert had brought me to a sweet powerful orgasm. I slept like a satisfied woman fresh from making love with her man.

The next morning it was chilly and I contemplated wearing something warm, perhaps slacks and quickly recalled Wilbert’s request. I chose a wool skirt and blazer. Since he was clear and concise regarding hose and heels I decided to wear thigh high lace topped hose. The skirt had a deep slit on the side and I knew if I positioned myself just so, it would be impossible for him not to see the lace hugging my thigh.

I choose a laced trimmed tank that had a şirinevler escort deep rounded neckline. My darling expressed his love for a woman with full abundant breasts. I knew that he would appreciate a clear unobstructed view of the cleavage my bra would create. Soft silk panties and my choices were complete.

I showered and dried my hair. I decided to pull it up and let it fall behind my neck. This was a deliberate move. My hair wouldn’t be a deterrent or cover the fullness of my breasts.

I was blessed with perfect genes, clear creamy skin, dark green eyes that sparkled. A small amount of mascara, a deep berry gloss that plumped my lips and I was ready.

I am not a raving beauty, I am attractive and very much a woman who was gifted with a sweet smile. Some earrings, a small pearl drop that fell just above the tops of my beauties and I was very pleased. Perfume, a clean white flower scent in all the right places and I was on my way.

As I pulled into the parking lot I immediately saw Wilbert. He was quite handsome I thought, dressed in gray slacks and a navy blazer with a beautiful blue crisp shirt. When I opened my door he was there offering his hand to help me out of my car.

“Daria, I’m so happy to meet you.” His smile was truly infectious.

“Hello Wilbert, its a pleasure to meet you.”

“You are quite lovely, and thank you, I appreciate your wearing a skirt and heels, I love to watch a woman walk in heels and hose, shows off your legs, did I tell you I love shapely legs?”

“Yes, you did and may I say how handsome you look, I think blue is just perfect for you, makes your eyes very intense and mysterious.”

Wilbert chuckled, no one had ever said he was “mysterious”, I believe he was actually blushing. He placed my hand in his arm and we walked into the restaurant.

“Welcome Mr. Everman, how nice to see you again, your table is ready, this way please.”

Stepping aside he motioned me to walk ahead of him. I took this moment to show off my legs and maybe just the tiniest of exaggerated movement which I knew would attract his glance upward to my derriere.

As the host pulled out my chair I made sure my skirt rose just enough to allow the slightest peek at my lace covered thigh. I glanced at my handsome companion and heard the quiet soft moan when he looked down. I had chosen well.

“This is for you.” Wilbert handed me a pink carnation wrapped in baby’s breath, feathery green fern tied with a satin pink ribbon. I was truly touched, he remembered that this was my flower of choice. The man must have called ahead to have this lovely token waiting for me.

“Wilbert, this is so sweet of you, thank you.”

“I think you also made it a point to bring me a few unexpected pleasures, didn’t you?”

His eyes lowered, looked down at my thigh which now was completely exposed My skirt had moved up enough to show the lace stopping and my thigh in full view. I gasped as he placed his hand on my knee and let it move up just enough to make me shiver.

We looked at the menu and surprisingly Wilbert ordered for both of us. I was truly mesmerized with this man. The waiter brought a bottle of wine, poured Wilbert a taste, waited for his approval, filled our glasses and we were finally alone.

“Daria, you are exactly the woman you portray in your profile. I am very attracted to a woman who looks and feels as a woman should. Rubens was so right, his depiction of the female body suggests that a full figured lady is truly a very beautiful gift to appreciate and enjoy.”

His eyes were slowly taking me in. When he paused and saw the tops of my breasts teasing him his hand again touched my leg. I shivered as his finger curled under the lace and touched my skin. I watched his mouth open slightly and as he let the tip of his tongue slowly lick his lips I trembled. He was sensual and erotic, without trying.

The conversation over lunch was relaxing and happy. I was thrilled with this man sitting beside me. His voice was soft yet very strong. The compliments were many and endearing. I felt as if I had known him all my life. Wilbert was in complete control, a place I immediately understood meant a great deal to him.

There was nothing he didn’t arrange.

Shortly after we finished our lunch the waitress appeared with a luscious silver tray filled with chocolate dipped strawberries, small pastries and two glistening crystal cordial glasses filled with Chambord, a sweet dark raspberry liqueur.

I playfully picked up a plump strawberry and offered it to him. His smile was worth a million kisses as he slowly bit into it. It was so easy to like this man and want more of him.

I stood up and bent down placing a soft kiss on his cheek and excused myself promising to return in the blink of an eye. I knew that bending down would give him a clear look into the top of my lace tank, a view of the deep cleavage that separated my full breasts.

The feeling that his eyes watched every move I made şişli escort walking away began a tickle deep down in the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t deny the deep blush in my cheeks and the heat that was rising from those places that tell you just how aroused you are.

Returning to our table I couldn’t deny that Wilbert was beaming.

“Darling Daria, I have had the most marvelous afternoon with you. How would you feel about coming to my home Saturday evening for dinner?”

“I would love to, I’ve also enjoyed our first meeting and am looking forward to spending time getting to know you. What can I bring for dinner that would please you and make you smile?”

“I’ve been smiling for these two hours, so much so that my cheeks ache, in the nicest way. Why don’t you surprise me. I’ll send you directions by e-mail if that’s okay. I was thinking cocktails at six thirty, how does that sound to you?”

“That’s fine, are you sure I can’t bring something, dessert perhaps?”

“If the night goes as I hope it will you’ll be all the dessert I can handle.”

I was being told that dinner was merely a prelude to the true nature of his plans. I was now at the point of accepting his invitation with the unspoken suggestion or expectation of what the night would be.

“Perhaps I’ll surprise you with something special, I am looking forward to dinner and I agree, I may be more than you can handle.”

“I’m already surprised, gleefully charmed and eager to have you all to myself in a private setting. As I told you while we were chatting, I’m a man who knows what he wants and when I’m faced with making the choice to move along I always choose to make haste and not lollygag or meander.

It was time to leave and truthfully I didn’t want to end this, I was so enthralled with this man I could have taken him right there without the slightest regret. As we were leaving the staff thanked my companion and added that they looked forward to seeing us again very soon.

“I am quite sure that my lovely Daria and I will be enjoying many more visits. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, all my wishes were just as I asked and it made the afternoon all the more enjoyable for both of us.”

So, I was right, he had made some plans before hand. It was abundantly clear this was a man that wanted me to feel very special and that only endeared him to me all the more.

We walked out to our cars holding hands as if we were a couple who had been together for quite some time. I am very much an old fashioned girl. Holding my hand, taking control, being a strong male presence is a very appealing quality.

I was leaning against my car and Wilbert wasted no time in circling my waist with his hands, pulling me close and kissing me. His tongue licked at my lips and as I opened my mouth he twirled my tongue around until I felt myself go limp in his arms.

“There’s nothing like a good kisser, its where it all starts and where it all ends. I am so glad you answered my e-mail. I knew that you would be a person I’d like to know better as soon as I read your profile. Daria, you are exactly who you say you are, no games, no misconceptions and no unwanted surprises. If I weren’t a gentleman I swear I’d throw you down on the backseat and ravage you with no mercy.”

We both laughed and once again Wilbert pulled me close, this time he placed his leg between mine and I’m sure I felt his excitement. My breasts were crushed against his chest and his hand now caressed my hips and slowly moved down over my body. I only hoped that no one was watching us, we looked like two young eager kids groping in the parking lot. He quickly looked around and confident that no one was in sight he kissed me hard and his hand reached up and squeezed my breast. I was breathless and couldn’t stifle the moan as he pinched my nipple.

Clearly I had to end this. I gently pushed him back and smiled as I felt him pull back his leg and release me.

“I am so happy that you answered my e-mail. Daria you are exactly who you say you are. My God, listen to me, I’ve been so taken with you I’m repeating myself as if I have dementia. It was clear to me once I read your profile you were a lady I had to meet I was sure there would be no games, no misconceptions, no regrets. Geez, I’ve already said all this, I’m just so damn happy and I’m getting the feeling that you feel as I do.”

“I have had a wonderful afternoon, you are exactly who you say you are. I’m looking forward to dinner, its going to be a long two days but I’ll struggle through and think about my surprise. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, I haven’t enjoyed a lunch like this since I don’t remember when.”

There we were, each one not wanting to let go, not wanting to leave but it was time and we said our goodbyes and as I pulled out of the parking lot I smiled as I watched Wilbert blow me a kiss with a thumbs up and a smile that took over his entire sweet face.

The drive home was a replay of the last few hours. I was intrigued with this man. He took every possible moment that could have been ordinary and made it a dream.

I saw the light blinking on the answering machine as soon as I walked into the house. It was Wilbert, he sent me the directions to his home and thanked me for a simply wonderful afternoon. I was the one who was thankful and I knew that in time he would understand just how much.

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