My Wife met an older Couple in a Waterpark (Uncens


My Wife met an older Couple in a Waterpark (UncensA few years ago we met a random couple at a nearby waterpark – the husband was in his early forties and his wife in her late thiertiesthey had two k**s one girl and a boy – the girl was around 7 and the boy 4we small talked with the couple about k**s – because my wife was interested in the k**s and she mentioned in the convesation that she would like to give birth to a c***d very soon.She wanted to become a parent too.After a few minutes during the conversation his wife went with the k**s to a playground in the waterpark.Her husband was still with us, my wife and me (both 28 at that time) sat on a beach towel, he was standing close to my wife with his hip in my wifes eye level.I saw that he frequently looked at my wife huge breasts and his manhood was apparant showing in his bathing slip in front of her eyes. He asked us if we want to join him in the turkish bath, my wife and me agreed.We arrived at the turkish bath, he pulled down his bathing slip and said to us don’t be shy it’s common to be nude in a sauna.He was standing in front of us naked and said just look at me I’m just a ordinary man. I thought sure, but with a half erect penis that is already bigger as mine when full erected.Before I knew what was happening my wifes swimsuit was laying on the glazed tiles, so I pulled down my bathers.I saw his face, he exermined my wifes body extensivley and started to smile, then he said great let’s enter.He opened the turkish bath door for us and said we are lucky, because we have the bath for us allone.The steam inside the bath was tremendous, şanlıurfa escort he led us to the foggiest area, he sat left, my wife in the middle and I was sitting nearly right to her.He started to talk with my wife, he said that she had the perfect age to giving birth to a c***d and wonderful big breasts made for breastfeeding.He told her that his wife loved to be pregnant and that she extremley enjoyed to get pregnant by him.That she called his babymaker the source of joy, which she likes to share at times and thats why she left with the k**s.Moments of silence and the steam was everywhere. I heard him mumbling and my wife answered him in a soft voice the word yes. A few minutes of silence passed by then I heard stroking noises and smacking kisses.Then I listened to slurping sounds. Suddenly he said your wife lips are refreshing, my dick starts to grow rapidly.A minute alter he said you should stop, be a good girl and sit on me.The slurping sounds stopped.She said to me I’m sorry darling I don’t know why but I have to obey.Shortly after her sentence I saw a touch of a moving silhouette of my wife, I was trying to grab her through the steam, but she was gone and no longer sitting near to me.I had no sight, because of the thick steam, I wasn’t able to see my wife or him. A moment later I heard a sigh escaping from my wifes mouth and heard her saying it’s too big.He said sunshine don’t worry you will adjust to it in a few minutes.About 2 minutes later he said she is still struggling but I’m more than halfway within.My wife started sivas escort to moan.He started to speak loudly, your wife udders are huge and taste great, I’m glad that her pussy adjusted to my size.He explained the first time with a big dick like his can be physically demanding.The hot steam is exhausting also, it’s not easy for beginners, but I’m accustomed to it.If it’s too vigorous for you, don’t be ashamed if you want to leave the turkish bath.I will provide your cute wife with my dick until she is satisfied. A moment passed by and my wife moaned and spoke to me in a strained voice, darling he feels so good.Success he said, my 9 inch are all in finally.Suddenly the turkish bath door opened and his wife entered the room and started to speak, are you here hun?He answered yes I’m here with the young married couple, I’m introducing his cute wife into the sauna ways.His wife said the steam is like a curtain I will bring in our k**s, I don’t want them to be unattended.He responded sure bring in the k**s, the steam is a decent visual cover.A minute later his wife entered the turkish bath with the two c***ds. The three set next to me.I heard heavy breathing and moaning coming from my wife and her husband.The 7 year old girl asked her mother about the noises that were coming from the left corner of the room. She explained to her daughter that her father and the woman are physical exhausted because of the hot steam bath.Then she asked her husband if he feels fine just to reassure her daughter.He answered daddy feels fine and that he takes care tekirdağ escort of the young woman next to him.My wife started to moan loader.He ordered his wife join them, she stood up and left the c***ds and said mommy will be back in a minute. I saw her body passing by, then the thick steam swallowed her silhoutte.Next I heard his wife quitly saying to them, reverse cowgirl how fitting, let me guess I gotta to clean the two of you.He said to his wife, hurry up and kneel before us, I can’t hold out any longer.A few seconds later I heard him groaning and my wife moaning ecestatically.His wife softly saying to them what a mess.Then I heard something like lip-smacking and smacking kisses.Shortly after the noises altogether stopped, his wife said your cute wife tastes great and I like the soft feeling of her huge breasts The two c***ds started to become impatient and asked louldy if they could leave now.Her mommy was passing by me again and took the two c***dren and left the turkish bath.He said maybe you both will be parents soon, but I guess my wife was thorough and your wish for a c***d has to wait. I’m sorry, he said then he was passing by me and left the steamy room.Suddenly I felt a hand, it was my wifes hand, she said I’m tired and want to go too.We left the turkish bath and put on our swim dresses, but the older couple with the two c***ds were out of sight.We went to the changing booth and we left the waterpark, at the drive home I asked my wife how she like the adventure at the waterpark.She answered me that it was an new experience for her.Weeks later she told me, having his large dick unload inside her while his wifes licked her clitoris gave her an incredible strong orgasm.She further explained in a shy and embarrassed tone, that their k**s being present gave it a naughty touch and that she liked it somehow. By the way the c***dren did not got harmed, because the steam blocked the view.

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