My Wetsuited Fantasy

Big Tits

Hi brotherbig1984 I would love to be dragged to the bottom of a shallow warm lagoon by a beautiful woman in a tight wetsuit. She will allow me occasional puffs on her respirator while she strokes my naked body all over. A mixture of fear and lust……….my lungs ache, but my cock grows harder……..what will she do to me…..another gasp from the respirator sustains me a little longer……

LOL, well my own “fantasy” goes as follows:

She’s been surfing and walks up the beach, in her full black shiny wetsuit, hair darkened by the water and slicked back, smile on her face…she sees me waiting.

The outside shower has a screen, and I take her surfboard from her, and give her a cup of hot soup, which she drinks slowly, looking at me with those crystal cool eyes…she licks her lips slowly, teasing with her eyes, her body warmed again by the hot fluid she’s just eaten… I help her into the shower.

I turn on the water, warm, and it cascades down her wetsuited body, she looks at me, tall and slim, Love is learnt at a girl’s eyes, and her eyes are just soo deep and captivating…

She guides my hand to her breast…I rub myself along her body, water sliding between our slippery bodies. I kiss her, and take her hands and hold them behind her body. She breaks the kiss, and opens her mouth to speak, but I motion her to silence. She lowers her eyes. I turn her around, holding her wrists behind her, then I take the legrope, hanging in the shower, and wrap it around her wrists, tying them together. I turn her slowly around. She is looking down at my bulging crotch.

I lift her chin, she is looking at me with eyes that say “Please…I’m yours, I’ll give you the most precious thing I have…my body, to be yours to do with as you please…I need to trust you, don’t hurt me…love me, and pleasure my body”. I smile, she know I will never hurt her…only pleasure.

I unzip the front of her wetsuit, and rub my hands down the sides of her breasts, in the area between them…her breath quickens.

She licks her lips and opens her mouth to speak again, but I put my hand under her chin and kiss her again. She nods…she’s agreed to what I’m about to Escort Bayan do…the shower continues, the water rivulets down her front, running down between her breasts…

I lower my head, slowly, kissing her lips, then neck, then I take one of her nipples in my mouth and my tongue slowly traces around it…her body stiffens…she moans softly. I suck the nipple…milk flows. She’s needed this, but it’s double pleasure. I drink slowly, filling my mouth, then breaking off, and holding her head under the chin, I make her open her mouth, and I allow the milk to trickle into her open mouth…she swallows it all, as I kiss downwards again…

I drink from her breasts again, first one, then the other…she whimper, as the heat builds between her legs…her hands are tied, and she can’t force my head down to pleasure she. She make small noises in her throat as I kiss her breasts…her breathing is getting heavier; her chest expands and drives her nipples against the wetsuit material.

I run my hand down to her crotch. She moans in anticipation, eyes fixed on my face, a drop of white milk runs down from her mouth and splashes on her black wetsuit.

I feel for her crotch flap, and the sound of the zipper, unzipping one hasp at a time is loud in the shower…I turn the water off. I open the crotch flap…her eyes close, her head tilts back, exposing her throat. I kiss there, as she swallow, the movement against my mouth makes her tremble.

I insert my fingers, to find…the object I made her wear while surfing, made her keep inside her, made her have inside her body. I pull against the little ring. She whimpers. I pull harder…. her vagina tries to grasp the object, but it’s too smooth and slippery. It slides from her body, slowly. I can feel her tighten around the object, long and round and softly pliable. I run the tip of the shaped piece around her vaginal lips. Noises, incoherence in her throat.

I pull the object clear from her vagina. I make her take the tip in her mouth, It’s covered in her own juices…I slide in far enough to make her wince. The I pull it out slowly, and run it down her trembling body.

I reach her vagina…she Bayan Escort thrust forward to meet it…I start to push it in, and make her kneel. My penis is opposite her face now…I remove my penis from behind the wetsuit I’m wearing, and place the tip at her closed mouth. She look up at me, lines of worry on her face…she can’t take it all in.please, don’t push.

I place my hands on the back of her head, and push her down the length of my penis, pausing to allow her throat to expand to take me. Her tongue works along the bottom of my penis, trying to accommodate it, I feel her try to allow the head of my penis no further, her try to pull back, but I hold her there…slowly she subside…I am going all the way, and with that, I punch forward again, only when I know she’s comfortable with me inside her mouth.

Her throat tightens on me, as it ripples in spasm. She is not comfortable, but I hold her there…the discomfort subsides…I pull out, only to thrust back, her mouth forming a perfect seal around my penis…she tightens. I thrust forward, and hold her face against my wetsuited body. I cum, deep inside her, flooding into her mouth, filling her oral cavity.

Some leaks out around the side of her mouth, running down onto her breasts.

She pulls back, as I let go of her head. She now kneels in from of me, head down, arms tied behind her back, wetsuit protecting her from the hard floor…her arse crack is so inviting. I push the object in her vagina all the way in, then take it out.

I lift her head up gently, and place it at her mouth…she looks at me “no” on her face.

I slowly slide it further in….she can taste girlcum…her own…She gives in…She allows the object to go deep inside her body. I return to her rear, and pull the wetsuit aside from her anal hole. There are beads within.

I remove the beads, her tied hands wriggling and writhing as she try to pleasure herself, as each bead comes away, swelling inside her, then slipping through her anal sphincters…I remove the last one, and leave the beads aside: they will be put back, soon. She moans then her back arches…her first orgasm. I push my fingers within her Escort vagina. She screams into the object in her mouth, eyes closed, as I pull her back.

She can feel my penis tip at her anal opening, she wriggles, and writhes…I push forward, against it…her muscles tighten involuntarily. I push harder, her saliva lubricating my penis as it finally forces it’s way past her anal sphincter.

She screams loudly as I finally go deep inside her, I push slowly, my length is deepening inside, her body writhes and turns and wriggles, her back arches and her hands – tied wetsuited arms wriggle in a vain attempt to be free…she bucks, just increasing my pleasure…I reach down, finding her vaginal opening with my fingers. She’s wet, dripping, so I start to masturbate her vagina, rubbing and inserting and rolling her sensitive folds of flesh between my fingers

She’s incoherent, gasping, pleasure soaking her…she wriggles, helplessly, impaled by me, I pull her back onto my penis, and torture her vagina by inserting first one, then another then a third finger, twisting and running back, and rubbing hard, and I feel her stiffen, her body is pleasuring itself, she can’t stop now, I feel the anal sphincter tighten, her muscles are contracting, her back arches, she looses her breathing control, she bites on the object in her mouth, soaked in her cum juices, she shudders as the orgasm begins within her, running out from my fingers, reaching past where my penis is, tightening, gripping me, harder, I thrust forward hard, she are driven beyond her control, hopelessly now, her orgasm rushes up her spine, smashing into her mind and she spurt, again and again, and orgasm over and over and …

I feel her tightness almost drop off, so I thrust hard, then pull back, then thrust hard, then nearly pull out of her, then forward, dragging her wetsuited body back against mine, slippery…I feel the tension build…she are heading toward another orgasm, I can feel her tighten, yes, she’s cumming, again, helplessly…I pull back on her hips as hard as I can pushing in and up. her anal hole grips me and holds…I cum…She cums, and then she cums again as she feels me shoot my load inside her anal hole, squirting and squirting and squirting…

I am exhausted, and my penis pulls from her body…she flop forward, chest heaving, onto her front, hands tied behind her back.

After a few minutes, I recover, and show her the anal beads…

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